Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mike Stern: Euro tour dates

with Special Guest DIDIER LOCKWOOD
MIKE STERN <> - guitar
DIDIER LOCKWOOD <> - el. violin
TOM KENNEDY <> - el.bass
DAVE WECKL <> - drums


Steve Vai,Steve Morse, Paul Gilbert,Blues Saraceno,Dave LaRue: Ernie Ball 50th Anniversary NAMM jam

Steve Vai, Randy Jackson, Steve Morse, Paul Gilbert, David Larue, Blues Saraceno and several others doing a great tribute to Led Zeppelin. This is a cover of "What is and What Should Never Be". It was awesome. I filmed this off of their huge screen.

Ernie Ball 50th Anniversary NAMM jam! Led Zeppelin cover! 2012 w/ Vai

Ernie Ball 50th Anniversary NAMM jam! ZZ TOP cover! 2012

Chris Poland,Rob Pagliari: Eminence Speakers jam

Chris Poland & Rob Pagliari jamming at the Eminence Speakers Booth for NAMM 2012

Chris Poland NAMM 2012

Vinnie Moore: New Custom Guitar NAMM 2012


Vinnie Moore live at the Dean Guitars NAMM JAM 2012!

Tony Macalpine: Tour Promo

Tony Macalpine - Promo - 5 Martie @ Silver Church

February 11: Oakland Metro - Oakland, CA - Buy Tickets
February 12: The Avalon - Santa Clara, CA - Buy Tickets
Aquiles Priester - Drums | Bjorn Englen - Bass | Nili Brosh - Guitar
With supports: Agent Cooper and Daniel Pique
21.02.12 Moho Live - Manchester, UK - Buy Tickets
22.02.12 The Underworld - London, UK - Buy Tickets
24.02.12 Rock Temple - Kerkrade, The Netherlands - Buy Tickets
25.02.12 Het Bolwerk - Sneek, The Netherlands - Buy Tickets
26.02.12 Crystal - Berlin, Germany - Buy Tickets
27.02.12 Hirsch - Nürnberg, Germany - Buy Tickets
28.02.12 Luxor - Cologne, Germany - Buy Tickets
29.02.12 Matrix - Prague, Czech Republic - Buy Tickets
03.03.12 Randal - Bratislava, Slovakia - Buy Tickets
04.03.12 Club 202 - Budapest, Hungary - Buy Tickets
05.03.12 Silver Church - Bucharest, Romania - Buy Tickets
06.03.12 Sofia Live Club - Sofia, Bulgaria - Buy Tickets
07.03.12 ROXY - Istanbul, Turkey - Buy Tickets
08.03.12 Eight Ball - Thessaloníki, Greece - Buy Tickets
09.03.12 Kyttaro Live - Athens, Greece - Buy Tickets
11.03.12 Bloom Club - Mezzago, Italy - Buy Tickets
12.03.12 Galery - Pratteln, Switzerland - Buy Tickets
14.03.12 Razzmatazz3 - Barcelona, Spain - Buy Tickets
15.03.12 Ritmo & Compas - Madrid, Spain - Buy Tickets
16.03.12 Stereo - Murcia, Spain - Buy Tickets
17.03.12 Fanatic - Sevilla, Spain - Buy Tickets
18.03.12 El Infierno - Vigo, Spain - Buy Tickets
19.03.12 DOKA - San Sebastián, Spain - Buy Tickets
21.03.12 Divan du Monde - Paris, France - Buy Tickets
23.03.12 KKZ Moskva – Moscow, Russian Federation - Buy Tickets

VIP Soundcheck & Master Class Upgrade Packages for Tony MacAlpine’s “Dream Mechanism Tour” 2012 are ON SALE NOW. Read more about the two different packages below….

Tony MacAlpine Dream Mechanism Tour Master Class VIP Package


Limited to 7 participants per show. VIP Package #1 upgrades a regular ticket (purchased separately through venue or local outlets) allowing you to participate in the following:
  • A 45 minute guitar master class with Tony
  • Early access to the venue to watch soundcheck
  • Meet and greet/photo op with Tony
  • Tour of Tony’s guitar setup
  • VIP T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2XL)
  • Collectable VIP laminate with free song/content download
  • Autographed poster

Tony MacAlpine Dream Mechanism Tour Soundcheck VIP Package

PACKAGE #2: VIP SOUNDCHECK MEET & GREET – US$55 (Est. start time: 4:30pm) BUY NOW

VIP Package #2 upgrades a regular ticket (purchased separately through venue or local outlets) allowing you the following:
  • Early access to the venue to watch soundcheck
  • Meet and greet/photo op with Tony
  • Tour of Tony’s guitar setup
  • VIP T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2XL)
  • Collectable VIP laminate with free song/content download
  • Autographed poster

VIP Packages for the Dream Mechanism Tour 2012 are only available through the ticket store and on sale now.
Please note: Both the VIP Soundcheck Meet & Greet and VIP Guitar Master Class upgrade packages do not include a ticket to the concert. Tickets should be purchased separately through venue or local ticket outlets. You need a ticket to the concert in addition to the upgrade packages to gain entry.
T-shirt, poster and laminate will be given to you on the afternoon of the show. If you purchase the VIP Guitar Master Class package, you will need to arrive at the venue at 3:30pm (1530h). If you purchase the VIP Soundcheck Package you will need to arrive at the venue at 4:30pm (1630h).
Please note: The times listed above may change slightly from venue to venue. We will send any updates/changes about VIP package arrival times to you via email. You should also keep checking the News page for updates and information on the Master Class and Soundcheck Packages in case you do not receive an email notification.
When you come to the show, please bring photo ID, and a printout of your purchase confirmation from our Topspin ticket store.

General Policies:

  • No video cameras or recording devices
  • No flash photography
  • All sales are final
  • Passes are not transferable
  • Persons who appear drunk or intoxicated will be denied entry

Age Policies:

  • No babes in arms
  • No children under 12
  • Please observe venue policy for age restrictions. If a venue is 18+ and you are younger than 18, you will not be able to come to the show or the Guitar Masterclass or Soundcheck. This is very important.

Ticket Sales Policies:

All sales are final: There are no cancellations or exchanges and all sales are final.
Event Postponement: If an event is rescheduled, your tickets will be good for the rescheduled performance.
Event Cancellation: If an event is completely cancelled, a refund will be issued.
Packages are non-transferable: Packages/laminates may not be resold whole or in part for any reason.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to arrive early?
Yes. If you purchase the VIP Master Class Package, you will need to arrive at the venue at 3:30pm (1530h). If you purchase the VIP Soundcheck Package you will need to arrive at the venue at 4:30pm (1630h). Please be on time.
What do I need to bring with me in order to collect my Masterclass or Soundcheck passes?
You will need to bring valid photo ID, and a printout of your Topspin Ticket Store purchase confirmation.
Do I also need to buy a ticket to the show? 
Yes – for both upgrade packages you need to purchase a regular ticket to the show separately through the venue or local ticket outlets.
When will I receive the t-shirt, poster and laminate in the package?
You will receive the merchandise and laminate on the day of the show.
What happens after soundcheck?
After soundcheck you will need to leave the venue. You will only be given access to the venue again after doors have opened, and via the usual entrance procedure with your valid show ticket.
Can I resell my passes?
No. The original purchaser must show identification. Substitutions will not be allowed into the venue.
How do I cancel if I can’t attend? 
Sorry, but we cannot accept cancellations.
Is flash photography OK? 
It’s okay if you want to take photos with small cameras, but please do not use a flash during soundcheck or the concert. No professional gear without a photo pass.
Can I take video/recording of the masterclass, soundcheck, or concert? 
No. Please leave recording devices and video cameras at home.
Does either VIP package get me backstage after the show? 
No. The backstage area is strictly for band and crew only.
Can Tony autograph my guitar, CD etc.? 
Sure – Tony is happy to autograph CDs, vinyl, and guitars, however you are responsible for the items you bring to the venue. You should only bring a couple of items at most. Please do not bring your entire CD collection with you. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.
Please note that while you can bring a guitar or CDs/vinyl to the master class/soundcheck, some venues may not let you bring large items such as guitars into the concert, so you may have to put these items in your car or other safe location before doors open for the show. If you have questions please contact us or post on Tony’s Facebook Page.

Larry Mitchell: lead guitar lesson jam with pentatonics and blues

Larry Mitchell lead guitar lesson jam with pentatonics and blues over Hendrix chord 7sharp nine

Damjan Pejcinoski: Improvising over 11/8 guitar lesson

Get this whole lesson here:

Lesson includes:
  • - Main video
  • - 10 close up videos showing each part slow and fast
  • - 3 speed backing tracks   
  • - Full tab (both hands included) in GP5 and PDF format 
  • - Full lesson explanation in Word document

Improvising over 11/8 - guitar lesson by Damjan Pejcinoski

Chris Poland: PolCat - God Made It Beautiful

PolCat ~ God Made It Beautiful

Rob Chappers: Pearl Necklace - 25th anniversary neon Ibanez review coming

Pearl Necklace - Live In Your Face

Tom Quayle: smokes a Dean MAB1 Armorflame! - Check out more guitar reviews featured in each issue of iGuitar.

Tom Quayle reviews the Dean Michael Angelo Batio 1 Armorflame Guitar. This review features in iGuitar magazine Issue 6. To view issue 6 of iGuitar magazine head to:

iGuitar Magazine is the free online guitarist magazine with free subscription!! Head to subscribe and receive your copy each month!!

Dean MAB1 Armorflame Guitar Review By Tom Quayle iGuitar Magazine

Marcos De Ros: J.S. Bach on electric guitar - Invention #4

J.S. Bach on electric guitar - Invention #4 - Marcos De Ros

Michael Angelo Batio: Signature Series NAMM 2012

DEAN GUITARS NAMM 2012 Michael Angelo Batio Signature Series

Giulio Puleri: Brett Garsed style licks

short practice lick (Garsed style?) - Giulio Puleri

Marshall Harrison: cool ipad app

As well as guitar playing, Marshall Harrison has been working on a ipad app.

WaterWars is a combat game play on water. Attack and destroy your opponents aircrafts and ships by swiping your finger across the screen to draw an attack line. If your attack line crosses the center of the opponents ship or aircraft, their ship is destroyed in an explosive ball of flames.

If you're a fan of fighting games, war games or other types of battle games, you will love WaterWars
Main Features:
  • Local Play: Where two players play against each other on the same iPad
  • Social Play: Where two players play against each other remotely via Game Center.
  • Multiple game maps to choose from
  •  Each game includes a 2 battleships, 1 speedboat, 1 fighter jet, and 1 helicopter to play with
  • Players can earn up to 7 different achievements.
  • Each map contains different layouts and some different obstacles.
  • On screen help to understand the game play more quickly.

WaterWars Game For iPad.MOV

News: Beth Hart to appear at the Isle of Wight festival

Los Angeles based singer Beth Hart has been confirmed to play the Isle of Wight festival on Sunday 24th June, alongside Bruce Springsteen and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Beth’s new single, “Sister”, which features Slash, is currently A-listed on BBC Radio 2, she headlines the London Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Saturday 25th February. Read the official press release here -

Shepherds Bush will be Beth’s biggest UK headline concert to date. It follows a whirlwind few months which saw the release of top-20 selling album “Don’t Explain”, a collection of soul classics with guitarist Joe Bonamassa, plus a rapturously received performance at London’s Camden Dingwalls last November. A limited edition of “Don’t Explain”, featuring 4 previously unheard acoustic tracks, will be released on Monday 20th February by Provogue Records.

The Times said of Beth’s Dingwalls concert “with memorable lyrics, including the priceless line “she drank so hard the bottle ached” this was certainly a gig to be savoured to the last drop”.

Jason Becker: 27 days left to help Jason.

Best deal ever: a live CD in return for supporting Jason Becker1 minute ago

2012 is Jason Becker’s year; a great movie will be released, the live cd will be released and possibly end of this year even a live DVD. Please support this cause with a small donation. Thank you.

'Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet' [Film Trailer] from Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet on Vimeo.

Ivan Mihaljevic: recording a new album

Ivan Mihaljevic: Yes, we're starting the recording tomorrow morning. It's a 9 song concept album titled Counterclockwise. 
There is just one instrumental on this album, but other songs will have some cool extended instrumental sections. 
I feel that with this album I'm finally amalgamating the 2 opposite things I've been doing on the previous 2 albums. I've had instrumentals on one side and simpler vocal songs on the other side. Now I've got a bit more complex songs with vocals featuring longer instrumental sections.

Listen Angel: French Guitar Contest 2012

The French Guitar Contest 2012 - Listen Angel Entry

To participate, visit Kenny Serane: French Guitar Contest

Olivier Olmos: French Guitar Contest

The French Guitar Contest 2012 Olivier Olmos

To participate, visit Kenny Serane: French Guitar Contest

Scott Bis: French Guitar Contest

French Guitar Contest - Scott Bis

Wagner Thomas: French Guitar Contest

French Guitar Contest - Wagner Thomas

Luke Fortini: The French Guitar competition


Fabrizio Leo: E penso a te - awesome guitar goodness

Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo - E penso a te.. SOLO!

Gretchen Menn: Scrap Metal Official Music Video

Scrap Metal Official Music Video
Album: Hale Souls by Gretchen Menn
Featuring Angeline Saris on bass and John Mader on drums.
Directed by Corgam
© 2011 Mach Zero Music.

Scrap Metal by Gretchen Menn

Jennifer Batten: makes a big announcement

 Jennifer Batten

Greetings from sunny Las Vegas. I've been here since September playing for Cirque Du Soleil's "Zumanity" show. I've enjoyed the mild weather and sunny skies but mostly the KILLER band I've been playing with! As my stay comes to a close at the end of Feb, I look forward to seeing the spring bloom in Northwest, and taking most of March off to regroup and aim for what’s next.

I'll perform an all-ages solo film show on Feb 21 for my final Vegas blow-out at Family Music Center 8125 West Sahara at 7 PM.

I have a lot to look forward to in 2012, including a first time ever reunion at my alma mater, Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

On my way to my annual visit to Japan, I'll play a solo show in Kona, Hawaii at Rockstarz on March 30th. My 2012 tour of Japan includes the grand opening for a new Jikei music school in Sapporo, where as with 6 other cities I go to, I'll play for the opening ceremony for a new class and also give a workshop. My stay will end with a show at Billboard Live in Osaka with the inspiring musicianship of Mickie Yoshino, Toshi Hiketa (David Lee Roth), and Kenji Hino. In Japan,

Then, I’ll be performing my solo film show in Europe for several weeks in May.

Now for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Return of the BIG HAIR!!!!

After declining offers from tons of tribute shows since Michael Jackson's passing, I finally decided to develop one with some friends from Boulder, Colorado. While touring with my multimedia show, I've visited Colorado several times and performed with their 12-piece funk horn band, Funkiphino (funk if I know). We had discussed the possibility of developing an MJ tribute show but didn’t get excited enough to pursue it until we discovered Michael Jackson tribute artist Carlo Riley. I was introduced to Carlo while on stage performing with Funkiphino last summer. Band leader Chris Fischer arranged for him to surprise me by sneaking on stage to join us on several songs. I've had many impersonators sit in with me over the years but had never been able to temporarily transport myself back in time until that moment. Carlo’s appearance and dance moves are so similar to Michael it's just plain fun! Since then, there have been so many synchronistic events that have taken place, that I have no doubt this project is meant to be.

I’ve been a fan of Jackson's songs since his first solo album “Off the Wall”, and I never tire of his music. It’s so far reaching and always makes people smile and want to dance. With Forever Dangerous, I am not just a hired gun, but am a partner with Chris and Carlo. The three of us are a brainstorming tornado and agree there will be creative license taken with the show, including incorporating more guitar spotlights. We are excited to take fans into our time machine and temporarily suspend reality so they can re-experience some of the most exciting live shows in history. It’s also an opportunity for younger fans who never got a chance to see Michael live, to get a taste of that magic for the first time. The band, singers, and dancers are the best! Everyone’s enthusiasm and energy are infectious and coming from the right place regarding their love for Michael Jackson, his music, and his legacy.

You can read the press release here. And you can see our show promo teaser here.

Hope to catch you all on the road somewhere this year!