Francesco Artusato: ALL SHALL PERISH's new guitarist and new solo CD!

Super congratulations to Francesco Artusato for securing the ALL SHALL PERISH gig! Francesco Artusato is a top notch player!

ALL SHALL PERISH's new guitarist and Berklee College of Music graduate Francesco Artusato has completed work on his dynamic new, all-instrumental solo endeavor entitled "Chaos and The Primordial". This all-out technical shred fest features 10 truly diverse tracks that takes the listener on an all-encompassing musical journey and the depth and diversity in which Artusato does so is astonishing.

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About his new CD, Francesco Artusato says: "This is also an exciting moment for me because my first solo record, 'Chaos and the Primordial', is finally finished. It's 10 tracks of all instrumental music that explore the rock/metal language in singular ways. I'm very proud of the final product. It sounds the way I envisioned it, thanks to Ben Cohen, who mixed and mastered it at Sky Blue Studios. It took a lot of patience and attention due to the crazy amount of recorded guitar tracks (doubles, harmonies and different layers and textures). Some of the songs have more 25 guitar tracks each! This disc is the result of the experiences, studies, thoughts and musical moments that shaped my sound and vision throughout these years." full details