Yngwie Malmsteen,Nick Marino: Freedom Has No Price

"Freedom Has No Price” is the first worldwide solo release album from Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force Record’s http://risingforcerecords.com/ newest artist Nick Marino. At the early age of 7, Nick Marino’s musical training began as he received classical vocal and piano training at an exclusive music school in Eastern Europe. His musical ability continued and grew throughout his adolescence traveling and performing throughout Europe and Asia. After performing and recording with Gloria Gaynor and The Trumps among many other recognized artists, Nick caught the ear of guitar maestro Yngwie Malmsteen. Strongly influenced by artists like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen and AC/DC, under Yngwie’s masterful guidance, Nick’s musical journey has culminated in turning his dream into reality with his release of his solo album Freedom Has No Price. Produced by Yngwie himself, and as the first artist to release under Rising Force other than Yngwie, Freedom Has No Price combines Nick’s classical training with the rock music which inspired him on twelve inspirational original tracks.

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Nick Marino

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