News: Leather Leone - wow - still got it!

Yo! Here's a 5 minute blast of Sledge Leather live at the Keep It True Festival in Germany, 2011. Sound mix by our friend Lori Castro. Video edit by our friend Oliver Barth.
The clip has some new songs, some old songs, and some sing-a-longs. LOL. This was Leather's first gig back after her 15 year disappearance. She came back to pay tribute to friend and mentor Ronnie James Dio. Leather and Sledge played in SF Metal band Rude Girl years ago, and decided that now was a cool time to get back going on what they'd started. and
Leather - Vocals
Sledge - Drums
Betze Stephens - Bass
Brett Baugh - Guitar

Sledge Leather Live 2011

Jimmy Bain (bass; also ex-RAINBOW) make guest appearances on "Imagine Me Alive", the debut album from SLEDGE LEATHER, the new band featuring formerCHASTAIN singer Leather Leone. The CD is available by sending $10 viaPayPal to
"Imagine Me Alive" recording lineup:
* Leather Leone (CHASTAIN, MALIBU BARBI, RUDE GIRL) - Vocals
* Scott Warren (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL) - Keyboards
* Jimmy Bain (DIO, RAINBOW) - Bass
* Matthias Weisheit – Guitar
A brand new audio interview with Leather in which she talks about the making of "Imagine Me Alive" has been been posted
* Interview Part 1* Interview Part 2
A five-minute preview of the forthcoming concert DVD from SLEDGE LEATHER , can be seen below. The footage was filmed at last year's edition of the Keep It True XIV festival, which was held April 29-30, 2011 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany. Performing alongside Leather at the show were MALIBU BARBI drummer Sandy Sledge, bassist Betsey Stephens and guitarist Brett Baugh (who has since left the group). The setlist contained a lot of CHASTAIN classics, songs from Leather's solo album and brand new songs.