News: Rotosound have unleashed Darkzone

Rotosound have unleashed Darkzone drop tuning high output Nickel Plated Electric Steel Guitar Strings not only in time for Halloween, but eternity!

Darkzone are a hybrid string set that includes monstrously super heavy bottom E and A strings that are perfect for thunderous power chords, with ethereal light high end strings so you don’t have to sacrifice the ability to lead or play solos. The new strings will help rock and metal guitarists plumb the depths and reach for the heights in sound.

Darkzone sets are available in 10-13-18-36-52-60 gauges; this set retains the distinctive British bright tone associated with Rotosound Strings. They are produced using an unmatched quality controlled, secret process which results in harmonically rich longer lasting strings.

Designed specifically for rock and metal guitar players (but try them for blues and jazz too) these versatile strings with their deep sound and pleasurable responsiveness continue the Rotosound tradition for producing guitar strings that guitar legends have chosen since the early 1960’s. These strings are great for players that like a tighter feel on the bass strings, giving a menacingly good intonation that allows you to remain in tune whatever you do.

If you want to take your rock or metal playing into the next dimension check out the ferociously good Darkzone strings at and blow your mind!