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Rik Emmett: Triumph Live at Sweden Rock Festival CD and DVD announced

After 20 years apart, the long-awaited TRIUMPH reunion of vocalist/guitarist Rik Emmett, bassist/keyboardist Mike Levine, and vocalist/drummer Gil Moore took place at Sweden Rock Festival, on June 7, 2008. And now, the band is putting the finishing touches on the DVD of that historic performance.

The tentatively titled "Live At Sweden Rock Festival" set will consist of a DVD and CD, with a release date targeted for later this spring.

"It's great to finally be able show the world TRIUMPH's reunion show at the Sweden Rock Festival," says Mike Levine. "It certainly is one of the most memorable performances of our entire career! And they said it would never happen…"

"Live At Sweden Rock Festival" will be released on the TML label, distributed by UMG in Canada and ADA in the U.S. The set will be released throughout Europe on Frontiers Records.

The band's setlist for the Sweden Rock Festival performance was as follows:

01. When The Lights Go Down
02. Lay It On The Line
03. Allied Forces
04. Never Surrender
05. I Live For The Weekend
06. Blinding Light Show
07. Rocky Mountain Way
08. Magic Power
09. Rock And Roll Machine


10. Fight the Good Fight

Vinnie Moore: how Vinnie broke out!

A compilation of solos from the Vicious Rumors album... clear at this time Vinnie Moore had chops to die for for... making him... as my Japanese friends say "Godfinger guitarist!"

Vinnie Moore - Vicious Rumors Solo's

News: Leather Leone - wow - still got it!

Yo! Here's a 5 minute blast of Sledge Leather live at the Keep It True Festival in Germany, 2011. Sound mix by our friend Lori Castro. Video edit by our friend Oliver Barth.
The clip has some new songs, some old songs, and some sing-a-longs. LOL. This was Leather's first gig back after her 15 year disappearance. She came back to pay tribute to friend and mentor Ronnie James Dio. Leather and Sledge played in SF Metal band Rude Girl years ago, and decided that now was a cool time to get back going on what they'd started. and
Leather - Vocals
Sledge - Drums
Betze Stephens - Bass
Brett Baugh - Guitar

Sledge Leather Live 2011

Jimmy Bain (bass; also ex-RAINBOW) make guest appearances on "Imagine Me Alive", the debut album from SLEDGE LEATHER, the new band featuring formerCHASTAIN singer Leather Leone. The CD is available by sending $10 viaPayPal to
"Imagine Me Alive" recording lineup:
* Leather Leone (CHASTAIN, MALIBU BARBI, RUDE GIRL) - Vocals
* Scott Warren (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL) - Keyboards
* Jimmy Bain (DIO, RAINBOW) - Bass
* Matthias Weisheit – Guitar
A brand new audio interview with Leather in which she talks about the making of "Imagine Me Alive" has been been posted
* Interview Part 1* Interview Part 2
A five-minute preview of the forthcoming concert DVD from SLEDGE LEATHER , can be seen below. The footage was filmed at last year's edition of the Keep It True XIV festival, which was held April 29-30, 2011 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany. Performing alongside Leather at the show were MALIBU BARBI drummer Sandy Sledge, bassist Betsey Stephens and guitarist Brett Baugh (who has since left the group). The setlist contained a lot of CHASTAIN classics, songs from Leather's solo album and brand new songs.

Timo Somers, Barend Courbois, Atma Anur: Tri-Head session

Tri-Head drum recording @ Hillywood Factory
With Timo Somers, Barend Courbois & Atma Anur

Richard Hallebeek,Lalle Larsson: RHP II on the way

Richard Hallebeek,Lalle Larsson have been busy working on a new RHP project. Mean time here's some live performance videos from the first RHP CD back in 2005. Live at the Buckshot Café in Groningen,Holland 2005.

Richard Hallebeek - Guitar
Lalle Larsson - Keyboards
Udo Pannekeet - Bass
Sebastiaan Cornelissen - Drums

Richard Hallebeek & Lalle Larsson solos - RHP

Lalle Larsson & Richard Hallebeek - Good Food (RHP)

Lalle Larsson - Enigma (RHP)

Wim Den Herder: Karoshi (Black Edition HD)

Wim Den Herder - Karoshi (Black Edition HD) -

John Huldt: NOW streaming the recording of my new solo album

John Huldt
I am gonna stream the recording of my new solo album "A permanent state of transformation" so if you're interested in how I go about the creative aspects of making and recording music, please swing by and say hello :) Open for all too!

News: ESP LTD MH-350FR Electric Guitar

Aside from its good looks, the MH-350 is loaded with features that make this one solid, great playing instrument. The neck-through-body design provides excellent stability and resonance, and the shape of the carve where the neck and body meet provides easy access to the high frets. Not to mention the sweet looking quilted maple top with a see thru black finish.
ESP LTD MH-350FR Electric Guitar See Thru Black

Eric Calderone: Back to the Future Meets Metal

Back to the Future Meets Metal

Atma Anur: going through hell

Atma Anur, about Hell

Atma... The Secret

Florian Hofer, Atma Anur: Mothership recording play back session

MOTHERSHIP recording bass with Pawel Maciwoda at Atma's

Tosin Abasi: Animals As Leaders / Weightless Sessions

Tosin Abasi: Animals As Leaders / Weightless Sessions

Ben Levin: Hybrid Picking with Dr. Levin

Solo Guitar Residency Part 1: Hybrid Picking with Dr. Levin

Tosin Abasi: Wave Of Babies and Tempting Time

Tosin Abasi performs @ San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy) clinic on March 17 2012

Tosin Abasi Clinic Wave Of Babies

Tosin Abasi Clinic Tempting Time

Piotr Wójcicki: cowboy country

very Very VERY little covboy country jamm by Piotr Wójcicki

Gil Parris: storming 69th birthday tribute to Jimi Hendrix - live at BB Kings

Gil Parris at Jimi Hendrix 69th B-Day Tribute at B.B. Kings, NY. 2012 "Little Wing" Video produced by Larry Blumenstein Video Productions. Contact:, 917-817-2112. (Copyright 2012) (c)

Gil Parris at Jimi Hendrix 69th B-Day Tribute at B.B. Kings, NY. 2012 "Little Wing"

Carlos Hernández: Falling in Love Again

Carlos Hernández - Falling in Love Again (Solo Improv. version)

Christophe Godin: Musikmesse appearance schedule... make a date

Here is my schedule for the upcoming Frankfurt Muikmesse !
Just pass by and say hello !!!

Wednesday 21st
10.30 Laney
11.30 Agora Stage
12.30 Palmer
14.30 Palmer
16.30 Laney

Thursday 22nd
11.30 Laney
12.30 Palmer
13.30 Laney
15.30 Laney
16.30 Palmer

Friday 23rd
11.30 Palmer
12.30 Laney
13.30 Palmer
15.00 Palmer
16.30 Laney

Saturday 24th
11.30 Laney
12.30 Palmer
14.30 Laney
15.30 Palmer


Christope Godin, winner of the most amusing T-Shirt award 2011... close call... pipping Mattias IA Eklundh at the post!

Christophe Godin: Laney crunchyness Musikmesse 2011

Fred Brum: Makes the Vik FF7 and Blackmachine sound so sweet!

My album Atonement is available (along with a free downloadable track at - please give it a listen. :)
My friend Felix was kind enough to lend me his fantastic Vik fanned fret 7-string and, after here trip all the way from Germany, I thought she complemented the B7 tonally in a beautiful way. I re-did F.A.B., from my album, as this also allowed me to fiddle with the Kemper while playing an already familiar song. B7 is loaded with Aftermath 7's, while the Vik has his own pickups, which sound great in my opinion.
Guitars are panned hard left and right, on both rhythm and melody parts, and the only section where I used only one at a time was the lead sequence. I hope you guys enjoy!
Pick - Hufschmid Guitars White Drop - - HESU -

Dampeners - Gruv Gear Fret Wraps -
Fred Brum - Vik FF7 and Blackmachine B7 - F.A.B.

Vincenzo Fiore: "Overjoyed" on Acoustic Guitar

Vincenzo Fiore plays "Overjoyed" on Acoustic Guitar

Tosin Abasi: Italian Clinic Ibanez RG2228 8-string

An extract from the two clinics by Tosin Abasi Animals as Leaders that were held at Lucky Music in Milan and San Benedetto del Tronto at Giocondi.
Tosin has reached its full potential using the Ibanez RG2228 8-string, an instrument that is the basis of his style and sound of his band.

Tosin Abasi - Ibanez Italian Clinics

Andrew Laurenson: Common Dead lead guitarist delivers some Death Metal to your door

Like your coffee, not with two shots, but with three or more? Then these guys are here to deliver your sonic jolt.

Common Dead "Critical Mass" Official Video

Common Dead "Wound" Official Video

Press Reviews:

"An underground metal fist pumping good time... Inspiring guitar solos, intermittent forays into melodic death metal... A sound that is memorable and anthemic... The pissed off and shouted vocal delivery strongly brings to mind Pantera."
Ty Arthur - Metal Underground

"This disc is better than many of the other acts I've already heard this year... Runs the gamut from death metal to groove, grind and even a bit of tech metal... It's raw, it's uncompromising, it's in-your-face... There are some highly creative and original riffs."
Bruce Moore - Pure Grain Audio

"Common Dead is one of those hidden islands that is really worth visiting... Laurenson alone - performing the drums, vocals, keyboards, and guitars - sounds better than four people performing them in some of the 'bigger' bands who only wish they could have such ingenuity on their own."
Colin McNamara - Brutalism

"A huge undertaking for any musician, let alone one musician ... Excellent staccato leadwork and kick ass rhythm guitar to boot ... Gifted and accomplished axman ... He's obviously a very driven individual ..."
Robert Williams -

"9 out of 10 ... This is actually really f**king good ... All the melody you'd expect is there, too... There's some real quality chops on display here, hell, not just that but all the instruments are tight and audible..."
Kyall Robinson - The Metal Forge

Artist Bio:

Drawing from thrash, groove, and death metal influence alike, Common Dead's technical yet melodic riffing and raw vocals help illustrate a lyrical base that is candid, empowering, and reflects the conflicts of a free thinking individual. Under the frequent banner "We Are All Common Dead Eventually", the band name alludes to more than morbid truth; ironically, band founder Andrew Laurenson was himself declared "dead" as a child before medics could restore his pulse following a brutal skull fracture.

The Chicago native is principally the band's lead guitarist/vocalist in live settings, despite having performed all instruments himself on every studio release thus far. This includes Common Dead's most recent and defining album yet, "Diatribe".

Brave Words commended the album for "knockout riff after knockout riff", while Metal Underground called the sound "memorable and anthemic", adding "the pissed off and shouted vocal delivery strongly brings to mind Pantera". Brutalism also awarded the effort 4 out of 5 stars, remarking that Laurenson "sounds better than four people performing in some of the 'bigger' bands who only wish they could have such ingenuity on their own".

Released in 2012, "Diatribe" is actually the third formal album from Common Dead. A self-titled debut, with a deliberate "old school" sound, arrived in 2009 and scored a 9 out of 10 from The Metal Forge. The brief and grind/industrial "Interim Flesh EP" followed in 2011, and was received even better by Metal Rules. In addition to various college and internet radio appeal, all albums have spawned music videos of which Laurenson is the director, if not co-director, and editor.

News: Become a guitar pundit overnight!

Yes... you can become a fan of guitar with this super bonus package... A big box with 100 Mixed Lion Music back catalogue CDs for just 298 Euros!

Most of there are going to become rarities as they won't be reprinted once sold out so now is the chance to discover some older gems from our back catalogue.
Visit and click Mega Sale on left menu.

News: Ian Parry Consortium project IV nearing release


LMC320 / EAN6419922003206
Album promo page wwith pre-order:

23rd March 2012 sees the release of Consortium Project IV "Children Of Tomorrow", the final instalment of Lion Music’s extensive reissue series of the Consortium Project back catalogue which sees remastered sound and new bonus tracks for each release.

Arguably one of the biggest and boldest concept series of albums ever undertaken in the progressive power metal genre - covering in total 5 albums over 12 years - "Children Of Tomorrow" which originally saw release in 2007, sees the story taking the music into even heavier realms than those heard so far in our "quadrilogy remasters" series ("CP-I Criminals & King" (LM314), "CP-II Continuum In Extremis"(LMC316) and "CP-III "Terra Incognita" (LMC318)), yet all the time the bands penchant for accessible melodies and music is to the fore.

Once again band leader and vocalist extraordinaire Ian Parry (Elegy, Ayreon, Vengeance) is joined by a stellar cast of supporting musicians with Parry’s fellow Elegy members Joshua Dutrieux and Henk Van Der Laars along with Lou St Paul (Wintersbane) providing the virtuoso guitar work. The tightly locked rhythm section comes courtesy of drummer Ivar De Graaf (ex Within Temptation) and bassistMarcel Van Der Zwam (Ian Parry solo band). The album is given orchestral riches thanks to a female choir of Erna Auf Der Haar (Amsterdam Conservatorium), Rosita Abbink (Ian Parry solo band) andJudith Rijneld (Consortium Project III) who add a symphonic edge to the material.

Consortium Project IV is the fourth part of a fictional concept story dealing with issues such as global warming and finds mankind in the future trying to retrace its past to understand and prevent mistakes from ever happening again. In the process mankind discovers their true origins that we are not from the world…

Opening story:
The time and place was the future: the future was preoccupied with the past. All historical data had been destroyed, until the discovery of twelve stone tablets (Consortium Project III). A scholar had successfully deciphered parts of these ancient scriptures, paving the way to the reunification of the species. Mankind held the key to rediscovering the historical past, confirming their beliefs that these writings were of biblical origin. A true account of mankind’s hidden past and so the story unfolds - IAN PARRY MMVII

"Consortium Project IV – Children Of Tomorrow" is the final piece of the "quadrilogy series" reissues and is the direct predecessor to the critically acclaimed "Consortium Project V – Species" (LMC305) which saw release in 2011. Step inside and discover a world of progressive power metal treats performed by some of metals best musicians.



01. A Sign Of The Times.
02. Nowhere Fast.
03. Neverland.
04. Shadows.
05. Exodus.
06. Made In Heaven.
07. Let The Wind Carry You Home.
08. Enigma.
09. Mastermind.
10. Path Of Destruction.
11. Children Of Tomorrow.
12. Aches & Pains (previously unreleased featuring Ivar de Graaf Former Within Temptation)
13. Let The Wind Carry You Home (acoustic version featuring Ivar de Graaf on acoustic

Ian Parry - Lead & Harmony Vocals.
Joshua Dutrieux - Guitar, Bass & Keys.
Ivar De Graaf - Drums & acoustic guitar.
Henk Van Der Laars - Guitar.
Lou St Paul - Guitar.
Marcel Van Der Zwam - Bass.
Erna Auf Der Haar - Female Choirs.
Rosita Abbink - Female Choirs.

Produced by Ian Parry.
2011 Remaster by Marcus Teske at Bazement Studios, Netherlands.


Edward Box,Pete Thompson: World Under Fire relesae details

Check out this band... great vocal rock with melodic solo's

VENDETTA - "Halo In Black" Promo Video



LMC319 / EAN6419922003190
Album promo page with pre-order:

British traditional metal outfit VENDETTA are ready to take it to the hilt once more on the 23rd March 2012 with the release of their eagerly awaited third album “World Under Fire”.

Featuring ten scorching tracks, the album has all the hallmarks of its forbearers; blistering solos, pounding drums, steadfast bass and impassioned vocals. Added to this already staple mix is a refined melodic sensibility and additional sonic elements that bring a heightened depth to the band’s sound. From its pulse racing opener “Halo in Black” (promo video @ to the epic “All Your Setting Suns”, it’s clear Vendetta have once again come up trumps and delivered an album that any self respecting metal fan will be proud to own.

On the new music Pete Thompson comments, “Musically the album has many elements that were apparent on our first two releases but we have introduced some new grooves on tracks like “Veil of Empathy” and “We Are Legion”. With the track “All Your Setting Suns” we have attempted our most complex piece of music yet. We weren’t completely happy with the rhythm guitar tone on the last album so we have spent a considerable amount of time getting a heavier sound. In terms of the vocals Ed has gone for a grittier approach and he’s hitting some bigger top notes on some tunes. We have also introduced some sampled dialogue for the first time on the track “Machtpolitik” so there are several new elements to go with the traditional Vendetta sound”.

The bands previous releases have seen Edward Box gain praise for his intelligent lyrics, an area which once again been given a lot of thought, Edward comments, “In terms of the lyrical approach, a lot has been happening in the world since our last album was written so we’ve tried to touch on some of those issues. The track “Blast Radius” is about the effect of the global recession and the arrogance that led to it and “Lords of Chaos” is an attack on the world of finance and banking. Tracks like “Halo in Black” and “Veil of Empathy” deal with different aspects of celebrity culture and the other songs touch on more typically Vendetta themes such an the inner psyche state or the joys of Heavy Metal!”.

Hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the industrial north east of England, Vendetta was formed in late 2005. Guitarist Edward Box had already released two solo albums on Lion Music (“Plectrumhead” and “Moonfudge”) but had grown tired of the genre and so wanted to try out some vocal inspired material he had written. Calling on his old friends, guitarist Pete Thompson and bass player Gary Foalle after just one practice one thing became clear; to do the songs justice, forming a fully armed and operational band was the only option. Drummer Mick Robson was seconded from fellow rockers 300 ft Gorilla to help out and the job of learning Box’s compositions began in earnest. By summer 2006 the band was ready to record and twelve tracks were completed over a hot August. Ed’s first port of call was Lion Music and a deal was swiftly hooked up. “Tyranny of Minority” hit the racks in September 2007 and it was indisputably apparent that the band knew their genre inside out. From the anthemic “Generation Kill” to the bone crushing “I Executioner”, the album was a carefully crafted calling card that received a series of first rate reviews.

Around this time the band sought the services of a permanent drummer and Lee Lamb was swiftly recruited to the ranks. With his hard driving and no nonsense style, Lee fitted in straight away so the band drew on this new found energy and wasted no time in booking a series of gigs. These culminated in a special guest appearance at the Storming the Castle Festival in Northumberland and headline shows at their local 02 Academy in the heart of Newcastle. In between live work the band also set about writing album number two. The time spent gigging had really made them gel as a unit and contributions and ideas came thick and fast from all members. Released in November 2009, “Heretic Nation” was received with open arms by the metal community and made several critics’ year end lists. Consistent and focused, it featured an array of world class tunes and the band produced videos for the tracks “My Revelation”, “New Horizon” and “Killing Time”. Of particular note was the improved rhythm section and vocals. Vendetta had heeded some of the criticisms levied at their debut and had responded accordingly.

After more live work the band got down to the business of creating a new record. However this coincided with a series of personal setbacks for various members and so it became clear that album number three would have a difficult gestation period. Turning adversity into a rallying cry the band called upon on every ounce of its professionalism to deliver what is their best work yet – “World Under Fire”.

Vendetta - Halo In Black promo video

01. Convergence.
02. Halo in Black.
03. Machtpolitik.
04. Veil of Empathy.
05. Blast Radius.
06 Lords of Chaos.
07. Fragmented Reality.
08. The Ghost Inside.
09. All Your Setting Suns.
10. We are Legion.

Edward Box – Guitar and Vocals
Pete Thompson – Guitar
Gary Foalle – Bass
Lee Lamb - Drums

Produced by Edward Box, Fred Purser and Pete Thompson.
Engineered and mixed by Fred Purser.
Artwork by Pete Thompson.

WEB LINKS!/VendettasTweets

Guitar Rigs of the stars in one concise volume!News:

Guitar Player presents Guitar Rigs of the Superstars not only reveals the classic gear used by 25 renowned guitarists in the studio and/or onstage, it also informs players on how to build their own "superstar rigs" at affordable prices. The Guitar Player staff decodes the rigs of guitar heroes such as The Edge, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, and Jimmy Page, and then searches for low-cost alternatives to the gear that powered their classic albums and tours. An excellent reference for gearheads of all styles.

Jason Becker: 96% We're So Close... we need your help!!

Jason Becker's NOT DEAD YET! Live posted a new update for Exclusive Live CD:
96% We're So Close!

We’re nearly there everyone. With just three days left, we’re reached 96%. Thank you all for your amazing support. If we can reach our goal, this amazing live CD will see the light of day!

Here is a great performance from Kiko Loureiro from the Jason Beck Concert last November that will appear on the live CD you’re helping to make.

Thank you!

This update includes: 1 video.

View the full update.