Thursday, 28 October 2010

Magnus Karlsson,Victor Smolski, Mike Chlasciak: appear on new primal fear CD

Victor Smolski has finished laying down his parts for the forthcoming solo album from PRIMAL FEAR singer Ralf Scheepers. According to a posting on the PRIMAL FEAR web site, Achim Köhler (PRIMAL FEAR, AMON AMARTH, BRAINSTORM) has begun mixing the effort at his Indiscreet Audio Studios in Stuttgart, Germany. Other guests scheduled to appear on the CD include HALFORD guitarist "Metal" Mike Chlasciak (on the songs "Locked In The Dungeon" and "Dynasty"), Swedish guitarist Magnus Karlsson

Sam Bell: fun jam

Fun Improv Jam

Orianthi: courage

Orianthi - Courage ft. Lacey

Andreas Oberg: ArtistWorks Offering Six Months of Lessons for the Price of Three

ArtistWorks Offering Six Months of Lessons for the Price of Three more ArtistWorks is offering a limited-time enrollment opportunity in Andreas Oberg Guitar Universe! Enroll before October 31 and receive SIX months of lessons for the price of THREE ($60). Use these promotional codes at sign up: ANDREAS OBERG GUITAR UNIVERSE:, use Promo Code AGU2411

Sergey Golovin: Performance, workshop and lesson

Sergey Golovin Performance and workshop in Muztorg show room part 1

Sergey Golovin.Performance and workshop in Muztorg show-room part 2

Sergey Golovin.Fast pentatonic licks

Brett Garsed, Frank Gambale: just a couple of stars Sandeep Chowta's Record Matters of the Heart

In the year 2002,Sandeep Chowta,Got one of his most Favorite artists,the incredible Flute Virtuoso Dave Valentin to be part of his Magnum opus Project Matters of the Heart.This one of the early compostionsand recordings in Katona New York NYC.The all star line up of greats on this record are
Dave Grusin ,Lee Ritenour,Tom Schuman ,Ricardo Silveira,Patrice Rushen,
Frank Gambale,Dave Valentin,Virgil Donati,Bunny Brunel,Russel Ferrante,
William Kennedy,Melvin Davis,Jimmy Haslip.Mitch Forman,Dave Weckl,
Eric Marienthal,Jimmy Johnson,Ric Fierbracci,Brian Bromberg,Brett Garsed,
Walt Fowler,Jeff Richman,Phil Turcio,Craig Anderson,Gerry Pantazis,
Pt Vishwamohan Bhatt,Jay Beckenstein,Chuck Loeb,Scott Henderson,and Gary Novak,
Anthony Jackson,Dori Caymmi..Kirk Covington,Steve Tavaglione,Gary Willis
Scott Kinsey, Otmaro Ruiz,Miriam Stockley,Scott Ambush, Simon Phillips,
Brandon Fields ,Jurim Moreira , Jorge Helder,

Dave Valentin In Session for the Sandeep Chowta's Record Matters of the Heart

News: Eastwood guitars arrive in Liverpool

Eastwood Guitars UK now up and running in Liverpool

Eastwood Guitars announces the opening of Eastwood Guitars UK. Based in Liverpool, the facility will provide complete warehousing, distribution and set up of all Eastwood and Airline guitars for the UK market. In addition, to facilitate the growing demand for Eastwood and Airline products throughout the United Kingdom, Eastwood has launched . This new website now offers the complete Eastwood catalogue of products shipping directly from the new Liverpool facility with all pricing in GBP (inc VAT).

“The new UK based operation and website makes our products easier and less expensive for our UK fans,” said Mike Robinson, President and founder of Eastwood Guitars. "Eliminating expensive North America shipping makes them more affordable and gets the guitars to our customers faster, without any unexpected import costs.”

The Eastwood Guitars UK facility is managed by Carl Cook, whose prior long standing association with Eastwood guarantees that the expert knowledge and enthusiasm that Eastwood Guitars have become renown for is brought to the UK shores. This new UK operation is part of the overall international expansion plan of Eastwood Guitars and it will also support the many new distributors of Eastwood and Airline products across Europe.

About Eastwood Guitars
Canada’s Eastwood Guitars is one of the world’s fastest growing guitar companies with over 40 distinctive models combining retro styling with modern playability. Eastwood is committed to developing and promoting independent music through the following initiatives: The Eastwood Artist Endorsement Program; The Eastwood Big Pick Program; The Eastwood Guitars Partners Program; and Eastwood Radio on

Prashant Aswani: describes is Bogner amp set up

Prashant Aswani:
They both have great cleans channels with a griity boost capability. The red head is 90 watts and has a smoother to end and of course is louder. The black one is 45 watts. Slightly more open. The main difference is in the pre-boost section.

Both heads have a great clean tone. The difference is in the wattage. Red head is 90 watts and the black head is 45 watts. The boost is smoother on the red head. It is like Eddie's tone on the first album.

Prashant Aswani: Sonically Speaking, brilliant new CD buy

Vladimir Krylov: new fusion Ecstacy

Another great player this time from Russia.

MM2010. Vladimir Krylov . Bogner Ecstacy

MM2010. Vladimir Krylov and friends . Presenting Bogner Ecstacy

MM2010. Vladimir Krylov group .Bogner Ecstacy

Anikina Kate: SiG X Xotic RC booster, Xotic BB preamp

MM2010. Kate Anikina SiG X Xotic RC booster, Xotic BB preamp

MM2010. Kate Anikina SiG X amp Xotic RC booster, Xotic BB preamp

Sergey Golovin: guitar idol 2010

This is exactly what I love about guitar idol, great tune and great playing!

Sergey Golovin plays on Suhr Standard.Frosterica

Irene Ketikidi: Tapped triads in Gm

Tapped triads in Gm ( lesson)

Hey guys, check out, really cool website and a massive online community for guitarists! This video is part of my tuition series for the site's marketplace section - the complete lesson can be purchased here:

or easy blues:

Easy blues in B major ( lesson)

Roger Pedersen: Welde/Gronhaug/Pedersen live!

Welde/Gronhaug/Pedersen are improvising over an electronic-ambient piece of music by Christian Welde. The consert took place at Kulture Night- Haugesund, Norway. Roger Pedersen is playing the guitar, Karl Christian Gronhaug is playing the sax, and Christian Welde is playing keyboards, seqencer and pc. Kristian Skeie shot the video :-)

Welde/Gronhaug/Pedersen- improvisation

Milan Polak: Breaking Out Of Patterns #2

Breaking Out Of Patterns 2/3 - Milan Polak Lesson

Reece Fullwood: Playing Delusions

Reece Fullwood:
Just playing through a few sections from the song 'Delusions' by my band 'Eumeria'
Hope you enjoy it.

Reece Playing Delusions (Eumeria)

Rick Graham: sick quick licks!

Welcome to a new series of licks I'll be doing. This one is in the style of what Katy Perry might play if she were a guitarist :-p

Look out for lick 2 coming soon!

tabs and BT here:

Rick's Quick But Slick Licks - Lick 1

Duart Ferreira: Guitar Idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010 - Traffic Lights - Duart Ferreira

Gonzalo Vieira: Guitar Idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010 "why" Gonzalo Vieira

Andrea Cesone: new solo album Peaceful Sensation coming out soon

Andrea Cesone new solo album Peaceful Sensation coming out soon!


The original Texas' Beans

Tosin Abasi: Guitar Messenger Master Class

Tosin Abasi Masterclass with tab at guitar messenger

TOSIN ABASI - Animals As Leaders Feature @ Guitar Messenger: Coming Soon

Tosin Abasi - Animals As Leaders: Masterclass Part 1 (Tapping & CAFO)

Muris Varajic: Tapped displacement lesson

Hello folks and welcome to my first "lick of the week" here at Live4Guitar.

This lick is about rhythm displacement, we have phrases starting on 1st beat, 2nd beat and even after 16th pause so it creates pretty interesting effect time wise.

Technique used here is 2-handed tapping with lots of "taps from nowhere" with your left hand so be sure that you mute properly and tap with enough strength to execute all notes nicely.

There are few arpeggios broken down to spice it up a little.

It's in the key of Em and we are using nothing else but Em scale.

Kiko Loureiro,Rafael Bittencourt: Angra new CD details

Angra - Lease Of Life (Official Videoclip)

"Aqua" limited-edition digipack:

CD 1:

01. Viderunt Te Aquæ
02. Arising Thunder
03. Awake From Darkness
04. Lease Of Life
05. The Rage Of The Waters
06. Spirit Of The Air
07. Hollow
08. Monster In Her Eyes
09. Weakness Of A Man
10. Ashes

CD 2: *

01. Nova Era
02. Rebirth
03. Hunters And Prey
04. Spread Your Fir
05. Waiting Silence
06. The Course Of Nature
07. Salvation:Suicide

* Bonus CD with a career-spanning overview of the Edu Falaschi era

Jewel Case:

01. Viderunt Te Aquæ
02. Arising Thunder
03. Awake From Darkness
04. Lease Of Life
05. The Rage Of The Waters
06. Spirit Of The Air
07. Hollow
08. Monster In Her Eyes
09. Weakness Of A Man
10. Ashes


Side 1:

01. Viderunt Te Aquæ
02. Arising Thunder
03. Awake From Darkness
04. Lease Of Life

Side 2:

05. The Rage Of The Waters
06. Spirit Of The Air
07. Hollow

Side 3:

08. Monster In Her Eyes
09. Weakness Of A Man
10. Ashes

Side 4:

01. Nova Era (bonus track)
02. Spread Your Fire (bonus track)
03. The Course Of Nature (bonus track)

ANGRA 2010 is:

Eduardo Falaschi - Vocals
Kiko Loureiro - Guitar
Felipe Andreoli - Bass
Rafael Bittencourt - Guitar
Ricardo Confessori - Drum

George Lynch: guitar international interview

Rob Cavuoto: Have you mended fences with Don Dokken?

George: The Don-George conflict is really a fallacy and a created illusion. We’re absolutely fine. We had had business disagreements for sure but, what band or business partners don’t? We’ve been fine for years. It’s all been blown way out of proportion over the years and it’s an old tired story. More

Alex Martínez: tribute to Richie Kotzen - Shufina

RIchie Kotzen - Shufina cover by Alex Martínez

Kirill Konyaev: tribute to Alex Argento/Marco Sfogli Genius

Alex Argento/Marco Sfogli - Genius (Full song cover) LIVE

John McLaughlin,Wayne Krantz, Marc Guillermont, Mattias IA Eklundh: Making of Bada Boom new CD

Ranjit Barot : The Making of Bada Boom

Ranjit Barot (Drums); Zakir Hussain (Tabla); John McLaughlin (Guitar); Wayne Krantz (Guitar); Matthias EkLundh (Guitar); Marc Guillermont (Guitar); Sanjay Divecha (guitar); Dhruv Ghanekar (Guitar); Amit Heri (guitar); U.Srinivas (Mandolin); U.Rajesh (Mandolin); Matthew Garrison (Bass); Elie Afif (Bass); Mohini Dey (Bass); Nicolas Fiszman (Bass); Dominique DiPiazza (Bass);Pallakad Sreeram (keyboards);Aydin Essen (keyboards); Scott Kinsey (Keyboards); Harmeet Manseta (Keyboards); Taufique Qureshi (Percussion); Sridhar Parthasarathy (Mridangam);Tim Garland (Saxophone); Tim Garland Underground Orchestra (Horn Section)

After decades spent honing his craft in a staggering array of roles, from composing award-winning music for films to producing other artists to working as a sideman in a variety of contexts, Ranjit Barot is at last making his debut as a performing bandleader with Bada Boom, to be released by Abstract Logix on November 16th, 2010. The captivating, uniquely personal Bada Boom ("bada" being Hindi for "big," rendering the album a bilingual pun on the "big bang") draws from the groundbreaking examples of Barot's biggest influences, John McLaughlin and Zakir Hussain -- both of whom are featured on the project. McLaughlin contributes a blistering solo to the opening track, "Singularity," while Hussain provides the driving force for "Supernova."

Composed of four original pieces and two striking reinventions of traditional Indian themes, Bada Boom investigates Barot's cultural and musical dichotomy with insight and inventiveness. Rather than simply recast one culture in the guise of another -- transposing tabla parts onto the drum set, playing funk guitar licks on the veena, etc. -- Barot composes and arranges provocative, thoughtful dialogues from which these varied influences, textures, and techniques eventually emerge as one voice. Carefully deployed improvised passages, fired by his churning, intricate drumming, further dissolve the perceived barriers, transcending taxonomy and simply becoming music.

The son of a legendary classical Indian dancer, Ranjit Barot took up a western instrument -- the drum kit -- at age 12, inspired by the fusion and progressive rock revolution that was redefining possibilities for a new generation of musicians. Dividing his formative years between England and India, Barot developed a musical sensibility that gracefully intertwines the rich rhythmic and harmonic traditions of classical Indian musics with the improvisational fervor of jazz and the immediacy and accessibility of rock and other popular forms. "I want my playing to be the duality that I am," he reflects. "I am an Indian, but I dream in English."

Bada Boom may be Barot's debut album as a performing composer, but it has been generations in the making, with inspiration drawn from every corner of his remarkable, still-unfolding career. "The meeting point of all art is the same, at least to me," Barot concludes. "When you strip away things like genre, ethnicity, art form even, then you are left with just intent and spirit."

Ranjit Barot: Bada Boom
John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain, U.Srinivas, Wayne Krantz, Marc Guillermont, Matt Garrison, Scott Kinsey, Dominique di Piazza and others.

Hear the Music Sampler
Ranjit Barot is the Drummer on John McLaughlin's Floating Point

Lorenzo Venza: Utopia live date!

21 November at 22:00 - 22 November at 02:00
Location Disruption Music
Via del barco, 7 Bagni di Tivoli, Italy
Rome, Italy
UTOPIA will present their album "Ice And Knives", preceded by an exhibition of Marco Cinti's Master of Ceremony who will show his full length, "Above And Beyond". The evening will be opened by QUARTECH propose that certain compositions that will be part of their first job.

Utopia - Here And Now @

Allan Holdsworth: Red Alert

Allan Holdsworth - Red Alert

Sylvie Catez-Doré, Stephane Jeannin: Imperioso #3

Imperioso - Angra Cover - Running Alone

Luis Coelho: Undercover Dillusion on 7 string

Luis Coelho - Undercover Dillusion

Anusorn Jeekeeree: penatonic ideas

Anusorn Jeekeeree Pentatonic-improvisation

Fabrizio Chiruzzi: incredible Ztar medley

Fabrizio Chiruzzi shows off the versatility of the instrument, from film sound tracks to piano, to raging guitar fusion.

Fabrizio Chiruzzi:
A medley of several tunes to test the endless possibilities offered by using a Ztar. The Ztar is a MIDI controller device. It looks like a guitar, but is 100% MIDI. The samples in this video are made by using a Ztar Z6-S model and a Yamaha Motif Rack ES. Hope you will enjoy it. thanks for watching.

Fabrizio Chiruzzi: incredible Ztar medley

Johan Liefvendahl: Seventh Wonder new CD announced

Released December 3rd 2010

Seventh Wonder - Alley Cat

One of the most anticipated releases in the progressive metal genre is released on December 3rd 2010. Having built a reputation as one of the most exciting, skilled and enthralling metal acts currently on the scene as well as making a name for themselves with potent live performances Sweden Rock Festival and two shows at the prestigious ProgPower USA, Swedish progressive metal masters Seventh Wonder have raised the bar even further with “The Great Escape”.

This spectacular new album is a continuation of where the band left us last with 2008’s “Mercy Falls”. The band’s trademark first class melodies and great choruses are still in focus along with astonishing lead work from all musicians throughout the CD. Yet there is for the first time in Seventh Wonder history a really epic track on the album with the adventurous title track that clocks in at 30 minutes.

The story of this track is based on the epic space saga Aniara, written in 1956 by Swedish Nobel Prize winner Harry Martinson. The band even obtained written permission from the author’s daughter who holds the copyright, to use phrases from the original book after hearing a few Seventh Wonder tracks and liked them. The rest of the lyrics on the album sees the bands usual wide variety of topics dealing with everyday life and challenges in our modern society, as well as more fictional stories and historical themes. Some other novel musical excursions also appear on the album, while staying true to the Seventh Wonder formula of writing music.

Sonically the new album is somewhat drier than its predecessor “Mercy Falls” and in that sense more reminiscent of the sound on “Waiting In The Wings”, a more guitar driven sound. The sound is still very clear such that all instruments are clearly audible, as we have come to expect from Seventh Wonder releases with the album being a great reflection of the power the band possess in the live arena.

Never an act to stand still the band wanted to try something new this time. The new stuff constitutes about half of the albums playing time and is made up of the aforementioned epic title track on one hand and the slow, almost poppy song “Long Way Home” on the other, featuring Jenny Karevik on additional vocals and Andreas Blomqvist playing fretless bass, adding to the different feel of the track. If these two tracks represent the new flavour, then the rest of the songs are exactly what you would expect from Seventh Wonder, only newer and better.

In the build up to release the band made their first promotional video for the song “Alley Cat” which scored over 20,000 hits on YouTube within 14 days of upload and at the time of writing has had over 35,000 hits. A clear sign the band are ready to move to the next level in terms of popularity.

“The Great Escape” features some new flavours for the Seventh Wonder fans indeed, but always staying true to the formula that have gained them thousands of fans around the globe; -technically advanced progressive metal with hooks and melodies to die for.

01. Wiseman.
02. Alley Cat.
03. The Angelmaker.
04. King of Whitewater.
05. Long Way Home.
06. Move on Through.
07. The Great Escape.

Andreas Blomqvist – Bass
Johan Liefvendahl – Guitar
Tommy Karevik – Vocals
Andreas Söderin – Keyboards

Michael Dolce: Funk Fusion Masterclasses

Michael Dolce:
Hi guys I'll be conducting Sydney and Melbourne master classes on the
15th and 16th November.
You’ll need to bring your guitars and a lead, amps supplied.
Handouts and an audio CD with backing tracks and all the examples will
be given to everyone on the day.
The theme is “Funk Fusion” the class is based purely on my approach and
concepts that work for me and hopefully work for you.
There’ll be heaps of playing and jamming in a very relaxed atmosphere.
We’ll be covering everything from legato approach and examples to
melodic minor concepts to wide pentatonic ideas chromatic and outside
sounds over one chord vamps.

The classes go for 1 ½ hours
Cost is $70
To confirm your seat you’ll need to pay the full amount.
"Sydney" guys book through allans Music + Billyhyde
130 Pyrmont Bridge rd
Camperdown NSW 2050
(02)9557-7500 Speak to Jess
All "Melbourne" guys can book through me.

There are only 10 seats available to confirm your seat you'll need to
pay in full.
(Only 5 seats left in Melbourne)
Hope to see you there
Funk Fusion
My approach to playing has always been about simplicity i.e. nice melodies,
phrasing and a decent technique and at the same time not getting too caught
up with trying to work out the theory behind what I’m playing. I’ve always
let my ears do the work.

I love listening to players who are creative and taking that more
sophisticated approach towards chord changes, along the likes of Scott
Henderson, Robben Ford, to name a couple. Creating a great feel, melodies
and being adventurous with your phrasing will always open up new ideas.
Just remember at the end of the day its music we love to play so there’s no
wrong or right with what you play its your own interpretation of what your
feeling .

I find that the more I explore chords and work out new ways of playing
lines to get to the next chord change , has widen my vocabulary of lines and
licks .

We’re all learning everyday and it’s a never ending journey, so I hope this
lesson opens some doors for new ideas and concepts that will enhance your
approach and technique.
This lesson is based purely on my approach and conclusions that work for

Steve Vai, Eric Johnson: Experience Hendrix Tour

The Experience Hendrix Tour presents the music of Jimi Hendrix performed in concert by an all-star lineup of guests including:
Billy Cox (Band of Gypsys), David Hidalgo and Cesar Rosas (Los Lobos), Ernie Isley, Eric Johnson, Jonny Lang, Chris Layton (Double Trouble), Living Colour, Robert Randolph, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Susan Tedeschi, Steve Vai, Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) and others. more