Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Rob Chappers: new clinic date

Monkey Lord Clinic March 20th 2010 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire - What do you want to learn?

A) Technique fest
B) Industry guide
C) Live performance workshop?

Answers in the comment section please!

Monkey Lord Clinic March 20th 2010 - What do you want to learn?

Nahuel Schiumarini: wins blues solo competition

Blues contest 1st place

Kirk Tatnall: gone to the dogs?

Mr. Wu Free Improv 1

Muris Varajic: gets a deal with Brace Audio


A breakthrough in wireless technology, the Brace DWG-1000 blows away traditional analog wireless systems and gives you something cables can’t: natural tone AND freedom to roam the stage or control room.

Frequency response of 10Hz to 15kHz delivers thunderous lows and crystal-clear highs rivaling the most expensive audio cables without the static, pumping, breathing, and dropouts found in dynamics-destroying companding and other side effects of analog systems. Brace Audio's unique internal dome antenna design helps immensely for drop out avoidance and also prevents antenna breakage.

The DWG-1000 is rugged and a no-brainer to use. ALL™ Automatic Channel Selection and Locking transparently links the transmitter to the receiver the moment the units are powered on. Depending upon conditions, up to twelve DWG-1000 Digital Wireless Systems can be used simultaneously onstage and up to six DWG-1000-TX transmitters can link to a single DWG-1000 receiver.

News: don't get your youtube account hacked.

YouTube Accounts Being STOLEN! News Report Video by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Emil Werstler: Avalanche of Worms

Avalanche of Worms: Emil Werstler and Eyal Levi

Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler (both of DAATH) team with drummer Sean Reinert (Cynic, ex-Death) to deliver a commanding sonic statement (on Magna Carta Records). Both accomplished guitarists, their interplay allows Levi’s compositional style and Werstler’s virtuosic guitar abilities to compliment each other fully. Reinert proves yet again to be unparalleled in his intensity and musicality on drums. This unique alchemy prevents this album from being classified under any one genre.“We work in metal but the vibe of this is just coming from somewhere else,” Werstler says. “It’s hard to put your finger on what it is.”

Sounds great... time to: pre order

Prashant Aswani: lessons on guitar tricks coming soon?

A tweet I missed... it was my birthday ;)

Prashant Aswani says:
@lauriemonk shooting instructional for Guitartricks.com next Friday
adding two and two together... I'm getting a new guitar lessons coming soon? Guitar tricks also features fusion dude Nick Kellie.

News: Overuse Injuries for Guitarists

Overuse Injuries for Guitarists: This thing saved my career:
NO, really... it did. After years of gigs, teaching, practicing guitar, going to the gym and then finally doing most of the construction on our studio, my hands quit on me. Pain and loss of function made performing hell and practicing difficult (and unpleasant). It really seemed that my Guitar playing career was done for. Repetetive stress injuries are something that most professional musicians have to deal with at some point in their life. Even non-pro's have to deal with the issue, even if the cause is not guitar related. I have had students who spend their days in front of a computer, work with their hands or play tennis obsessively....all kinds of ways to wear your hands out.

full post

Tom Quayle, George Marios: t42 more tea vicar?

More jamming over another of my backing tracks.

Hope you enjoy - we're both running through Guitar Rig 4. I'm amp-less at the moment. :-(


Ahemmm AMP sponsors please take note... Tom Quayle does not have an amp at the moment!

Tom Quayle & George Marios Jam - Part 2

Sloth Chubsteen: funking it up

A little sloppy jam over a funk backing track with a cool little gadget i just got called the buzznut! It is a great little string dampener! I didnt do it justice in this vid, it makes sweeps and taps alot cleaner and mutes perfectly. This little gadget was only ten bucks, so figured i would try it. Check it out at www.buzznut.com. The great thing about it is you can just bump it when you want to play open strings. I have been playing for three years now... plus A little funk jam in D and F. I am trying to incorporate more shredding and sweeps lately. I have been playing for three years now. Thanks for watching! Thanks for watching!

funk shred

Buzznut demo- funk

Guthrie Govan: TC Electronic Booth namm

Guthrie Govan playing at the TC Electronic booth at NAMM 2010. Guthrie uses G-System when playing with famous british rapper Dizzee Rascal, but for this amazing performance he's plugged straight into his Cornford amp only going through the brand new PolyTune on the way.

Guthrie Govan "Fives" - Live at the TC Electronic Booth NAMM 2010

NAMM 2010: Guthrie Govan Live at the TC Electronic Booth

Damjan Pejcinoski,Tum Siamrath,Bryan Aspey,Jack Gardiner,Joop Wolters: Shred This Too... you know the drill... Shred This Three coming soon.

Marco Sfogli wants thanks you for your awesome playing... and so do all of the judges. There were so many brilliant players it was almost impossible to pick winners. So I want to thank you all for all the hard work you put in even if you do not appear in the top 5.

Marco Sfogli: http://www.marcosfogli.com/
Rick Graham: http://youtube.com/starlinginspector
Tom Quayle: http://youtube.com/tq105
Magnus Olsson: http://www.magnusolsson.com/
Chris Brooks: http://www.chrisbrooks.net/

The Prizes:
1 Tom Quayle: Toadworks John Bull Mark III
2 Magnus Olsson: Ibanez SM7 Smash Box
3 Marshall Harrsion: signed guitar transcription volume 1
4 Richie Kotzen: signed Peace Sign
5 Lori Linstruth, Arjen Lucassen: signed Guilt machine

Music details:

Backing Track: Spread the disease
Video Music: Alex Argento Vibrations excerpt

Like Marco's music: buy There's Hope

As Arnie said... I'll be back... Shred This Three coming soon.

Marco Sfogli: Shred This Too - The Results