Guthrie Govan: Suhr guitar give away sensational rock-fusion tracks from the maestro!

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The following clips are of sensational rock-fusion virtuoso Guthrie Govan performing during a clinic-concert in San Francisco on January 21, 2011 sponsored by our Bay Area dealer Nuts & Saddles. On these tunes, Guthrie is playing his Signature Model Set-Neck with Mahogany body and neck and Pau Ferro fingerboard and a pickup set of the SSH+ in the bridge, the ML single-coil in the middle, and the SSV in the neck. The amp is theBadger 30 head and the cabinets are two Suhr 1x12's (one with the Celestion V30 and one with the Celestion Heritage G12-65). Guthrie also uses our Koko Boost pedal for midrange boost during the high-gain solos. The Eventide Time Factor pedal is plugged into the effects loop of the Badger 30. Other effects used in some of the tunes are Guyatone WR-3 Auto Wah, Providence Anadime Chorus and the RMC Picture Wah.
Sevens MP3 (21.3 MB)
Red Baron MP3 (18.0 MB)
Hangover MP3 (22.1 MB)
Wonderful Slippery Thing MP3 (19.4 MB)
Ner Ner MP3 (42.5 MB)

To download re-mixed and improved m4a versions of these five tracks, please click on this link.