Friday, 21 October 2011

Eric Calderone: Go West Meets Metal in a dark alley

Hey guys,

So i wanted to get one in before the halloween upload so here it is. Some of you might not know this song but because of my parents i grew up on songs like "wishful thinking" along with Journey, Phil Collins, so this one goes out to them for letting me crank my amp all the way to 11. Thanks so much for all the messages, subs, suggestions, comments, and fan art. You guys rock the casbah. The halloween medley is next.

Best to ya

The King of Wishful Thinking by Go West Meets Metal

Gabriele Pala: Goldenseed - new album

SG Records is glad to announce the deal with the guitarist Gabriele Pala (Azure Agony) to publish the new album by "Goldenseed".
Goldenseed project began to experiment with everything not feasible by a band made of humans, in terms of forcefully exaggerated arrangements, speed and complexity, the new album is titled "The War Is In My Mind" and follow “Creatures Of The Sea” and “Collector Of Illusions”.
The War Is In My Mind includes the participation as a guest on vocals Stian “Culto/Occultus” Johansen (ex-Mayhem).

Dimitar Nalbantov: demonstrates Amplitube 3.7

Amplitube 3.7 German Gain

Chris Brooks: new goodies added to the web store!

T-Shirts - Due early November 2011- preorder to avoid missing out!
$26.99 + postage


I've spent some time with this album, and like The Master Plan, I have to add it to my list of classic must have albums. Chris, knows that melody is king, solos are tight, aligned, exotic and stacked with state of the art licks and more importantly emotion. ... hey why am I telling you this... I'll let Chris Brooks explain in more detail. "The Axis of All Things" - The second solo album from Australia's premier rock instrumentalist, featuring songs in the styles of funk-fusion, prog rock, acoustic and wailing ballad.

Get your copy from

Nine years after the release of his successful indie debut "The Master Plan", the long-awaited new solo album from Australia's Chris Brooks is about to land! Showcasing a more mature-sounding Brooks in a variety of songs ranging from funk-fusion, progressive rock, wailing ballads and acoustic, "The Axis Of All Things" is an epic journey that will no doubt please existing fans, and also convert a great deal more!

Featuring solos from Aussie great "Brett Garsed"

Features the songs: Prelude, The Axis of All Things, Transfiguration, Open Doors, Not the Day Nor the Hour, Wisdom Road, Hammer's Heart, Feeding the Myth, In and Out of Dreams, Velvet Claws.

CD Packaging includes 6 page insert with liner notes and personal notes about the songs on the album.

Chris Brooks: The Axis of All Things - track by track!

Jon Gomm,Erik Mongrain,Guiliano Modarelli: Leeds Guitar Night

Jon Gomm + Erik Mongrain + Guiliano Modarelli

The Leeds Guitar Night is back for 2011, and Jon Gomm is hosting a fantastic international line up at The Wardrobe in the Quarry Hill Arts Quarter, where you’ll see and hear the acoustic guitar played every way you could imagine and possibly more! Jon's guests this year are modern pioneers of the acoustic guitar, revered by their fellow players around the world.

Firstly the incredible Erik Mongrain from Quebec, who astounded guitar lovers worldwide with his phenomenal composition ‘Airtap’ in which debuted his radical lap tapping technique. His 2009 appearance on Later With Jools Holland further expanded his reputation as a virtuoso who constantly seeks to push the boundaries of his instrument. “His awesome talent is audible and visible for anyone who has encountered his playing.” (Acoustic Magazine) Jon and Erik have been cohorts for some years but this is the first time they will share the same stage.

The second guest is the wonderfully eclectic acoustic virtuoso Giuliano Modarelli whom Jon met at College studying Jazz in Leeds. Originally from Italy, his unique and exceptionally innovative style is a subtle blend of World Folk, Arabic, Flamenco, Latin and Eastern European. Giuliano regularly tours and furthers his knowledge in India where he collaborates with many outstanding South Asian artists such as Bickram Ghosh and Paban Das Baul. "A fusion barometer would have registered Modarelli's originality and his ability to tap into Jazz's innate power of seduction." (The Sunday Express)

And of course: Jon Gomm – Leeds’ own guitar virtuoso, Acoustic Magazine calls him “One of the world’s most successful, gifted and inspirational guitarists”. This concert will also be the Leeds launch for Jon’s new project ‘The Domestic Science Singles Series’. Jon will be releasing a single each month starting in September with the uplifting anthem “Passionflower.” The second single in the series will be released and revealed on the same day as this concert. To celebrate we’re inviting the Leeds Guitar Night audience to an aftershow party at The Wardrobe which will continue til 2am.

Sunny Dsouza: cool noodle on Tom Quayle backing track

Noodling to a Tom Quayle Backing.

News: Best of Jam Track Central Volume 1

Fancy a taste of some of the best tracks available at Jam Track Central in one bundle....then look no further. We have selected 10 of our awesome tracks, created by some of the most talented musicians around the world and created the Best of Jam Track Central Volume 1.
Included tracks are:
Guthrie Govan: Larry Carlton Custom Solo, Emotive Ballad, Persuader
Alex Hutchings: Feeling Fine, Happy as Larry, Midnight Blues
Jan Cyrka: In The End
Denny Ilett: Short Skirt Blues
Jack Thammarat: On The Way
Vinai Trinateepakdee: Amen
This is a pure jam-fest and is destined to get you playing those creative licks and riffs that you had no idea were bursting to get out!

find out more

Andy James: Guitar Idol final - voting ends today!

To see the live show get your tickets, lots of freebies and goodies to be announced for the show, plus super star shredders like Andy James Guitar Idol tickets

Andy James: lick library will be at the Lick Library final

Hedras Ramos: Dead Atom,Anastasya

Hedras Ramos' full album 'Atoms and Space' album with bonus added jam tracks available at

Jam Track Central presents Hedras Ramos - Dead Atom

Jam Track Central presents Hedras Ramos - Anastasya

Dr.Viossy: Absynth Aura - The fire in my eyes

Unbreakable - Absynth Aura's debut album.

Out on Sept 21 in Japan and Asia through Avalon/Marquee and Oct 21 in Europe and rest of the World through logic(il)logic

Absynth Aura - The fire in my eyes

Nick Johnston: new album teaser

Here's a quick teaser for my upcoming Instrumental album "Public Display Of Infection", with the incredibly talented Travis Orbin and Zack Ordway. The album will be released in November 2011 through ITunes, CDBaby and through me, of course!
Thank you so much if you have subscribed, 'like'd' or watched any of my videos. It means a lot!
Please check back often for more updates on the album and tons of videos. Travis will also be posting videos through his YouTube page :


Matthew McGhee: cool tapped 8 String Solo Guitar

8 String Solo Guitar - Time to Run - Matthew McGhee

Victor de Andres: Men Against the World

"Men Against the World" new CD of Victor de Andres

Jan Laurenz: Lamento part 4

Lamento part 4 by Jan Laurenz on Beartrax guitar

Mike Casswell: 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Overview of the 1959 Gibson Les Paul Stardard, Michael Casswell gets his hands on the holy grail of guitars the 1959 Les Paul.
Michael talks about the Les Paul standard and demos it through the Lazy J Amp which is also reviewed in

issue4 of iGuitar. Michael Compares the '59 Les Paul to his own Les Paul Classic.

Gi wishes to thank Phil Harris for the generous loan of his personal 1959 Les PaulStandard, you can find

Harris Hire at

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Overview With Michael Casswell Guitar Interactive Magazine

Wagner Silva: Kick Out The Jams Guitar Contest

Kick Out The Jams Guitar Contest - Wagner Silva

Gavin Coulson: blue demo in Lakeland Music

Gav C gives a live demo of the Vintage V6JMH 'Fillmore' electric guitar instore at Lakeland Music in Penrith - listen out for the impromptu organ solo halfway through - caused by a member of the audiences posterior!!

Vintage 'Fillmore' V6JMH - Lakeland Music

Afro Rabea,Rob Chappers

Rob Chappers, featuring the Chapman Guitars clinician Rabea Massaad

The Chappers & Bea Show - Episode 1

Chappers & Bea - Episode 2

Rick Graham: Andy Mclaughlan interview

Rick Graham Interview 14/11/2011

Jonathan Vipond: Andy Mclaughlan interviews Leeds based guitar master

Brand new interview with Leeds guitar tutor, Jonathan Vipond

Jonathan operates a fantastic guitar school in the Leeds and Bradford area. You can find out more about Jonathan and book lessons at

Interview with Jonathan Vipond

Mark Mcguigan: Andy Mclaughlan audio interview

interview with Mark Mcguigan of

Enver Izmailov: Music Expo 2008. Kiev

Alexander Murenko With Enver Izmailov @ Music Expo 2008. Kiev, Ukraine

Bruno Palma: Concurso Cultural Fuhrmann

Concurso Cultural Fuhrmann / Marcos De Ros - Bruno Palma

News: Rotosound have unleashed Darkzone

Rotosound have unleashed Darkzone drop tuning high output Nickel Plated Electric Steel Guitar Strings not only in time for Halloween, but eternity!

Darkzone are a hybrid string set that includes monstrously super heavy bottom E and A strings that are perfect for thunderous power chords, with ethereal light high end strings so you don’t have to sacrifice the ability to lead or play solos. The new strings will help rock and metal guitarists plumb the depths and reach for the heights in sound.

Darkzone sets are available in 10-13-18-36-52-60 gauges; this set retains the distinctive British bright tone associated with Rotosound Strings. They are produced using an unmatched quality controlled, secret process which results in harmonically rich longer lasting strings.

Designed specifically for rock and metal guitar players (but try them for blues and jazz too) these versatile strings with their deep sound and pleasurable responsiveness continue the Rotosound tradition for producing guitar strings that guitar legends have chosen since the early 1960’s. These strings are great for players that like a tighter feel on the bass strings, giving a menacingly good intonation that allows you to remain in tune whatever you do.

If you want to take your rock or metal playing into the next dimension check out the ferociously good Darkzone strings at and blow your mind!

Terry Kath: fundraising for new documentary

This kickstarter page has been set up to raise funds for the production of the film Searching for Terry. With your help we hope to reach our goal and, hopefully, more!

As a member of the 1970's pop band Chicago, who became famous for pop ballads like "Saturday in The Park" and "If You Leave Me Now", Terry Kath lived the fast life of a rock star. He is known amongst guitar enthusiasts for his unique and complex ensembles as well as his deeply, soulful voice.  Jimi Hendrix famously praised him as being the better player.  During the course of nine years, Terry Kath and Chicago released ten albums, including a greatest hits album and toured nonstop. By the mid 70's, Kath became disheartened by the music industry and life on the road. At 32 he died of a self-inflicted gun wound to the head, leaving behind his wife and young daughter.

This is a film by Terry's daughter, Michelle Kath Sinclair, who was only three years old when he passed.  The film will explore Michelle’s journey in learning about her father’s life, through a series of interviews, live concerts, and never-before-seen home video footage shot by Terry Kath himself. Using interviews with Chicago band members (past and present), family, and contemporary musicians, the documentary seeks to highlight the musical legacy of Terry Kath.  Weaving through this very intimate exploration, the film will also celebrate the history of Chicago as a band in the context of the city of Chicago's music scene in the late 1960's.
The film is a coming of age documentary of a woman in search of her father’s identity, both as a rock icon and as a creative master.  Michelle must take the audience on a journey that digs beneath the public surface.  She hopes to learn more about Terry's personal struggle against the pop machine in favor of his quest for creativity and reveal the highs and lows of a turbulent rock scene.  She seeks to discover the secrets behind Terry's great talents, including his musical influences and demonstrate in turn how his music has influence another generation of artists.  As a working DJ in the LA music scene, she realized that her generation experiences Chicago through samples and remixes from artists like Fat Boy Slim, Girl Talk, De La Soul, The Bucket heads and Pitbull to name a few.  Her goal is to present an in-depth portrait of her father’s creative process and share it with a new generation of music groupies.
For more details on Terry Kath, this film and the pledge gifts visit:

Alex Hutchings: Andy Mclaughlan interview and Kiev mission

A Conversation with Alex Hutchings


Alex hutchings en mattguitars

Martin Miller: Fusion Licks Guitar Lesson

Get the tab from as well as SKYPE lessons and updates on my solo album.

Fusion Licks Guitar Lesson #6: Carl Verheyen style intervallic line by Martin Miller

Alex Berserker: Within Arms Reach

Alex Berserker / S-B Noise - Within Arms Reach (AlexB Guitar Mix)