Greg Koch: Tone King and Wildwood Guitars interview NAMM

Mark Bartel:
All hail the King—or Tone King that is! Kneel and listen as Greg Koch and Wildwood Guitars sit down with Mark Bartel, owner and supreme ruler of Tone King Amplifiers, to discuss Bartel's work with the Premier Builders Guild and Tone King Amplifiers! Listen as Greg lovingly defiles TK's new glorious Falcon—a Supro/Tweed beast of doom—and join us as we delve deep into the mind of Bartel's genius, taking us through the specifics of how he is able to achieve TK's unparalled tone. We warn that your jaw may find itself unhinged after watching this video.
~Mark Bartel Bio~

Few understand the compulsive drive to perfection that Mark Bartel of Tone King Amplifier does. Consumed by the the never-ending search to find the perfect tone, Bartel has make it his life's work as an engineer to tinker, toy, solder, and re-solder, and re-solder, and re-solder, find that sound. From the finest of components, to the perfectly complimentary wood, and every pain-staking combination in between, Bartel will not and does not cease in his search, and Tone King very well may be the end all to his search.

NAMM 2012 • Mark Bartel of Tone King Amps Interview • Wildwood Guitars