Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mattias IA Eklundh: See Mattias at Jason Becker Fest, Amsterdam #1

Tickets: http://goo.gl/M22xA | Jason Becker's http://jasonbeckerfest.com/ | Venue: http://goo.gl/WhXZp See Mattias IA Eklundh at Jason Becker fest in Amsterdam on 13th November, 2011. Here Mattias IA Eklundh is on the Laney stand at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011.
Guthrie Govan
Stuart Hamm
Mattias IA Eklundh
Michael Lee Firkins
Kiko Loureiro
Atma Anur
Marco Sfogli
Daniele Gottardo
Stéphan Forté
Andy James
Joop Wolters
Marcel Coenen
Barend Courbois
Timo Somers
It's Show Time Band
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Mattias IA Eklundh: See Mattias at Jason Becker Fest, Amsterdam #1

Pete Pachio: Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition

Pete Pachio Re: Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition

Vinnie Moore, Kostas Karamitroudis: Vinnie and Gus G perform Meltdown

Vinnie Moore and Gus G. perform Meltdown

Krisztian Lovrek: Marshall Gitárverseny 2011

Lovrek Krisztián - Marshall Gitárverseny 2011 Döntő I. hely

Maximilian Bauer: White Charvel put through it's paces

I'll Be There ~ Guitar Solo (+ showing my white Charvel =) )

Bob Zabek: blues and beyond

Tragic Rushwounds - Bob Zabek & Markus Deutschmann

Citalobrahma Blues - Bob Zabek & Markus Deutschmann

News: Spotlight on British Builders part 2

This penultimate video in a series of four focusing on British builders sees Hayden taking a look at the Bailey Exotica. Please visit our website at http://www.playmusicpickup.co.uk for more reviews, videos, interviews, competitions, and to read our magazine online for free!

Spotlight on British Builders # 3 Bailey Guitars Exotica

Spotlight on British Builders #4 Vanquish Mystique Studio Plus

Duilio Humberto de Lima: Believe - original track

Duilio Humberto - Believe

Duilio Humberto (Xirxu's song)

Adam Bell: Quintuplet Harmonic Minor Alternate Picking

Quintuplet Harmonic Minor Alternate Picking Quick Lick ala Rusty Cooley or Tosin Abasi

Neil Peart: on David Letterman

Neil Peart (Drum Solo) David Letterman 6/ 9/11 I have all the solo's from this week on Letterman!

Neil Peart (Drum Solo) - David Letterman 6-9-11

Cortney DeAugustine: drums for Michael Lee Firkins

Cortney DeAugustine, from California’s capital city, Sacramento. Like you, I LOVE DRUMS! I love to play them, fix them, build them, tune them, buy them, sell them, and most of all ROCK THEM!
Cortney D. Drum Medley.mp4

And you can see me on tour with Michael Lee Firkins opening for Ronnie Montrose.www.michaelleefirkins.com/#!tour-dates.

Guitar Shorty: The Blues Have Got Me

Stories From The Red Room- Guitar Shorty

Guitar Shorty - Hard Life Baby

Guitar Shorty-The Blues Have Got Me

Regi Wooten,Sally Gates: Crazy Train

Rose Reburn sings Crazy Train -ozzy osbourne sally gates guitar regi wooten bass(1st time for me to sing it, SALLY GATES rocks!!(student of Regi Wooten)

Rose Reburn sings Crazy Train -ozzy osbourne sally gates guitar regi wooten bass

Fletcher Barton: get s the funk on!

11 yr. old Fletcher putting what he's learning at Berklee to good use & having fun jamming with Rod (bass) & Nick (drums). Berklee College of Music recently made an age exception for 11 yr. old guitarist, Fletcher Barton to attend their Summer Guitar Sessions where he chose to study Jam Funk Fusion. The Guitar Department then surprised him by awarding him a scholarship for berkleemusic.com!!!! Fletcher is currently earning Berklee College credit (at age 11) & he is loving studying "Rhythm & Groove Guitar" with Bruce Bartlett!

Fletcher Barton - Funk Jam @ Mr. E's

Rob Chappers: Betcha Can't Play This... well now you can with this new lesson!

Betcha Can't Play This - Rob Chapman

Guthrie Govan: Loud Guitar Aristocrats

The Aristocrats from Loudguitars.com on Vimeo.

Guthrie Govan from Loudguitars.com on Vimeo.

Guthrie Govan: Suhr guitar give away sensational rock-fusion tracks from the maestro!

From Drop Box

Guthrie Govan from http://suhrguitars.com/audio.aspx#govan

The following clips are of sensational rock-fusion virtuoso Guthrie Govan performing during a clinic-concert in San Francisco on January 21, 2011 sponsored by our Bay Area dealer Nuts & Saddles. On these tunes, Guthrie is playing his Signature Model Set-Neck with Mahogany body and neck and Pau Ferro fingerboard and a pickup set of the SSH+ in the bridge, the ML single-coil in the middle, and the SSV in the neck. The amp is theBadger 30 head and the cabinets are two Suhr 1x12's (one with the Celestion V30 and one with the Celestion Heritage G12-65). Guthrie also uses our Koko Boost pedal for midrange boost during the high-gain solos. The Eventide Time Factor pedal is plugged into the effects loop of the Badger 30. Other effects used in some of the tunes are Guyatone WR-3 Auto Wah, Providence Anadime Chorus and the RMC Picture Wah.
Sevens MP3 (21.3 MB)
Red Baron MP3 (18.0 MB)
Hangover MP3 (22.1 MB)
Wonderful Slippery Thing MP3 (19.4 MB)
Ner Ner MP3 (42.5 MB)

To download re-mixed and improved m4a versions of these five tracks, please click on this link.

Akira Takasaki,Guthrie Govan, John Finn: YOUNG GUITAR 2011 Nov

CM DVD-Video Extras November young guitar 2011! Month, Akira Takasaki (Loudness), Guthrie, Van Go (ARISTO Kratz), John Finn three times last lecture.
The 2011 November issue of YOUNG GUITAR features Akira Takasaki (LOUDNESS), Guthrie Govan (THE ARISTOCRATS), and Jon Finn on the special DVD.

YOUNG GUITAR 2011 Nov. Special DVD Trailer

Jason Becker: Extra Special Rehearsal tickets

Because this special Jason Becker’s NOT DEAD YET! festival is a benefit, we are giving you the opportunity to attend the full rehearsal of the guitar player you love! The rehearsal location is secret, nobody is allowed to attend beside the participating artists. So this is very unique!

But you get a chance to be part of this special event and attend one or more of the rehearsals of your favorite artists.

If you would love to attend one of the rehearsals (taking place 11th, 12th of November - so you need to be in the country),

Find out more http://jasonbeckerfest.com/news/files/attending-the-rehearsal-of-your-fave-guitar-player.html
VIP Tickets
We are going to put a couple of special VIP packages together for a selected number of fans that already acquired an entrance ticket.

When you buy a VIP ticket, you will get the following:
1. Entrance during the soundcheck
2. Meet & Greet the musicians performing
3. Special goodies
4. Pictures with the artists you like
5. Special pass

The extra VIP ticket costs € 75,-
100% of this ticket will go to Jason Becker’s care. http://www.jasonbeckerfest.com/news/files/NOT-DEAD-YET-VIP.html

Show Ticket
Don't forget tickets are still available for the main show

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Michael Lee Firkins
Kiko Loureiro
Atma Anur
Marco Sfogli
Daniele Gottardo
Stéphan Forté
Andy James
Joop Wolters
Marcel Coenen
Barend Courbois
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Richard Hallebeek, Lalle Larsson: working on RHPII

Richard Hallebeek

Lalle came over from Sweden to record keys for my next album RHPII. It's pretty damn handy to have a world-class keyboard player around the house for a week.
— with Lalle Larsson and Lalle Larsson in Amstelveen.

Lalle Larsson

Vinnie Moore: That Metal Show

"Vinnie Moore will be the guest guitarist on VH1s 'That Metal Show - Episode 809' this Saturday (15th October)

Here is Vinnies appearance on the show last month as he rips it up in Eposode 805 of 'That Metal Show'

MORE INFO: http://www.beatsworking.tv/UFO/vinnie.html

Vinnie Moore - That Metal Show

New: Rotosound - Acoustic Avalon show

Rotosound are pleased to announce that they will be at the Acoustic Avalon show presented by Sheehan’s of Leicester on the 29th and 30th October 2011.

Acoustic Avalon is Britain’s longest running acoustic guitar show providing a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to see, play and buy a huge selection of some of the world’s best acoustic guitars and accessories. In addition world class artists will be performing; there will be demonstrations, workshops and much, much more.

Rotosound, the British manufacturer of high quality strings since 1958, will be there with their complete collection of acoustic strings. Rotosound acoustic strings are known for their bright legendary British tone and long life. They are hand made using only the finest materials and secret processes, to exacting standards. The range includes the Jumbo King, Super Bronze, Tru Bronze, Phosphor Bronze and Silk ‘n’ Steel – something for every taste and style of playing.

Rotosound will also be exhibiting the new Cooper Stand – a guitar stand like no other. Visitors will be able to see how versatile, compact and lightweight this superb guitar stand is. This little stand is the first choice of many professional players because it is safe and secure and fits in most guitar cases.

On top of all that Rotosound will also have new endorsee, Richard Capener, with them. Richard a British guitarist known for his style of playing which combines strumming, finger-style and tapping peppered with harmonics and other tricks. He is unmissable for anyone who loves great guitar playing, good humour and a great atmosphere. Richard uses the Rotosound JK12 acoustic phosphor bronze strings.

If you're serious about acoustic guitars, make sure you don't miss Rotosound at Acoustic Avalon 2011!

To find out more about Rotosound, its strings and accessories and how to purchase them please visit http://www.rotosound.com/ .

Jim Hawthorne: tribute to Steve Vai

Jim Hawthorne performing Steve Vai's "Juice"

News: MyGuitarSpace competition update

Wow! I knew there was some serious talent in this community, but now the proof is in the pudding!! You are delivering the goods, and making it tough for our judges!
The first full week of the contest is over, and we're seeing some GREAT entries.... it's time for you to Kick Out the Jams for cool prizes!!
1st Prize - $300 worth of prizes!!
Applied Theory For Guitar Players - a $50 value!!!
100 Backing Tracks - a $50 value!!
Ultimate Virtuosity - 12 pack a $200 value!!!!
2nd Prize - $100 worth of prizes!!
Applied Theory For Guitar Players - a $50 value!!
100 Backing Tracks - a $50 value!!
3rd Prize - $50 worth of prizes!!
100 Backing Tracks - a $50 value!!

For rules, details and to enter, visit the contest page on MyGuitarSpace.com! http://www.myguitarspace.com/page/contest