Saturday, 13 February 2010

Faraz Anwar: A Mixolydian Jam

Faraz Anwar - A Mixolydian Jam (Guitar Workshop - Karachi)

Dan Huff: The Making of Promise Land

The Making of Promise Land - GIANT

Sloth Chubsteen: DirtBox Valvette Competition

Dirt box competition entry- SLOTH

Guthrie Govan: remier guitar interview

A cool five pager interview with Guthrie Govan by premier guitar... Read now

Joe Satriani: on ABC News Radio

Joe Satriani on ABC News Radio

Steve Vai: super round up

Hey folks.
First of all, I miss you. It seems as though I have not been on tour for way too long.
Well, I'm working on that.
I was hunkering down on the new project when I got a call from a friend of mine at Universal to play guitar on "Stairway to Heaven" for Mary J Blige. I thought, hmmm, this could be dangerous but challenging. So I went into the studio and we cut a track with Travis Barker on drums, Orianthi on guitar, and Randy Jackson on bass. The track came out beautiful but perhaps the highlight for me was sitting across from MJB, just her and I doing the classic song’s intro. It was magic really. Her voice sounded like moonbeams reflecting off of a mountain lake.

Then I took the track home and started to imagine the guitar arrangement I was going to do. It's a difficult song to record. Not because the original part is hard to play but because it's so perfect as it is, but I didn't want to just play it as it is... why? But how do you build on it without being disrespectful?
The last time I played this song I was 14 years old and it was at a high school dance in the gym, and while I was doing the extended solo section the head cheerleader for the football team threw up all over my 4 inch 1974 teenage platform shoes. I'm hoping this new version doesn't have the same effect on people.

Anyway, I just felt that if I approach the guitar parts with love, respect, humility and great admiration all the right things will just happen. I started to put a guitar part together and I must say that it's coming out much better than I could have expected. I hope you like it when it's done.

Besides that I'm very excited about VaiTunes. I have so much material in the vault, this is a good way to dust off some tracks and get them out there so they don't die and go to digital heaven.

We are all so thrilled with the success and the feedback from Where the Wild Things Are DVD. It's a home run for all of us in the Vai camp. We went gold in the USA and Canada!

I'll be working on the new record until May. I have a title and a full layout of all the songs. In May I have to stop whatever I'm doing and lock myself up somewhere to start composing for the Symphony project in Holland in October 2010. I suppose it will take me 4 months of 16 hour undisturbed days to complete the compositions. This is another reason why I am working to release a VaiTunes track once a month if possible.

You'll be hearing more about this orchestra project but for now I would just like to give you some of the working titles for the compositions. And as you know, things can change.
Pastel Vignettes
Brutal Beauty
The Middle of Everywhere

I'm so thrilled about this orchestra project I can hardly contain myself. I already started to sketch out some of the compositions.

Wishing you all the best. Enjoy the coming spring.
Peace and love and good happiness stuff.

On April 13, Favored Nations will release Where The Other Wild Things Are on CD and digital download. The album is the official companion CD to Where The Wild Things Are and features 12 tracks from the concert that didn't appear on the first CD. The album comes in a beautiful digipak, while the download comes with a PDF booklet.

The tracklisting is:
1. The Crying Machine
2. The Audience Is Listening
3. The Murder
4. Juice
5. Whispering A Prayer
6. Apples In Paradise
7. I'm Becoming
8. Beastly Rap
9. Earthquake Sky
10. Liberty
11. Answers
12. For The Love Of God

Where The Wild Things Are is also available as a digital release worldwide through your favorite online music retailer, and comes with a digital booklet.

Borislav Mitic: The Road To Babylon

This is the official video for my song "The Road To Babylon" from my "Fantasy" album . The video was made on the streets of Belgrade, the capitol city of Serbia - in the late 90's. I was using my "yellow guitar" back then but today I use ESP guitars. The "guitar solo" in the middle section of this tune is one of the best I have ever played in my opinion - check it out! Many thanks to my friend Zeljko Vukovic from Serbia for getting me this footage! I guess that in many ways I am still walking that "old road" ...

Borislav Mitic - The Road To Babylon

Vinnie Moore: live at Peocio

Yo had enough yet?.... No I didn't think so.... the Vinnie Moore overload continues. This time live at Peocio, just six this time!

Vinnie Moore: live at Peocio

Vinnie Moore: Crossroads Live Club, Rome, Italy

VINNIE MOORE live at Crossroads Live Club, Rome, Italy - February 4th 2010 - First date of the European Tour. LINE UP: Vinnie Moore - guitar, Mike DiMeo - keyboards and vocals (ex Riot, Masterplan and The Lizards), Aquiles Priester - drums (Hangar), Lars Lehmann bass (Uli Jon Roth). Riprese amatoriali di Paolo Carnelli

VINNIE MOORE live 2010

VINNIE MOORE live 2010 part 2 - Over my Head

Vinnie Moore live 2010 part 3 - Mike DiMeo on vocals

Vinnie Moore: Trofarello Italy

vinnie moore "the maze" live at Peocio 06/02/10 - Trofarello Italy

Vinnie Moore: Peocio, Trofarello (TO)

Three videos from this live show, including a Deep Purple cover.

Vinnie Moore: Peocio, Trofarello (TO)

Vinnie Moore: Borderline a Pisa

nine videos in this player with Vinnie Moore at the Borderline a Pisa

Vinnie Moore: Borderline a Pisa

Jeff Beck: "it’s so hard for aspiring young players to find where they should go"

Jeff Beck flew here from London for the Grammy Awards, capping what had been an unusually active year for him. Not only did he win his fifth Grammy, in the best rock instrumental category for a version of the Beatles’ “Day in the Life,” but he also led a televised memorial tribute to the electric guitar pioneer Les Paul that, in contrast to some of the other live performances that night, was flawless...The creators of “Guitar Hero” invited Mr. Beck to be an avatar in the game, but he declined. “Who wants to be in a kid’s game, like a toy shop?” he asked dismissively during an interview the day before the Grammys. “There’s just this mad avalanche of material that’s available, so it’s so hard for aspiring young players to find where they should go” and “not be enslaved to yet another tool or device.”
full story

Richie Kotzen: Warszawa 2009

Richie Kotzen - Sarah Smile [Warszawa 2009]

Richie Kotzen - High [Warszawa 2009]

Richie Kotzen - So Cold [Warszawa 2009]

Ramon Luis Galang: the return of the who, 9 year old shred... Slimer take note!

9 Year Old Guitar Shredder PART I

9 Year Old Guitar Shredder PART II

News: Silent Noise winners

Silent Noise Winners!!!!! Crazy grey hair, Spot the Coolidge and tiredness

OxfordLMH wins

Re: Silent Noise Competition - Win £50 worth of hand wired cables

Nick Scott: Anthem Alone solo

Some chunky rock with hyper guitar!

Anthem Alone in Studio Nick Scott Guitar Solo

Anthem Alone Song Teaser

Stephan Vidi: DirtBox Valvette Competition

DirtBox Competition - Vidi's Entry

Ulf Katschrowski: DirtBox Valvette Competition

Katschrowski - DirtBox Competition Entry

Sam Bell: working on improvisation

Me just noodling around to a minor blues jam track of the "Guthrie Govan Creative Guitar 1" book (buy it!) Sorry about the microphone level, you will have to turn up your speakers! As always, please subscribe and check out

Minor Blues Improvisation - Sam Bell

Marc Rizzo: bravewords interview

“I love all types of music,” he says. “I’m obsessed with guitar-based music, whether it’s jazz, classical, flamenco, metal, punk, whatever it is, I just love the sound of the guitar. I just love any type of virtuoso style of music in any of those genres. For me, that’s what I listen to. From day one, that was my whole idea with these solo records, to put everything on one record.”

full interview

Yngwie Malmsteen: mystery collectors item...

An exclusive Yngwie J. Malmsteen product for the true fan and collector will soon be made available from TLG Canada. Features include Yngwie's personal signature and famous "Play Loud!" phrase (handwritten by Yngwie, reproduced for print on product), a beautiful image of Yngwie and a sequential serial number. A very limited number of units will be produced worldwide.

OK post your comments... Let me know what you think it will be!

OK my guess a Viking Helmet

Steve Hackett: Planet X announced Finisterrae for festival

During the days of 1.2 and April 3, 2010 will be a progressive rock festival in Coruña which will include guitarist Steve Hackett with the group Planet X, this is the Finisterrae festival .

It has also confirmed the presence of Pendragon, Premiata Forneria, Marconi, Colin Bass, Jan Schellhase, After Crying, Agents Of Mercy, Karmakanic, RPWL, Lazuli and Magic Pie.

Jon Browne: Rob Chappers D'Addario and Planet Waves gets a cool reception

Maiko Newell-vocals
Cody O'connor-drums
Chris monelt-Bass guitar
Jon Browne-7 string guitar

jamming at 22 Farenheit, -5 Celsius or more imprtantly: 267.594444 Kelvin


Mike Charters: Rob Chappers planet waves d'addario competition

Charters entry ...Chappers....planet waves d'addario

Niko Tsonev, Thomas Blug, Marcus Deml: stunted records

Niko Tsonev, Thomas Blug, Marcus Deml all artists on stunted records and their CD's are available from:

Stunted Records - /

Thomas Blug - /
Marcus Deml - /
Dominik Ruegg - /
Niko Tsonev - /

Oscar Morales: Meet Rex
Rex is the Worldwide known Icon that represents Kingston Technology.
I wrote this song for the "Meet Rex' Campaign.
Music composed by Oscar Morales.
Copyright 2010 - Oscar Morales Music

I hope Mr. John Tu likes it.
"Meet Rex" (Original Composition) by Oscar Morales - Kingston Technology Campaign

Chek: metal the light way

This song is from my new album. I hope to see my full album released in the Summer!

Chek The Metal - Light Way (Promote)

Zack Kim: play misty for me...


Kevin Serra: Yann Armellino contest


Marco de Cave, Fran Alonso,Alex Berserker: winners of Jean Fontanille Contest announced

Here are the 3 winners of the Jean Fontanille contest selected by Jean Fontanille. The winners will be contacted requesting their respective addresses for the delivery of the CD's.

Congratulations go to

1st Place: Marco de Cave
marco de cave jean fontanile solo contest.wmv

2nd Place Fran Alonso
Fran Alonso - The Jean Fontanille Contest.mpg

3rd Place Alex Berserker
Alex Berserker - Jean Fontanille Contest

Don't forget to subscribe to

Don't forget this cool competition! Just six entries so far... so get your fingers worked up!!

Win CD's from his New album « Gimme the sound »
AND a pedal Rocktron Silver Dragon

Top 3 selected by Yann Armellino himself.

Get your entry in before the end of February! (competition ends at midnight)

Step1: Subscribe to TMC channel and download the back track on the link hereafter

Step2: Record your own solo on video

Step3: MUST post as video response to this youtube video!

All current responses:


George Lynch, Richie Kotzen, Paul Gilbert: 30 Days In The Hole

George Lynch, Richie Kotzen, Paul Gilbert - 30 Days In The Hole

News: laugh and help others while you are doing it.

Learning Guitar to Get Laid Vol. 2

Support the Haiti relief effort by donating to Doctors Without Borders and we'll show you an exclusive Hardly Working, a commercial parody, and a Jake & Amir:

Antonio Silva,Javier Landaeta,Rafael Sequera: echoes new CD

Antonio Silva,Javier Landaeta,Rafael Sequera: three guys one prog guitar record... Caracas, Miranda Venezuela !!

Nature|Existence, Echoes' first album is a mixture of prog-rock and math metal with a lot of post-rock, pop and industrial electronica thrown in for good measure. With collaborations from Tobias Jansson (Vocals: Silent Scythe, The Law), Nick Storr (Vocals: The Third Ending), Carl Webb (Vocals: Oceanwerks), Pedro Castillo (Vocals: Tempano/Aditus), Dave Duffus (Saxophone) and the Anechoic Chamber String Quartet, Nature|Existence tells a story of love found and lost over the cyclical nature of life, where epilogues are the beggining of new experiences and breakups are a prologue to life shifting again. or

01 Epilogue ( where we start)
02 Rude Awakening
03 Leaf Motif
04 Lullaby
05 Bonfires
06 Unfair
07 Seasons Came To Pass
08 Far From Coincidence
09 Despair
10 Winds Of Dread
11 Farewell
12 Prologue (Where we end...)


Unfair - ECHOES - Nature | Existence

Chris Francis: Yamaha Pacifica clinic

'Used-To-Be' by Chris Francis Yamaha Pacifica Custom In-Store Demo

Chris Francis 'Until' Yamaha Pacifica In-Store clinic

Slimer: Katrina... this one's for you!

This goes out to my special valentine Katrina! Thank you so much for the invite! I am honored to be your valentine this year :) Keep shredding those waves and the uke!

My name is Slimer, I am 9 years old and i have been playing guitar for 7 months now. Thanks for watching!

Katrina says:
That was so awesome it gave me goosbumps!! Thank you so so much, that was by far THE best Valentine's day present EVER. haha You just made my weekend:D haha
Keep it up Slimer!! I can't wait to hear more!
ttyl Valentine, haha

Sunshine of your love- 9 year old guitar player

Steve Hubbard: BB Preamp GIVEAWAY

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The draw will be done when I reach 500 subscribers on my new account (SteveHubbardGuitar), so tell your friends!

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Third Place: 1 Free Hour Lesson, Over Skype, MSN, Camfrog, etc!

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BB Preamp GIVEAWAY, 10 Packs of Guitar Strings, Lessons!