Andy James: Kerry King Thrash Metal lesson DVD.

"Lick Library is now shipping Quick Licks in the style of Kerry King Thrash Metal key: E Minor. This new guitar tuition DVD helps you learn the best Kerry King killer licks in easy to follow lessons, where you can practice along with the professional backing track included with the DVD.

Kerry King, rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist and co-founder of American thrash metal band Slayer, has earned his reputation as one of thrash metal’s premier guitarists by consistently delivering crushing riffs, ripping tones and staggering live performances. His guitar playing is often described as angular, focusing more on speed and chaos than on melody or typical metal style technical precision. He is known for making extensive use of the whammy bar, down tuned rhythms and a very heavy irregular vibrato. You can see Kerry Play at Slayer’s only 2011 UK appearance at Sonisphere 8th July.

Andy James has for some time been widely regarded as one of the UK's rising stars in the realms of Shred & Metal guitar and more recently played Download festival with his band Sacred Mother Tongue. His blistering technique is well suited to showing you how to develop the speed and instrumental prowess that defines the hardcore tempos of the aggressive Kerry King and Slayer material.

In the Quick Licks in the style of Kerry King Thrash Metal key: E Minor (RRP £19.99) guitar tuition DVD, Andy James explores a series of licks and ideas that Kerry King has put into his solos over the years. After listening to Kerry’s playing Andy has taken the gems of ideas and the techniques Kerry uses that makes up his playing to put together 3 minutes tracks that demonstrate how to string licks together and create a solo. Breaking everything down into small sections, and using the famous Lick Library split screen, these guitar lessons will help you develop techniques such as bending, alternate picking and tapping. Also included are backing tracks so you can practice everything you learn.

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