Dr.Viossy: J.S. Bach Prelude 1 in C major - Reimagined

Dr.Viossy: The Cerberus by GNG Giulio Negrini Guitars

Dr.Viossy: My brand new GNG Morgoth DrV7

Dr.Viossy - All I Knead Iz U!!1!

Dr.Viossy: One Hundred and One Odobenus Rosmarus from upcoming album

Dr.Viossy: Ekphrasis

Dr.Viossy: Album teaser

Dr.Viossy: Coming Soon - My Solo Album incoming

Dr.Viossy: Practicing some tapping licks with clean sound

Dr.Viossy: plays Chopin Fantaisie-Impromptu op.66 - For electric guitar of course

Dr.Viossy: demos the Negrini Guitars GNG Morgoth F7 NAMM

Dr.Viossy: True Temperament - Dr.Viossy perfectly intonated guitar by GNG!

Dr.Viossy: W.A. Mozart - Piano Sonata n°12 (K332) - 3rd movement for electric guitar - two handed metal version

Dr.Viossy: The Wave - True Analog Multichorus - Shiva Audio Devices - killer tones

Dr.Viossy: GNG Dr.V7 Absynth Amaranth - Piezo demonstration

Dr.Viossy: Dream Theater The Best of Times Guitar

Dr.Viossy: In The Presence of Enemies

Dr.Viossy: Absynth Aura - The fire in my eyes

Michele Vioni: swathe of extreme guitar carnage