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Mohi: Guitar Fusion Contest

Guitar Fusion Contest - Mohi

Enter: Guitar Fusion Competition

Márcio André: Guitar Fusion Contest

Guitar Fusion Contest by Márcio André

Enter: Guitar Fusion Competition

Cat Ginjineko: 2010

I've entered Guitar Idol 2010 with this tune!
If you like what you hear, please vote!

November 20th 2010, new tune released.
It's called "PIKES PEAK".

This tune is included in my new concept album "D".
This video version is the special edition featuring the drum audio of "Metal Heads", which is the expansion pack of EZ Drummer.


If you reside in Japan and can read Japanese, you can also purchace the album from the link blow.

Guitar Idol 2010 Entry -PIKES PEAK-

Mike Orlando,Shane Gibson,Michael Romeo,Gary Hoey,Joe Stump: Sonic Stomp II new CD

Mike Orlando Sonic Stomp II (CD)
Mike Orlando's follow up to "Sonic Stomp" is now available. Sonic Stomp II is almost 80 minutes of instrumental guitar mayhem, and features a number pf phenomenal guest artists, including Michael Romeo (Symphony X), Shane Gibson (Korn), Gary Hoey, Mike Pinella (Symphony X) and Joe Stump. Sonic Stomp II also features world-renowned drummer extraordinare John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen,TNT, James Labrie-Dream Theater, Tony Harnell, Ark). Along with release of Sonic Stomp II, there will be a Sonic Stomp live performance DVD filmed and released in the end of 2010. It will include songs from the debut CD and Sonic Stomp II, as well as many extras. Take it from Joe Stump, "To say that Mike's playing is intense is an understatement. He manages to showcase his monstrous technique, great command

Michael Romeo - Guest Guitar on Track 11
Shane Gibson - Guest Guitar on Track 13
Gary Hoey - Guest Guitar on Track 15
Joe Stump - Guest Guitar on Track 15


Robert Dzurilla: Pillers Of Creation New CD

"Pillars Of Creation" is a new all instrumental guitar album from guitarist Robert Dzurilla, with drummer Tim Workman, and it spans rock, hard rock, and heavy metal. The tracks feature a blend of melodic themes and technical runs. Robert Dzurilla writes. "I have been playing guitar in the Cleveland area for 25 years. Through the years, I've played in several bands with some great musicians! I've always wanted to record an instrumental CD and finally did it. The CD has a good mix of songs, so I hope many people will enjoy it." Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock), total running time more

Ron Thal: i heart guitar interview

Let’s hop in the Wayback Machine and jump back to back in the day when you recorded The Adventures Of Bumblefoot.

Let’s see, this was the early 90s – god, can I remember that far back? I was teaching music at a school, every grade from pre-school up to 18 years old, and they didn’t have a music department, so I set up an entire music department for them doing music for children and doing music history, I set up a jazz band, a choir, everything for the whole school. The school ran out of funds and it reached a point where I was just looking at life and I thought, ‘There’s no such thing as job security. You just have to follow what you love.’ And I did love doing that, but I would do that during the day then I would put braids in my hair and jump in the car and go and do some gig out in New York City at night, then get home at 4 in the morning and an hour later get up and teach again. It was at a point where I really needed to make a choice whether I wanted to have the more normal, safe life, or did I want to really be a full-time musician and jump in and learn how to swim. And I took the leap and six months later I had the record deal with Shrapnel Records more

Eric Johnson: Hendrix tour set up

Eric Johnson ambles into the Circus Maximus Theater, located in Atlantic City's Caesars Hotel & Casino, and hops on stage. Dressed casually in baggy jeans and a comfy cardigan sweater, the legendary guitarist has just spent a leisurely early afternoon checking out New Jersey's famed Boardwalk Empire.

"I can't believe it's November," Johnson says in a soft Texas drawl as he runs a hand through his touseled mound of hair. "Must've been 65 degrees or something outside. I actually went to the beach, and with this sweater on, it almost got downright hot. Not that I'm complaining - it was nice."

Johnson and the rest of the stellar cast of performers on the fall run of the Experience Hendrix tour (the lineup includes Steve Vai, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Johnny Lang, Billy Cox, Susan Tedeschi and Living Colour, among others) have been having a blast during the past few weeks. "This might be the best Hendrix tour yet," says Johnson, a veteran of several such excursions. "Everybody's been playing their hearts out. It's been really cool." more

Mateus Starling: video lesson available

I forgot to mention that this improvisation is available in a high quality video lesson format.

Hello everyone.
For those who doesn’t know me my name is Mateus Starling, i`m from Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
I`m a guitar player and composer. I also write articles for one of the biggest guitar magazine in Brazil called: Cover guitarra.
I graduated from Berklee college of music, majored in performance and I recorded my debut cd (Kairos) in 2008. You can read many reviews of my cd right here. (you can read my full bio at this blog).
So, i`ve been doing video class in my original language for more than a year and I sold more than 1000 video class this year. Many musicians from other countries ask me to do a material in English but just know I found out time to do it.
Now you can buy a 1 hour video class with concepts about outside playing and atonal approach for improvisation. I cover many interest concepts using the Arnold Shoenberg (dodecaphonist composer) approach for improvising, upper structure triads, rhythmic and other cool stuffs that I cannot name it yet.
I recorded this video class at home. This sample is with a bad video quality (compression to make the video smaller) but the overall class is with a very nice video and sound quality. I used no edition to make this video class something realistic, like an ordinary class. I think that the point of this class is the concept.
I send this video in 4 shared links, so you can easily download it. You are also going to receive some pdfs and one backing track to practice some of the ideas from the video.
You can buy it using paypal:
Just send me an e-mail if your order and I will automatically send the links for you.
The price for the whole package (1 hour video class, backing track and pdf) is 12 dollars.
Enjoy it and God bless you.
Mateus Starling
Brazilian website:

Guitar video class in english (outside playing and atonal concepts for improvisation

Charlie Shaughnessy: two views of the same progression

Charlie Shaughnessy - Improv over a Prog Fusion Backing Track 12/17/09

Charlie Shaughnessy - Prog Fusion Improv 11/17/09 (ALTERNATE TAKE)

Clay Foster: a little jazz... shred!

Clay Foster jazz shred

New album on the way: this is Clay's previous opus

A Voice in the Wilderness

Clay Foster is a guitar master in training. At the young age of 21 he plays with the ability of musicians twice his age. His debut album A voice in the Wilderness is just a taste of the musical and technical prowess of this young guitar god. After playing for over elleven years, his musical influences range from the obvious: Pat Metheney, John Petrucci, Becker and Gambale, to the not so obvious: Stevie Wonder, Outkast, Freddie Hubbard, and Herbie Hancock. His music although heavily influenced by great prog metal acts like Dream Theater and Cacophony, is still woven intricatelly with jazz lyricism.

Clay has poured his heart and soul into his debut musical creation, A Voice in the Wilderness, as he not only wrote and arranged all the songs, he played many of the instruments and programmed many others. The album also features musician friends of Clay's including Jonathan Parks on drums, and Josh Rose on bass.

This album is jam packed with neck-jerk grooves that Clay tastefully shreds his way through. A voice in the Wilderness is nothing short of brilliant.

Allan Holdsworth: Improvisation Material Real

Frankfurt Jazz Festival 1997

Allan Holdsworth - Improvisation Material Real

MoopPlusOne: Chopin Fantasie

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - Chopin Fantasie (cover)

Todd Simpson: you want alternate picking? we got it covered!

Todd Simpson has put together a series on alternate picking to get your picking up to speed and build the required memory for sustained burst of speed with the appropriate accuracy and confidence: "Alternate Picking From The Ground Up"

Jean-Dominique Leonelli: Blue Bug competititon - another great solo

T-REX and Milan Polak Blue Bug Contest:Jean-Do Leonelli's entry.

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Nicolas Waldo: Vorpal Nomad #2