Monday, 5 December 2011

Magnus Karlsson: Primal Fear are Unbreakable

Taken from the album "Unbreakable" out on Frontiers Records.
Release date: EU: January 20th 2012 / NA: January 24th 2012
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For more info:
Primal Fear - Bad Guys Wear Black (Official video)

Kermheat: prodigy - invaders must die
Invaders must die is a Prodigy's tune:

Kermheat plays on Elixir strings and Ibanez Guitars:

Kermheat jam with prodigy: invaders must die

Juan Cortes: excellent Contusion fusion from Argentina

Contusion live from La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Juan Cortes: Guitar
Cristian Tisselli: Bass
Emiliano Perez Diez: keyboard
German Heffner: Drums

Contusion (Rock Fusion) - Social Fever

Hubert Sumlin: RIP 1931-2011

Hubert Sumlin, 1931-2011 Blues great Hubert Sumlin, 80, long known for his distinctively stinging lead guitar work with Howlin’ Wolf, died Dec. 4, 2011, in a Wayne, N.J., hospital.

Robert Cray with Jimmie Vaughan & Hubert Sumlin - Killing Floor. Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010

Don Alder: winning performance at the Guitar Idol Final 2011

Don Alder: winning performance at the Guitar Idol Final 2011

"Don Alder" winning performance at the Guitar Idol Final 2011. Don Alder wins the final... great show... more to come.
Nico Schliemann. Won the best newcomer award and a Roland VG 99
Marius Pop won the Jaden Rose special award.

Jason Sadites: Stunning Contributions to new CD project

Jason Sadites New Music Update and December Sale with FREE CD!

The new CD project is coming along great! Recently 2 incredible bassists have completed amazing bass lines for some of the new material. Bryan Beller and Adam Nitti have both contributed to songs that already featured the incredible drumming of super-drummer Marco Minnemann! Anyone interested in helping out with the project and recieving a Gift Certificate for new music can Help Jason fund the new album!

For the month of December, all products in the webstore are 15% off!! On top of this, for every physical CD ordered, you will receive free copy of Jason's debut CD 'ORBIT'!

Jason Sadites Online Store

Jason is now endorsing G7th far the best capos in the world! Please take some time time to check them out here!

Please check out some of the companies that Jason endorses:

Video Blog 1 - Drum and Bass Track featuring Marco Minnemann and Bryan Beller

Derryl Gabel: Fretboard Intensive Training

Fretboard Intensive Training DVDs

Over the years of teaching I've found that many students struggle with visualizing scale patterns. In this two and a half hour dual DVD set I cover exercises that I have developed that will help you to see the entire scale matrix in your minds eye or as you look at the fretboard. This will enable you to create patterns that you might not normally play and traverse the fretboard in any direction with virtually no boundaries. If you learn a new pattern you will be able to see the diatonic development superimposed on the scale matrix. This is useful not only in improvisation but composition as well. I also cover common yet essential tools every guitarist should use such as string dampening, motion efficiency, and proper angles for achieving a greater reach. In addition to this I will show you exercises that will help you develop finger independence, speed, accuracy, and endurance. Most examples include large, on screen neck diagrams to make it super easy to follow along.

Chapters include...
  • Introduction
  • Guitar Setup
  • Placement and Angles
  • String Dampening
  • Isometrics
  • Motion Efficiency
  • Speed Picking
  • Note Recognition
  • The Major Scale
  • Modes
  • Modal Octave Linking
  • Three Notes Per String
  • Scale Pattern Numonics
  • Shifting
  • Twelve Key Study
  • Rolling Exercises
  • Sequencing
  • Vertical Rolling Shifts
  • Zigzag Rolling Shifts
  • Diagonal Rolling Shifts
  • Diagonal Rolling Shifts 2
  • Four Notes Per String
  • Performance

Fretboard Intensive Training DVDs

Kosta Vreto: Wardrum in the studio

Wardrum - In The Studio, New Album In 2012
Greek Prog-Power metallers Wardrum are currently at Infinity Studio in Thessaloniki, Greece, to record their second studio album, the follow up to “Spadework”, released on the 25th of April 2011.

The band has finished with the drums (Stergios Kourou) and guitars (Kosta Vreto), Kostas Scandalis is now recording the bass, while Piero Leporale is programmed to finish with the vocals by the end of January 2012. The new album follows the sound paths of their debut “Spadework”, but in a more powerful way, with strong songs, lyrical choruses, melodic guitar solos, and technical rhythm section.

The band will release their new album through Steel Gallery Records in 2012.

Wardrum Official Website -
Wardrum Facebook Page -
Wardrum Official Myspace -
Wardrum on Reverbnation -
Wardrum TV Channel -

Ariel Eshcar: Lick My Pick

Ariel Eshcar- Lick My Pick

Vanny Tonon: Easter Monday - Giorgio Bussolin

Vanny Tonon:
This song is from the album of Giorgio Bussolin called 10:00 A.M.! In this version i arranged the guitar parts! check the album at
This video is dedicated to a very special girl called Nathian and tho her family!
Thank you all for watching and a big thanks to my sponsors: Manne guitars, Crafter guitars, Brunetti amp, Essetipicks, Droplay, Dogal!
A big thanks to Giorgio Bussolin and i'll upload soon some new tracks from my album called "Between Love and Pain "!!!!

Easter Monday - Giorgio Bussolin feat Vanny "live" Tonon

Bagus Nugroho: Neung Vinai Alive Guitar Solo Competition

Neung Vinai Alive Guitar Solo Competition - Bagus Nugroho

Jason Becker: Vigier GV Rock signed up for grabs
November 13 2011 there was a special befit festival for Jason Becker and ALS research (see jasonbeckerfest dot com).
This great guitar, a Vigier GV Rock (retail value over 2,000 US$) was donated by Patrice Vigier to support this great cause.
Contributing guitar players and other musicians like Guthrie Govan, Michael Lee Firkins, Marco Sfogli, Atma Anur, Daniele Gottardo, Stephan Forte, Andy James, Franck Hermanny and others have signed this first class guitar. This item will be sent to the highest bidder and will be shipped in a special Vigier guitar flightcase.
Spread the word and you can be sure the whole amount will go to the great Jason Becker!

Shipping cost need to be added, depending on your location and way you want this to be sent.

Width at Nut1,65″ (42mm)
Width at 12th Fret2.05″ (52mm)
Thickness at 1st Fret.77″ (19.5mm)
Thickness at 12th Fret.90″ (23mm)
Radius11.81″ (300mm)
Scale25.6″ (650mm)
Action at 12th Fret
Treble.059″ (1.5mm)
Bass.078″ (2mm)
String Spacing
At Nut1.38″ (35mm)
At Bridge2.08″ (53mm)
Weight8.16lbs (3.7kg)
PickupsAmber Hand Wound
ControlsVolume, Tone
Switch5-way Blade
BridgeVigier Stoptail
Machine HeadsVigier Locking

Guthrie Govan: The Aristocrats Montreal 2011

Guthrie Govan: The Aristocrats Montreal 2011