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Matt Warnock: Holdsworth-style Tritone Sub Mixolydian Scale Pattern

A cool Holdsworth-style lick to kick off your weekend, check it out! - Tritone Sub Mixolydian Scale Pattern
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Johan Randén: stunning new album Summary details announced

Johan Randén is a stunning talent from Sweden... highly recommended.

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Lund, Sweden - Much to the anticipation of guitar aficionados around the world, on May 4, 2012, one of Sweden's youngest and most talented guitarists, Johan Randén, releases his third solo-album 'Summary' on Reingold Records, home to prog superstars the Flower Kings. 'Summary' is a musical journey that takes us through guitar picking à la Steve Morse in the country influenced track "Country Maniac", to beautiful bluesy and tasty woodwork à la Jeff Beck in "Floating Around". On this record Johan proves that he´s not only a guitarist but also a great songwriter and producer, with the guitar always in focus. Bengan Andersson, Sven Lindvall, Staffan Astner form the backbone of ”Summary”.

Johan Randén was born to play the guitar. At the age of 12, he played with Freak Kitchen at Sweden Rock Festival and today at 24, Johan Randén already works as a freelance guitar player, composer, producer and musical director. He has also worked and played with bands and people like Bronk (Staffan Astner, Per Lindvall, Sven Lindvall), Janne Schaffer, Simon Andersson (Pain Of Salvation), Andreas Brobjer (Lady Gaga), Jonas Reingold (Flower Kings, Karmakanic) and many more…

His first solo album 'Lead Guitar', released in 2002 when Johan was only 14 years old, was written and produced by Mattias IA Eklundh from Freak Kitchen. It soon led to Johan's second release 'Version 2.0' in 2005, this time with Johan as co-writer together with producer Christian Alsing. 'Lead guitar' was a succes in Asia and Japan and with his second album, he toured in Japan together with Freak Kitchen were he also recorded a guitar DVD for 'Young Guitar', the biggest guitar magazine in Japan. Johan has been endorsed by both Yamaha and Elexir Strings and currently he is endorsed by Fender Guitars.

For more info and high resolution photos, contact us at:

Presented in a digipak with booklet
In stores May 4, 2012 Order New Album
Pre-orders at Reingold Records from April 20, 2012

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1. Tres hombres
2. Country Mainiac
3. Sky express
4. Floating around
5. Eclipse
6. E.R.T
7. Cheese and Miller
8. Naga jolika
9. Funk it
10. Wind Trees.
Produced by Johan Randén

Visit us at

Press Inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

Ben Levin: Let's Learn Giant Steps III

Download the free backing track and transcriptions here:
Learn how to improvise over Giant Steps with this series! The path to learning a tune as hard as Giant Steps involves a lot of patience and diligence, but I truly believe anyone can do it with the right amount of focus! In this lesson I give an in depth analysis of the harmony and also show you a lick that John Coltrane used in his solo over Giant Steps.

I teach private lessons on Skype so email me at if you'd like to sign up for some!

Let's Learn Giant Steps with Dr. Levin Part 3

Wolf Hoffmann: Accept - Balls To The Wall -Milk Club, Moscow, Russia 2012

I remember seeing Accept, way back when, in Bristol Hippodrome...looks like they are back...and kicking ass.

Milk Club, Moscow, Russia, 28.04.2012Accept - Balls To The Wall (Live in Moscow, Milk Club, 28.04.2012)

Accept - Balls To The Wall

Joel Hoekstra: adding Hybrid Picking to Hard Rock

Joel Hoekstra, guitarist of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, hit Broadway musical Rock of Ages, and Night Ranger (alongside co-guitarist Brad Gillis), stops by GIT, the Guitar Program at Musicians Institute, to share his personal hybrid picking approaches, in which he employs both plucked notes and picked notes within the same riffs and melodies. An exclusive video lesson to accompany the article Guitar Player magazine Jude Gold.

Joel Hoekstra's Hard Rock Hybrid Picking -- Guitar Player Magazine

Vernon Neilly: Guitar Power cool new competition

Boosweet Records the independently owned and operated label based in California since 1999, recently created history in the country of Argentina with its “Guitar Power” guitar competition. The “Guitar Power” program is the brainchild of award winning guitarist/producer/actor and label CEO Vernon Neilly, and Marcelo Roascio who is a partner with Laura Goldar in Todo Guitarra Y Bajo Magazine, the major guitar/bass publication in the Argentine market. Vernon has traveled the world not only as a solo artist, but in the past has worked with legendary artists in the entertainment business. “Guitar Power” was held in the city of Buenos Aires and was sponsored by Boosweet Records, Todo Guitarra Y Bajo Magazine, Seymour Duncan, Xotic Effects,Morley Pedals, Giannini Strings, Tecniforte Cables, Antitodo Guitar Straps, and Guitar Global LLC. 10 finalists were selected to perform live before judges at the historic Bauen Theater in Buenos Aires from multitudes of entries that were received from all over Argentina. The winner Chowy Fernandes received an all expenses paid recording contract with Boosweet Records, as well as gear donated by the sponsors. There were also second and third place winners who received products from the sponsors of the event. Major media outlets in Argentina supported the historic making event such as video channels MTV, CME, and powerhouse Rock & Pop 95.9 radio located in Buenos Aires. Vernon also did countless interviews with major press supporting the “Guitar Power” event. This historical event was a huge success and will be continued due to the attention Boosweet Records and Neilly garnered for the event. This was not the first time that Vernon Neilly and Boosweet records partnered with major brands in the music world. Previously he was recognized for his “Six String Extravaganza” contest with label CEO and guitar icon Steve Vai.

Boosweet Records, Guitar Global, and Vernon Neilly are currently running another “Custom Guitar Giveaway”. To be eligible interested parties only have to go to Vernon’s fan page at like the page and then forward an email to the director of promotions at to be notified if you win. You can also direct all questions to this address concerning the giveaway. Last day to enter is June 30, 2012.

Vernon Neilly, Marcelo Roascio, Chowy Fernandez Live At "Guitar Power" 2011 Buenos Aires

Roy Marchbank: Lucky Ferris - tab for the advanced soloist

Roy Marchbank

New track Lucky Ferris finally completed, you lot get the unmixed track ;) guitar nuts will prolly be more partial from 2.50 onwards, Slantë

Celtic Fusion-Roy Marchbank-Lucky Ferris unmixed

Irene Ketikidi: Extended Pentatonic Licks - great new lesson

In this lesson, we’ll explore some ideas based around different extended/combined shapes in Em Pentatonic. Instead of using the traditional positions which have 2 notes per string and can be restrictive, we’ll see how to visualise more than one position within a group and use our familiar 3/note/string patterns. Players like Paul Gilbert use this approach in their playing a lot.

By learning to play the licks you will improve your:
Stretch fingerings
Fretboard knowledge on extended pentatonic shapes
Combined picking, legato and tapping technique
String skipping
Left hand tapping
Overall muting
Irene Ketikidi - Live4Guitar instructor

Don't forget to check out the free lessons page, as I am giving away one of the licks in this video for free!!
You can get this full lesson here:

Extended Pentatonic Licks - Guitar Lesson by Irene Ketikidi

Nico Schliemann: Whole Lotta Fusion - Suhr Rasmus

Nico Schliemann:
Me jamming along martin millers JTC jamtrack "whole lotta fusion" ( is where you can get it) The guitar used is a Suhr Rasmus straight into the AXE FX standard (HAD ODS 1 amp model used).

Nico Schliemann - Whole Lotta Fusion (Martin Miller Jamtrackcentral Jamtrack)

David Valdes: broken finger making work on solos for the new album difficult

David Valdes I'm working in the solos!!is a hell!my fingers is broken!

David Valdes - Voices In A Deep

David Valdes - Castle In Heaven

Marco Mendoza: Sammu from Planetmosh interviews

Sammu from Planetmosh interviews Marco Mendoza

Marco Mendoza.mp4

Tom Hess: How To Make Your Music Career Highly Profitable And Stable

How To Make Your Music Career Highly Profitable And Stable

If you hold the belief that it is ‘wrong’ to try to make money with your musical talents, do not read any further…simply close this page now.

For those of you who have decided to continue reading….welcome. Fact is, the majority of musicians want to have a career in music. However, these musicians also doubt their abilities to make good money in music, and fear that they will not be able to support themselves. Unfortunately, these people end up pursuing non-music jobs where they work full time and despise every time they go to clock in. This is all done out of the idea that a ‘normal job’ is safe and secure, while a music related career is highly risky with little security. This is one of the very most common misconceptions that I see ALL THE TIME while training musicians to succeed in their careers!

In truth, achieving great financial success while working on your music career is not as difficult as you might think. In addition, you don’t need to be a big time rock star to make good money in the music business. However, in order to become financially free in your music career, you will need to take a very different approach than the one that is taken by most musicians. You will need to approach your music career as both a “musical artist” AND as a businessman (or woman). You must run your career as a business, where your primary goal is to add as much value as possible to your fans, other bands, music company officials, and other people in the business of music.

Most musicians do not know how to treat their music career in a professional, business-like manner. This is why so many of these people struggle to make a lot of money in the music business.

To quickly test out your current understanding of what it takes to become successful in the music business, take this quick music career assessment about pursuing a music career before reading the rest of this article.

Besides not being prepared to achieve success in the business side of music, many musicians fail to make a decent income in their careers because they make the following mistakes:

Not Taking The Time To Identify Your Market

Once you have become familiar with the value you have to give to the music industry, you will you need to find and identify the people who you will give value to. For example, imagine that you were about to release your newest record. Who are the people (fans) that would be waiting to buy your new music? Do you have a way to quickly and easily contact these people? If not, what action are you taking right now to build a list of your potential customers? Now imagine that you were a session musician. Do you have an organized list of all your potential customers/business partners such as musicians, recording studios, or bands? What are you going to do today to get in touch with these people and show them how you can help them with your skills and talents?

One of the most common mistakes made by musicians is that they spend the time to create an album, increase their musical skills, or work in another area of the music industry, but when it comes time to receive the payoff for their hard work, they have great difficulty making any money. This happens because they have not taken the time to build a database of customers who are ready and willing to pay for the value that the musician is offering. Since this is such a common issue, I have made this one of my main areas of focus while mentoring the musicians in my Music Careers Mentoring Program.

Additionally, musicians will make the mistake of assuming that once they are signed with a music company that the company will take all the responsibility to further their career. This is not true. The fact is, YOU are the one who will need to take initiative in your music career in order to promote yourself and make a better living. Work on building your own list of customers and fans so that you are the one in control of this aspect of your career. This can be used as a great tool to improve negotiations with future music business partners to make more money for you (AND for EVERYONE else involved).

Not Having Solid Goals And Ways To Reach Them

To earn a good living in the music industry, you MUST develop a specific plan for how you will reach your goals. If you merely fantasize about making a lot of money, this is not enough to make this goal a reality. Rather than fantasizing, start working toward what you want to achieve by asking yourself the following questions:
  1. What is your desired yearly income from your music career?
  2. What are the sources of musical income that will make the amount in question 1 possible?
  3. What action must you take to set up these sources of income? (Read this article on music business career planning to learn more about this)
  4. How many ways can you ADD VALUE to your interactions with people in the music business? (Think of every possibility!)
  5. How many ways can you eliminate risk for other people in the music business?
After you have figured out your answers for each question above, you must focus on making every action you take in your music career go toward achieving the exact goals you have made for yourself.

Most musicians looking to become successful in the music business are not sure what they must do to reach their desired goals. If you are experiencing this as well, the best solution to this problem is to seek out training from a professional who has shown other musicians how to earn a lot of money in their careers. This way, you can avoid making mistakes that will cost you significant time and effort to fix.

Thinking That Popularity = Making A Lot Of Money In The Music Industry

Fact is, the majority of musicians who are ‘making it’ in the music industry are NOT rock stars. Being part of a popular band does not mean that you will be earning a great living. The truth is that some musicians (who are very popular) still work side jobs just to get by. By understanding this, you will be able to push ‘fame’ aside in order to focus on the most effective ways to work toward your goal of making a good living in music. Of course it is possible to both be famous AND make a lot of money in the music industry, however it is most important at this point to focus your efforts on the appropriate aspects of your goal.

Not Taking The Time To Set Up Various Music Related Sources Of Income

It is common for musicians to treat their music career in the same manner that they have treated any other job that they have had. They expect a single paycheck at the end of an established period of time from doing a “single” activity. Unfortunately, this approach will NOT help you to achieve financial success in the music business. In order to make a good living in your music career, you must stop thinking from the mindset of obtaining a single sum of money as your main goal. Instead, you must work to build many different sources of musical income that go into your bank account on an ongoing, residual basis. By taking this approach, it becomes much easier to make a lot of money from music. In fact, musicians who use this method with save themselves time as well (because they do not have to continually work to get a paycheck). This enables them to have more freedom to pursue things such as writing music, touring and performing, or recording in the studio. In the end, it is important to have income coming in from both your active efforts and your past efforts that you already took the time to set up (that continue to make you money). Additionally, by approaching your music career in this manner, you will feel much more stable since you will not be dependent on any single source of income to pay your bills.

Not Consistently Providing Additional Value To Other People In The Music Industry

To gain a solid understanding of what “value” means when it applies to the idea of making a living in the music business, you must pay close attention to the next sentence. Regardless of what you do in the music industry, whether it be touring in a band, creating music in the studio, giving music instruction or working as a record producer, the people in the music industry (including bands you play for, record labels, music students, etc.) must decide on working together with you versus thousands of musicians competing for the same opportunity. If you don’t want to blend in with the crowd and go unnoticed, you will need to gain the upper hand on your music competition by creating value that far exceeds that of what most musicians are able to offer. This does NOT simply mean working on developing your music skills! Developing truly high value in your music career deals with many different aspects of your personal mindset, emotional stability under stress, and ability to work very hard on a consistent basis.

If you want to make a lot of money in your music career, you will need to make it 110% clear that you are the number one choice when someone in the music industry must choose between you and your competitors. In fact, this must be TOTALLY clear before anyone has even listened to one second of your music!

This may seem like a simple concept as you are reading it right now. However, as simple as it may be, almost all musicians DO NOT build their music careers by acting on this basic principle. To find out how much you apply this concept in your own music career, take this quick music career survey for creatingvalue in the music business.

By increasing your potential to create value (for all people involved) during any music related activity, you will be able to quickly earn a lot of money in the music business. This is one of the main ideas I focus on while training musicians to build highly successful music careers.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of musicians who think that making good money from their musical talents is “wrong” or “deceptive” in some way. These people think that it is only important to continue improving their musical skills. Although improving as a musician is clearly important, if you’d like to have the freedom to make music for a living, you will also need to invest your time into improving upon the business side of your music career. This way you won’t need to work a dead end ‘day job’ just to make ends meet.

There is no precise method for predicting every decision you will need to make in your music career to make more money. However, by simply avoiding the mistakes discussed in this article, you will be well on your way to making a great living in the music business. Once you have gained more time due to the financial freedom you will obtain, you will be able to focus more intensely on creating the music you love.

If you have not yet completed the surveys mentioned above on value in the music business, and pursuing a music career I recommend doing this now.

About The Author:

Tom Hess is a touring guitarist, composer and a mentor to musicians. He plays in the band Rhapsody Of Fire. Tom also trains musicians from around the world how to get into the music industry. Visit to get free music business tips and music career resources.

Rick Graham: Suhr Classic - Tone Test #2

My website:
Hi guys, trying some new tones with my Suhr Classic Antique. My playing isn't up to normal par as I've not been practicing a great deal lately to do lack of time.
Be interesting to see how these tones turn out!


Suhr Classic - Tone Test #2

in case you missed the first one

Suhr Classic Antique - Bridge and Neck pickups

Direct link to the full downloadable lesson:
Hi guys, here are 2 free licks taken from 'Static Chord Soloing' Dorian Xpansion Pack. Hope you enjoy them!

2 free licks from Dorian Xpansion Pack -

Milan Polak: Party Hand - verse lesson HAND - Single: HAND - Backing Track: PARTY HAND video: support me by purchasing my music:
Milan Polak's albums are available on iTunes, CDBaby, amazon and guitar9.

For further order links please visit

"Party Hand" Verse - Milan Polak Lesson

Andy James: War March - From the Amsterdam Jason Becker

War March From the Amsterdam rehearsals see the whole May feature at Loudguitars dot com

Andy James War March

Igor Paspalj: A Heartbeat Away From You - original

Instrumental piece of music, inspired by a very special person.

"Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved."

William Shakespeare

Igor Paspalj - A Heartbeat Away From You

Tom Lippincott: Jazz Guitar Harmony Part II

Excerpts from Tom's class, available for download at

Jazz Guitar Harmony

Are you confused and overwhelmed by books giving you "1001 and guitar chords"? Do you know some "jazz chords" but are sometimes unsure of where and how to use them? Do you have down the basic "jazz guitar" chord vocabulary but are looking for a way to bring your comping, chord/melody playing, and sense of harmony to the next level? Are you relatively new to playing jazz guitar and looking for a clear, logical, and thorough system for learning about chords and jazz harmony? Are you an intermediate or advanced player wanting to incorporate a more modern sound and/or a more pianistic approach into your chord playing? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, I believe that this series of classes can help you achieve your goals.

This multi-part series covers the application of jazz harmony to the guitar for comping, solo guitar arranging and improvising, and bringing harmonic ideas to soloing within a group context. The classes focus on a detailed and systematic step-by-step approach for building a strong foundation for chordal and contrapuntal playing and will cover everything from the essential basics to more advanced and modern concepts. Numerous musical examples are demonstrated as well as written in traditional notation, tablature, and/or chord grid form, but the material has been designed to be open-ended enough that you will be encouraged to find your own path and work toward developing your unique musical voice.

Jazz Guitar Harmony Part 2 covers:

triads: clear and concise system for learning all close position major, minor, diminished, and augmented triads
four important uses of triads
diatonic harmonized major scales with triads
shell voicings: 10 different practical chord shapes that can be used to comp through any tune in the the typical standard repertoire
diatonic harmonized major scales with shell voicings, including variations with contrapuntal movement
application of shell voicings to comping on tunes
examples with comping rhythms, articulations, half step chord approaches, and discussion of swing feel

chord symbol interpretation and guide to simplifying more complex chord symbols

Tom Lippincott - Jazz Guitar Harmony Part II

Remy Hansen: Candymen Leftovers

Remy Hansen:
This was shot at my wedding party! some remaining bits and pieces I wanted to share.... Please Enjoy! The band is: Thomas Germier on Drums, Andre Tollenaar on the Keys, Martin Groenenstijn on the Bass and me singing and playing guitar!

Candymen Leftovers

Joe Bonamassa: Driving Towards The Daylight

"Driving Towards The Daylight" starring Joe Bonamassa Episode 5 #DTTD

Steve Brown: Rockeyez Interview

Dave Felix Interviews Steve Brown from Trixter on 4/20/12 The Fourth and Final of 4 interviews with the members of Trixter for the Month of April 2012.

Rockeyez Interview w/Steve Brown- Trixter -4-20-2012

Eric Calderone: Dr. Who Meets Metal

Dr. Who Meets Metal

News: National Guitar Workshop - Early Registration Discount

$250 Early Registration Discount Ends April 30th 2012

Crown of the Continent Guitar Workshop and Festival
at the internationally acclaimed Flathead Lake Lodge in Bigfork, Montana

Register by April 30, 2012 and get a $250 discount on the Workshop fee. To register and for more information go to or call 406-837-2574.

Jay Parmar, George Lynch: Some very terrifying lead solos!

Jay Parmar's New CD "Circle of Fire" by Scott Thomas (order your copy)
Another CD Review so soon...? Yeah Baby, I'm on a roll!!! “Rock and Roll” that is…

I just received Jay Parmar's New CD "Circle of Fire" and the first song "Walking in Circles" has definitely gotten my attention. For some odd reason I thought that I was going to be reviewing an instrumental shred album. Man, was I way off base somewhere out in left field or what? Don't get me wrong, the guitar playing and overall music shreds without a doubt. However, there is more of a full band collaboration I'm listening to here.

Brother Jay's hard work and networking ability has led him to becoming friends with fellow musicians Carsten Lizard-Schulz (Evidence One/Paradise Inc), Andreas Novak (House of Shakira/Mind’s Eye), Pete Newdeck (Eden’s Curse/Tainted Nations), Tim Wallace, Mike Rotella and Legendary Guitarist George Lynch, all of whom contributed to Circle of Fire. This first tune is graced with Mr. Scary's inspiration and there are some very terrifying lead solos on this too that Lynch fans don't want to miss... Wow!!!

Full detailed review and video: http://www.guitarz-fo

Tristan Klein: fulltone mini deja vibe

recording test of fulltone mini deja vibe by tristan klein

News: The Journey to Shiki

The acclaimed Los Angeles Guitar Quartet and composer Shingo Fujii teamed up to deliver the classical guitar piece, "Shiki," backed by many of Loudoun's talented high school students. This short documentary presents the full story, from the tragic events that inspired the piece to its triumphant worldwide debut at Heritage High School.

Joop Wolters: Lost My Boots


Jamie Humphries: Frankfurt Musikmesse interview


Scott Jones: Freedom... or not as the case may be...

Scott Jones: Although I've decided to keep this available as a free download, I'd really appreciate a donation, as my label totally screwed me over and I've never seen one dime from this work. :-(  

YOU CAN SUBMIT DONATIONS TO MY PAYPAL ACCT: scott jones music @ me . com (no spaces)

An interview / article about my process, done around the time of the release in 2003.


author: Greg Cummins / Sea of Tranquility

"...this is what Allan Holdsworth should be and could be doing."

Within seconds of putting this disc on for review I knew Scott Jones had me in the palm of his hands. This guy is a monster player of the highest caliber and puts a lot of the work by the regular stalwarts of the industry to shame.

With a special mention of thanks to such luminaries as Allan Holdsworth and Steve Vai, from whom he is surely influenced, Scott knows a lot about song structure, originality and style and yet manages to engage the listener with a collection of 16 brilliant songs that encompass a lot of what the best in the business often fail to deliver.

It is extremely hard to believe that for the most part, you are only listening to one musician as the drumming; the additional percussives and the overall rhythm of his songs are so brilliantly executed. Whereas many albums that use synthesized drums have that inherently cold feeling where you know intuitively, you are being tricked into thinking a real drummer is at hand, Scott sure has an amazing talent in the sequencing department as his control of this aspect of his music is so compellingly plausible. The fills, triplets and cymbal work is so convincing, crisp and accurate, you would be forgiven for thinking Steve Gadd or Lenny White was in attendance.

Scott composed, recorded and mixed all songs on this album which is a strong testament to his overall ability. Although Scott is the main musician here, Bill Elrod also contributes some tasty sax work on 4 tracks to round out the overall sound. With a solid funky, often jazzy basis upon which to concoct his appetizing brew of songs, Scott is so adept at bringing a unique and yet challenging bevy of tunes to the table for your delectation.

Using a plethora of sounds from any number of instruments you want to name, this is what Allan Holdsworth should be and could be doing. His mastery of the guitar, keyboards and percussion is simply breathtaking and elicits any amount of awe one musician can have for another.

The timing, structure and execution of his music is so intense and impressive and yet it possesses an emotional quality that pertains to a string of single notes that are played so delicately well and with truly professional precision. The track, “Heartland” is such a song with a degree of thoroughness in its arrangements that leave you in amazement at just how versatile this man is.

Just when you thought things could not be improved upon, Scott unleashes “Eek, A Mouse” on the listener with some of the most amazing amount of compelling chops and time changes I have heard in eons. If you have a penchant for music that rewards the listener who accepts the challenge proffered from a truly talented musician and who knows no boundaries to the inventiveness and originality to which his songs can aspire, then you will need to add his name to your wants list immediately.

This is without doubt the best jazz/rock/fusion album I have heard in over 3 years and will be in heavy rotation on my CD player for a long time to come. This comes with my highest recommendation for a brilliant release that surely heralds the arrival of a name synonymous with the biggest names in the game.

For anyone into Brand X, Lenny White, Allan Holdsworth, Return To Forever, Steve Vai, Janne Schaffer, Mastermind or Nathan Mahl, you can do no wrong with this one.

Reviewer: Greg Cummins Score: 5 Stars

Francis Dunnery: It Bites - back

Title Map Of The Past (colored 2LP+CD)
ArtistIt Bites
Format LP + CD
Release Date 26/03/2012
Packaging Group IIItem number 0IO0093

Daniel Fries: Affector - new progressive rock/metal CD

AFFECTOR, the highly skilled new international progressive rock/metal band consisting of German guitar-player Daniel Fries, Dutch drummer Collin Leijenaar (Neal Morse/Dilemma) as well as the US based bass player Mike LePond (Symphony X) and vocalist Ted Leonard (Spock's Beard/Enchant/Thought Chamber), are drawing nearer to the release date for their debut album, "Harmagedon", on May 21st, 2012 in Europe and May 22nd, 2012 in North America via InsideOutMusic.

In anticipation of the release date, AFFECTOR have now made a special "radio edit" version of the album song "New Jerusalem" available on their Facebook profile starting today. Check it out here: ("listen to our music")

To further introduce the band's elaborated and atmospheric songs, a 5-minute online teaser compilation with excerpts from various songs off the "Harmagedon" album has also been launched via the InsideOutMusic YouTube channel

AFFECTOR -- "Harmagedon" (Album Teaser Compilation)

AFFECTOR - "Harmagedon"
1. Overture pt.1: Introduction
2. Overture pt.2: Prologue
3. Salvation
4. The Rapture
5. Cry Song
6. Falling Away & The Rise Of The Beast
7. Harmagedon
8. New Jerusalem

Daniel Fries - guitars
Collin Leijenaar - drums
Mike LePond - bass guitars
Ted Leonard - vocals

More details about AFFECTOR and "Harmagedon" will be announced in the coming weeks...

AFFECTOR online:

News: Periphery, Between The Buied and Me and The Safety Fire Euro tour dates

October 2012