Brixio Mendoza: The Venezuelan guitar idol

The Sibelius Fest is a competition specifically designed for electric guitar, which will be held in Venezuela nationwide. The creation of such event, you can see, by the need to fill a cultural void as to this specific issue.
In that benefit the competitors?
Contestants will have the opportunity to perform as soloists, gaining popularity with Venezuelan guitarist and facilitating his career in Latin America and worldwide. All this is accomplished by the wide publicity of the event in Venezuela and using the best resources that gives the Web and your domain (, besides the great prizes that will get the first three finishers.

My name Brixio Mendoza, I am 19 years old and 4 running the electric guitar. I am a student of music at the University of Mararacaibo Cecilio Acosta. soy de Lagunillas, Zulia state. My influences range from John Petrucci, Muris Varajic, Guthrie Govan and others. God bless

Brixio Mendoza - Sue√Īos