Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Johan Randén: Carrot Crunching Crazy Country maniac

Johan Randén - Country maniac

Martin Barre: Taking Aqualung on the Road

Martin Barre - Taking Aqualung on the Road:
Are you excited about the tour?

To be honest, most tours are special and only a few are a pain in the ass. I don't like going to India because it's a very sad country, but I love playing in America. For me, America is really a second home and I can't even imagine how much time I've spent in here in the last 42 to 43 years. Playing Red Rocks will be great—I know where the dressing room is, I know the venue, I know Denver, and I know where to go for a run. I'll probably even recognize a few people in the crowd. I love playing anywhere—be it a small club in Germany, outdoors at a festival in Italy, or somewhere in America. It's always a labor of love. more

News: Google + cool demos of upcoming social tools

and you thought it was just guitar playing that you needed to know about

Check list
Day 1 Guitar playing
Day 2 Video production and editing
Day 3 Drum programming (get a real drummer if you can)
Day 4 Social media generation and fan building
Day 5 CD production, MP3 marketing
Day 6 tour management and coordination
Day 7 Rest...

OK here's a tip for day 4... Facebook is a good promotion tool, but there is more cool stuff coming down the road...

News: Google +1 how it works

+1 icon

Recommendations when you want them.

+1 interface
Learn more about the +1 button play
The +1 button is shorthand for "this is pretty cool" or "you should check this out."
Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1's can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search.
Want to put the +1 button on your own website? Get the code.
See +1s

See +1's

Sometimes it’s easier to find exactly what you’re looking for when someone you know already found it. Get recommendations for the things that interest you, right when you want them, in your search results.
The next time you’re trying to remember that bed and breakfast your buddy was raving about, or find a great charity to support, a +1 could help you out. Just make sure you're signed in to your Google Account.
Show +1s

Show +1's

In order to +1 things, you first need a public Google profile. This helps people see who recommended that tasty recipe or great campsite. When you create a profile, it's visible to anyone and connections with your email address can easily find it.
Your +1’s are stored in a new tab on your Google profile. You can show your +1’s tab to the world, or keep it private and just use it to personally manage the ever-expanding record of things you love around the web.

The +1 button and the Google+ project are both about making it easier to connect with the people you trust online. For the +1 button, that means bringing advice from trusted friends and contacts right into Google search, letting the users who love your web content recommend it at the moment of decision.

But when you’re managing a website, it's usually not real until you can measure it. So we’re happy to say we’ve got one more announcement to make -- today we’re releasing reports that show you the value +1 buttons bring to your site.

First, +1 metrics in Google Webmaster Tools can show you how the +1 button affects the traffic coming to your pages:

  • The Search Impact report gives you an idea of how +1‘s affect your organic search traffic. You can find out if your clickthrough rate changes when personalized recommendations help your content stand out. Do this by comparing clicks and impressions on search results with and without +1 annotations. We’ll only show statistics on clickthrough rate changes when you have enough impressions for a meaningful comparison.
  • The Activity report shows you how many times your pages have been +1’d, from buttons both on your site and on other pages (such as Google search).
  • Finally, the Audience report shows you aggregate geographic and demographic information about the Google users who’ve +1’d your pages. To protect privacy, we’ll only show audience information when a significant number of users have +1’d pages from your site.


Guthrie Govan: at NAMM 2010

Guthrie Govan at NAMM 2010.wmv

Guthrie Govan: DunlopTV

BK interviews UK guitarist Guthrie Govan (Asia, Young Punx) before a
Suhr Products clinic and performance in San Francisco. Govan discusses his
youth, love of James Joyce, his signature Suhr guitar,runs Kehoe through
his "fly in" rig he's using for the clinic which includes the Jerry
Cantrell Signature Cry Baby which is much to his liking, and reveals his
secret on how to get the most out of Dunlop Blues Bottle slide on a low action guitar. Oh yes, and he shreds a bunch on camera.

Produced & Directed by Joey Tosi

Written & Performed by Bryan Kehoe

DunlopTV - Guthrie Govan

News: Guitar Idol III - Top 100 finalists announced

Flavio Mateus | Mario Ortiz | Dorian Alatriste | Toomas Vanem | The Srluna |Serge Safo | Rodrigo Rivera | Juan Varona | Giuseppe Ricciolino | Eduardo Manhaes | Maciek Pankiewicz | BG Sanyi | Beggi Smari | Gustavo Bracher |Hidenori | Cristian Regnicoli | Ake Parethas | Eugene Berger | Pop Woravit |Tom Nied | Halmai Richie | Ben Robinson | Ignacio torres | fayed tan | Hugo Hermosilla | Dror Yakar | Lkonrad Jeremus | Frank Pearl | Adrianne Simioni| Domenico Gallo | Sarah Michelle | Daniel Owen | Fernando Parra | Hedras Ramos | Zozimo Rech | Marc Playle | Inanc Ersen | Jacek Wenclewski |Gianluigi Giorgino | Denis Warren | Luis Coelho | Charly Sahona | Maneli Jamal | davide pagano | Nico schliemann | Vladimir Maisiuk | Lucky Jaroentungwiwat | Dmitriy Pryakhin | Bob Zabek | Luciano Bilu | Henrique Paganini | Sergey Golovin | Hokuto Ebe | Jasmin Music | Ignazio di Salvo |Peta Lukacs | Krisztian Lovrek | Silvio Gazsquez | Bryan Aspey | Alexander Pozdnyakov | Tyler | Tonio Ruiz | Ariel Eshcar | Guido Bungenstock | Felipe Leschot | Brian Maillard | Andre Noronha | Milan Polak | Jonny Z | Daniele Liverani | Marius Pop | Miro | Carlo Bardoli | Morten Faerestrand | Brian Larkin | Ben Konstantinovic | Felipe Costa | Tamas Petro | Emiliano Zapata |Matias Baeza | Jezz Lewis | Hudson Meldrum | Song 1508 | Danny Young |Levi Clay | Dave Reeves | Kostas Alexakis | Elliot Noble | Chris Geden |Adam Moore | Conrad Harpham | Lucky Singh | Ivan Mihaljevic | Niro Knox| Ginjinenko | Dhalif | Jack Gardiner | Hara Lemes | Don Alder | Alex Hunter| Irene Ketikidi | David Walliman

Pete Pachio: Vamping over Slippery Wet Thing

Pete Pachio Improv Over Guthrie Govan's Slippery Wet Thing

Chris Feener: Solo Project - Latin Metuhl!

Chris Feener - Solo Project - Latin Metuhl! by ChrisFeener

Carl Verheyen,Jude Gold: Building a Great Guitar Solo

Carl Verheyen on the Art of Building a Great Guitar Solo ("Slang Justice")

George Lynch: Lynch Mob USA tour dates

Lynch Mob band members are: George Lynch on guitar, Oni Logan/lead vocals, Robbie Crane (formerly of Ratt) on bass/vocals, Scott Coogan on drums/vocals.

LYNCH MOB Tour Dates

August 3 BUFORD, GA 37 MAIN
August 13 COLUMBUS, OH ALROSA VILLA (with Mr. Big)
August 25 GILROY, CA 9 LIVES

Umberto Fiorentino: three sides of


Umberto Fiorentino guitar solo

Umberto Fiorentino - Blues

Jason Becker: Note Dead Yet Amsterdam... location of the venue

Hereby a small map or the location of the venue... tickets on sale shortly, once they are gone they are gone. Details to follow.

- A is the venue location (Haarlem), bottom black arrow is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, red down pointing arrow is Amsterdam. From Schiphol to Amsterdam or Haarlem is 15 minutes by train (direct) or car, distance Haarlem to Amsterdam is 15 minutes too. So plan a long weekend visiting Amsterdam !!

Marco Sfogli: Andromeda Milan Guitar Day 7

Thanks to Kris Claerhout the Shred Marshall for sending me this video!

Marco Sfogli: Andromeda Milan Guitar Day 7

Joe Pinnavaia: Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Joe Pinnavaia:
Just wanted to let everyone know that I just posted a new video lesson on using the Pentatonic Scale in a way that will spice up your lines over a minor chord vamp.
Here's the link and please feel free to leave me some comments:

Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Pentatonic Scale - Joe Pinnavaia - Buffalo, NY

Mike Portnoy,Neil Peart: idrum online magazine

Mike Portnoy, on leaving Dream Theater:
Neil Peart RUSH, performing is a state of mind

Francesco Artusato: Quantum Tunneling

Francesco Artusato, guitarist for deathcore group All Shall Perish, is releasing a CD of instrumental music, Chaos and the Primordial (Sumerian), today. In celebration, he is premiering the song “Quantum Tunneling” right here. He fills us in on the song below. Let us know what you think of the song in the comments more

Rie aka Suzaku: Tokyo Guitar Show 2011

Rie aka Suzaku:
Rie a.k.a. Suzaku Tokyo Guitar Show 2011 東京ギターショー
BOSS & FENDER PLAY ZONEにて、BOSSのGT-10の、デモンストレーションの生演奏出演。
Rie a.k.a Suzaku Official Web Site
I am a Japanese female guitarist, a name, Rie is.
In 2010, "Messiah" has been released titled CD.
Now made a lot of great songs, so we'll be playing,
Please support means. Thank you.

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku Tokyo Guitar Show 2011

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / IK Groovin'