Marty Friedman: Mirai MTV Music Aid Japan

"Northeast flea market for" not possible in one of the enduring support, under the help of your artists, will hold a special event. MTV MUSIC AID JAPAN essence of the event is also "free market northeast for" was delivered to the world as Ustream. He was the opening of the special stage from 21:00 VERBAL he was greeted to a host of working as a singer songstress alan chan in Japan from China's Sichuan province. Gitarisu will participate in a session which the famous Mr. Marty Friedman. Day, and introduction of special auction items will begin, and your message is missed for two hours! In the free market, not only at the booth to buy their favorite artists and goods out of your favorite artists, and auction proceeds through all the sub events for support will be donated to the Red Cross.

by alan MTV MUSIC AID JAPAN "Mirai ~ longing future ~ Nostalgia" and "living" under-