Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Scott Henderson, Scott Jones: Tribal Tech X get it and find out why!!!

Track 1 Mech X
Track 2 Got Faith `N Phat
Track 3 Time Lapse
Track 4 Anthem
Track 5 Palm Moon Plaza
Track 6 Gravity
Track 7 Working Blue
Track 8 Ask Me a Question
Track 9 Let's Get Swung
Track 10 Corn Butter

Scott Jones
REMINDER FUSION FRIENDS! Tonight is the release at midnight of Tribal Tech's first C.D. in 12 years!

X by Tribal Tech - Preorder X on
Preorder and download songs from X by Tribal Tech on iTunes. Preorder X for just $11.99.

Tribal Tech X
by: ScottHenderson

Chris Feener: Guitar Trick Bag! Exercise #1

Get Chris' full tutorial with more licks here:
More free lessons:
Chris Feener's Guitar Trick Bag! Exercise #1 (including tab)

Radek Chwieralski: Nocturne E-flat Major Op.9 No2 of Frederic Chopin

Radek Chwieralski - great contemporary version

Radek Chwieralski - portfolio

A recent radio broadcast, over 50 minutes of great guitar playing.

02.02.12 Koncert Radia Dla Ciebie - Radek Chwieralski i Przyjaciele

Paul Wardingham: UK shredder turn all Aussie on me!

Paul Wardingham
I am now officially an Australian citizen. Aussie, aussie, aussie! with Mayor Pam Parker
Congratulations to the newly crowned antipodean... but we all know blood is thicker than paper! May he shred long and prosper!

News: Sonisphere Festival has been cancelled

Sonisphere Festival has been cancelled, according to reports.
BBC Newsbeat writes that Queen leaked news of the festival's cancellation on their website, However, at the time of writing, the Queen site has taken the story down.


Eric Johnson: DunlopTV interview

DunlopTV - Eric Johnson

Shawn Lane: The Willy's Memphis TN 1988

Shawn Lane with "The Willy's" - Memphis Sound, Memphis TN 1988

Eugene Berger: opening for the Aristocrats

23/3/2012, Reading 3 Tel Aviv, Eugene Berger performed as an opening act for The Aristocrats

Eugene Berger - Funkissimo, Reading 3 Tel Aviv, opening act for The Aristocrats

Marcin Duński: Seven - excellent fusion - MUST HEAR

My latest work-SEVEN-promoting resulting album was True Love-story of the music was attended by Przemek Tasty-drums -keyboards Michael Rorate Kosma Inkwell-bass -vocals Matthew Krautwurst, text Marcin Danish, guitar, music

Marcin Duński feat. Mateusz Krautwurst-SEVEN

John Cassio: Holdsworth Leaves

Holdsworth Leaves

Jeff Loomis: Surrender TREES Dallas Texas 2012

Jeff Loomis playing "Surrender" at TREES Dallas Texas 3-27-12

Christophe Godin: Laney stand Musikmesse 2012

Christophe Godin is one of the more consistent musicians who comes to Messe to do demos in that he's a crowd-pleaser, can play blazingly fast, but also exhibits both taste and humor. In this demo, he rocked the Laney booth with a minmalist setup that emphasized the amp itself.

Christophe Godin at the Laney Booth

Jeff Loomis: "Sibylline Origin" at TREES Dallas Texas 2012

Jeff Loomis playing "Sibylline Origin" at TREES Dallas Texas 3-27-12

Nicolas Garcia: French Guitar Contest 2012

French Guitar Contest - Nicolas Garcia

Milan Polak: T-Rex Gull

T-Rex Gull - Milan Polak

Zakk Wylde: Stone Cold Steve Austin Roasts

Stone Cold Steve Austin couldn't make it to the rock n roll roast of Zakk Wylde, but he didn't pass up an opportunity to send in his own personal roasting. Check out this video where Stone Cold gives his thoughts on Zakk's lyrics, and teaches him how to maintain good hygiene.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Roasts Zakk Wylde

Russ Parrish: Satchel and the inflatables - When Steel Panther returned to the UK in March, we had but one mission - to find out from guitarist Satchel (aka Russ Parrish) what riffs bring in the ladies. Brought to you by

Thrash Hits TV: Steel Panther's Satchel talks guitar

Russ Parrish: Satchel interview for Linea Rock

Satchel-Steel Panther interview for Linea Rock

Carl Verheyen: interview for Linea Rock

Carl Verheyen (Supertramp) interview for Linea Rock

Ola Englund: AMT Stonehead - Metal
The guys at AMT was kind enought to let me have their showcase Stonehead amp for a couple of demos. And believe me this 50W amp packs a PUNCH!
Check out their stuff at: 7 Guitars Solar7 :
Signal chain:
S7G Solar7 with Seymour Duncan Distortion SH6 - AMT Stonehead - Marshall JCM900 Lead - SM57 - Presonus Audiobox 22 VSL

AMT Stonehead - Metal

Artur Tadevosyan: Cigar Box Guitar - awesome sound yeha!

Artur Tadevosyan imporvise on his 3 days old Cigar Box Guitar made by Saint Blues Guitars in Memphis

Saint Blues Cigar Box Guitar Improvisation

Doug Aldrich: Billie Jean

Doug Aldrich, Michael Devin, Brian Tichy (SteamRolla) "Billie Jean"Birmingham 2012

Vinnie Moore: Venus UFO Rock City 2012

In front of a good turnout on a Tuesday night, this time I have picked one of my favourites in the last 15 years from Walk On Water instead of the the classic's that always get posted. So please don't be disappointed.

Venus ' Live ' UFO Rock City 27 March 2012.

Roberto Restuccia: Ballad In D Minor

Ballad In D Minor by Roberto Restuccia

Jeff Loomis:"The Ultimatum" at TREES Dallas 2012

Jeff Loomis and his band playing "Jato Unit" at TREES in Dallas Texas, this is just the last 20 seconds of the song, that's all I could catch since Jeff Loomis already had started when I got there to the club, still the guitar playing is insane !!!

Jeff Loomis playing "The Ultimatum" at TREES Dallas Texas 3-27-12

News: CD Baby Guide Selling More Music with Facebook.

Want to know how to win fans and sell music on the world's most popular website?
Looking for tips to help you build and maintain direct relationships with your fans on Facebook? Want to know how to run an effective Facebook ad campaign? Curious what the best ways are to entice people to share and buy your music?

If you've got the temperament and time for social networking, Facebook can be a great platform to promote your music career. While we're not dogmatic about anything, CD Baby has put together a free guide that will set you on the right path, offering suggestions, how-tos, and t ips for "power users."

Ultimately, in order to be successful using Facebook as a promotional tool, you'll have to use your own authentic voice! But we hope this free, PDF guide will help you avoid stumbling around in the wilderness for too long while waiting to discover the approach that works best for you.

Matthew Heulitt: MoeTar the return of classic progressive music

Bay Area-based modern progressive rock band, MoeTar, perform "Butchers of Baghdad". This song slyly and skillfully dissect the perils of our consumer culture and our belief systems.

MoeTar - "Butchers Of Baghdad"

Abdel Kader: French Guitar Contest 2012

French Guitar Contest - Kader

Guthrie Govan: ICMP exclusive masterclass

On Tuesday 17th April, the Institute will welcome Guthrie Govan to give an exclusive masterclass* to Institute students at the Tricycle Cinema in Kilburn.

Guthrie is arguably the most exciting and significant new guitarist to emerge in the virtuosic rock/fusion guitar scene in many years. A brilliant artist who is at home in a variety of musical genres and styles, he combines astonishing technique with vast theoretical knowledge, a down-to-earth feel, sophisticated harmonic vocabulary, superb improvisation abilities, alongside a penchant for memorable melodies, and woody organic tone. Whether it's mainstream shred rock a la G3, fusion jazz, chicken-picking country, groove-driven funk, down-home blues or whatever other style you could think of, Guthrie does them all with fantastic skill.

Additionally, Guthrie has worked as a transcriber for Guitar Techniques magazine since 1994, and regularly works with the sample recreation company Replay Heaven, as a result of which his guitar and bass work has graced hit singles by the likes of Sonny J, the Sugababes, Cee Lo Green and Dizzee Rascal. He has also toured extensively with Dizzee, performing in arenas and festivals throughout the UK.

The masterclass will cover topics such as improvisation, efficient playing techniques, and ear development as well as sharing advice on how to generate a range of guitar tones using basic equipment. Guthrie will also demo some of the material from his Erotic Cakes and The Aristocrats albums.

For more information on this event or courses at the Institute, contact us directly:
- 0207 328 0222

*Within just 48hrs of internal announcement, this masterclass was sold out twice over, and thus Institute has decided to take it to a larger venue. There are a therefore still few tickets available to the general public, priced at only £10 per ticket.

To book a place on the masterclass, please visit The Tricycle website or call the Box Office on 020 7328 1000.

Ted Nugent: Rockeyez Interview

Brian Rademacher interviews the "Motor City Mad Man" Ted Nugent 3/23/2012

Rockeyez Interview w/ Ted Nugent 3/23/2012

Dhalif Ali: Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah demo

This a playthrough demo of the Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah, Placed just before my regular rig setup.
Guitar im using in this video is an 1990 Ibanez RG 560 with stock pickups S1, S1, V2.
Would like to thank samuraifingerz again for the awesome competition and prize! Keep it metal \m/

Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah PLAYTHROUGH Demo

Joop Wolters: Spring Time for Snow White Stratocaster


News: Finally a guitar for hard times!

homemade crapguitar solo

Kenny Serane: Bogner pedals Uberschall Ecstasy Blue and Red - Musikmesse

Musikmesse 2012 - Bogner pedals Uberschall Ecstasy Blue and Red

Jamie Humphries: demos Blackstar ID Series Musikmesse 2012

Musikmesse 2012 - Blackstar ID Series

News: AMT Electronics Stonehead Musikmesse 2012

Musikmesse 2012 - AMT Electronics Stonehead

Timothy Reid: Electric Zen now on itunes

Timothy Reid

fans of great guitar interested in purchasing a download copy  :

iTunes - Music - Electric Zen by Timothy Reid
Preview songs from Electric Zen by Timothy Reid on the iTunes Store. Preview, buy, and download Electric Zen for $6.93. Songs start at just $0.99.

Ruggero Robin: BKK trio kicking major fusion butt!

BKK TRIO & Ruggero Robin - Rimavská Sobota

Vinnie Moore: UFO Rock City 2012

In front of a good turnout on a Tuesday night, this time I have picked one of my favourites in the last 15 years from Walk On Water instead of the the classic's that always get posted. So please don't be disappointed.

Venus ' Live ' UFO Rock City 27 March 2012

Artur Cabanas: gets a little blue with his mobile phone

Improvisación, Stratocaster (recorded with the mobile)

Roger Franco: classy rock soloing - Double Vision

Roger Franco tocando no DVD Double Vision - Sydnei Carvalho e Alex Martinho

James Hutchinson: Artisan Luthier launches Hutchinson Guitar Concepts

Artisan Luthier 'James Hutchinson' launches Hutchinson Guitar Concepts
Guitar builder crafts roadworthy instruments into functioning works of art!
Fitting custom string gauges, installing aftermarket pickups, and swapping out hardware are all modifications made by guitarists to personalise their instruments. UK-based artisan luthier, James Hutchinson, is taking guitar design, customisation and personalisation to its absolute zenith, with Hutchinson Guitar Concepts. Offering a bespoke service limited only by imagination, any guitar can become a functioning work of art.

The Hutchinson Guitar Concepts website features a portfolio of finished guitars that exert design inspiration from genres and themes as diverse as Steampunk, Natural Disasters, and Chinese dynasties. The Cybertech, Molten Lava, and Bronze Top guitars are just a few examples of what can be achieved through intricate wood carving, masterful finishing and state of the art electronics. James puts hundreds of hours of work into every fine detail, ensuring that each Tibetan symbol is perfectly engraved, and each ripple of molten lava oozes and glows with incredible LED lighting effects.

Each guitar featured in James's portfolio is now available as a theme to order for your own guitar. Several of these portfolio items are commissions from world touring, platinum selling artists. Look out for Hutchinson Guitar Concepts this summer, as our instruments make their way to the largest festival stages and hottest tours in 2012.

Hutchinson Guitar Concepts gladly accept requests for new custom concepts and designs, offering extensive modifications to existing guitars, or complete concept instruments built to the highest standard. If you’ve ever wanted a guitar built to embody your favourite place, time, movie, game, fashion, genre or style, look no further than Hutchinson Guitar Concepts! Quotations can be provided via the website contact form.

To learn more about Hutchinson Guitar Concepts visit: . For further information, images, and interview opportunities, please contact:

Joe Satriani: Eternal Descent and Calabash Animation launch Animated Series on IndieGoGo

Eternal Descent and Calabash Animation launch Animated Series on IndieGoGo
Star studded heavy metal series from IDW Publishing puts music and comics in motion.

The Eternal Descent comic series from IDW Publishing has bridged the worlds of music and comics like no other, with an army of chart topping heavy metal stars including Joe Satriani,
Wayne Static, Gus G, Arch Enemy, Periphery, Shadows Fall, and many more appearing
throughout the saga.

In our continued effort to explore the unholy alliance between heavy metal and high fantasy, we’ve teamed up with Calabash Animation, the acclaimed animation studio led by Sean Henry and Wayne Brejcha, to bring you an animated reimagining of Eternal Descent! Having tested our mettle with a 2 minute animated preview, we’re now in pre-production for a 22 minute pilot episode, which would realize Eternal Descent as a fully animated TV show. It’s our
pleasure to announce that Mike Sizemore is handling the script, and if you love animation, fantasy, and heavy guitars, then this could be the show you’ve been waiting for! See the preview and find out how you can get involved at: 
While we aim to have a complete series commissioned by a network, we’ll be releasing the pilot online, to be enjoyed for free. The pilot will be launched as an episodic web series with 5 action packed installments!

Eternal Descent remains entirely creator owned and we want to include you, the fans, as much as possible. Sharing this message will be a huge help to our cause, but if you’d like to contribute directly we’ve created an awesome array of rewards, perks and experiences to show our appreciation. From signed comics to custom ESP Guitars, we’ve got you covered!
Bringing this project to life will be a creative challenge for all of us, and we want you to be a part of the production every step of the way. We’re going to be shooting exclusive behind-the-scenes footage to release alongside the animated series, so you’ll get to see how the animators work their magic and follow studio sessions with the incredible guest guitarists who have always been a part of our world. The pieces are in place, the descent begins! 

To learn more about Eternal Descent visit and for further information, images, review copies and interview opportunities with the creators and musicians who appear in
Eternal Descent, contact

Laurie Monk: listening starting to stack up

Woah... lots of new material to listen too... a couple of away trips and family duties cause a bit of a backlog... lots of video and photos to process too... oh well... tempus fugit..

From Drop Box

News: Busker plays unique double neck

From Drop Box