Sunday, 1 November 2009

John Petrucci: count of Tuscany live

John Petrucci - Progressive Nation 2009 - The Count Of Tuscany

Olivier Castellat: blues fusion

groov blues fusion

Julien Damotte: new web site

Jack Gardiner: Meyones guitar artist

Jack Gardiner posts his promo photo shoot for Meyones guitars: a quick sample:

Adrian English: s u p e r - 7 - s h r e d d e r ... shred academy interview

What parts of your playing reflects your personality and self expression most accurately?
Much like the title A.D.D. I have an ever scattering attention span only at times. At the same time i have a very flowing a emotional side as well! My growing fan base will come to see that with my follow up to A.D.D.! One massive extreme to the other. Then maybe follow that up with a 2000 lbs hammer of computers going friggen hay wire! just never know! I write what I want to write because it makes me happy and it just so happens that shred guy supports that confidence to the fullest, and I will always appreciate that about mike McDowell and his cause.

What are you trying to achieve compositionally?
What I am trying to achieve only comes from my moods,...."outlets ...expressions of what’s killing you, stoking you...pissing you off, or just plain closed eyed visions of nothing!...just "white"! Depression, love, hatred....etc.!!! Are for me what determine how my music sounds for the days sessions! in general I’m an aggressive when you listen to A.D.D. you're gonna sit there and go ....."damn what’s wrong with this guy!!?" as far as influences...EDDIE VAN HALEN was the prime kicker when I was like 9 and 10 yrs. old, GEORGE LYNCH became probably the most influential player to me because he naturally shredded a bluesy feel with occasional ridiculously hard to copy improv and vibrato signature riffs that would just send a shiver up your spine. To this day one of the sickest "METAL LEAD GUITAR PLAYERS" to ever walk this earth definitely MR.SCARY, SHAWN LANE also if not at a higher level to this day...will never be challenged, had been a big influence for me with the "space invader licks" the whole tone and atonal freestyle warp speed space odyssey runs. because I’m able to play them with one hand like he was it just gives me another reason to throw in the second and third hand lol, and god rest his soul SHAWN in my opinion was pretty much THE most untouchable player on this earth, I would *&^% myself if he still being alive wanted to "cut heads" for my soul.. MARTY AND JASON ....very much an influence on my composition for writing instrumentals, McAlpine and Lynch again by far masters of the vibrato, the list goes on. but as far as really punching me over and over in the head to a heavier breed ...hands down DIME BAG!!! the guy was f*&king natural and wicked!!!
My best friend Tony Lopez a.k.a. reality hoax/tl once said… in response to a statement of mine…"man I know.... it’s like he has a way of making the guitar not even sound like one!!!" "REST IN PIECE DIME BAG!!!" I’ve always tried to mix it up as far as technique. I like the two hand switch over with tap slides. I like just a burst of speed picking a complicated 20 to 45 note scalar, always loved two note per string sweep skip sequences, and doing (I guess my signature riff) the 12 to 24 3 note atonal licks. hahaha what can I say I got big hands!
full interview

Michael Schenker: MSG UK tour dates

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP (MSG) will play the following U.K./Ireland dates in December:

Dec. 16 - Manchester, UK - Manchester Academy 3
Dec. 17 - Sheffield, UK - Sheffield Academy
Dec. 18 - Dudley, UK - JB's
Dec. 19 - Belfast, IRE - Ulster Hall
Dec. 20 - Bristol, UK - Bristol Academy
Dec. 21 - Milton Keynes, UK - The Pitz Club (Woughton Center)
Dec. 22 - Newcastle, UK - Newcastle Academy
Dec. 23 - Oxford, UK - Oxford Academy

The band's touring lineup for the shows will be as follows:

Michael Schenker (guitar)
Gary Barden (vocals)
Wayne Findlay (guitar, keyboards)
Chris Slade (drums)
Chris Glen (bass)

Calvin Prior: makes it to Britain's got talent

Calvin Prior says:
Going for an audition Britains Got Talent in December....let you know how I get on

New songs coming soon....taking a bit of time, but getting there
...sounding cool...

Rehearsal photos this week

Marty Friedman: top guitar9 seller for October 2009

Top Sellers: Overall for the month ending October 31, 2009
Album This Month's
albumMarty Friedman
Tokyo Jukebox
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
1 photo
Marty Friedman
albumTommy Ermolli
Step Ahead
Hard Rock/Shred
2 photo
Tommy Ermolli
albumJeff Aug
Living Room Sessions
3 photo
Jeff Aug
albumJoe Stump
Virtuostic Vendetta
Shred/Heavy Metal
4 photo
Joe Stump
albumAndrea Orsini
Closer To Home
Hard Rock/Fusion
5 photo
Andrea Orsini
albumTheodore Ziras
Neo-Classical Metal/Shred
6 photo
Theodore Ziras
albumGerald Gradwohl Trio
Sally Beth Roe
7 photo
Gerald Gradwohl
albumAdrian English
Shred/Heavy Metal
8 photo
Adrian English
Acid Test
Fusion/Hard Rock
9 photo
Jeff Kollman
10 photo
Wolfgang Zenk

Jan Laurenz: alto stick

Jan Laurenz new song on alto stick

Russ Parrish: steel panther at rock city

Yet another sell out show but this time at the famous Rock City, and they also had a after show party in the Rig where they spin a few tunes as guest DJ's.

Death To All But Metal 'Live' Steel Panther Rock City 29 Oct 2009

Al Ridgway: spocktrometer funking fusion

A little breather of a jam whilst working on some of my own music for youtube. Lots of legato, alternate picking, wide intervals and stubble.

the track is the way by meshelle. album: peace over passion

fusion jam with the way

Brandon Gan: Milan's Trex monster competition

Torn ( guitar solo )

Francesco Congiu: the music box competition

The Music Box 'Guitar Competition' (Sept1st-Dec1st): A great entry for this prize... plus only 9 entries so far... so a great chance of winning! Competition details:

Francesco Congiu cool entry!

The Music Box "Guitar Competition" By Francesco Congiu

Pete Pachio, Michael Angelo Batio, Vinnie Moore, Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: the summer of 1987

Pete Pachio posted a very cool gallery of photos' on myspace...NAMM Summer 1987-Chicago-Old-School

Here's just a selection:

Bruce Bouillet

Vinnie Moore, Pete Pachio and Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert in not worthy pose!

Pete Pachio and Michael Angelo Batio

Daniele Gottardo, Steve Vai: "There's this Italian guy, Daniele Gottardo, which recently crushed the competition at Guitar Idol"

Recent Steve Vai interviews have revealed Steve's fondness for the tapping maestro from Italy Daniele Gottardo! Daniele informs me the new CD will be out very soon on Steve Vai's label. more details sure to follow

Here is an interview with great honor and satisfaction to the great Steve Vai, who cites among the prominent guitarists today .......
Reading the full interview yourself.

The goddess of fortune, he kissed me: I had the privilege to ask a few questions to one of the most important guitarists of the relatively recent history of rock, one of those who formed my musical thinking, as well as assured me over the years, tens of thousands of hours of musical entertainment. Needs no introduction: Ladies and gentlemen, here is Her Majesty Steve Vai

Khaine: Hello Steve, welcome to!
Steve: Thanks!

Khaine: Steve, you're a true living legend: how a person lives in your position? I mean, you're one of the most influential guitarists of all time ... Many people might ask what is the life of a musician who has millions of fans scattered on the globe ...
Steve: Well you know, frankly, not that I'm one of those people that has so many followers who can not leave the house without being recognized, or you feel comfortable to be forced to cover her face with glasses, hats and things like that . Sure, if I enter a music store to be recognized, but it is something really very different from being "famous" in that sense. I also do not consider myself, nor have I ever considered a "star" ... I play because I love feeling the energy that gives you a guitar, I love the possibilities that I receive from its use. What I did in my career I did because I wanted to do it, and not because it would appeal to others if my work was not liked, I would have continued on my way. I consider myself lucky, very lucky to have been successful.

Khaine: Well, lucky I do not think so! As for the type of music that you propose is correct framing it as "shred" or simply would rather see music?
Steve: Well, I think that in the type of music that suggest there is definitely the shred. From time to time I do shred, in the true sense of the term, but that's not all, you know, I listen to lots of music and this, more or less directly affect my compositions and my style. You can not say that I play classical music, but listening to Beethoven, you can not say I sound country or blues or rock or metal but I listen to these types of music, listening to jazz, but in my entire life I have never written music jazz!

Khaine: Well, maybe sometimes ...
Steve: When?

Khaine: In Flex-Able Leftovers there is a passage towards the end of the tracklist ...
Steve: You're talking about The X-equalibrium Dance?

Khaine: Exactly!
Steve: Yes it is true, in that song there is something about jazz, but more than anything is close to the fusion. However beyond this, the fact remains that my music is not cataloged in that way.

Khaine: Certainly, I'm like you. As for your new DVD instead, Where The Wild Things Are, I believe in all sincerity that is one of the most brilliant of all your career. Do you agree with me?
Steve: Yes, absolutely. Only a few days ago I had the opportunity to look at the complete work in a sort of amphitheater, and I was amazed: the end result is impressive. All sounds are perfect, all the shots, all colors ... below there was a tremendous job, but has borne fruit. The sound power that flows from the DVD is phenomenal! Of course all this is the result of a great team effort, involving the band members, who have done work crazy during the show, and my team here at Favored Nations, which as always proved to be the best group that could be desired.

Khaine: Speaking of the DVD, I noticed that the concert was held in September 2007. Could you explain to readers why it took two years to publish this live album?
Steve: Well, I think the reasons are different, technically the recording work was very difficult: you need to know that the show was recorded twice, once before the public and one during the soundcheck. I wondered: if something goes wrong during the performance, how can I put it right? If someone makes a serious error, it is the quality of the DVD. So I recorded the show twice, and currently those who feel the 20% was recorded during the soundcheck and 80% during the concert soundcheck reuse the material by placing it in that the concert was a job that took a long time you can not imagine how it was complicated. Consider then that we have worked very well on the lights, and visual effects shots: this was a difficult task. Moreover, since then, while I continued to practice, to play live and I have done many clinics, so I was very busy professionally. In addition I am not only a musician, I am also a father and a husband and of course I have to spend time with my family.

Khaine: Oh well, God forbid! However, I know that tomorrow you will receive from the Musician Institute honorary degrees in music: of course you did not need a degree, but what do you think of this ceremony?
Steve: For me this is an important moment, I feel very honored to receive recognition from the Musician Institute. I always studied hard, since I was a kid, trying to learn as much as possible and to develop my skills in music. Of receiving official recognition is for me a source of great satisfaction.

Khaine: Well, then I take this opportunity to congratulate! Now I ask you a question that only you probably can answer really accomplished: better than you think anyone can explain what the real influence that the style of Frank Zappa has had in the current state of musical arts. Would you like to say a few words on this subject for our readers?
Steve: Of course it is quite difficult to answer this question, because Frank Zappa has always been a kind of music very different from the rest. I think that many musicians are fans of Frank Zappa, but I also believe that this does not result in musical and stylistic influence is immediately obvious: Frank composed a lot of things, all quite particular and specific, I would say that can not be equally influential in which a composition may be more ordinary, and for the instruments used, both for the kind of harmonies, both for the ideas developed. His contribution to music was unquantifiable because you can not be influenced in the sense of taking something from his style without copying nearly all the ideas, unlike the influence of music of many other artists, however, have based their style approaches more directly, of course I say this with all the greatest respect.

Khaine: Ok, you do the last question then: I would like to advise our readers some guitarists who, nowadays, they deserve to be heard.
Steve: Oh, ok ... This question is more difficult than expected. I'd say Tommy Emmanuel, who is launching his new live DVD, entitled Center Stage, and an Italian guitarist really promising, is called Daniele Gottardo ...

Khaine: Yes, I know! It 'really smart, I heard one of his works only a few months ago and I was really amazed.

Steve: Yes, can do great things.

Khaine: Ok Steve, the interview is over. Thank you for the time you've spent and we hope that Where The Wild Things Are obtain all the success it deserves.

Steve: Well, I hope very much too. Thank you and hello!

Steve Vai : First of all I would like to thank Steve for his willingness concessaci. I know that does not issue many interviews and so it is a great honor to talk with you about 'Where The Wild Things Are' ...
Lorenzo Imagine the pleasure is mine ..
In truth this is the second time that we speak because we had already interviewed a few years ago in Pistoia on one of your appearances at the Blues Festival ..
I have a beautiful memory of that city, you breathe a soul rock and blues ..
You think I live a few meters from Piazza Duomo ..
Some attention, next time I knock on the door ..
You would be welcome. Do you think this summer I opened the door and I found myself in front of Sammy Hagar sat on the steps ..
I went recently to see the Chickenfoot and I really enjoyed it. Sammy and I found Joe in great shape.
After years with Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth and Whitesnake Do not you miss touring with a band real?
It would be fun but at the moment are in full harmony with the guys in my band. I found some great musicians that allow me to vary very much the tone and style of my proposal. I could not really ask for better.
We present the boys then. What can you say Bryan Beller and Dave Weiner?
I will not be boring. I think it's enough to see the dvd to realize their value.
But something about Ann Marie Calhoun me tell you ..
I find it a fantastic musician, very flexible and capable of expressing a strong personality.
Choose someone for your band is not easy because in addition to being technically valid character must have a very strong not to create problems in the tour.
Why two violinists?
At first I wondered it myself but I told myself that there was no contraindication. Conversely, the resulting sound is truly unique. Then I love doubles, twins ...
I noticed. The video in which the present Jemini Distortion is very funny ...
E 'was surprisingly easy to shoot it.
What you try to talk with Steve Vai?
It 'a great guy ..
Why did you chose Minneapolis to record the concert?
I find it a very musical city and the State Theater is a perfect place for this kind of thing. It 'a very large theater with excellent acoustics, a spacious stage and different angles from which you can resume the scene.
What do you think that makes this DVD special for your fans?
I think whenever you have the opportunity to do something very nice and thorough is special for their fans. I always had a great crowd and I'll never stop thanking him.
I have always appreciated your ability to 'sing' your instrument ...
The only way to measure the quality of a melody is to evaluate the effectiveness and organic nature of the sentence which is composed of the notes. The guitar offers an infinite variation of tones and dynamics, a little 'as the voice of you Italians which is very different from that of populations of Anglo-Saxon origin. You have a unique ability to say the same thing in three-four different mode. The same thing I do with my guitar.
For some time work with an organization that provides instruments to musicians ..
I founded Make A Noise Foundation because I realized you have a technical equipment for six or seven people without having paid anything to get it. My tools and all the studio cameras are awarded directly to me dall'Ibanez of which are promoters or labels, or by the companies mentioned are endorser. One day I thought of those guitarists who do not have the money to buy a decent guitar or even change the strings and decided to organize a collection of funds and not used between friends I had in the industry. Then it became more serious.
You have other projects in the pipeline?
In addition to a symphonic project I'm working for over a year I want to publish a record and go on tour with these guys.
What do you think was the greatest moment of your career?
Hope is yet to come. I received rewards every time I go into new territories to test techniques or styles that do not know. Now I'm trying to go further, writing a piece for orchestra that is not linked to the old stylistic but represents something really new in the modern music scene. Will die as long shall try to evolve. This does not necessarily mean playing faster than the other but to achieve an ever more intimate with your instrument.
A few months ago you participated in the comeback of Spinal Tap. Does it feel to be 'Back From The Dead'?
It 'was an honor and a dis play on that album.
Sometimes you hear new name to propose?
There's this Italian guy, Daniele Gottardo, which recently crushed the competition at Guitar Idol. I participated in the contest and found it really amazing. Has a formidable technique tapping and I'm sure we hear about it soon.

Mathieu Rach: come in!

Come In - MattRach ( Original )

News: guitarist hub reviews and music advice

Guitarist hub has been busy posting:

Getting starting in recording

PRS 513 Overview

Cornell Romany Overview

Going to Music Live?

Jorge Fajardo: The Venezuelan guitar idol

Comeptition entry:

Jorge Fajardo - Viajero

News: Venezuelan guitar idol

The Venezuelan guitar idol:

Translation: Spanish » English

First electric guitar contest

You can compete with guitarists from around the country in a Virtual Contest. The first 6 finalists will be invited to play in the Grand Final in front of 800 people living with lights, sound international quality and professionalism.
Basis of Competition

They can participate throughout the country guitarists of all ages and both sexes.

All participants must run the electric guitar.

The Competition starts 21/09/09, voting closed on 15/11/09 in conjunction with the closing of the participation of bidders and the Grand Final live and awards to three (3) first
Finalists for 6 (six) selected, will be held on 12/12/09 in place previously will be announced.
Participation Rules
Virtual race

1. Each participant will record only 1 video where you can show off their skills on electric guitar.

2. Must insert the video in the page from a website video hosting (Youtube, Facebook, etc.)

3. The public can access website from 21/09/09 and vote for their favorite guitarist, so participants can accumulate votes and become known nationally.

4. The polls close on 15/11/09 at 11:59 pm.

5. Finalists will be notified via email or telephone.

What are the conditions of the video?

1. The video should last between 2 and 6 min.

2. The song to be used can be a song or artist's own preference.

3. The video must show the contestant running the electric guitar live.

4. If your video does not meet these conditions or are considered to contain inappropriate material will be removed from the page of Sibelius Fest.

Grand Final Live

6 finalists will be selected to be invited to play in the Grand Final live on 12/12/09, accompanied by a support band (keyboard / bass / drums) with lights and sound international quality standards.

How to choose the 6 finalists?

Three (3) 6 (six) finalists will be selected by popular vote. The 3 (three) remaining finalists will be selected by a professional jury will consider the skill, expressiveness and creativity of all participants regardless of the number of votes. The jury will be composed of the best guitarists, journalists, critics and producers in Venezuela.

Conditions to be met by 6 (six) finalists

Each finalist will perform 3 songs:

1. Song used in the Virtual Contest

2. Song choice, between 2 and 5 min.

3. Solo guitar of choice, between 1 and 3 min. without musical accompaniment

Participants under age, should be selected among the 6 finalists must submit the necessary permits required by the Organic Law on the Protection of Children and Adolescents (LOPNA).

Once selected the 6 finalists they must email the material needed to support the band rehearse the songs they will play at the Grand Final live. The deadline to submit the material is 23/11/09 at 11:59 pm.

* Sibelius Fest will not cover expenditure on transport of

* Upon completion of the event winners will be announced publicly.

* In case of not meeting the requirements of the contestant will be disqualified.


The winners will be awarded as follows:

1st Place: Fender, Fender amplifier and recording three songs, courtesy of the study Whammy Music Productions, in addition to delivery of the torch of Sibelius Fest.

2nd Place: Guitar D 'Andre and Amplifier RDS, in addition to delivery of the torch of Sibelius Fest.

3rd Place: Classical Guitar "Nobre" in addition to the delivery of the torch of Sibelius Fest.

Be the Idol of the guitar!

* Statement: The venue will be published in an upcoming newsletter of Sibelius Fest.

These terms and conditions herein, may be altered or changed in order to obtain possible optimizations for the event and the participants and must accept

Alex Hutchings: perfect for todays UK weather... rain


A brand new Alex Hutchings package, with audio and video solos, backing tracks, extended jam tracks and 100% accurate Tab... your guitar will melt, closely followed by your BRAIN!

Check out for the latest news!

Alex Hutchings - Storm Rider

Brixio Mendoza: The Venezuelan guitar idol

The Sibelius Fest is a competition specifically designed for electric guitar, which will be held in Venezuela nationwide. The creation of such event, you can see, by the need to fill a cultural void as to this specific issue.
In that benefit the competitors?
Contestants will have the opportunity to perform as soloists, gaining popularity with Venezuelan guitarist and facilitating his career in Latin America and worldwide. All this is accomplished by the wide publicity of the event in Venezuela and using the best resources that gives the Web and your domain (, besides the great prizes that will get the first three finishers.

My name Brixio Mendoza, I am 19 years old and 4 running the electric guitar. I am a student of music at the University of Mararacaibo Cecilio Acosta. soy de Lagunillas, Zulia state. My influences range from John Petrucci, Muris Varajic, Guthrie Govan and others. God bless

Brixio Mendoza - Sueños

Alex Hutchings: happy as Larry... is Larry happy, sounds a little blue to me?


A brand new Alex Hutchings package, with audio and video solos, backing tracks, extended jam tracks and 100% accurate Tab... your guitar will melt, closely followed by your BRAIN!

Check out for the latest news!

Alex Hutchings - Happy as Larry

Oswel Aguilera: The Venezuelan guitar idol

Oswel Aguilera another Venezuelan guitar idol entry

Dialecto Oculto

Jerry C: 65,131,580 views and counting

And of course... the one that started it all off... probably the most often imitated track on youtube! eg the smoke on the water, the eruption of the youtube generation... this by Jerry C, 65,131,580 views and counting.... 2334 responses


Andy McKee: 25,230,227 views and counting

Andy is featured on this blog but it's worth noting the view counts!

Andy McKee - Guitar - Drifting -

Dominic Frasca: 23,955,767 views and counting

Guitarist Dominic Frasca playing 10 and 6 string

Impossible guitar

David MeShow: 10,425,996 views and counting

I thought I would take a look at guitar players who may not be on this blog but have incredible view counts on YouTube... this one 10,425,996 views!!!

☺ Best Guitar Improvisation Ever

Francesco Artusato: styles

Francesco Artusato is more known for his holdsworthian nu fusion metal playing, here Francesco Artusato is playing different styles of music.

Francesco Artusato - Styles -

Juan Cortés: tributes to holdsworth and garsed

Juan Cortés says:
This is a song from my debut album (released in 2008) the solo was improvised over a simple chord changes, from the A section of the song .I recorded that album with my friends and amazing musicians Martin Lambert on Drums and Ezequiel Dutil on Bass.
In this case, I used my lovely Carvin DC 400t into Pod xt live, direct to PC, via USB.
Listen to another track from my album here!!!

Juan Cortés - Robotech - Brett Garsed, Allan Holdsworth style

Wolfgang Emanuel: Milan's TRex pedal competition

I study Instrumentalpädagogik Electric Guitar (jazz) at St. Paul Skrepek Hauer Conservatory in Wiener Neustadt.

Lead guitar for

- Westpol (
- Rock Brew (

My Resources:

Gibson SG Menace
Noel Gallagher Signature Epiphone Supernova
Fender Telecaster Standard
Burns Double Six
Ibanez Paul Gilbert Signature PGM301
Gitane D-500 Gypsy Guitar

Vox AC30
Hughes & Kettner Triplex

Solo over "Torn" by Milan Polak

Plus some more tasty playing


Rock Brew - The Devil On A Stick (Ibanez PGM)