Monday, 26 December 2011

Dudley Ross: 1966 Gibson 1966 December 2011

Dudley Ross playing his 1966 Gibson 1966 December 2011

Taiga Motoyoshi: Deepening - Fusion band live

Deepening / A∀(Taiga Motoyoshi Quartet) 2011.12.17

Colm Lindsay: Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition

Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition - Colm Lindsay

Misha Mansoor, Adam Nolly Getgood: Periphery Studio Footage

More Periphery Studio Footage For Good Health!

Lyle Watt: Silent Night

Lyle Watt - Silent Night

Claudio Pietronik: drum beat jam with Tom Quayle licks

Jammin' on a drum beat (trying some Tom Quayle's phrases)

Jordan Rudess: I Believe in Father Christmas

Jordan plays "I Believe in Father Christmas"

Lalle Larsson: Silent Night

Silent Night - Lalle Larsson - Piano

Stéphane Raillard: Lag Stéphan Forté competition

Concours Stéphan Forté.wmv

Miki Kato: Fuzz Universe at Kyoto Muse Hall

Miki Kato/Fuzz Universe@Kyoto Muse Hall

Rick Graham: Killer Legato Lines

Hi guys, I have a new lesson available from my website.

My website:
Head on over to my website for more info and I hope you enjoy this preview. Happy christmas!

Static Chord Soloing 2: Killer Legato Lines by Rick Graham

Fabrizio Leo: five star review from Shred Knowledge

Yep! He's definitely got the Satch motifs, Vai whammy-type phrasing, Becker sweeps, Howe runs, and lastly Gambale's legato. Fabrizio showcases that he’s capable of playing songs while not over doing the impeccably played shredding parts.

The construction of the songs are intricate, fun and again definitely mind bending at times ala Steve Vai and they provide Fabrizio with a solid base to show his talents as a formidable guitar player.

This New Album represents the ultimate state of art of instrumental guitar oriented music... Get you copy today !!! more

Christophe Deremy: Silent Night Christmas instrumental

Merry Christmas - Silent Night Guitar instrumental

John F Klaver: bluesy solos in Nispen 2011



Greg Howe, Stuart Hamm, Dennis Chambers: Going to California - Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011

Going to California - Greg Howe/Stu Hamm/Dennis Chambers live @ Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011 (HD)

Jordan Rudess: Top Ten Albums of 2011 as Chosen by Roadrunner Records Artists and Staff

Guthrie Govan, Joe Bonamassa,Devin Townend, Michael Romeo featuring in Jordan Rudess's top 10 list:
Jordan Rudess | Top Ten Albums of 2011 as Chosen by Roadrunner Records Artists and Staff

John Petrucci: Top Ten Albums of 2011 as Chosen by Roadrunner Records Artists and Staff

Joe Bonamassa, Guthrie Govan, Russ Parrish and Joe Satriani feature in John Petrucci's list: John Petrucci | Top Ten Albums of 2011 as Chosen by Roadrunner Records Artists and Staff

Eddie Van Halen: New album cover announced

Van Halen - Long Version Trailer from Van Halen on Vimeo.

Peter Katona,Zoltán Katona: flamenco twins

Peter and Zoltán Katona effortlessly transfer from strictly classical, into more popular musical genres. They have given recitals in the major concert venues throughout the world including performances at the Carnegie Hall, the Wigmore Hall, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Konzerthaus in Vienna, the Suntory Hall in Tokyo,and the Philharmonie in Cologne.
In 2009, as the soloists of the "Night of the Proms" they performed live to half a million people in arenas across Europe.
The twins have won over ten international prizes at major competitions in New York, London, Germany, France and Hungary and they are currently artists in residence in San Francisco.
The wide repertoire of the duo spans from Bach, Piazzolla’s tango music to their own arrangements of pop classics. Their programmes also include concertos for two guitars and orchestra by Rodrigo, Vivaldi, Piazzolla and Tedesco. Several contemporary composers have written for and dedicated works to the Katona Twins.
The duo studied in Budapest, Frankfurt and in London.
The Katona Twins have been invited on numerous occasions to record for the BBC and other international television and radio stations. Their CD releases include music by Scarlatti and Handel; Rodrigo; Albéniz, Piazzolla and Manuel de Falla.
Peter and Zoltan Katona were born in Hungary, they are German citizens and live in Liverpool in the UK.
Seguidilla Katona Twins spanish guitar

Katona Twins, Sweet home alabama, Michael Jackson, Nirvana

Kiko Loureiro, Stuart Hamm, Atma Anur,Hedras Ramos: live in Haarlem 2011


Jason Becker Auction

Mark Boals,Alexandre Christiani: You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget

Mark Boals (vocals), Bruno Sa (keyboards), Andria Busic (bass), Ivan Busic (drums), Alexandre "Hard" Christiani (Guitar). At Acatraz, Buenos Aires, Argentina. October 5th, 2011.

Mark Boals - You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget - Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oct, 2011

Jimi Hendrix: Christmas triple bill!

Jimi Hendrix- Silent Night/Little Drummer Boy/Auld Lang Syne

Martin Miller: Now And Then

An instrumental short story featuring Martin Miller on lead guitar. Michael Nierle (guitars), Adrian Kehlbacher (bass) and Steppel Salewski (drums). It took almost two years plus getting over a couple of shitheads to get this song finished. Many thanks to Steppel, Adrian and Martin helping me out here. Mixed and mastered by Martin. Song written by Michael Nierle.
Now And Then
Now And Then by YezMrMichael

Chris Feener: Rock Christmas Medley

Chris Feener - Rock Christmas Medley

Greg Howe, Stuart Hamm, Dennis Chambers: Proto Cosmos Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011

Greg Howe/Stu Hamm/Dennis Chambers - "Proto Cosmos" live @ Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011 (HD)

Joe Pinnavaia: special Christmas track features Donna Stewart

Hope you are enjoying the Holidays and as a special gift to you I'm offering this special bonus Christmas track featuring Donna Stewart on flute. You can check out Donna and her Christmas track as well at

Here is the link to download

News: Groove Yard wish you a Shreddy Christmas and a Happy Blues year! 

Shred Junior: Indoor Fireworks!

Shredding Christmas Indoor Fireworks... a large part of Shred Juniors Christmas! Eat your heart out Kiss! PS it wasn't me....

Shredding Christmas Indoor Fireworks!