Mateus Starling: video lesson available

I forgot to mention that this improvisation is available in a high quality video lesson format.

Hello everyone.
For those who doesn’t know me my name is Mateus Starling, i`m from Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
I`m a guitar player and composer. I also write articles for one of the biggest guitar magazine in Brazil called: Cover guitarra.
I graduated from Berklee college of music, majored in performance and I recorded my debut cd (Kairos) in 2008. You can read many reviews of my cd right here. (you can read my full bio at this blog).
So, i`ve been doing video class in my original language for more than a year and I sold more than 1000 video class this year. Many musicians from other countries ask me to do a material in English but just know I found out time to do it.
Now you can buy a 1 hour video class with concepts about outside playing and atonal approach for improvisation. I cover many interest concepts using the Arnold Shoenberg (dodecaphonist composer) approach for improvising, upper structure triads, rhythmic and other cool stuffs that I cannot name it yet.
I recorded this video class at home. This sample is with a bad video quality (compression to make the video smaller) but the overall class is with a very nice video and sound quality. I used no edition to make this video class something realistic, like an ordinary class. I think that the point of this class is the concept.
I send this video in 4 shared links, so you can easily download it. You are also going to receive some pdfs and one backing track to practice some of the ideas from the video.
You can buy it using paypal:
Just send me an e-mail if your order and I will automatically send the links for you.
The price for the whole package (1 hour video class, backing track and pdf) is 12 dollars.
Enjoy it and God bless you.
Mateus Starling
Brazilian website:

Guitar video class in english (outside playing and atonal concepts for improvisation