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Stu Trol: true bypass overdrive pedal

The Biyang X-DRIVE OD-8 is a great true bypass overdrive pedal under £50 built in China!!!
The sound from this thing is a beautifully smooth overdrive without taking away the response of a crisp clean amp but also great a a boost for the gain channel.
It simply creates a saturated air around your notes and can still hear the clean tone within your playing.
Also the unit is very versatile with a 3 mode switch for different characters of overdrive and a Changeable chip set for even more tonal variety and power!!!!

Hope your enjoy!!!! Be Safe

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BIYANG X-DRIVE Overdrive Guitar Pedal Demo - Stutrol.

Eric Potapenko: French Guitar Contest Entry

Eric Potapenko: French Guitar Contest Entry

Charly Sahona: French guitar contest entry

Charly Sahona-French guitar contest entry

Roger Pedersen: Airborne Clean

Airborne Clean sound (no distortion)- Roger Pedersen

Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes, Robert Marcello,Fred Brum,Jack Gardiner: strandberg Musikmesse 2012

.strandberg* guitars Musikmesse 2012 Potpurri

Milan Polak: T-Rex ToneBug Totenschläger demo

T-Rex ToneBug Totenschläger - Milan Polak

Ewan Dobson: Ruta Maya in Austin, TX. 2012

Ewan Dobson- Time2 live in Austin, TX.

Ewan Dobson- Machinery live in Austin, TX.

Paul Gilbert: live with Gabriele Palazzi & Damiano Perazzini feat Emi Gilbert

Medley ZZ Top live, Waitin' for the bus - Jesus just left Chicago
Paul Gilbert - guit, vocals.
Gabriele Palazzi - drums
Damiano Perazzini - bass
featuring Paul's wife Emi Gilbert on keys and background vocals

Paul Gilbert live with Gabriele Palazzi & Damiano Perazzini feat Emi Gilbert

Arnaldo Garcia: cool ballad jam - suhr is sweet!


Russ Parrish: Death To All But Metal - Paris 2012

STEEL PANTHER - Death To All But Metal - Paris 2012

STEEL PANTHER - Community Property - Paris 2012

Victor Fernandes: Tanksteller - Project Instrumental


Dmitry Andrianov: Spring Sun demo

Dmitry Andrianov, "Spring Sun" (demo)

Tommy Denander: Interview and Concert 2012 Musikmesse

Tommy Denander guitarist extraordinaire, producer and recording artist on more than 2000 hit records here in backstage interview with Jon Hammond organist and host of HammondCast and long-time NYC cable TV show The Jon Hammond Show, also Bobby Kimball of Toto! This interview happened at 2012 Frankfurt Musikmesse backstage at the big Agora Stage just seconds before going on the bandstand in concert with Tommy's Allstar band, with footage from the concert of Hendrix tribute with musicians „The legendary Jam-of-the Year"-band with Bobby Kimball (TOTO), Tommy Denander (guitar player, e.g. for Michael Jackson), Bruce Gaitsch (guitar player, e.g. for Richard Marx), Chuck Plaisance vocals, Curt Bisquera (drummer, e.g. for Tina Turner) und Jekko S. Jon Hammond at the Sk1 Hammond organ, Jimmy (last name?) keys, Pitti Hecht percussion Tommy explains his VGS signature guitars with special fret design with Evertune bridge and the True Temperament fretting system. Special thanks Wolfgang Luecke Frankfurt Messe, GEWA Music, Ralf J. Richter aka Jackson and Team for incredible stage support and Ralph Heinrich for incredible mixing, dankeschoen! sincerely, Jon Hammond

Tommy Denander Movie - Interview and Concert 2012 Musikmesse

Alex Hutchings: Roland GA-212 guitar amp

Musikmesse 2012: Roland GA-212 guitar amp

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther - 17 Girls In A Row - Paris 2012

STEEL PANTHER - 17 Girls In A Row - Paris 2012

Thomas Blug: Hughes & Kettner - Musikmesse 2012 Frankfurt

Musikmesse 2012 Frankfurt - Thomas Blug live at Hughes & Kettner - Part I [Re-Up]

Musikmesse 2012 Frankfurt - Thomas Blug live at Hughes & Kettner - Part II

Chris Letchford: The Levitated - Artinger Semi-Hollow 7 Strin

Chris Letchford playing "The Levitated", available via Itunes and limited edition version of "The Collective" on vinyl! Order via STS webstore, linked below.

Chris Letchford: Custom 7 String Artinger Semi-Hollow.
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Ernie Ball Strings.
Intune "Chris Letchford" signature white Jazz III 1.14mm picks.
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Chris Letchford "The Levitated" Play Through Video • Artinger Semi-Hollow 7 String • HD

Doug Aldrich: Musikmesse 2012



Jay Parmar: NEW CD Review Circle Of Fire by Scott Thomas

Jay Parmar's NEW CD Review Circle Of Fire by Scott Thomas:
Jay Parmar returns with his sophomore studio release titled Circle of Fire on Steve Vai’s label Digital Nations. The album follows up his 2005 debut release, Strange Day. Circle of Fire has a total of 12 fiery songs, all of which preserves a unified feel even though there are different singers throughout the CD. As I'm sitting here, I soon realize what I'm listening to is awesome AOR hard rock w/ metal tendencies. I totally dig the catchy hammering riffs, pounding rhythms, lightening slick flashy guitar solos, kick-ass melodies and remember-able vocal harmonies.

And for you Melodic Rockers out there, Jay has something for you too. I miss this kind of music on the radio. Like with this tune called the “Test of Time”. The overall production, engineering and musicianship is top-notch and accomplished. Maestro Parmer’s fretwork is immaculate and doesn’t overplay. He gives each tune exactly the right touch with both his colorful rhythm playing and tasty guitar solos. His leads remind me allot George Lynch’s blazing style. Ok, Jay throws a little Warren DeMartini (Ratt) vibe in there too every now and again. However, Jay still keeps plenty of his identity with his vocals, musical song structures and sonic arrangements. My Favorite song is "Lost in You".

Highlights: “Hell Is The Place,” “Walking In Circles,” “Dragon,” “Circle of Fire”
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock

Full review

News: Chainsaw radio

Radio station
CHAINSAW RADIO is an online internet radio station that plays the best mix of hard rock & heavy metal 24/7

Fred Brum, Tom Quayle, Jack Gardiner, Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes, Andy Wood,: Jaden Rose Guitars at NAMM 2012

Jaden Rose Guitars at NAMM 2012

Alex Hutchings: Roland / Fender GC-1 Stratocaster Guitar

Musikmesse 2012: Roland / Fender GC-1 Stratocaster Guitar

Roland/Fender Musikmesse 2012

MusikMesse 2012 - Demo Roland V-Guitar G-5 e GC-3 by Alex Hutchings

News: Roland GA112 and 212 amp demos Musikmess

We caught the demonstration of the all new GA series of amplifiers at this years musikmesse; the GA112 and the GA212. Although modelling amplifiers, they are not modelled on any existng amps available and feature some truely unique sounds.

Check out the full speck via our website:

Sound was coming directly from the Roland GA212 2x12 Combo Amp.
Audio recorded with the Rode VideoMic Pro.
Roland GA112 and 212 @ Musikmesse 2012

Alex Skolnick: Trio in awesome form at MusikMesse 2012

Alex Skolnick Trio @ MusikMesse 2012

Stu Trol: Guitarified cover of Owl City

Guitarified cover of a fabulously catchy tune by Owl City.
Apologis regarding the loose rendition of the melodies, i tried to get the strings to speak the vocal line the best i could......
Audio Version -
Hope you find something you enjoy! Be Safe!
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Fireflies (Owl City) - Owl City

Joe Perry: Aerosmith US dates 2012

Aerosmith: The Global Warming Tour North American Dates

June 16 Minneapolis, MN Target Center On Sale 3/31
June 19 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena On Sale 3/31
June 22 Chicago, IL United Center On Sale 3/31
June 27 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre On Sale 3/31
July 1 Uniondale, NY Nassau Coliseum On Sale 3/31
July 3 Bristow, VA Jiffy Lube Live On Sale 3/31
July 5 Detroit, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills On Sale 3/31
July 7 Milwaukee, WI Marcus Amphitheater, Summerfest On Sale 3/31
July 17 Boston, MA TD Garden On Sale 3/31
July 21 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center On Sale 3/30
July 24 East Rutherford, NJ IZOD Center On Sale 3/31
July 26 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena On Sale 3/31
July 28 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center On Sale 3/31
July 30 Houston, TX Toyota Center On Sale 3/31
August 1 Denver, CO Pepsi Center On Sale 3/31
August 4 Oakland, CA Oracle Arena On Sale 3/31
August 6 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl On Sale 3/31
August 8 Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome On Sale 3/31

Support for the dates will be Cheap Trick

Arkadiusz Gałka: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Solo

Gałek - Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Solo

Michael Lee Firkins, Ronnie Montrose: Tribute Show announced to feature Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar

Michael Lee Firkins:
Ronnie Montrose Tribute Concert- Fri. April 27th. Sammy Hagar & The Original Montrose Band with Joe Satriani on Guitar-The original Gamma band with Mark Bonilla on Guitar. Neal Schon plus many other special guests. I will be in the first set with the current Montrose band playing my respects to my friend Ronnie.

Tom Quayle, Martin Miller: MusikMesse 2012 jam

Tom Quayle, Martin Miller and friends jamming at MusikMesse 2012

Alex Skolnick: Trio (MusikMesse 2012)

Alex Skolnick Trio (MusikMesse 2012)

Alex Skolnick Trio - Western Sabbath Stomp

Timothy Reid: Goodbye - instrumental CD available

Timothy Reid - Goodbye (For Now)

Nick Sandt: Renovatio

in case sound cloud does not work for you.

"Renovatio" Nick Sandt

Edu Ardanuy,Eric Sous: ZOOM G3 demo

Edu Ardanuy e Eric Sous apresentando a ZOOM G3 ( HD )

Marshall Harrison: J.S. Bach - Partita no3 - Preludio - now with tab

Hey Fans, The preparations for this video commenced months ago during a recent trip to Las Vegas and the fruits of those labors were realized only yesterday. I did upload a faster and slightly more unmusical version but felt the note accuracy wasn't acceptable. This recording is slighly slower but quite a bit more accurate. My fluorescent yellow RG550 was to be the instrument used in this video but though visually stunning the playability of the Vigier Shawn Lane model is without peer therefore that is what you see here. Some of the notes were shifted an octave to give the pedal points an open string "fulcrum".

Technically, this piece requires excellence in many different areas notably alternate, sweeping, and SWYBRYD picking. If you want the tab to this unequivocal masterpiece then send $8 USD to

Marshall Harrison - J.S. Bach - Partita no3 - Preludio

Adam Nolly Getgood, Petey Graves: Red Sea Fires - Quintuppies

Red Seas Fire live in Bristol, 22/03/2012


Fred Brum,Richard Lainegard,Frank Steffen Mueller: talking guitar at Musikmesse 2012

Musikmesse2012 Fred Brum Richard Lainegard Frank Steffen Mueller

Ben Travers: Gypsy Jazz

Rick Graham:
Hi guys, had a lesson with the amazing Gypsy Jazz player Ben Travers of Gypsy Fire yesterday. As you can see the guy is a beast! I'll be posting some of my own videos soon.

Ben Travers - Gypsy Jazz

Rik Emmett: Stranger In A Strange Land 1987

Rik at a guitar clinic in 1987 in a rare performance of the Triumph song "Stranger In A Strange Land". Sorry, the quality isn't very good, it's from a bootleg...

Rik Emmett 1987 playing Triumph's "Stranger In A Strange Land".

Alex Mihajlichenko: Vigier guitar live show


Remy Hansen: Candymen Rehearsal 2012

Candymen Rehearsal 2012

2012 Candymen Rehearsal

Eric Calderone: Calvin Harris Meets Metal

We Found Love by Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris Meets Metal

Sergio Paganini: Cool Rock Fusion

Rock Fusion - Sergio Paganini

Jan Laurenz: little loop

little loop song by jan laurenz

Lawrence Reed,James Douglas:Fight and Flight - acoustic duo

Lawrence Reed: 
I've just recently teamed up with James Douglas to form an acoustic guitar duet - Fight and Flight. It is refreshing to get back to the beautiful sound of two interwoven acoustic guitars.
Fight and Flight are planning a small UK tour and recording an EP in the summer. If anyone knows of any venues that might be appropriate please put us in touch.
We've posted some roughly recorded excerpts of past concerts which you can hear at

Michael Dolce: New transcriptions available with power tab and backing tracks

Michael Dolce:

Just letting you all know that theres 2 new transcriptions available for purchase .
I gotta go and Mr negative , solo sections transcribed. They both come with power tab and pdf’s plus the solo section backing tracks.
For those of you who haven’t heard my album its going for $5 this month.
click on the following link

Tommaso Zillio: Can You Be a Professional Player If You Don't Know How To Read Music?

Can You Be a Professional Player If You Don't Know How To Read Music?

Tommaso Zillio -


Just mention reading music to some musicians and you will have a variety of reactions: the ones who can do it will assure you it's fundamental and necessary, the ones who can't usually dodge the question -- but you can clearly see that they have something to say on the topic. And after all, this is a question that we all asked to ourselves at least once: do I need to be able to read music? Should I feel "guilty" because I can't?

As I learned to read music late in my music education, I used to feel this way too. Of course now I know how to read, but having been on both sides of the divide for quite a long time I can give you my informed opinion on how this really is. And I have some good and some bad news.

The good news is that to be able to be a musician, or even to understand music theory you DO NOT need to be able to read music. I fact, you can become quite proficient in your knowledge and application of music theory without knowing how to read a single note -- as unpopular as this may be to some musicians and teachers.

More Than One Notation
There is another side to this coin, though, so let's look at the "bad" news. In order to write down your ideas or to communicate with other musicians you DO need to learn some form of music notation . This because if you don't know ANY ways of reading/writing music you will be quite a disadvantage in any situation where you need to work on your song, both by yourself and with other people. Communicating efficiently will be impossible. You may also be excluded from some circles because it is too difficult to explain songs or concepts to you. But don't worry! Not all types of music notation require you to learn to read a score. Most of them are way easier, and just as useful.

The first thing to do is to determine what music notation you NEED to know. This article deals with that. Of course the second step is to learn the notation(s) that you need to know. There will be some resources at the end of this article that will help you. Let's now see the most common ways to notate music: Standard notation, Tablature, and Chord-based systems.

Chord-Based Systems
While being the most known systems, Tablature and standard notation are definitely not the only ones used. There are in fact other even more common music notation systems. These systems are generally used to notate chord progression as opposed to a complete arrangement (such as Standard notation or Tablature). The most used one is probably the Nashville "number system": this system is simply a must to know for most studio work and jam sessions. It allows you to rapidly communicate chord progressions in any key and as a side bonus it also improves your knowledge of music theory! I definitely recommend that you learn this system - it's easy and useful.

If you are a classical musician, you might want to learn the classical "roman numerals" music notation method instead. The two systems -- the Nashville and the Roman Numerals -- are practically equivalent: they are both used to notate chord progressions. The only real difference between them is that he roman numeral system is more common in classical music, while the Nashville system is more widespread in modern music.

Standard Notation or Tablature?
There are few specific cases where you absolutely need learn to read standard music notation. If you want to be a classical musician, or if you want to work in situations where you need to work with classical musicians (such as working in the movie music industry, or becoming an orchestrator) then you definitely need to be able to read standard music notation. Since these are very specific goals, I will assume that they are not your goals -- if they are, just need to learn standard notation, there's no other way around it.

Learning the complete standard notation is thus definitely a need only for some musicians. However I am of the opinion that any musician should at least learn rhythmic notation (i.e. what is a bar, how to divide it in beats, how to divide the beats in eighths, sixteenths, triplets, etc). This kind of notation have the power of generate an incredible amount of music idea, and it's easy to learn.

As I'm sure you know, the most widespread notation for guitar music is Tablature (Tab for short). Compared to standard notation, Tab has both pros and cons. An advantage of Tab it's that the fingering is already done - with other forms of notations you need to figure out by yourself where to play the notes, as the same note can be fretted on more than one string on the guitar! . This is in probably the reason Tab is so popular among guitarists. And yet, this very feature is also one of the main disadvantages of Tab, as different players may find different fingerings more comfortable.

Another problem of Tab is the complete lack of rhythmic notation: it is virtually impossible to learn a song only from Tab (while it is possible, and common, to learn a piece of music from standard notation even if you have never heard it before). In fact a good part of the stigma of Tab is due to lack of rhythmic notation.Of course, we can easily overcome this by listening to a recording on the song while we are learning it.

While many classical musicians look down at Tab as "poor man's music notation", it's interesting to note that string players need too to prepare their fingering in advance for complex pieces! In fact Tab-like notations were in use in the past for many string instruments, such as the Viola da Gamba.

Other musicians may think that it's better to learn a piece "by ear". While I do agree, to a certain extent, I also notice that this criticism concerns standard notation too! In the end, I think that Tab is a good system provided you use it in the right context (i.e. alongside a recording of the piece).

How Do I Find An Explanation Of These Systems?
The take-home message here is that you should learn only the systems that are useful for your goals as a musician. Do not learn the Nashville system if you want to play only classical music, and do not learn standard notation if all you want to play is Blues! You will never use them! ! Once you have made your choice, what you are missing is a detailed explanation on how to learn your music notation of choice by yourself.

Since I know you may need help in learning your music notation of choice, I wrote for you a free eBook that explains all the systems we talked about in this article. You can download here your free eBook on music reading

About the Author
A professional guitarist, teacher, and composer, Tommaso Zillio enjoys particularly writing about music theory and its application to guitar playing