Antonio Silva,Javier Landaeta,Rafael Sequera: echoes new CD

Antonio Silva,Javier Landaeta,Rafael Sequera: three guys one prog guitar record... Caracas, Miranda Venezuela !!

Nature|Existence, Echoes' first album is a mixture of prog-rock and math metal with a lot of post-rock, pop and industrial electronica thrown in for good measure. With collaborations from Tobias Jansson (Vocals: Silent Scythe, The Law), Nick Storr (Vocals: The Third Ending), Carl Webb (Vocals: Oceanwerks), Pedro Castillo (Vocals: Tempano/Aditus), Dave Duffus (Saxophone) and the Anechoic Chamber String Quartet, Nature|Existence tells a story of love found and lost over the cyclical nature of life, where epilogues are the beggining of new experiences and breakups are a prologue to life shifting again. or

01 Epilogue ( where we start)
02 Rude Awakening
03 Leaf Motif
04 Lullaby
05 Bonfires
06 Unfair
07 Seasons Came To Pass
08 Far From Coincidence
09 Despair
10 Winds Of Dread
11 Farewell
12 Prologue (Where we end...)


Unfair - ECHOES - Nature | Existence


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