Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tom Quayle: Strandberg headless guitar at NAMM

Tom Quayle plays .strandberg* headless guitar #14

Francesco Congia,Guthrie Govan: Wonderful slippery...

Francesco Plays Wonderful slippery Thing "live"

Guthrie Govan plays the same track in San Francisco at a Suhr clinic.

Guthrie Govan at a Suhr Clinic in San Francisco - Wonderful Slippery Thing

Lyle Watt: tribute to Misha Mansoor - Jetpacks Was Yes

Lyle Watt - Jetpacks Was Yes Solo (Periphery)

John Sykes, Mike Portnoy: Out Of Love again....

Portnoy and Sykes announced their collaboration during a July 2011 taping of season eight of VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show". The program's co-host Eddie Trunk tweeted about the project at the time, "I heard demos. Sounds like killer BLUE MURDER meets '1987' WHITESNAKE. Amazing!" He also said that the new group would perform some BLUE MURDER material when it hits the road.

The project last year demoed more than a dozen songs at a Los Angeles studio, with Portnoy describing one track as "copping the [LED] ZEPPELIN/[BLACK] SABBATH vibe" and another as "[PINK] FLOYD meets [DEEP] PURPLE!!! Some serious old-school classic rock."

In a new posting on his official web site, Trunk writes, "There has been much speculation on the status of the band and this project since we first revealed it, and as a friend and fan of both musicians I was very much at the center of it helping where I could and serving as a sounding board with all involved. Sadly, I can confirm that as of now this project is no longer moving forward.

"When I first talked about Portnoy and Sykes working together, I joked with them that I had never met two guys with such different work ethics. Mike wants to do everything yesterday and John really takes his time and is much more conservative. That truly is the only reason why what could have been a killer band has dissolved.

full details

Richie Kotzen: the Key Club 2012 NAMM - series

Richie Kotzen: the Key Club 2012 NAMM

Joe Bonamassa: Ernie Ball 50th Anniversary NAMM 2012 - series

Joe Bonamassa: Ernie Ball 50th Anniversary NAMM 2012

plus Guitar World interview

NAMM 2012 -Joe Bonamassa

Chris Poland: PolCat at Alva's 2012

PolCat @ Alva's

Wojtek Pilichowski: monster bass man woos NAMM fans

Wojtek Pilichowski playing bass at NAMM Show 2012

Winter NAMM 2012 - Bad Ass Bass Player.avi

Rob MacDonald: digging deep in the blue

Really hot guitar solo from Canadian guitarist Rob MacDonald on Fender Telecaster, when he performed with the Fabian Anderhub band at 'Gebouw-T', in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands on, Sunday January 15th, 2012. The band played a fine set, while supporting Wishbone Ash on their European tour.

Anderhub Fabian: vocals / guitar
Rob MacDonald: guitar
Sandro Cadeddu: drums
Domenic Romanelli: bass

Extract from band website:
Growing up in Canada, Fabian Anderhub already played at the renowned Montreal Festi-Blues " and "Jazz-Festival ". In his childhood, the family emigrated from Switzerland to Canada. The guitarist and singer inherited both worlds; city life in Quebec and quiet inspiration in Switzerland. The opposites told him about life: Being a well-regarded and respected player (having played more than 200 concerts in Canada alone) and having been poor: His family struggling to survive as farmers in Switzerland, ultimately forced to try their luck elsewhere.
Meanwhile, Anderhub is back to Europe. In 2010, his debut album, 'Left Line' is released, showing off pure bluesrock -- dusty, traditional licks played in a modern fashion; up-to-date tone and sound as opposed to nostalgia. With his recent 2011 record, 'It's a Blues Thing', he explores his veins even further. As the title suggests, it's his tribute to the raw and intense roots of his blues attitude, ranging mostly from midtempo songs to heartfelt ballads. All of them were recorded live with his band. Anderhub is already back in the studio recording his third album. This time, he's focusing on rock in its original bone-crushing manner: 2 guitars, bass and drums.
Band website link:


Scott Mishoe: amazing tapping from the time machine

Scott Mishoe Some Old Video Clips Of Scott Mishoe In Hampton va.

Francesco Merante: Suhr Pro s4 and Laney... a marriage made in heaven - Rock Solo!

Francesco Merante:
I really liked this backing track and I decided to compose some idea... I hope you like it! My Gear in this video: Suhr Pro S4 - Laney tf 200 (celestion g12t-85) - M-Audio Mic - Effect Guitar Rig 5

Suhr Pro s4 - Rock Solo! - Francesco Merante

Jude Gold: great demo of Roland G-5 VG Stratocaster

Tom Quayle: Fusion Essentials: - Soloing Over Dominant Chords - got your copy?

We are pleased to inform you that the following products are now for sale at the PayLoadz store from www.tomquayle.co.uk.
Click the links below for more information:

Fusion Essentials: - Soloing Over Dominant Chords

by:www.tomquayle.co.uk Price: $25.00

Eric Gales,Andy Timmons: Dunlop give us the jam from NAMM!

Those great guys at Dunlop deliver a classic... enjoy!

The second day of the 2012 NAMM show in Anaheim brought out more people, more good times, and more of the amazing Eric Gales. This time though another the equally amazing guitar slinger Andy Timmons just happend to be hanging out at the Dunlop booth and this impromptu jam with Dunlop's own Darryl Anders on bass occurred.

Live from The Dunlop NAMM Booth: Eric Gales & Andy Timmons "Jam at NAMM"

Sam Bell: Ganymede - laying waste to the omnificent

Ganymede New Idea Playthrough - Sam Bell/Mask of Judas

Ganymede (very rough idea/no bass) by Sam Bell Guitarist

Jeff Loomis: announces another special guest

JEFF LOOMIS has been in the studio the last few months working on his highly anticipated sophomore solo album, to be released later this year. Since entering the studio, LOOMIS has revealed a number of notable guests that will be appearing on the release and now, LOOMIS announces the newest special guest: IHSAHN, formerly of Norwegian black metal band EMPEROR and current solo artist. more http://www.msanthrope.com/blog/?p=1945

Ola Englund: NAMM day 2

Namm 2012 Metal coverage - Day 2

Joop Wolters: tribute to the late Gary Moore


Paul Gilbert: Scarified with ear defenders off and a light touch


Paul Gilbert - Blue Rondo a la Turk

Magic Carpet Ride


Paul Gilbert Randy Jackson Dave Larue NAMM 2012

Johnny Hiland: NAMM 2012 Product Showcase

Johnny Hiland was found over at the Gig-FX booth. He introduced his new signature wah, tested a slew of pedals and of course worked his magic with the guitar.

Johnny Hiland: NAMM 2012 Product Showcase

Ron Thal, Ponco Satrio: NAMM interview 2012

Musisi.com Interview with Ron Thal at NAMM 2012

Steve Stevens: interview NAMM 2012

Billy Idol's guitarist and songwriter Steve Stevens talks w Eric Blair @ Namm 2012

Michael Manring: crazy Zon fretless bass solo NAMM 2012

Michael Manring Bass solo NAMM 2012

Michael Manring - The Enormous Room (private performance)

Blues Saraceno: Dirty Boy Pedal NAMM 2012

Once again, guitar virtuoso Blues Saraceno is making his yearly pilgrimage to the Big City Music Booth at Namm. He is demonstrating the latest offering from Dirty Boy Pedals, the BLACK SHEEP in conjunction with the BUZZY BOY, the #1 selling pedal from the line. You can preview the entire Dirty Boy Pedals line by visiting www.Bluessaraceno.com and clicking on Germanium pedals. There you will find all the sound clips as well as full length compositions and videos along with a list of dealers

Levi Clay: Orange Jam for supper

It's 2am and my good pal Luke Lewis is moaning at me for not having any videos up - so I thought I'd do one now!
I've been working on my subtle inflections recently, as usual.... it's a little over the top! Then again, I do love those bluesy bends and slides!
Think of this as me experimenting with my home studio, testing my webcam and it's settings, working out how to get a tone in my DAW (still not there yet!) what I can do in editing etc. All these things should improve with time! haha
Levi Clay - Orange Solo Jam

Tomasz Andrzejewski: Dangerous Speed Shuffle

Dangerous Speed Shuffle -Tomasz Andrzejewski part.1 ( VGS, Laboga )

Stephen Ross: tephallen Signature Guitar plus 4 seasons pickups

Test driving the new signature guitar from Stephallen with my 4 Season Soundtwister pickups. This guitar is amazing and I would like to thank Ponch and Julius from Stephallen and Bob Gabriel from 4 Season pickups for bring this guitar to life.

Stephen Ross Stephallen Signature Guitar with 4 Season Stephen Ross Soundtwister Pickups

Panos Arvanitis: Shredcore on scalloped Fender Stratocaster

Shred o core in B

Roy Z: Fernandes Guitars NAMM 2012

Roy Z @ NAMM 2012 (Fernandes Guitars booth) - Jan. 21st

Michael Angelo Batio: Burn performance video

http://tinyurl.com/3zt6lye Join us on Facebook at Michael Angelo Batio Official: http://tinyurl.com/7yoy2ls
Michael Angelo Batio is the creator of Speed Kills instructional videos for shred guitar technique. Learn Michael's songs with Speed Lives:http://tinyurl.com/6sb6ewj
Burn - Michael Angelo Batio

Rob Marcello: Boss GT-100 NAMM 2012

Kraft Music - NAMM 2012 Boss GT-100 Demo with Rob Marcello

Jeff Kollman: Roland V-Guitar G5 NAMM 2012

Jeff Kollman demonstrates the new Roland V-Guitar G5 at the 2012 NAMM show in Anaheim, CA.
See more Roland guitar gear at Kraft Music:http://www.kraftmusic.com/search/index.asp?query=Roland+Guitar&utm_source...

Kraft Music - NAMM 2012 Roland V-Guitar G5 Demo with Jeff Kollman

Tosin Abasi: Strandberg EGS 8 String NAMM

Tosin Abasi does a quick demo of .strandberg* EGS #13 at NAMM 2012 in Anaheim

Tosin Abasi .strandberg* headless 8-string guitar #13 demo

Greg Koch: Tone King and Wildwood Guitars interview NAMM

Mark Bartel: http://www.toneking.com/
All hail the King—or Tone King that is! Kneel and listen as Greg Koch and Wildwood Guitars sit down with Mark Bartel, owner and supreme ruler of Tone King Amplifiers, to discuss Bartel's work with the Premier Builders Guild and Tone King Amplifiers! Listen as Greg lovingly defiles TK's new glorious Falcon—a Supro/Tweed beast of doom—and join us as we delve deep into the mind of Bartel's genius, taking us through the specifics of how he is able to achieve TK's unparalled tone. We warn that your jaw may find itself unhinged after watching this video.
~Mark Bartel Bio~

Few understand the compulsive drive to perfection that Mark Bartel of Tone King Amplifier does. Consumed by the the never-ending search to find the perfect tone, Bartel has make it his life's work as an engineer to tinker, toy, solder, and re-solder, and re-solder, and re-solder, and...to find that sound. From the finest of components, to the perfectly complimentary wood, and every pain-staking combination in between, Bartel will not and does not cease in his search, and Tone King very well may be the end all to his search.

NAMM 2012 • Mark Bartel of Tone King Amps Interview • Wildwood Guitars

Chris Poland: OHM - "Where's My Hat"

OHM - "Where's My Hat" Live at Alva's 1/20/12

Vinny Valentino: Steve Smith & Vital Information NAMM 2012

Steve Smith & Vital Information II 2012 NAMM SHOW

Steve Smith & Vital Information NAMM 2012

Orianthi,Brian Welch: Positive Side interview

Positive Side - Orianthi and HEAD - Episode 336 FULL

Andy James: ESP Guitars NAMM 2012

Andy James - ESP Guitars NAMM 2012

Andy James shredding on his 7 string LTD at the ESP booth at this years NAMM show 2012. His favorite player and biggest influence is none other than Andy Timmons.

Andy James

Chris Poland,Rob Pagliari: Eminence Speakers NAMM 2012

Chris Poland & Rob Pagliari @ NAMM 2012 (Eminence Speakers booth) - Jan. 21st

Brandon Gan, Brian Sheu, Balee Harko: BX3 drink from the cup of T42

Playing over a backingtrack made by Tom Quayle (youtube.com/user/tq105) with my good friends Brandon Gan and Brian Sheu.
Hope you like it!

Brandon: brandon-gan.com
Bali: youtube.com/user/baleewhenit

Brian: youtube.com/user/cheesyplay3000

Bx3 Fusion Jam 2 (Axe Fx and Tom Quayle track)

Taka Minamino,Atma Anur: Blood Rain performances

Taka Minamino 2nd Record "Blood Rain"

Taka Minamino - Guitar, Bs, Keys
Kevin Jones - Vocals
Atma Anur - Drums

Taka Minamino - Blood Rain

Taka Minamino - Woke Up Dead

Taka Minamino - Thy Postremus Velum

George Lynch: Classic Rock interview NAMM 2012

2012 NAMM: George Lynch Interview