Saturday, 4 September 2010

Alex Masi: live at Vapore Italy series

Alex Masi: live at Vapore Italy

Ivan Mihaljevic: guitar idol 2010

Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects - Time Travel (Guitar Idol 2010)

John 5: LifeMusicMedia interview

JOHN 5 chats with Ben Hosking from - Interview by LifeMusicMedia

Jason Becker:Perpetual Burn: The Story of Jason Becker

Yes, you heard correctly – FINALLY a film about our beloved guitar legend is being made.

'Perpetual Burn: The Story of Jason Becker' is a feature length documentary film and will include interviews with Jason, his family and friends, and many of the amazing musicians he’s worked with over the years. There will be plenty of great Jason Becker performance footage from Cacophony through to his solo work, as well as tons of unseen footage and unreleased music from the Becker archives.

For anyone expecting to see a sad film about Jason, this ain’t it. Yes, this film will document Jason’s struggles with ALS and will aim to create awareness of the disease and its effects on thousands of people. But it is ultimately about his life as a brilliant musician and the way he is able to inspire millions of people throughout the world with his music, his mind, and his spirit.

We will be in touch soon to tell you how you can get involved in the making of the film. In the meantime, you can help by joining our Facebook page and forwarding on to your friends and fellow shredders.

Please help to introduce more people around the world to Jason and his beautiful music.

More soon...we promise.

NEW NEVER SEEN FOOTAGE - Jason Becker Shows Arpeggios,Japan `89

Matt Schulze and the Jason Becker Signature Guitar, Clip 1

Jimmy Nore: When Nothing Is Everything

Nice original material posted by Jimmy Nore.

Jimmy Nore - When Nothing Is Everything

Martin Miller: Solo Album Sneak Peak

Finally I'm getting this album thing done. It's been a dream for some time now and I'm sure this Winter it'll become reality. So here's a tiny sneak preview of the demo of a Metal tune that I'm working on, that I wrote in 2008.

Don't be disappointed if you're not into Metal tho, the album is gonna be stuffed with Fusion, Funk, Electronica, Rock, etc.

Also there'll be KILLER players on this (don't worry, these programmed drums are just for demo-ing purposes)!

Check my page when it's live:

Song title suggestions welcome! :)

Martin Miller Solo Album Sneak Preview - working on a \m/ solo...

Paul Antonio Ortiz: Chimp Spanner sessions

Chimp Spanner + Monuments jam session - The Mirror

Chimp Spanner and Monuments jamming Bad Code + Harvey Wallbanger

George Lynch: ahre my guitar interview

I saw you with Richie Kotzen and Paul Gilbert on the Guitar Generation tour. Are you a competitive person?
Absolutely. Most guitar players are. But it’s a friendly competition. It’s healthy. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and it was all about cutting heads, turf, and all that. Now that I’m much older I’ve mellowed out quite a bit. I still have that instinct but I temper it with reality. I thought when I was younger that I would be the world’s greatest guitar player someday. I was going to be Jimi Hendrix. (Laughing) Of course then reality sets in and you realize there’s millions of other guitar players, and there’s different flavors, and it’s all subjective. I have a certain sound and style and I’m content with that. As long as I just do what I do, I’m ok, as long as I’m at the top of my game and I’m playing well.
I technically cannot compete with Paul Gilbert. (Laughing) How many people can? It’s just not going to happen at my age and I’m not that disciplined of a guy that’s going to woodshed for six hours a day for years. I just don’t do that and I never will. I’m not that kind of player. I’m more of a seat of your pants kinda guy, just making shit up. I’m not sure what I’m playing. I just throw it out there and see what happens. Richie Kotzen is a phenomenal technical player as well so I had my work cut out for me. So what I thought on that tour was, “I’m more of the organic touchy-feely guy with some shred qualities.” That was my little niche I had carved out for myself. To be quite honest I didn’t put a lot of thought into it because I was involved in a record at the time, but it ended up being a lot of fun.

Matte Johansson: Unimpossible Guitar Solo Improv

Symphonic - Unimpossible Guitar Solo Improv - Yngwie Malmsteen Style

Greg Howe: Eddie Lang Jazz 06 08 2010

07 Greg Howe Jon Reshard Entertainment Eddie Lang Jazz 06 08 2010

06 Morning view Greg Howe Band Eddie Lang Jazz 06 08 2010

02 I Wish Steve Wonder Greg Howe Band Eddie Lang Jazz 06 08 2010

Adam Ironside: gives a shout out for Thoma Blug

Thomas Blug

Lyle Watt: egnater, just three things tone, tone and tone

Is it me or do you think that Lyle Watt is one of the best up and coming new guitarists on the planet?!?!

I got myself a new amp for gigging with - an Egnater Rebel 20. Exactly what I was looking for - portable and powerful. But when I was looking into these amps, I couldn't find much on youtube, so I thought I'd make a demo. I used my Ibanez JS1000 with Dimarzio pickups (Fred bridge, PAF Pro neck), and my strat with a Dimarzio chopper in the bridge. Plugged straight in, no effects, miked with a shure SM57.

Lyle Watt - Egnater Rebel 20

News: Shred This III - Brett Garsed top five short list

Brett Garsed is working on that top 5...

Brett Garsed says: "It's going to be really tough to pick just 5, everyone did such a great job!"

Don't forget "My top five competition!

This is the main competition video:

All video responses:


Next stop the top 5 and winner of the competition Plus who you thought should be in that top 5!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition : FINAL SHORT LIST

Francesco Fisogni,Andrea Gnali: twinn guitars a magic mirror!

Promo Insomniac Hard Rock Band Debut Live@Gasoline Road Bar Castegnato(bs) VEN 9.04.2010
Line up
Giampaolo Capra -Vocal-
Andrea Gnali - Guitar-
Francesco Fisogni -Guitar-
Fogliata Marco - Bass-
Massimo Pirotti -Keyboards-
Matteo Favero -Drums-
Insomniac Hard Rock Band Promo Live

Derek Sherinian,Alex Stornello,Matteo Gasparin: Aphelion - Franticode

Enrico Pintonello play Aphelion - Franticode
Mixed by Derek Sherinian

Aphelion - Franticode

Alessandro Bertoni - Keyboards
Sebastiano Pozzobon - Bass,Fretless Bass
Matteo Gasparin - Guitars
Enrico Pintonello - Drums

Instrumental project featuring a mixture of technical progressive and jazz fusion styles. This new band is a classic keyboards/guitar/bass/drums line up influenced by Planet X, Gordian Knot, Spastic Ink, and many others, with lots of odd time signatures, unbeat times, dressy themes, fusion-style solos and arrangements recalling the familiar Allan Holdsworth, Tribal Tech, Chick Corea, and other jazz fusion repertoires. The production speaks for itself as it shows a great recording sound quality due to the amazing mix work of Derek Sherinian.

Aphelion - Clouds Overs Tharsis Ft. Alex Stornello - Mixed By Derek Sherinian

Aphelion - FRANTICODE - Hybris - MIxed By Derek Sherinian

Drumming on FRANTICODE - Hybris

Timmo Tolkki: set to release autobiography

Timmo Tolkki: will be releasing his first book on October 1st.

Chris Beaver: guitar idol

from the heart by Chris Beaver axe-fx, prs, cubase 5

Greg Stott: guitar idol

Jazz-fusion by the Greg Stott Band (Australia). Excerpt from live gig at CIT 2007. Featuring John Mackey (sax), Jason Varlet (bass), Mark Sutton (drums) & Wayne kelly (keys)

Better Off Second

Boris Beceric: Today...jam day :)

Today...jam day :)

Stephane Lucarelli: blue noize

Stephane Lucarelli - Blue Noize Solo Contest -

Daniele Liverani, Tommy​ Ermol​li: Twinspirits - Number One

Twinspirits - Number One (Official video clip)
Directed by Salvatore "Xavy" Perrone.

Song "Number One" is taken from the album "The Forbidden City" released by Lion Music 11/09/2009.

Video shooted at Geo-Palaeontological museum of Cava Bomba (Cinto Euganeo, Padova) on 25/08/2010, under the patronage of Padova province.
A special thanks to them for allowing us to shoot in the location.

Tommy is endorsed by Mayones, Bogner.

Dario is endorsed by Paiste, VicFirth, Evans.

Alberto is endorsed by Aguilar, Elrick Bass, Hipshot, Ernie Ball Strings, N-Tune, Comfort Strapp, Sonuus, Evidence.
TWINSPIRITS - Number One (Official video clip)

Roland Kiss: guitar idol 2010

Hey! This is my entry for Guitar Idol 2010.

You can relate the track's harmony, the several key changes with the tonal center advancing forward to a point and the in and out playing to the journey of finding your true-self, non-personae, no masks, monologues and sincere emotions of any kind.

(Please do grasp the musical elements of the video and let the overall visual quality of the video not be taken in consideration)

Thanks for watching!

Kiss Roland - Non-Personae (Guitar Idol 2010 Entry)

Bill Lubera: DoFret review

Bill Lubera - Global Warning:
Bill Lubera is a USA guitarist and composer with a wealth of experience and a relationship with the guitar that started at the tender age of 5! He is a veteran of the Chicago band scene, having played with the bands Jinx and RipChord.... . If you are a fan of instrumental guitar CD's, this should be right up your street.


Richie Kotzen: Where Did Our Love Go 2008

Richie Kotzen - Where Did Our Love Go (14-08-08)

Charlie Shaughnessy, Chris Poland: jam time

Charlie Shaughnessy:
I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to do a free jam with Chris Poland in Woodinville, WA at Spotlight Studios! Hope you guys enjoy, Chris kinda lays down a royal beating in every way possible from tone to playing but that was what I needed to get my ass motivated to really go for it!

Charlie Shaughnessy JAM with Chris Poland 8/28/2010

Jorn Viggo Lofstad: pagans mind live DVD

Pagan's Mind live at ProgPower X in Atlanta, September 2009, performing "God's Equation" as part of the "Returning Heroes" concept.

DVD can be ordered from



PAGAN'S MIND - God's Equation (Live at ProgPower USA X) (HD)

Rob Chappers, Jon Bloomer: Guitar Noize face off!

Interview with the Monkey Lord Rob Chapman part 1

Interview with the Monkey Lord Rob Chapman part 2

Magnus Karlsson: records on Ralf Scheepers new CD

Magnus Karlsson has finished laying down his parts for the forthcoming solo album from Ralf Scheepers of German power metallers PRIMAL FEAR. According to a posting on the PRIMAL FEAR web site, "Magnus delivered his guitar parts on some songs of the album and did a killer job as always. Just some more lead guitars are missing by some other great players and we're ready to mix the album after the forthcoming [PRIMAL FEAR] European tour!" more

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g Firewind's "Days of Defiance"

FIREWIND's 2010 lineup

Michael Ehre - Drums
Petros Christo - Bass
Apollo Papathanasio - Vocals
Gus G. - Guitar
Bob Katsionis - Keyboards

"Days of Defiance" track listing

01. The Ark Of Lies
02. World On Fire
03. Chariot
04. Embrace The Sun
05. The Departure
06. Heading For The Dawn
07. Broken
08. Cold As Ice
09. Kill In The Name Of Love
10. SKG
11. Losing Faith
12. The Yearning
13. When All Is Said And Done
14. Riding On The Wind (iTunes exclusive)

2010/10/18: You can pre order the Japanese version:
*Advanced Japanese release. Six album release from FIREWIND

Bonus Track: 2 bonus trarcks "Halcyon Days" and "Breaking The Law"
(All product details, including availability, images, language(s), special features, and bonus extras, are subject to change without prior notice. Actual item weight may be different from the one indicated above.)

Thomas Youngblood: kamelot lose singer but the show goes on

"The band and crew are all here in Tampa rehearsing for the tour — visas have been cleared and the guys are in good spirits and ready to party with all of you. However, during rehearsals, Roy [Khan; full name: Roy Sætre Khantatat] became severely ill. Due to this, as yet undiagnosed, illness, Roy reluctantly has been forced to head back home to Norway. more

Robben Ford: San Jose jazz festival 2010

Robben Ford band at San Jose jazz festival 2010

Vitalij Kuprij: fan video, Mexico Clinic, 2007.

Vitalij Kuprij Dancing Flame Live 24fps.wmv

Vitalij Kuprij Drifting Away live in Mexio.wmv

Marco De Cave: my summer guitar solo contest

More inventive licks from the Cave Man!

marco de cave my summer guitar solo contest

Sunny Dsouza: Funky Wunky Noodle

Funky Wunky Noodle

News: looking for new jamming backing tracks, then this one is for you.

SpeedPickers on youtube has been posting a series of backing tracks that you might find useful if you are looking for something new to jam over.

See the list

Joop Wolters:working with Atma Anur on new CD, plus practice tips

Joop Wolters contact me to let me know that's moving onto the mixing phase for his new CD, using a new 24 track mixing desk, a PRESONUS 24.4.2 MIXING CONSOLE. This time with live drums provided by Patrick Eijdems and Atma Anur!



Piero Rassu: graduate from D Begotti at Rock Guitar Academy

Piero Rassu, a graduate course of rock guitar CCR ® by D. Begotti at Rock Guitar Academy with teacher Robert Fazari, performs beautifully, "AFG" (D. Begotti). This piece is in the curriculum CCR ®

Piero Rassu, diplomato al CCR® presso la RGA esegue "AFG" di Donato Begotti

Rob Chappers: answers questions, monkeyfest and more goodies

Thanks to Rob Chappers for the Shout Out! Details about Chocolate weetabix, monkey plectrums,

Chappers Reply three

Chappers Reply Two

Michael Lee Ostrander: Law Of Return


Rob Chappers: ML one off prototype!

Chappers Reply three

Emir Hot, Dragianni, Nerko Artan: a little rusticity

Emir Hot, Dragianni, Nerko Artan, Moj me Hashim kao bubanj dere

John Huldt: ballad for Santa Monica and more demos

John Huldt - The ballad for Santa Monica

John Huldt - Country Guitar (Business in the front, party in the back)

Du gamla du fria gitarr (Swedish national anthem for guitar) John Huldt