Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl Jay Denton Fuzz DLX Feedback Pedal

http://www.jaydenton.com and http://www.potvinguitars.com (NOISES BEGIN AROUND 5:29) This is one crazy, noisy fuzz box! I love it! This is a bit similar to the concept of the Boss Feedbacker in that you can stomp for some feedback, however, the noises coming from this bad boy are much more intense and varied. Lots of sounds and possibilities in this pedal.... check it out! Gear Used: Potvin Killer Bee, VOX AC30 with blue celestion speakers, Shure SM57, Fuzzbox Cocktail- Glenfiddich 18 - Scotchy Scotch Scotch!
Fuzz DLX Feedback Pedal by Jay Denton Demo- Crazy Crazy Guitar Noises!