Thursday, 30 June 2011

Conrad Simon: discover the undiscovered

Time to revisit this awesome guitar player Conrad Simon. Why is it many less talented artists get more coverage?

Conrad Simon-Fly High, Ride Low

Guitar Gods - Conrad Simon - Overture 1756-1791

Conrad Simon - Sporadic

Lukasz Kulczak: Bilo - smoking progressive guitar

Really enjoying this solo! Lots of guitar rippage, great guitar tone... enjoy!


Ponco Satrio: Signature by Vivace Guitar

Ponch Satrio Signature by Vivace Guitar (Demo)

Mika Tyyskä: Mr. Fastfinger got Zing Zing with tab!

Mr. Fasfinger solo from the track Zing Zing (from The Way of the Exloding Guitar). Very flashy, very hairy solo on top of 7/8 groove that makes you wanna fly. Your eyes will love watching this tablature presentation! Had this transcription forgotten and now it's finally out for you to enjoy it. I dare you to try it out! Feel free to post some reply videos if you get kicks of playing this one.

Fetch the backing track from:

Zing Zing - Guitar solo with hair - Mr. Fastfinger - TAB

Tom Quayle: Fusion Blue Playing - set for release this weekend

Coming this weekend! Many more like this coming soon.

Luke Fortini: a neo prescient vision

THE FURY OF GOD by Luke Fortini



News: Dirty Digger loses a packet on MySpace

Myspace sells for 35 million... it sold for 580 million back in 2005! MySpace has been sold to advertising firm for $35 million.

MySpace CEO Mike Jones acknowledged in an e-mail to the company that he would stay on board for two months before departing, mostly to oversee “a series of restructuring initiatives” that includes “a significant reduction” in the company’s workforce. more

Cludio Kiari,Darius Wave,Leonardo Guzman: Power of Strings Guitar Solo Contest winners

Announcement !! Power of Strings Guitar Solo Contest !

Announcement !! Power of Strings Guitar Solo Contest

1) THE WINNER : DBZ Guitar - Cludio Kiari
2) THE 2nd : VHT Special 6 - Dariusz Wawrzyniak
3)THE 3nd : effect guitar - Leonardo Guzman
Popular Vote ( the most views on youtube) Garrett Peters:
Youngest Award - Special Prizes from our Sponsors - Song Chitipat
4) Special Prizes from our Sponsors --- Garrett Peters

5) Special Prizes from our Sponsors -- Yiannis Papadopoulos
6) Special Prizes from our Sponsors --- Mateusz Owczarek
7) Special Prizes from our Sponsors -- Tomo
8) Special Prizes from our Sponsors -- Tom Richardson
9) Special Prizes from our Sponsors --- Nuttee runglertniran
10) Special Prizes from our Sponsors -- ARM

The Judges:
Chakarin Duangmanee (POP THE SUN+SMF):
Milan Polak:
Buy his Albums at
Jor Kokiat:

Special Judges
Nong Bangbon

Special Thanks
Song Mixed by E.Q. STUDIO:
Guitar Thai:
ChordTabs :

Song: The Power of Universe by Jor Kokiat
Guitars by Jor Kokiat
Bass by Trust Marican
Drum by Dew Phoowich

Jiri Novotny: Riffit Competition

Riffit Competition - Jiri Novotny

Ron Thal: The Most Amazing Radio Show Ever #1

Listen to internet radio with TheMostAmazingRadioShowEver on Blog Talk Radio

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Hellfest 2011 Interview

FIREWIND Interview - Hellfest 2011 by VOICE OF ROCK RADIO

Tom Richardson: Play4SK

Tom Richardson - Loud and Proud ShredKnowledge Play4SK

Karl Bourdin: KB Junkie Foot - stunning tapping fest!

KB_Guitar Addiction "Junkie Foot" (2011)

KB_Guitar Addiction "Junkie Foot" (2011) (feat. Mika "Mr. Fastfinger" Tyyskä, KB, Loran Saulus (Alive Inc), Paul-Alain Fontaine, Rob Balducci, Roo, Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Hellow)).
Guitar Addiction is a great musical project that involves more than 50 guitar players (including some big names of the electric guitar)
Here are by alphabetical order the 60 amazing Musicians playing on this great musical Project :
Alberto Rigoni (Twinspirits, solo)
Alex Erhsam
Alfonso Roca
Atma Anur (drums on 5 tracks)
Aymeric Silvert
Benoit Pol
Brett Garsed
Charly Sahona (Venturia, solo)
Christophe Godin
Cyril Achard
Daniele Gottardo
Dave Martone
David Valdes
Enrico Galetta
Eric Bricout
Fabrizio Leo
Franck Karmattitude
Guthrie Govan
Jean Fontanille
Jeff Kollman (Cosmoquad, solo)
Joe Stump
Joop Walters
Kenny Serane
Lars Eric Mattson
Loran Saulus (Alive Inc)
Manu Livertout
Marcel Coenen
Marco Sfogli
Martin Motnik
Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen, solo)
Michael Angelo Batio
Michael Manring
Mika "Mr. Fastfinger" Tyyskä
Milan Polak
Mistheria (keyboards)
Pat O'May
Patrick Amar (contest winner)
Paul-Alain (keyboards)
Pierrejean Gaucher
Richard Hallebeek
Rob Balducci
Roland Gassin
Ron Thal "Bumblefoot" (Guns'n Roses, solo)
Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Helloween)
Sebastien Lanceau (Alive Inc)
Stuart Hamm (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Frank Gambale..)
Theodore Ziras
Thomas Bressel
Tommy Ermolli (Twinspirits, solo)
Tristan Klein
Victor Lafuente
Vincent Fabre
Yann Armellino
Yannick Robert

More info about me at :
I-Tunes : : : :

Allen Hinds:Monkeys and Slides new CD

Allen Hinds: Monkeys and Slides 
"Monkeys And Slides" is the latest cd from Los Angeles guitarist, Allen HInds. Featuring electric slide guitar as well as 2 live tracks, "Monkeys and Slides" is by far Allen's most adventurous cd to date. Each song has memorable catchy melodies and hypnotic grooves yet without falling into the "smooth jazz" category. Also featuring Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Babko, Jimmy Earl, Dave Hooper, Oscar Seaton, Dennis Hamm, Roberto Valley, Reinhardt Melz, Matt Rohdi, JV Collier. Rogerio Jardim and others.

Johnny Hiland,Joe Satriani,Steve Vai,Stuart Hamm: All Fired Up

Johnny Hiland
All Fired Up

Johnny Hiland's new record "All Fired Up", is a virtuoso cd which is rooted firmly in country music with a rock and roll edge, aided and abetted by Joe Satriani and Steve Vai bassist Stuart Hamm and Steve Vai/Billy Idol drummer Jeremy Colson on the drums."All Fired Up"is an instrumental cd brimming with high tech chicken pickin', faux pedal steel chops laced with some incendiary rock and roll.This cd also boasts two vocal bonus tracks which incorporate Hiland's seasoned country voice and his showboatin' country chops.

Steve Morse, Robert Fripp, Steve Hackett,Alex Machacek: John Wetton Raised In Captivity

John Wetton
Raised In Captivity

2011 solo album from former King Crimson guitarist, this is John's sixth album and features guest appearances from; Steve Morse, Robert Fripp, Steve Hackett, Tony Kaye, Geoff Downes, Eddie Jobson, Alex Machacek, and others. Includes a bonus track.

Greg Howe, Stu Hamm, Daniele Gottardo: Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011

Steve Vai: with the North Dutch Orchestra date

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nextNorth Dutch Orchestra
meets Steve Vai ...DateSaturday, November 19, 2011
RoomGreat Hall
From € 10.80 | View all rates

Marcelo Barbosa: Mark Boals and Fiends - South American tour 2011

First MARK BOALS & Friends gig confirmed!
Please to be sure to get your ticket in advance!

**Complete Line-up:**
Rafael Bittencourt - Solo Guitar (Angra)
Felipe Andreoli - Bass (Angra)
Ricardo Confessori - Drums (Angra/Shaman)
Marcelo Barbosa - Guitar - (Almah)
Fabio Laguna - Key (Hangar/Angra)

Set Live list will be from:
- Malmsteen
- Ring Of Fire
- Uli Jon Roth
- Mark Boals solo albums
and more...

Paul Gilbert: MMI clinic Italy in November

Troy Stetina: online magazine available

The Q2 Issue is Here

Click the link below to download the new issue of Troy Stetina's Digital Guitar Lesson Magazine. The best free guitar lessons available on the web!

Christophe Godin, Mattias IA Eklundh: Dirty Love FZ

Dirty Love FZ (Live Bikini)

Marty Friedman: MMI Clinic

Marty Friedman Clinic: Stigmata Addiction (organizzato da MMI SARZANA)

Marty Friedman: Mirai MTV Music Aid Japan

"Northeast flea market for" not possible in one of the enduring support, under the help of your artists, will hold a special event. MTV MUSIC AID JAPAN essence of the event is also "free market northeast for" was delivered to the world as Ustream. He was the opening of the special stage from 21:00 VERBAL he was greeted to a host of working as a singer songstress alan chan in Japan from China's Sichuan province. Gitarisu will participate in a session which the famous Mr. Marty Friedman. Day, and introduction of special auction items will begin, and your message is missed for two hours! In the free market, not only at the booth to buy their favorite artists and goods out of your favorite artists, and auction proceeds through all the sub events for support will be donated to the Red Cross.

by alan MTV MUSIC AID JAPAN "Mirai ~ longing future ~ Nostalgia" and "living" under-

Andy James: Kerry King Thrash Metal lesson DVD.

"Lick Library is now shipping Quick Licks in the style of Kerry King Thrash Metal key: E Minor. This new guitar tuition DVD helps you learn the best Kerry King killer licks in easy to follow lessons, where you can practice along with the professional backing track included with the DVD.

Kerry King, rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist and co-founder of American thrash metal band Slayer, has earned his reputation as one of thrash metal’s premier guitarists by consistently delivering crushing riffs, ripping tones and staggering live performances. His guitar playing is often described as angular, focusing more on speed and chaos than on melody or typical metal style technical precision. He is known for making extensive use of the whammy bar, down tuned rhythms and a very heavy irregular vibrato. You can see Kerry Play at Slayer’s only 2011 UK appearance at Sonisphere 8th July.

Andy James has for some time been widely regarded as one of the UK's rising stars in the realms of Shred & Metal guitar and more recently played Download festival with his band Sacred Mother Tongue. His blistering technique is well suited to showing you how to develop the speed and instrumental prowess that defines the hardcore tempos of the aggressive Kerry King and Slayer material.

In the Quick Licks in the style of Kerry King Thrash Metal key: E Minor (RRP £19.99) guitar tuition DVD, Andy James explores a series of licks and ideas that Kerry King has put into his solos over the years. After listening to Kerry’s playing Andy has taken the gems of ideas and the techniques Kerry uses that makes up his playing to put together 3 minutes tracks that demonstrate how to string licks together and create a solo. Breaking everything down into small sections, and using the famous Lick Library split screen, these guitar lessons will help you develop techniques such as bending, alternate picking and tapping. Also included are backing tracks so you can practice everything you learn.

LickLibrary also offer Learn to Play Slayer, and Slayer Jamtrax. To find out more about these and other products visit


News: Rotosound add Shopatron

Rotosound have teamed up Shopatron to launch a new online store, reinforcing Rotosound’s commitment to maintaining the highest possible customer service. Now you will always be able to order the complete range of Rotosound strings and accessories you want, when you want, twenty four / seven, and choose to either get them delivered or go and collect them from your local dealer.

The online store is accessible directly from the Rotosound website. Simply click on the ‘BUY HERE’ button to place an order which will then be processed by selected UK Rotosound dealers. Your local dealer will fulfil the order, so you won’t lose that personal touch.

‘We wanted a way for our customers to easily find and purchase any of our products, whilst still allowing them to maintain a contact with their local dealer.’ said Jason How, Rotosound Managing Director. ‘This system is safe, simple, and convenient. It gives you access to the whole range of Rotosound products, a choice of delivery options, all from an authorised dealer.’

The Shopatron network is secure and easy to use with a full range of delivery options and order related services plus it sends an email to confirm your order. Shopatron takes every measure to protect your personal information by following stringent payment industry security standards.

Your convenience is Shopatron and Rotosound’s top priority.

The new online Rotosound Shopatron service is available in the USA through and UK through

To find out more about Rotosound strings and accessories visit and buy them online.

Joanne Shaw Taylor: More UK shows announced

Following her critically acclaimed May tour, blues rock guitarist/singer Joanne Shaw Taylor returns to the UK for a 10-date November, kicking off at the Buxton Arts Centre on Tuesday November 15th.
UK November tour dates as follows: Buxton Arts Centre (15), London Islington o2 Academy (16), Bristol Tunnels (17), Exeter Phoenix (18), Falmouth Princess Pavilion (19), Wolverhampton Robin 2 (22), Glasgow o2 ABC (23), St Helens, Citadel (24), Huddersfield Lawrence Batley Theatre (25) and York Fibbers (26). Tickets are available now from 0871 230 1101 and
First discovered as a 16-year-old guitar prodigy by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Joanne will perform songs from her debut album ‘White Sugar’, and the 2010 follow-up ‘Diamonds in the Dirt’. Taylor has fast become a shining star on the burgeoning British blues rock music scene. Celebrated by Classic Rock magazine, Shaw Taylor was named 'Best British Female Vocalist' at the British Blues Awards 2010.
Read the full press announcement –

Mike Portnoy, Mike Orlando: Adrenaline Mob Live

Adrenaline Mob Live @ The Hiro Ballroom, NYC. June 24th performing the classic Black Sabbath track, The Mob Rules.
The entire video was filmed-recorded by Pristine Productions LLC.

ADRENALINE MOB - Official Mob Rules Live @ Hiro Ballroom

Sarah Longfield: hot rocking eight string djent

So cool to find new videos of talented players with a lot of potential and Sarah Longfield is just that, some great articulation on an eight string... playing some cool djent... or should that be djladie licks? It's a good job I burned my guitar a long while ago...

Sarah Longfield:


-WHY DON'T YOU USE YOUR PINKY?: because I don't need to, and when I do need to, I do:D yay!

-WHAT EQUIPTMENT DO YOU USE?: I used to use an Ibanez rg 7, but my new favorite toy is my Schecter Hellraiser C-8:D I play out of a Line 6 Spider II series 75watt amp

MARRY ME?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!!!!!?:
Buy me some doughnuts, a 10 string guitar, and take me to go see ASP, then we'll talk ;D

Sarah Longfield:
Another song I wrote :D I cut the audio of the video so that you could just hear what I recorded (its just easier and then you can hear the other parts better) but yeah! it was really fun to make, and I'm slowly learning how to work recording equipment and what have you lol +i'll start giving my songs actual names someday:P

Another Original - Sarah

Sarah Longfield:
k, so learned this song about an hour ago, AND IT'S SO FUN, got them mad grooves;] baha. anywhoo, sorry for the suck-age, i'm working on getting less excited when i learn things so that i actually learn them perfectly before i record a video :P hope you like! :D

Keith merrow-pillars of creation cover

Sarah Longfield:
Heyyyy so i've been kind of on this uploading streak, and i promised some people I would get an AAL cover up, but seriously THIS STUFF IS TOUGH. i hope you enjoy:D Tosin is like my idol, and this song is ridiculously fun to play :DDDDD

Animals As Leaders CAFO cover -by sarah