Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Arnaud: 99 Euro Charvel went to a loving home

Follow me on Facebook: facebook.com / neogeofanatic I bought this guitar in a Cash Express store in a bad state, more strings, vibrato completely choked against the body with springs which nagaient quietly in their cavity. It just cost me 99 Euro 90, and after a good night out after cleaning and check all wiring and connections, it appears that it's a big massacre:) It dates from 1987 made ​​in Japan after the num. serial plate on the handle, and the pickups are Jackson United States, and they honestly one of the best sound I heard simple. It has a grain sound very neo-classical to Malmsteen, which is not displease me at all: p For this test I use my head Bugera 333XL with the channel 3 and also the Blackstar HT pedal DistX (soon under test as well).

Charvel J100 (1987) sound test - Neogeofanatic (Full HD)

Igor Paspalj: Axe Fx Ultra - Dynamic Response #2

Since so many people are asking about dynamic response of Axe Fx Ultra, how does it compare to real amp, etc....and so many of them claims that Axe DON'T have a good dynamic response - Here's a quick demonstration using ONLY one sound, and producing everything with ONLY volume pot and pickup selector switch. From super clean to screaming lead :)

P. S. Sorry for some bad playing, but that's not really main point here :)

Axe Fx Ultra - Dynamic Response - DEMO part II - Igor Paspalj

Marco Sfogli: The Rhythms #2

Off James LaBrie's "Elements of Persuasion" record. Guitars originally played on the record by me. Second episode from "The Rhythms", a diary of crunch and heavy riffs that I recorded and/or played.

"The Rhythms" Episode 2

Romain Roo Chapus: the Grinch Tapping Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells by Roo

Brian Larkin: Silent Night - Vigier Fretless

Brian Larkin: Silent Night

Komkrich Chouylai: SM Fuzz Competition

SM Fuzz Competition

Ashly Badgett: SM Fuzz Contest

SM Fuzz Contest- Ashly Badgett

Hussein Haddad: SM Fuzz Competition

SM Fuzz Competition - Hussein Haddad

Nobby Conrad: SM Fuzz competition


Bub Zulu: SM Fuzz Competition

SM Fuzz Competition

Roberto Restuccia: SM Fuzz Competition

SM Fuzz Competition by Roberto Restuccia

Északi Szabolcs: SM FUZZ Competition

Eszaki Szabi-SM FUZZ Competition-

Łukasz Kulczak: SM Fuzz Competition

SM Fuzz Competition - Łukasz Kulczak

Kenny Serane: SM Fuzz Competition

SM Fuzz Competition - KENNY SERANE

Sarah Longfield: Ukulele and voice.

Oh, Dear - By Sarah :D

Jack Thammarat: BOSS BR-80 Jam

Jamming over Jazz:80s Fusion (Key:Cm) backing track from BOSS Micro BR:BR-80 Digital Recorder (eBand Mode)
More info about BR-80 http://www.boss.info/global/gear/425/1167
Additional Gear - Yamaha Pacifica PAC212VFM Guitar, iPhone4 for video recording

BOSS BR-80 Jam

Lucas Araujo: Sunny in groove style

「Let's Groove Guitar! - Sunny (Improvisation)」

Joe Bonamassa: 2011, A Year in the life

A Year in the life of Joe Bonamassa, 2011

Tony MacAlpine: tour dates to include VIP packages

Tony MacAlpine European Tour dates have been announced in February and March 2012. He will be playing a headline set featuring songs from his new albumTony MacAlpine, along with a selection of his past classics - including the entire Edge Of Insanity album.

Tony's powerhouse band is:

Aquiles Priester - Drums (Hangar, Angra)
Bjorn Englen - Bass (Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth)
Nili Brosh - Guitar

More details on tickets and special VIP packages (including clinic and sound check meet & greet) coming soon.

Tour dates, links and further info available here:


21.02.12: Moho Live - Manchester, UK
22.02.12: The Underworld - London, UK
24.02.12: Rock Temple - Kerkrade, The Netherlands
25.02.12: Het Bolwerk - Sneek, The Netherlands
26.02.12: Crystal - Berlin, Germany
27.02.12: Hirsch - Nürnberg, Germany
28.02.12: Luxor - Cologne, Germany
29.02.12: Matrix - Prague, Czech Republic
03.03.12: Randal - Bratislava, Slovakia
04.03.12: Club 202 - Budapest, Hungary
05.03.12: Silver Church - Bucharest, Romania
06.03.12: Sofia Live Club - Sofia, Bulgaria
07.03.12: Jolly Joker Balans - Istanbul, Turkey
08.03.12: Eight Ball - Thessaloníki, Greece
09.03.12: Kyttaro Live - Athens, Greece
11.03.12: Bloom Club - Mezzago, Italy
12.03.12: Galery - Pratteln, Switzerland
14.03.12: Razzmatazz3 - Barcelona, Spain
15.03.12: Ritmo & Compas - Madrid, Spain
16.03.12: Stereo - Murcia, Spain
17.03.12: Fanatic - Sevilla, Spain
18.03.12: El Infierno - Vigo, Spain
19.03.12: DOKA - San Sebastián, Spain
21.03.12: Divan du Monde - Paris, France (with special guest Patrick Rondat)

Tony will also be playing the following dates in January and February in California:

Jan 14: Guitar Center Drum Off @ Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA with Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan and Derek Sherinian |Tickets
Jan 21: Key Club, West Hollywood, CA - with Uli Jon Roth, Richie Kotzen and Bruce Kulick | Tickets
Jan 22: Ramona Mainstage, Ramona, CA - with Uli Jon Roth, Richie Kotzen | Tickets
Feb 11: Pound, West Oakland, CA - with Uli Jon Roth, LoNero and Flametal | Tickets

For the most up-to-date News and Tour Dates, visitTonyMacAlpine.com

Remi Nicouleau: Freaking Funky Bluez

More great playing from this TIS new comer. This is the sort of thing that makes me happy!

Funky Blues Jam - Remi Nicouleau

Top Ten: 10 slabs of monstrous guitar for your collection

You know what will happen... all the wrong CD's will turn up at Christmas... what you didn't want the X Factor Christmas album? But you did get some cash from that auntie that had more sense... you know the one who knows that you know what music you like more than anyone else... Well if that's the case, you know you love state of the art chops, you can't remember which album you should get with that Christmas stash... well here you go... all these albums have spent a good deal of time on my mp3 player and get the Truth In Shredding seal of Top Notch Shredding approval.

Andy James fourth self titled solo release, chock full of two handed synchronizations and bags of melody.

 Stéphan Forté, Adagio's maestro artisan back with some deadly licks and scary chops!

Gianluca Ferro, with his 8 string progressive rock fusion tunes

New comer Paul Wardingham delivers a full frontal assault of chops and melodic grunt to power any guitar starved fan.

Francesco Artusato, Holdsworthian legato stylings on extended range guitars, over heavy sound scapes.

Jeff Loomis modernises Jason Becker, and adds his own immense chop laden solos in this tour de force, post Nevermore.

Christian Muenzner, Obscura's lead guitarist delivers, state of the art chops to the melodic metal table.

Ron Jarzombek's fret board pyrotechnics, twelve tone rows, originality in abundance


Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes how about 8 string heavy and beautiful? 

Avalanche of Worms, Levi/Werstler's first release on Magna Carta Records, delivers a commanding sonic statement from the the partnership of Daath's Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler.

Wayne Krantz: Tim Lefebvre Keith Carlock at 55 bar 2003

Wayne Krantz: Tim Lefebvre Keith Carlock at 55 bar 2003

Remi Nicouleau: Scottster Wrantzenstein's Monster

Remi Nicouleau has some really cool ideas sure to appeal to guitar fusion fans

Jam Fusion - Remi Nicouleau

Scott Henderson Fusion/Blues Lick