Mike Orlando,Shane Gibson,Michael Romeo,Gary Hoey,Joe Stump: Sonic Stomp II new CD

Mike Orlando Sonic Stomp II (CD)
Mike Orlando's follow up to "Sonic Stomp" is now available. Sonic Stomp II is almost 80 minutes of instrumental guitar mayhem, and features a number pf phenomenal guest artists, including Michael Romeo (Symphony X), Shane Gibson (Korn), Gary Hoey, Mike Pinella (Symphony X) and Joe Stump. Sonic Stomp II also features world-renowned drummer extraordinare John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen,TNT, James Labrie-Dream Theater, Tony Harnell, Ark). Along with release of Sonic Stomp II, there will be a Sonic Stomp live performance DVD filmed and released in the end of 2010. It will include songs from the debut CD and Sonic Stomp II, as well as many extras. Take it from Joe Stump, "To say that Mike's playing is intense is an understatement. He manages to showcase his monstrous technique, great command

Michael Romeo - Guest Guitar on Track 11
Shane Gibson - Guest Guitar on Track 13
Gary Hoey - Guest Guitar on Track 15
Joe Stump - Guest Guitar on Track 15