Damjan Pejcinoski,Tum Siamrath,Bryan Aspey,Jack Gardiner,Joop Wolters: Shred This Too... you know the drill... Shred This Three coming soon.

Marco Sfogli wants thanks you for your awesome playing... and so do all of the judges. There were so many brilliant players it was almost impossible to pick winners. So I want to thank you all for all the hard work you put in even if you do not appear in the top 5.

Marco Sfogli: http://www.marcosfogli.com/
Rick Graham: http://youtube.com/starlinginspector
Tom Quayle: http://youtube.com/tq105
Magnus Olsson: http://www.magnusolsson.com/
Chris Brooks: http://www.chrisbrooks.net/

The Prizes:
1 Tom Quayle: Toadworks John Bull Mark III
2 Magnus Olsson: Ibanez SM7 Smash Box
3 Marshall Harrsion: signed guitar transcription volume 1
4 Richie Kotzen: signed Peace Sign
5 Lori Linstruth, Arjen Lucassen: signed Guilt machine

Music details:

Backing Track: Spread the disease
Video Music: Alex Argento Vibrations excerpt

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As Arnie said... I'll be back... Shred This Three coming soon.

Marco Sfogli: Shred This Too - The Results