Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Alex Machacek: Rich Murray's guitar channel interview

RM: You've mentioned that your original intention was to compose over only a small section of Marco's solo. When you first decided to write for the whole thing, what were your initial thoughts or concerns?

AM: Yes, initially my plan was to make a drum recomposing CD with different drummers. (I still am planning to do that eventually) Later on Marco came up with his Normalizer 2 idea – giving the same solo to different musicians/composers. My main concern was the fact that there is no pause in the entire solo. I just pictured the listener and was a bit worried that 51min of music with no gap could be a bit overwhelming. Full interviewhttp://www.guitar-channel.com/rich_murray/interview-alex-machacek.html

Richie Kotzen: blues jam on Yamaha SG 1000 Yamaha SG 2000

DonMichele1980 - Richie Kotzen playing his old vintage Yamaha SG - Char jam

News: the last cannon rock!

Will it be? Probably not!

Canon Rock performed by Japanese band guitar

Zakk Wylde: EMG Shred Challange 2010

Got the chops to nail some of Zakk Wylde's scorching riffs? Then his rig may be yours for the taking! Capture your performance on video and upload it to YouTube. Zakk will choose his favorite from the top 5 videos. 

Here's the deal:
Step #1. Upload a new (3 minute max) video of you playing your favorite Zakk song or riff in an EMG loaded guitar or bass. Include the word "EMG" somewhere in the title.
Step #2. Send an email to contest@emgpickups.com with your name, mailing address and a link to your video.
The top 5 videos (based on number of views and overall performance quality) will move to the final round. Zakk Wylde will choose the Shred Challenge Champ! Videos will be accepted from July 2, 2010 to August 27, 2010 with the winners announced by September 10, 2010.

Grand Prize:
• Gibson Zakk Wylde BFG Les Paul Buzzsaw
• A year's supply of Dunlop Signature Zakk Wylde Guitar Strings
• Crybaby Zakk Wylde Signature Wah
• MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive
• MXR Black Label Chorus
• Red Monkey Zakk Wylde Guitar Strap
• Marshall MA50 head + 4x12 Cabinet

Runner up:
Guitar Hero World Tour with a Zakk Wylde autographed controller and XBox 360 along with a copy of the new BLS CD.
3rd, 4th and 5th place prizes will be awarded as well!

EMG, Zakk Wylde Contest Commercial

Robert Marcello: GPG Workshop

Four videos from Robert Marcello's live clinic.

Guitarist Rob Marcello of Danger Danger fame demonstrates a series of effects from the Boss multi-effects ME-20 and ME-70. Read more at my guitar blog: http://www.gabrielpalmaguitar.wordpress.com/

Robert Marcello: GPG Workshop

Renat Bikchurin: La Catedral, III. Allegro solemne

Agustin Barrios: La Catedral, III. Allegro solemne

Guthrie Govan,Dave Kilminister: Live in Svendborg 2009

Six videos from this great band.

Guthrie Govan,Dave Kilminister: Live in Svendborg 2009

Magnus Olsson: super clinic Svendborg 2009.

From Vintage Guitar Show in Svendborg Sept. 26 2009.

Magnus Olsson Guitar Clinic Part One.mp4

Magnus Olsson Guitar Clinic #2.mp4

Paul Gilbert: tour t-shirts in Japan

Paul Gilbert YOUNG GUITAR ONLINE, out now on the official T-shirt by Paul himself appearedCM released in movie!



Francesco Artusato: ALL SHALL PERISH's new guitarist and new solo CD!

Super congratulations to Francesco Artusato for securing the ALL SHALL PERISH gig! Francesco Artusato is a top notch player!

ALL SHALL PERISH's new guitarist and Berklee College of Music graduate Francesco Artusato has completed work on his dynamic new, all-instrumental solo endeavor entitled "Chaos and The Primordial". This all-out technical shred fest features 10 truly diverse tracks that takes the listener on an all-encompassing musical journey and the depth and diversity in which Artusato does so is astonishing.

Check out audio samples http://www.myspace.com/francescoartusatomusic

About his new CD, Francesco Artusato says: "This is also an exciting moment for me because my first solo record, 'Chaos and the Primordial', is finally finished. It's 10 tracks of all instrumental music that explore the rock/metal language in singular ways. I'm very proud of the final product. It sounds the way I envisioned it, thanks to Ben Cohen, who mixed and mastered it at Sky Blue Studios. It took a lot of patience and attention due to the crazy amount of recorded guitar tracks (doubles, harmonies and different layers and textures). Some of the songs have more 25 guitar tracks each! This disc is the result of the experiences, studies, thoughts and musical moments that shaped my sound and vision throughout these years." full details

Yngwie Malmsteen,Nick Marino: Freedom Has No Price

"Freedom Has No Price” is the first worldwide solo release album from Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force Record’s http://risingforcerecords.com/ newest artist Nick Marino. At the early age of 7, Nick Marino’s musical training began as he received classical vocal and piano training at an exclusive music school in Eastern Europe. His musical ability continued and grew throughout his adolescence traveling and performing throughout Europe and Asia. After performing and recording with Gloria Gaynor and The Trumps among many other recognized artists, Nick caught the ear of guitar maestro Yngwie Malmsteen. Strongly influenced by artists like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen and AC/DC, under Yngwie’s masterful guidance, Nick’s musical journey has culminated in turning his dream into reality with his release of his solo album Freedom Has No Price. Produced by Yngwie himself, and as the first artist to release under Rising Force other than Yngwie, Freedom Has No Price combines Nick’s classical training with the rock music which inspired him on twelve inspirational original tracks.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/nickzmarino

Nick Marino

Nick Z. Marino | MySpace Music Videos

Rob Chappers: classic Tom Anderson gets a run out

Tom Anderson Classic Demo at World Guitars

Manu Allicot: Funky Booster!!

Warm Inside - Funky Brooster

Guthrie Govan: its not about speed, it's about sounding good.

Guthrie Govan talks about playing fast arpeggios.
Guthrie answers the questions sent in by viewers of the Guthrie Govan Webcast by Licklibrary.
For more info on Guthrie or the watch the Webcast head over to http://www.licklibrary.com/webcasts

Guthrie Govan - Fast Arpeggios - Session 9 Licklibrary

Scott McGill: fretterverse interview

The guitar offers many technical challenges for the serious player/student. The more you dig into it and try to master it, the more elusive it can be before finally succumbing to your charms and giving you control. For those of us who are gluttons for punishment and simply cannot sit idly by and enjoy the fruits of our labors, there is one surefire way to throw yourself over the waterfall in a barrel… pick up and try to play a fretless guitar!

I don’t know how many of you have tried it, but it’s not exactly the easiest thing in the world. In fact, if you want to be able to play anything other than pseudo-sitar slides, dare I say it’s downright frustrating as hell.

For those players that are able to get a handle on the fretless guitar’s idiosyncrasies, it opens up a completely new territory to discover; the Wild West of the guitar, if I may say so. One player who has certainly done his homework and figured out how to control the beast is my guitar teacher and good friend Scott McGill.  Full interview: 

News: Dr. Matt’s 20 Essential Jazz Guitar CD

OK, first let me start off by telling you what this article isn’t. Then I’ll tell you what it is. This isn’t a list of the 20 best jazz-guitar albums of all time or a list of what I think should be the only 20 jazz-guitar albums somebody to own. This is not the be all and end all of jazz guitar, it is a beginning.
This is a list of the 20 albums, representing the past 80 years of jazz guitar, which I would consider essential to my collection. These albums cover a wide range of styles, genres and combo sizes, ranging from solo guitar to large ensemble. But what links them together is that they are, at least in my opinion, 20 of the finest jazz-guitar records ever made.


News: iShred LIVE for FREE in the iPhone stomp box effects!!

Frontier Design Group and Griffin Technology Present iShred LIVE and GuitarConnect

Awesome effects, in your pocket!

iShred LIVE sends your guitar sound through a bank of crazily configurable stomp box effects, rendering the result into screaming, distorted, wailing, looping, feedback-fueled audible gold! Never before have you had so many awesome effects for your guitar ... in your pocket!

Pick up iShred LIVE for FREE in the iPhone App Store and get started today with the built-in Amp Sim and three default effects: Buzz Kill noise filter, HK-2000 delay, and Q-36 flanger. Additional effects can be added through the built-in store for only a buck or two. iShred LIVE includes a built in chromatic tuner, metronome, 48 preset slots to store sounds, and a music/loop player to help learn and perfect your art. iShred LIVE supports up to four effects and the amp sim at a time. Nothing else comes close to being this easy or sounding this good!

News: Bloggers Search Engine Optimisation tips

What is the best way to check your own site for keyword rankings, e.g if I wanted to target a new phrase and wanted to check the progress of its ranking - what is the best way to check it? Should I just search Google and scroll through the results?

Tommo, London, UK

What is the best way to check your own site for keyword rankings?

Remy Hansen: Fuzz Universe Paul Gilbert Explained

The super cool Remy Hansen shows how Fuzz Universe can be played.

Fuzz Universe Paul Gilbert Explained

Guthrie Govan: to appear on RockFm 94.5

Guthrie Govan Gitarist'te!
Date: Tuesday, 14 September 2010
Time: 20:00 - 23:00
Location: RockFm 94.5


Renat Bikchurin: acoustic heaven III

Renat Bikchurin plays "Spain" by Chick Corea

Renat Bikchurin plays "Tango en Skai" by Roland Dyens

J.S. Bach - Prelude in D-major - Renat Bikchurin

News: Truth In Shredding 15,000 posts and counting

Just noticed the Truth In Shredding blog has passed 15,000 posts! 15,046 Posts to be precise... oops 15,047 Posts after this one!

Originally I set the blog up with single posts per guitarists. This model did not scale as posts lengths became to long. However it did reduce the number of posts required. The large posts issue was solved by the addition of tags... only now there are more than 1000 tags!

News: let there be rock program

(Band – Song – Album)

1 - Jorn Lande - Stand up and shout (Dio)
2 - Drowning Pool - Let the sin begin (Drowning Pool)
3 - George Bellas - Primordial atom (The dawn of all time)
4 - John Norum - Let it shine (Playyard Blues)
5 - Masterplan - The Black one (Time to be King)
6 - Ozzy Osbourne - Crucify (Scream)
7 - Philip Sayce - Tenessee Girl (Inner Revolution)
8 - Sevendust - The end is coming (Cold Day memory)
9 - Slash - Nothing to say (Slash)
10 - Terra Nova - Do or die (Come Alive)
11 - Mutiny within - Forsaken (Mutiny Within)
12 - Christopher Amott - Holy mountain (Follow your heart)
13 - Vanden Plas - Rush of silence (The seraphic Clockwork)
14 - Jane Bogaert - Track 2 (5th Dimension)
15 - Warning - Planete Reverse (II)
16 - Exodus - Burn Hollywood Burn (Exhibit B: The human condition)
17 - Pain of Salvation - No way   (Road salt one)
18 - Primal Fear - Chainbreaker (Live in the USA)
19 - Absorbing the pain - Morphine esteem  (Absorbing the Pain)
20 - Jonas Tamas - Conversion (Demo)
21 - Mastercastle - La Serinissima (The last desire)
22 - Royal Hunt - Back to square one (X)
23 - Soulfly - Rise of the fallen (Omen)
24 - Godsmack - Cryin like a bitch (The Oracle)
25 - Thunderstone - Dirt Metal (Dirt metal)
26 - Section A - Days of sorrow (Sacrifice)
27 - Yoso - Only one (Elements)

Next on Let there be Rock:
- July 20: Jason Becker birthday Special
- August 17: Judas Priest: 30th Anniversary of British Steel

Ron Coolen

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Rodrigo Gozalbez: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III

Rodrigo J. Gozalbez. - Shred This III Brett Garsed and DiMarzio Contest

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Paul Gilbert: in top form live at NGW

Gilbert played several songs for us at NGW in McLean VA about two weeks ago. I had a front row seat for the show.

Paul Gilbert Live at NGW- Robin Trower Cover Teeth Solo

Paul Gilbert Live at NGW- Teeth Solo

Paul Gilbert Live at NGW - Light My Fire

Ichirou Minami: Tribute To Yngwie Malmsteen - Like an Angel - just 13 years old!

What I would have given to play this well at that age!


Andreas Oberg: confirmed for Ziua Chitarelor ZC3

Confirmed Andreas Oberg for ZC3!

Join Ziua Chitarelor: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000094660095

Also don't forget to submit your guitar playing video on the channel for inclusion in the competition aspect of ZC3.

Yngwie Malmsteen: warms up a fender at G3 Denver

JYM just work up a head of steam before a live show.

G3 Live In Denver - Malmsteen Test Drive