Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Jim Mullen: stunning Rhythm Changes Solo

Jim Mullen - Rhythm Changes Solo

Saggese Francesco Antonio : SPIDER-MAN THE MOVIE

DIGITECH RP 155 - spider man theme - guitar TRIBUTE

Glen Drover: Ground Zero

Glen Drover - Ground Zero

Members: Glen Drover - Guitars, Jim Gilmour - Keyboards, Paul Yee - Bass,
Chris Sutherland - Drums

With the release of his solo debut, Metalusion, guitarist Glen Dover, best known for his precision and power playing with headbanger icons Megadeth and Eidolon, blends the venom and attack of modern metal and the technically demanding musicianship that defines the classic jazz-rock genre.

The instrumental, 10-track Metalusion, featuring five original compositions and metallic- edged interpretations of material composed by musical giants Frank Zappa, Al DiMeola and Jean-Luc Ponty, mixes robust properties that reveal new and mysterious elements of musical genres.

Metalusion presents a side of Drover's musical identity that the metal community has rarely witnessed, while boasting diverse yet highly cohesive tracks. "Each song should sound as though it was meant to be included on the record," says Drover. "Nothing should seem as though it's out of place."

Assisting Drover with forging a perfect musical balance are a number of special guests, including Nevermore's power metal/prog metal guitarist Jeff Loomis, Opeth's and Talisman's ass-kicking axe man Fredrik Åkesson, veteran Steve Smyth of the Bay Area's Forbidden, Ohm's guitar hero and erstwhile Megadeth genius Chris Poland and classical metal master Vinnie Moore of UFO.


Johan Randén: Bronk + Shut Up and Play

Bronk live at musicfactory Skara Sweden 2008-09-25

Johan Randén: Bronk + Shut Up and Play

Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl Jay Denton Fuzz DLX Feedback Pedal

http://www.jaydenton.com and http://www.potvinguitars.com (NOISES BEGIN AROUND 5:29) This is one crazy, noisy fuzz box! I love it! This is a bit similar to the concept of the Boss Feedbacker in that you can stomp for some feedback, however, the noises coming from this bad boy are much more intense and varied. Lots of sounds and possibilities in this pedal.... check it out! Gear Used: Potvin Killer Bee, VOX AC30 with blue celestion speakers, Shure SM57, Fuzzbox Cocktail- Glenfiddich 18 - Scotchy Scotch Scotch!
Fuzz DLX Feedback Pedal by Jay Denton Demo- Crazy Crazy Guitar Noises!

Christian Clemente: Guitar Funk mixolydian improvisation

Guitar Funk mixolydian improvisation

Renat Bikchurin: Mauro Giuliani etude opus 100 no.11

Mauro Giuliani etude opus 100 no.11

Rob Favotto: Heavenly Regions

DOWNLOAD CD FREE @ http://robfavotto.net music by Rob Favotto ©.
Heavenly Regions Track from the CD "Lift Off" , guitars , keys , bass , vocals = Rob Favotto . Drums percussion = Jim Yannieh . Progressive guitar , new age , metal power drumming off the hook.......
http://www.myspace.com/robfavottohttp://www.myspace.com/jimyanniehhttp://www.line6.comMusic by Rob Favotto ©.
Heavenly Regions by Rob FavoTTo

Yngwie Malmsteen: National Anthem


Greg Howe,Daniele Gottardo: jamming together at the Castle of Monteroduni

Greg Howe & Daniele Gottardo jamming together at the Castle of Monteroduni.
Amazing jam session at the presence of the young students of the Eddie Lang guitar seminars.

Greg Howe & Daniele Gottardo jamming together at the Castle of Monteroduni

Calvin Prior: helping Jennie McAlpine (Fiz) from Coronation Street to raise money for charity

Calvin Prior:
I have been teaching Fiz to play guitar over the last few months...

Jennie McAlpine (Fiz) Coronation Street has been working hard in her prison cell, locked up for 24hrs day with nothing but her guitar to keep her company, she has turned herself into the ultimate Rock Chick'. Calvin and Jennie will be entertaining millions on 'Born to Shine' 14th August ITV1 8pm, don't miss it!!! ALL IN A GREAT CAUSE 'SAVE THE CHILDREN' EVERY £1 WILL GO A LONG WAY

Nili Brosh, Courtney Cox: Iron Maidens Interview 2010 with Rick E. Warden

The Iron Maidens Interview 2010 with Rick E. Warden of OutlawVideo.TV at The House Of Blues Dallas

Wayne Krantz: Trio

Wayne Krantz Trio at 55 Bar

Wayne Krantz at 55 Bar - "War Torn Johnny"

Wayne Krantz, Keith Carlock, Tim Lefebvre - "War Torn Johnny"

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Chris Feener: Staind Not Again Solo competition video

Chris Feener - STAIND "Not Again" Guitar Showdown Entry

Brian Auer: Staind Not Again Solo video


Staind (NOT AGAIN) Guitar Solo Contest Entry - BRIAN AUER