Jennifer Batten: makes a big announcement

 Jennifer Batten

Greetings from sunny Las Vegas. I've been here since September playing for Cirque Du Soleil's "Zumanity" show. I've enjoyed the mild weather and sunny skies but mostly the KILLER band I've been playing with! As my stay comes to a close at the end of Feb, I look forward to seeing the spring bloom in Northwest, and taking most of March off to regroup and aim for what’s next.

I'll perform an all-ages solo film show on Feb 21 for my final Vegas blow-out at Family Music Center 8125 West Sahara at 7 PM.

I have a lot to look forward to in 2012, including a first time ever reunion at my alma mater, Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

On my way to my annual visit to Japan, I'll play a solo show in Kona, Hawaii at Rockstarz on March 30th. My 2012 tour of Japan includes the grand opening for a new Jikei music school in Sapporo, where as with 6 other cities I go to, I'll play for the opening ceremony for a new class and also give a workshop. My stay will end with a show at Billboard Live in Osaka with the inspiring musicianship of Mickie Yoshino, Toshi Hiketa (David Lee Roth), and Kenji Hino. In Japan,

Then, I’ll be performing my solo film show in Europe for several weeks in May.

Now for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Return of the BIG HAIR!!!!

After declining offers from tons of tribute shows since Michael Jackson's passing, I finally decided to develop one with some friends from Boulder, Colorado. While touring with my multimedia show, I've visited Colorado several times and performed with their 12-piece funk horn band, Funkiphino (funk if I know). We had discussed the possibility of developing an MJ tribute show but didn’t get excited enough to pursue it until we discovered Michael Jackson tribute artist Carlo Riley. I was introduced to Carlo while on stage performing with Funkiphino last summer. Band leader Chris Fischer arranged for him to surprise me by sneaking on stage to join us on several songs. I've had many impersonators sit in with me over the years but had never been able to temporarily transport myself back in time until that moment. Carlo’s appearance and dance moves are so similar to Michael it's just plain fun! Since then, there have been so many synchronistic events that have taken place, that I have no doubt this project is meant to be.

I’ve been a fan of Jackson's songs since his first solo album “Off the Wall”, and I never tire of his music. It’s so far reaching and always makes people smile and want to dance. With Forever Dangerous, I am not just a hired gun, but am a partner with Chris and Carlo. The three of us are a brainstorming tornado and agree there will be creative license taken with the show, including incorporating more guitar spotlights. We are excited to take fans into our time machine and temporarily suspend reality so they can re-experience some of the most exciting live shows in history. It’s also an opportunity for younger fans who never got a chance to see Michael live, to get a taste of that magic for the first time. The band, singers, and dancers are the best! Everyone’s enthusiasm and energy are infectious and coming from the right place regarding their love for Michael Jackson, his music, and his legacy.

You can read the press release here. And you can see our show promo teaser here.

Hope to catch you all on the road somewhere this year!