Steffen H: Give Me a RIFF winner!

Subway bandit gives his run down of his favourite players.

Subway Bandit Give me a riff competition winner!!

Steffen H says:
Entry to riff competition. Drum track is Rob's. I doubled the guitar, added a tiny solo guitar in the background and gave it a bass line. I am "pick sync-ing" the video. My gear: PRS 250SC, TonePort UX2, MacBook Pro with Logic 9, Stingray bass. I know my face looks stupid when playing :O) Play loud with proper stereo speakers or headphones! :O))

Re: Give me a riff competition - Win £400 worth of pedals

Steffen H says:
Working on making a full song from the riff. This is a very first rough demo, refinements and vocals to follow soon.

Re: Give me a riff competition - Made a Song from the Riff - This is a rough demo