Sarah Longfield: hot rocking eight string djent

So cool to find new videos of talented players with a lot of potential and Sarah Longfield is just that, some great articulation on an eight string... playing some cool djent... or should that be djladie licks? It's a good job I burned my guitar a long while ago...

Sarah Longfield:


-WHY DON'T YOU USE YOUR PINKY?: because I don't need to, and when I do need to, I do:D yay!

-WHAT EQUIPTMENT DO YOU USE?: I used to use an Ibanez rg 7, but my new favorite toy is my Schecter Hellraiser C-8:D I play out of a Line 6 Spider II series 75watt amp

MARRY ME?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!!!!!?:
Buy me some doughnuts, a 10 string guitar, and take me to go see ASP, then we'll talk ;D

Sarah Longfield:
Another song I wrote :D I cut the audio of the video so that you could just hear what I recorded (its just easier and then you can hear the other parts better) but yeah! it was really fun to make, and I'm slowly learning how to work recording equipment and what have you lol +i'll start giving my songs actual names someday:P

Another Original - Sarah

Sarah Longfield:
k, so learned this song about an hour ago, AND IT'S SO FUN, got them mad grooves;] baha. anywhoo, sorry for the suck-age, i'm working on getting less excited when i learn things so that i actually learn them perfectly before i record a video :P hope you like! :D

Keith merrow-pillars of creation cover

Sarah Longfield:
Heyyyy so i've been kind of on this uploading streak, and i promised some people I would get an AAL cover up, but seriously THIS STUFF IS TOUGH. i hope you enjoy:D Tosin is like my idol, and this song is ridiculously fun to play :DDDDD

Animals As Leaders CAFO cover -by sarah