Sunday, 24 January 2010

Alessandra Funaro: improvs

you might need to Alessandra Funaro's friend to check this out... but subscribe to hear this talented player in action.

Jonathan Strange,Tim Walters: bee keeper waltz

This is a video of me and my good friend and great guitarist Tim Walters having a go at our own version of FOTB.

This is played at 210.

I left some talking on at the start of the video to hopefully convince you that I do not speed up any of my videos.

We are both aware that this piece needs work, and when we have time we will do another video and try to get it cleaner/faster.

Rough flight of the bumblebee.wmv

Borislav Mitic: virtuosityone interview

A super cool interview by my super cool guitar buddy Mike Blackburn... now this is what I call an interview... lots of words and many of them related to guitar... read on Mc Duff!

Do you come from a musical family?
No, I am the first and only musician/artist in my family.

What music was heard in the home?
In my childhood days mainly the radio and whatever was played on it, like some pop stuff. Later on when I started to play guitar, albums that I would buy were heard at home.

What was your earliest instrument and did you take any lessons?
The guitar was my first and only instrument. I learned a few basic chords and melodies from some friends in the very beginning. After that, I was self-taught trying to learn by ear the solos and songs of my musical heroes from their albums. There was nobody in Serbia from whom I could have learned this kind of stuff that I play today because nobody before me played it over there. It would have been cool if I could have went and learned at a place like Berkley or MIT schools where they have great teachers for kids who have the cash to pay for it - but my parents didn’t have the money for that kind of stuff.

When you got your first guitar at 11, what inspired the acquisition and what type was it?
I spent a part of my childhood in London, England and those few years were quite significant on my development from a cultural influence point of view. That’s where I first encountered the guitar by chance and was quite fascinated with it and wondered if I could ever learn to play such an instrument. After coming back to Serbia I discovered Rock music which was mainly sung in the English language and that to me somehow made a connection to my London days so I got into rock guitar very deeply and quickly… The very first guitar I got was some cheap acoustic that I asked my grandfather to get me for Christmas. A couple of years later I worked during the summer vacation picking fruit at some plantation around Belgrade (capitol of Serbia) to get money to buy a second hand east European Telecaster knock off type of guitar… That was my first electric guitar that I learned to play on.

Francesco Congia: super cool on Robben Ford BT

Style, elan... enjoy!

Robben Ford Backing track style

Uli Jon Roth: Way Huge Aqua Puss

NAMM '10 - Way Huge Aqua Puss Demo F/ Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions)

Billy Banzai: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Billy Banzai is from Spain and has a pretty mean solo technique too... enjoy!

Marco Sfogli´s - Shred This Too¡¡ - Entry by Billy Banzai

Ioannis Anastassakis: greek guitar power festival

Greek Guitar Power - 2010 Festivals by Ioannis Anastassakis

Bruno Javier Ramari: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Another guy from Argentina with a different melodic approach... enjoy

KBrus - Marco Sfogli's shred this too!!

plus something a little more classical but highly impressive too:

KBrus - Preludio de Bach BWV 1006 para violin en guitarra electrica.... :P XD

Samuel Montano: grooving with shred this

Look for a cool jam track: Backing Track:
record... and post back to if it's cool get featured on TIS!

Samuel Montano did and this one is cool too... enjoy!

A Guitar Solo focused on Groove and Rhythm

News: red dawg guitar news

A great guitar news web site, very professional, reviews, videos, articles: check it out!

Conrad Simon: new web site

Welcome to Virgolian Planet!

Virgolian Planet is a unique world created to respond to the needs of audio postproduction, music composition and sound design for film, TV, publicity and electronic game industries.

"Virgolian Planet is a fictitious place that was conceived in one of my sessions during the late 90’s, which was inspired by the zodiac’s division and my astrological sign “Virgo”. The concept of Virgolia is quite simple; it’s a state of mind that allows me to tap into the phantom zones of musical expression I normally wouldn’t explore as a guitar shredder. Music from the Virgolian Planet will demonstrate a diversity of styles that range from melancholy to victorious; plus jingle type pieces I’ve written in the past and will write in the future."

Patrik Gardberg: Fuzz guitar show 2009

Short but sweet shredness!

Patrik Gardberg shredding on TremoLogic guitar at Fuzz guitar show 2009

Patrik Gardberg experimenting with TremoLogic

Bending with TremoLogic

Marc Guillermont: Suhr hedgehog test NAMM


Alessio Forlani: Gianna Nannini Tribute band

Gloria Traversari - voce
Alessio Forlani - chitarra
Marco Brini - Basso
Tommaso Martini - tastiere
Riccardo Landi - Batteria

Un giorno disumano live 2009 Fortezza Siena (Bomba all'Hotel) Gianna Nannini Tribute band

Richard Hinks: new aeon zen album on the way

Get ready for the second Aeon Zen album, coming soon in 2010!

The first Aeon Zen album "A Mind's Portrait" received great reviews:
"a strong contender for best newcomer at the very, very least"
- Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine
Debut album of the year. - 15/16"
- Progression Magazine
"Hot favourite for Album of 2009! - 10/10"
"It will take something special to beat it for the album of 2009. - 9.5/10"

You can buy "A Mind's Portrait" now, here:

Aeon Zen New Album Teaser

Marc Guillermont: live band

Marc Guillermont: live band

Michael Angelo Batio: new quad guitar

Apologies for missing this one ;)

Full photo gallery:

News: Seattle Touch-style Guitar Seminar announced

The Seattle Touch-style Guitar Seminar will take place April 16th, 17th & 18th 2010
With Trey Gunn, Paul Edwards, Jim Wright, Randy Strom, Kai Kurosawa and special guests Dave Bunker and Mark Warr. Evening performances with Thom Catts, Paul Edwards, Jim Wright, Randy Strom, Kai Kurosawa and Dino Haak.

For more info contact D. Minoza -

This is a collection of clips and photos from Japan Tap Seminar 2009

Japan Tap Seminar 2010 5/15/10-5/16/10
Japan Tap Seminar : OUTPOST 5/29/10-5/30/10


Japan Tap Seminar 2010 (looking back at 2009)

Joe Kataldo: shred blues lick

Mayones School Lesson 3 - Shred Blues Lick

Dennis Kresin: 8 finger tapping

Dennis Kresin plays his version of "Somewhere over the rainbow" for solo guitar using the 8-finger-tapping technique.

Schecter Jeff Loomis sign. guitar
Pro Tools
Digi001 interface

Please leave´as many comments as possible and rate this video. If you like my guitar work you can subscribe to my channel.

Somewhere over the rainbow (tapping)

Allen Hinds: Live at the Baked Potato Dec 8 2009 - eight videos

Allen Hinds: Live at the Baked Potato Dec 8 2009

Paul Gilbert: Masterclass 2009 Accademia Lizard

Paul Gilbert - Masterclass 2009 Accademia Lizard Messina - Parte 1°

Paul Gilbert - Masterclass 2009 Accademia Lizard Messina - Parte 2°

Paul Gilbert - Masterclass 2009 Accademia Lizard Messina - Parte 3°

Paul Gilbert - Masterclass 2009 Accademia Lizard Messina - Parte 4°

Maciek Zwierzyk: shred this too!

My comment! "great playing... thanks for entering... but if you win... I'm not going to try and pronounce that name!!"

Marco Sfogli's - Shred This Too - Entry By Maciek Zwierzyk

Julio Medeiros: fusion shred and shred this too

Julio Medeiros - Fusion Shred Guitar Style

Julio Medeiros - Marco Sfogli´s Shred This Too!!

Andrei Kryssov: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Videos still coming in at a rate of knots! This is another new player, great tone... enjoy!

Andrei Kryssov says:
Usually never do this kind of stuff, but I thought it was a great backing track so I decided to have at it! Hope you enjoy and please share your feedback, good and constructive! :)

Andrei - Shred this too!

Garrett Peters: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Garrett Peters says:
Just wanted to say this was an awesome contest (also my first). It was a totally different style for me to play which is great practice. I also realized the difficulty in playing perfectly for an entire 2 minutes and I give props to anyone who did this successfully in the contest

Also just to let anyone know that im tuned to D standard here.

I also wanted to say thank you to lauriemonk and Marco Sfogli for putting on this contest. Im a huge fan of your guy's work. Can't wait to participate in many more.

Nice to see a Gibson Les Paul!

Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too Entry (Garrett Peters)

Martin Marron: Marco Sfoli's shred this too

Martin Marro is new to TIS and like Silvio Gazquez, Andres Ludmer, amongst others is based in Argentina... which appears to have some really melodic players!

Martin Marron - Shred this too!!

Fletcher Barton: Marco Sfogli's shred this too... 9 year old returns with harmonica!

9 year old Fletcher finally rips off an entry to this awesome contest & I have to say, we definitely didn't see the mini-harmonica bit coming!!! =) Thanks so much to Laurie Monk, Shred Jr. & Marco Sfogli for such a cool contest! (& also to our buddies burnedoutgolfer & Slimer!!!)
please Subscribe if you'd like to follow Fletcher's progress, or keep checking for more!
Recorded on January 23, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Fletcher (age 9) - Shred This Too Entry (with unexpected harmonica)

Raphael Fraser: tribute to John Petrucci

I'm always happy to check out this "Kiwi Shrink's" guitar videos... Raphael Fraser says:
Here's one of my favourite John Petrucci solos: from about the 8 min 30 mark in Learning to Live, off their awesome second album "Images and Words". Short but sweet, and I love the sliding triplet bit. I also found it very hard to play, though it's not especially fast.

Ibanez S470 (with DiMarzio Breed bridge pickup) into AMT California Sound into iMac with Garageband; LAConvolver with impulse responses of a couple of 4x12s (Mesa, I think)

I hope you enjoy it. 8)

Learning to Live (John Petrucci solo)

Orianthi, Jordan Rudess: 34 NAMM video documentary

NAMM SHOW 2010 - 34 videos covering NAMM in some detail, including Jordan Rudess and Orianthi: thanks to the burned out golfer for this group.

Kiss Roland: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Crazy bins, cool tone... it must be yet another cool Shred This Too entry!

K.R. Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Vitaly Makukin: the art of tapping

Vitaly Makukin, mastering the art of guitar tapping at the 2008 Paris Music Show

Vitaly Makukin

Paul Antonio Ortiz: another chimpspanner in the works fixed

I'm recommending this for that metal core / technical metal sound... subliminal message follows: "BUY THE CD"

As the title says! Fixed sync...hopefully. Guess I won't know until it's uploaded ¬¬ Grrrrrrr......

Anyway, if so, you can find the details of the video in the OTHER playthrough. The one that's out of sync. I guess I'll add them here later. I could really add them now. I don't know why I'm not doing that...

Supererogation Fixed