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Paul Gilbert: Racer X - Back to record again!!!

Harry Gschoesser
Hello my FB friends! If everything works out the way planned, the first RACER X line up members Paul Gilbert Juan Alderete and mysefe will come together for a little recording session in Los Angeles at the end of this summer!Looking forward to it

Racer X - Y.R.O. First Lineup

Johnny Hiland: All Fired Up the new cd

All Fired Up, the NEW CD from country rock artist Johnny Hiland, is a seasoned blend of showboatin' country music with a rock and roll edge...
Ricky Scaggs commented on Johnny, "I think Johnny Hiland is the most versatile guitar player I've ever heard. From Bill Monroe to Eddie Van Halen, he can play it all." 
The Album 
Hiland's new record “All Fired Up”, is a virtuoso chicken pickin' CD which is rooted firmly in country music with a rock and roll edge, aided and abetted by for Joe Satriani and Steve Vai bassist Stuart Hamm, Steve Vai/Billy Idol drummer Jeremy Colson on the drums and keyboard virtuoso Jesse Bradman. An instrumental CD brimming with high tech chicken pickin', faux pedal steel chops laced with some incendiary rock and roll, “All Fired Up”, also boasts two vocal oriented bonus tracks which incorporate Hiland's seasoned country voice and his showboatin' country chops.


Johnny Hiland grew up in the small town of Baileyville, Maine. He was born legally blind with an eye disease known as nystagmus, which did not allow him to grow up like most children. He started playing guitar at age 2, and went on to perform his first TV show at age 7. His career took off when Johnny won the "Talent America Contest," at age 10, in New York City. His father had taken him to see Ricky Skaggs perform, and Johnny immediately went from pickin' bluegrass to wanting a telecaster. As a teen, Johnny spent countless hours learning and developing his own blend of chicken pickin,' rock, blues, and swing; while pickin' in a number of different bands around the state of Maine.. After finishing high school, and 3 years of college, he moved to Nashville in 1996. Since then, he has performed as a headline artist at the legendary Grand Ole Opry and has played on a number of records for artists like Toby Keith, Trick Pony, Randy Travis, Ricky Skaggs, Janie Fricke, Lynn Anderson, and Hank 3 among many others. He later signed a record deal with Steve Vai and released a critically acclaimed guitar record on Vai's Favored Nations label. He then later released a second album on his own called "Loud and Proud", released in 2007. Since then he has been touring the globe with his band, "The Johnny Hiland Band”. He has also performed on stage with super artists like Sammy Hagar, Ted Nugent, George Clinton and P-Funk, Les Paul, Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa, G3, and many others. He loves to teach, and has his own line of guitar instructional material as well; 2 Hot Licks videos, and a number of books/cds with Mel Bay. He has had his own signature model PRS, and now has found his proper guitar home with Ernie Ball Music Man.

“ALL FIRED UP” The Compositions
1. Barnyard Breakdown
2. All Fired Up
3. Bakersfield Bound
4. Forever Love
5. Minor Adjustment
6. Six String Swing

7. Gone But Not Forgotten
8. The Gloves Are Off
9. Double Stoppin'
10. Bluesberry Jam

** BONUS TRACKS11. Breaker, Breaker, 1-9
12. Party Time

Points Of Interest

All Fired Up

News: Eastwood Guitars "Bighorn!" model announced

Eastwood Guitars introduces the new Airline Bighorn Guitar
Second in a series of new Airline models slated for 2011 is the Airline Bighorn. This new model draws inspiration from the original Montgomery Wards student guitars of the 1960’s, but is delivered in the form of a professional grade modern instrument.
At first glance it appears to be a short scale guitar, however it is a full Fender scale length of 25 ½”. The stripped down Bighorn features the popular Airline Argyle Diamond pickups, 3-way switching, dual volume / tone controls and a fixed adjustable bridge. Its simple design has a solid basswood body and a maple bolt-on neck with the raised metal Airline logo on the headstock. It is available in Green, Red and Sunburst. Deluxe AIRLINE hardshell cases are also available.

"The original 1960’s Airline Bighorn has been an indie band favorite for many years," said Mike Robinson, President and founder of Eastwood Guitars, "but they are becoming very hard to find. That is when we like to step in and offer an alternative to the original that plays and sounds better, at an affordable price. At a street price of only $399, we’ve more that hit the mark with the Bighorn."
The AIRLINE Bighorn started shipping in May 2011, to find your closest dealer visit

Jeff Loomis,Attila Voros: Musikmesse 2011

Jeff Loomis,Attila Voros: Musikmesse 2011

Sam Bell :String Theory - Chops From Hell

SAM BELL's "STRING THEORY" looks at some of the techniques and patterns that Sam uses in his daily playing. Viewers will learn interesting new approaches to certain techniques in their soloing. Sam breaks down the licks slowly, and urges viewers to apply these licks to other scales and keys to create their own voice on the instrument. This DVD is sure to inspire any budding guitarist who is interested in spicing up their solos, or trying to break out of a dreaded rut - there is plenty of material to go at, including licks from some of Sam's own solos from his band MASK OF JUDAS.

Also featured on the accompanying CD ROM is the "SB1.pdf" file containing the "STRING THEORY" lesson notation/tab. buy

Sam Bell's String Theory Sampler

Adam Ironside: DirtBox Competition - TC Electronic Prizes!

This time up for grabs is the TC Electornic Mojo Mojo Overdrive and Dark Matter Distortion! Thanks to TC for their generosity in sneding some stuff to give away.
Rules - Track - For Forum Entries -
You can buy my music on CDBaby, here is a link to 'Kayleigh

 ' -

DirtBox Competition - TC Electronic Prizes!

Dirt Box Competition

Mike Dawes,Amy Turk: MonkeyFest 2011

MonkeyFest 2011 - Mike Dawes & Amy Turk (Guitar & Harp Duo)

buy Tickets

Richie Kotzen: old poison interview

Poison (Bret Michaels and then guitar player Richie Kotzen) give an interview to british magazine rock show called Raw Power.

Its the first interview given to promote their then recent new album Native Tongue.

Poison Interview

Walter Manieri: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition!!! by Walter Manieri

Claudio Bozzolasco: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Claudio Bozzolasco - Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Joe Bonamassa: fans live videos

Joe Bonamassa: fans live videos

Alex Machacek: Scott Kinsey Group The Baked Potato 2011

Alex Machacek: Scott Kinsey Group The Baked Potato 2011

Carl Verheyen: own YouTube channel packed with guitar goodies!

Carl Verheyen:
My favorite videos solo, with the Carl Verheyen Band, Supertramp and just noodling around.

Carl Verheyen's Solos.flv

Rafael Moreira: Baked Potato more fusion!

Rafael Moreira plays "Basically Lost" Live with Joel Taylor on Drums and Matt Rohde on Keys.m4v

in case you missed

Rafael Moreira guitar solo on "Slow Burn" live at the Baked Potato!

Pascal Corriu: acoustic live songs

Pascal Corriu: "A Kind Of Mystery : the Flying to Midnight Story"

Slimer, Parker: rock out 5th grade school talent show!

5th Graders Tyler and Parker playing at the Gerald Ford Elementary School talent show. Thanks for Watching!

Tyler has been playing guitar for only two months! Parker will have been playing for two years this july.

Special thanks especially to Wil, Uncle Manny and Zack for helping us set up and Dad for filming me.

Gerald Ford Elementary School Talent Show - Tyler and Parker aka "Slimer"

David Maxim Micic: the djental solos

David Maxim Micic "Trouble in Mind" solo

David Maxim Micic "Butterfly Place" solo

David Maxim Micic "Lost Dream" solo

David Maxim Micic - "Dark Side of You (remix)" solo

Jakub Żytecki: stunning solo on David Maxim Micic's "Bilo"

Jakub Zytecki solo on David Maxim Micic's "Bilo" part I

Jakub Zytecki, amazing young guitar player from Poland, as a guest artist on my song "Bilo"part I, from my upcoming EP "Bilo"!
EP is going to be available in a few weeks for free download and I gotta say that you can expect some really interesting musicians on this one!!
I'll put up the release date soon :)
Visit Jakub's official pages:

Marty Friedman: Show in Moscow 2011

Marty Friedman: Show in Moscow 2011

Chris Broderick: new Jackson Broderick's Soloist looks classy

Jackson Chris Broderick Soloist, brings his long and exacting search for instrumental excellence to a most satisfying conclusion. more

Broderick's Soloist model boasts an unusual new touch in the form of a slightly offset carved-top body design for which the guitarist collaborated with longtime Jackson Custom Shop master builder Mike Shannon. Other features include dual DiMarzio humbucking pickups and a 24-fret 12"-radius fingerboard. Further, the guitar will be available in six- and seven-string models.

Broderick has issued the following update on his signature-model guitar:

"Thanks for the interest in my guitars. They are in the production phase of the six-strings so those should be out soon. As for the [seven-string guitar], we are working out the details of the Floyd low pro bridge (this will be the only [seven-string guitar] to have it) and it should be going into production runs any time now. For the record it will not have a barrel jack (I never liked them), it will have a Fender style jack plate on the side of the guitar that you can reverse if you like.

"Here is a list of specs on the guitar, I hope you guys like it.

"Available to the public in a seven- and six-string version exactly like the ones I play. I wanted this because first and foremost I primarily play and feel at home on the seven-string but play my six-strings on stage with MEGADETH.

"Available at various price points. This make a lot of sense because, some people might not need the extra features found on the USA custom but want some of the other features available, and this makes it possible.

"A 12" radius neck. I have played with neck varying from perfectly flat (like my first classical guitar) to 10" radius' (Fender Strat) and feel that a 12" radius is the most ergonomic, not only for the left hand but for picking as well (the strings feel like they have a little more separation).

"Stainless steel frets. These are perfect for two handed tapping and other techniques as they don't wear out and actually add a little sustain to the guitar.

"Tall narrow frets. This allows for all the benefits of jumbo frets but also allows you to get your fingers in those tight areas above the 15th fret.

"Quilt Maple binding. I am always a fan of natural woods and to use quilt maple as fretboard binding sets this guitar apart.

"Ebony fret board. Being one of the most dense woods you can get for the fret board this adds sustain and punch to the guitar also you don't have to use dye (like on rosewood) to get that black color.

"Neck-thru. I was not initially a fan of the neck-thru however when Jackson sent me one of their Japanese Pro models to check out I was sold, the increase in sustain was all I needed to hear to convince me I wanted it on my guitars.

"Reversed Jackson headstock with quilt top. I had always liked this headstock by Jackson and was a fan of reversed headstocks so this combination was the perfect combination, also it solved the problem with [six-string] or [seven-string] in line reversed headstocks where the strings would ring out on the headstock side when playing.

"Planet Waves auto trim locking tuners. These are my favorite tuners they are smooth, accurate, solid and trim the string for you (even 70 gauge strings!!!).

"Custom DiMarzio pickups (the Fundamental) that I designed after pickups that are great but with some EQ tweaking to get more of the fundamental note to pop out. I'm excited to see what people think of these.

"Custom placed 3-way switch, volume with pull single coil split, tone with pull tone knob engage, and kill switch. I spent a lot of time on the placement of the controls to make sure you could palm mute the high E and still have easy access to it to them. The combination of the pull knobs add tonal options while keeping things clean and functional.

"Quilt Maple top, mahogany back. In my mind, there is no better-looking and tonal combination then the blend of these two woods, and with the colors solid black with natural binding, transparent black with natural binding, blood red with transparent black binding, and transparent white with transparent black binding these guitars should suit a lot of different tastes.

"Custom body shape with upper and lower horn cutaway. When I designed this I had two main concepts in mind; one is that the guitar would be very ergonomic and balanced, and two that it would look like it were in motion. Both points were achieved with the asymmetrical body design and because of that the guitar seems to become an extension of myself when I am playing.

News: Guitar World gets bigger

Guitar World magazine has consistently been a publishing innovator in the music and MI space. Today Guitar World announces several new initiatives designed to give its readers more value with the most immersive and progressive user experience ever, and all without increasing the price of the publication.

As many music industry publications shrink in both size and circulation, Guitar World introduces a new larger-sized magazine format with a collectible pullout poster in every issue, together with a high-definition video experience online that directly complements the magazine content. Premiering with the July 2011 issue — on sale today — the new print format will physically enhance the look and feel of the magazine, making it bigger, fresher, and meatier than ever. The new, full-screen, high-definition video platform will deliver exclusive top-quality interviews, instruction, reviews and more, all for free on

Concurrently, Guitar World announces the launch of the new The redesigned site will feature fresh, original content for guitar players of all types, levels, and genres, including a stable of blogs written by pro players and industry insiders. Exclusive articles, video and more will be posted continually for players interested in blues, country, jazz, acoustic, rock, metal, and more. The new video player will host new lessons, tips, reviews, and exclusive feature content. In addition, columns focusing on amplifiers, effects, recording, bass and more will significantly increase the gear coverage online.

With the introduction of its Lick Of The Day app in 2010, Guitar World has succeeded in creating an invaluable platform that delivers a fresh lesson each day to an audience of over 700,000 guitarists. Coming in early June, Guitar World will also introduce a smart phone app, Guitar World Mobile. Guitar World Mobile will feature the best content from the magazine — interviews, lessons, gear reviews and more — plus video and up-to-the-minute news in a robust app designed for iPhone and Android smartphones and devices.

"Today musicians want to be able to experience and learn more about their craft in a wide variety of ways… online, in print, via mobile, at live events, and much more. Guitar World will be there. It is our mission to enhance the guitarist’s experience in whatever way they choose — with high-quality, fresh, meaningful content, lessons, tab, and so much more," said Brad Tolinski, editor of Guitar World.

John Petrucci, Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse Support Dream Theater in UK

Ony a brace of dates.

July 22 - Leeds Academy – Leeds, UK
July 23 - Wolverhampton Civic Hall - Wolverhampton, UK

News: Laney - Guitar Fight Club Festival Bischofswerda date!

Guitar Fight Club Festival

24. - 25 June 2011 | East Club Bischofswerda

Sponsored by Laney Amplification

Konzerte | Workshops | Special Guitar Show
Eight guitarists | Countless bands | Workshops
Music Non Stop | Open Air & Umsonst

Ein Festival & All for Free!

24. June - 19 clock
Guitar Fight Club - Warm Up

The festival begins with an open air show with international groups. It starts with the Dresdner Band [pi!]. The Saxon newspaper headline about it already: 'energetic alternative rock of any international rock band lag behind ". Having toured with Goldfinger and Lena Meyer-Landrut claim to be the town hero the honor entrain the audience and to quake the night. My Favorite Scar finalize the Atmosphähre to a boil. An evening full of life. Open Air completely free.

25. June - 19 clock
Guitar Fight Club - Finale

East Club Bischofswerda
Admission Free

The finals of the Guitar Fight Club - competition. With a large open-air spectacle of the eight finalists of the international competition are expected on stage to compete with each other. Besides the actual competition are expected on the stage as internationally recognized prominent musicians who give small performances with the actual show the appropriate setting. Live it also ['pro: c-dur], the evening insights into the wide world of music to give to their artists and great composer. This classic rock meet on order in the unique duet of two musicians complement each other perfectly. A high point is it right at the start of the evening: Nungo The band songwriter duo David and Hannah makes music that both rock without point and comma as impressed dreamy. If the band is on stage, has only one thing: "there is more, we reap what we see."

John Joslin: Daniele Gottardo Competition

John Joslin: Daniele Gottardo Competition

Slimer, Sloth Chubsteen: getting ready for talent show

I would liek to wish the guys best of luck in the show today! knock em' dead!

talent show sound check rehearsal

Dhalif: The Nobel Funk Off

The Nobel Funk Off - dhalif

Brian Auer: Lidless Eye - cool soloing alert!

Brian Auer of Lidless Eye

Ron Thal: tcelectronic interviews presets for Nova System

Bumblefoot making presets for Nova System Ltd.

Dimitar Nalbantov: Morning Improvisation

Dimi - Morning Improvisation with My Hohner Revelation

Marty Friedman, Fabrizio Leo, Dave Martone: Guitar Day 7 just 7 days away

Join the event
Bill Order:
16.15 /16.40 Roberto Vanni
16.45/ 17.10 Marco Sfogli
17.15/ 17.40 Alex Masi
17.45 /18.15 Dragon’s Cave
18.20 /18.50 Chicco Gussoni
18.55/ 19.25 Salvi/ Carelli
19.30/ 20.05 Luca Colombo
20.10/ 20.35 Dave Martone
20.40/ 21.05 Strings 24
21.10/ 21.30 Bicio
21.35/ 22.15 Marty Friedman