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Paul Gilbert: ArtistWorks Special Lesson for Truth In Shredding

Paul Gilbert lessons Get personalized feedback from Paul Gilbert

MR. BIG guitarist Paul Gilbert has launched a new online school of rock guitar lessons, and he recently spoke with Guitar World about the venture. An excerpt is available below:

Q: Can anyone — even absolute beginners — enroll, or is there an audition process of some sort?

Gilbert: "Everyone has to start somewhere! I certainly didn't sound great when I first started playing, and I remember all my guitar teachers, both good and bad, and what it felt like to struggle with even the simplest of things. So I actually begin my course by playing the guitar left-handed. I'm right-handed, of course, so when I play left-handed, I'm immediately transported back to my first day as a guitarist. I wanted to make sure to have that as a starting point. At the same time, because all the lessons are so connected to each other, I actually recommend that even the more advanced players start at the beginning. They may be surprised at what they learn, and if nothing else, they can enjoy watching me try to play left-handed!" 

Q: How would you describe your teaching method?

Gilbert: "My teaching method is mostly inspired by teaching people one-on-one. I've certainly enjoyed doing clinic tours for larger audiences, but the most valuable teaching experience has been the hundreds of lessons that I've given where I can hear the students play. This gives me a very specific idea of what guitarists are interested in, and what techniques they need to focus on. I gave over 100 lessons right before I filmed all the videos for this course, just so I could 'take the temperature' of the guitarists out there. If there is a general method, it would just be focusing on smaller and smaller parts of a phrase or technique until it becomes easy to play. Then after the student practices it enough to make it indestructible, they're ready to add something on. This way, the student always feels confident about whatever they're playing. And confidence is where good sounds come from."

Paul Gilbert: ArtistWorks Special Lesson for Truth In Shredding

Marty Friedman,Chris Poland: What we have in common is that we are both strange musos

I interviewed Chris Poland two years ago, and he said, ‘After I was out of Megadeth, Marty Friedman is the only Megadeth guitarist I ever cared about.’ Have you had a chance to interact with Chris in recent years?

That’s nice of him to say. What we have in common is that we are both strange musos but we both had a certain magic within Megadeth`s framework that just worked. Chris and I toured the US in 2003, along with Alex Skolnick. Chris is a beast of a guitarist, with an immediately identifiable style.
full interview

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther at Hellfest


Marco Sfogli: Grace L - Mondo Magico

Grace L - Mondo Magico
(featuring Marco Sfogli)

The new video of the italian artist Grace L buy it on:!/Gracel82
Grace L - Mondo Magico (featuring Marco Sfogli)

News: TIS news is unbroken and undaunted!

Apologies, but the email notification system for news submission was broken and as a result some news items had not been published. Additional resource was put in to resolve this issue and it's now fixed.

Cristiano Ronaldo is very happy for us... thanks for hanging in there for us buddy! Cristiano in unhappier times

In fact Mike Orlando is so happy about his he even wrote a song for us (honest... ;) )

Adrenaline Mob-Undaunted

Mirko Fadda: Egolution

 Mirko Fadda: This is my song! Happy listening! This is my own song! Enjoy it! FACEBOOK (Personal Profile) COOL THINGS, AND ARTICLES Fadda (guitars, drums, mixing and production) (Guitars, Drums, Editing, Mixing and Production process) Dario Di Francesco (bass) (Bass)DESCRIPTION: This piece is completely self-produced and is my first experiment melodic instrumental, unpublished, I put together for one guitar. The song is still structured like a song "voice" and is supported by several melodic themes (which may possibly be of interest and attract the attention of insiders and outsiders) with the real "only "the center of the track trying not to lose the" light of the melody. " :-)The title is aiming to show how, having been made, I've had to learn and assimilate new concepts taaante that led me to "evolve" (I hope) as a guitarist and musician in general. EQUIPMENT AND PROGRAMS: Cubase 5 ( recording software) Sound Card Behringer FCA202 A cable NEUTRIK Guitar Rig 4 (software simulator and guitar effects pedals) Ez Drummer (software edting battery) Ibanez RGA42T My hands ;-) I thank all the people who are next. not behind it forward, but at my side. A ringrazimento especially to all the friends that I have been able to advise and support the work of this little thing in the persons of David Ciura, Luke Miolla, friends of the "Echoes Folk" and in particular Bonni Lonoce. DESCRIPTION: This song is Completely self-produced and is my first attemp melodic instrumental, unreleased, That I put together for guitar.The song is still structured like a song with vocals and it is supported by Several melodic themes (Which Could Possibly attract the attention and interest of insiders and outsiders the genre) with the "real" guitar solo in the middle of the track, trying not to lose the "light of the melody." :-) The title is aiming to show how, this HAVING Been Made, I've had to learn many new concepts and assimilated That led me to "evolve" (I hope) as a guitarist and musician in general. PROGRAMS AND EQUIPMENT: Cubase 5 (recording software) Behringer FCA202 soundcardcable NEUTRIK A Guitar Rig 4 (That software emulates and effects pedals for guitars) Ez Drummer (drums edting software) Ibanez RGA42T My hands ;-) I'd like to thank all the people That Walk beside me.Not behind, but not forward at my side. A special thank to all the friends That Have Been Able to advise and support through the work of this little thing Such as David Ciura, Miolla Luke, the "Resonances Folk" Bonni Lonoce and friends in particular.

Mirko Fadda - "Egolution"

Mirko Fadda "Improvising in C Min" :-)

Marco Vitali: Demos BC Rich guitars

Marco Vitali is the guitarist of the band Ibridoma and a B.C. Rich endorser, He tested for "Gold Music", the Italian B.C. Rich importer, the Mockingbird Exotic Classic and the JRV 7 strings.



News: The Institute London Music School Announces Major Expansion

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, widely regarded as one of the world’s leading providers of music education, is investing over a quarter of a million pounds in the learning environment in the coming year. The investment provides both an enhancement of the existing facilities and provision of new professional equipment, including a broadcast quality recording studio, bespoke teaching rooms, live performance spaces, drum booths, keyboard and technology suites, student recreation areas and associated facilities.
As part of this on-going investment, the Institute is also expanding its London facilities by over 40% resulting in the London campus extending to over 20,000 square feet of new, custom built, facilities. Paul Kirkham, Managing Director at the Institute, said:
‘We are delighted to announce this new expansion and investment in our facilities in London. We have been focusing on the reorganisation and upgrading of the Institute for several years now, and this is the next phase in our plans to continually provide our students with state-of-the-art equipment in a learning environment of the highest quality.
The extra space will benefit all students and allow us to further develop our teaching provision, across a focused portfolio of industry relevant courses covering music practice, performance, songwriting and music business. New technology will be incorporated at every level, and the enhanced environment will further support our students as they pursue their studies and develop the skills needed to make a career in the music industry.
We are starting the works this summer, which means that continuing students and those enrolling on an Institute course for the first time in September will immediately benefit from these changes. The investment and expansion will continue throughout the year, culminating in summer 2013.’
For further information on this story or details on how to enrol on a course at the Institute, contact the following:
- 0207 328 0222

Geddy Lee, Jim Root: Orange Amps giveway

"Orange Amplification has launched TWO FREE giveaway promotions to win a Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head signed by Jim Root and an AD200B Bass MK 3 Amp with an OBC410 cab signed by Geddy Lee.

Orange Amplification and Jim Root fans in the USA and Canada can go to and simply enter their email address to be in with a chance of winning the signed #4 Jim Root Terror Head. This amp is modelled after the Dirty Channel on the same amp that Jim Root plays in the studio and on the road with his bands Slipknot and Stone Sour.

To be in with a chance of winning the AD200B Bass MK 3 Amp with an OBC410 cab signed by Geddy Lee enter your email address at This giveaway is open to anyone worldwide. Geddy will use his AD200B Bass MK 3 Amp with an OBC410 cab on the forthcoming Clockwork Angel world tour with Rush, which starts in September 2012.

In both instances by entering your email address you are agreeing to sign up for the Orange Amplification monthly email newsletter containing all the hottest news, pictures, artist stories and promotions from Orange, with an opt-out-any-time option. The promotion finishes on the 27th July 2012.

Billy Kibble: guitar endorsement for 12 year old

Billy Kibble started playing guitar in 2008 when he was 8 years old, when he bought his first guitar with his Christmas money. He has since discovered a real passion and talent for this instrument.

Billy is still developing his own style and is influenced by many different guitarists ranging from Barney Kessel to Paul Gilbert. Billy plays with a young band called "The Phaze". They are a female fronted band who perform covers and are also writing their own material. They are adapting their own style and are looking forward to playing more gigs.

Billy is certainly planning a career playing his Beryl guitar and apart from playing with the band he would love to become a recognised session guitarist.


News: "Caparison Guitars Now Come With Rotosound Strings

"Rotosound strings have got together with Caparison Guitars and Basses, which now come strung with their strings across the whole range.

Caparison Guitars have chosen to supply their guitars and basses with Rotosound strings following extensive testing by their chief designer, Itaru Kanno who described them as  ‘ very different, with a longer sustain and a clear interval feeling which is a proof of accuracy’. The boutique Japanese guitar manufacturer produces some of the world’s finest high-end solid bodied electric guitar and basses and endorsees include Phil Campbell (Motorhead), Joel stroetzel (Killswitch Engage) and a host of other top metal guitar and bassists.

Rotosound strings have a long history of being used by some of the greatest artists in rock including Jimi Hendrix, Steve Harris, Duff McKagan and many others. This new deal will see Caparison Guitars fitted with their strings from their Nickel on steel Roto range including R9 Super Lights, R9 – 7 string sets and RH10 sets with Light Top / Heavy Bottom strings. The Caparison Basses will be delivered with Rotosound RS66LD famously used by Billy Sheehan, John Entwistle and Geddy Lee.

To find out more about this flawless blend of British strings on a Japanese guitar or bass visit for Rotosound and for Caparison Guitars.


Ivan Mihaljevic: wins Heineken Jammin Festival 2012

Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects will play live on July 6th on the Heineken Jammin Festival 2012 main stage, in Rho (Milan, Italy).
Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects won with other 5 bands the Heineken Jammin Festival Contest 2012 after a long selection among more than 2,000 bands from across Europe.

The bands were chosen by fans via an Internet vote, and then selected by a jury composed of leading figures in the music industry: Enrico Ruggeri, Stef Burns, Cristina Scabbia, Carlo Virzì, Francesco Godi, Daniel Marcoccia, Daniele Menci, Alberto Cutolo, Pino Scotto and Max Brigante, and by 2 Heineken representatives.

""Destination Unknown"" is the latest album by Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects, it's the final amalgamation between the shredding and the good Hard & Heavy music. Some instrumental pieces alternate with songs. This album is recommended to all the fans of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and absolutely a must for guitar lovers."


News: Rockschool and Music For Youth National Festival in Birmingham 2012

Rockschool, the leading accredited provider of rock and pop exams worldwide, are the Rock, Pop & Urban sponsor of the Amplified evenings at the HMV Institute for the Music For Youth National Festival in Birmingham on the 5th and 6th July 2012.

Rock School, whose rock & pop music qualifications are taught globally, has inspired many rock legends including the award winning English singer songwriter Ed Sheerhan. He is one

of the biggest names in popular music today, but behind his incredible rise to fame is a lot of hard work. He studied Rockschool material during his Artist Development course through Access To Music in London.

Music For Youth is a national music education charity, which provides free access to performance and audience opportunities for young musicians across the UK through its annual season of festivals and concerts. The National Festival Birmingham is a six day celebration of music that includes the Amplified evenings at the HMV Institute where four bands who have followed similar paths to Ed Sheeran, studying Rockschool courses, will perform.

The bands are four piece rock / metal band, Severin, from Norfolk, who recently won a KL.FM battle of the bands heat working towards supporting the Pigeon Detectives. Then comes West Midlands band, Feird Wish, a power pop rock band from Stourbridge who studied the same Music Practitioner Course - Artist Development, as Ed Sheeran, at Kidderminster College where the course patron is Black Country musician – Robert Plant. Joining them is energetic alternate rock / pop punk band Time will Tell, a band formed during a live music workshop at Alton College, a workshop enrichment programme that leads to Level 3RSL Music Practitioner qualification. Inside Indigo also met at Alton College in a similar way. They are five piece vocal harmony one of whose member recently had a piece of music ‘Itsa Africa’ performed at an Olympic event in Portsmouth in front of 11,000 people.

To find out more about Rockschool, its courses and where to study them go to

Jeff Kollman: Bombastic Meatbats Live show available!


That Chad Smith is one busy gentleman – having to balance his jammed schedule as both a member of both the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chickenfoot. And that’s not even his full roster, as evidenced by Smith’s funk/jam side project, the Bombastic Meatbats, who have just issued their first-ever live recording, ‘Live Meat and Potatoes’ via Marmaduke Records, which is available as both a traditional CD and as a download, via the following links, respectively:

Consisting of drummer Smith, guitarist Jeff Kollman (from Cosmosquad), bassist Kevin Chown (Uncle Kracker, Tarja Turunen), and keyboardist Ed Roth (Coolio and Ronnie Montrose), the band first formed in 2008, and hails from Los Angeles.

The third record in the evolution of the Meatbats sound, ‘Live Meat And Potatoes’ captures the band in their most natural environment: in front of a live audience in an intimate setting. The band has found its sound after its first two studio releases, ‘Meet the Meatbats’ and ‘More Meat.’ LIVE is where they shine the brightest, featuring long extended jams that take the audience on a roller coaster ride of funk, rock and experimental madness of all sorts.

“This double disc is the perfect representation of the Meatbats,” explains Kollman. “The recipe starts with the Chad Smith intangible funk groove along with a memorable melody, some sex chords, a bit of sarcasm, and the bombastic interplay that defines the bats. Plus a bit of the kitchen sink thrown in.”

As Kollman hints at, the band has a knack for merging killer chops with humor – as evidenced by such song titles as “Opps! I Spilled My Beer,” “Pigsfeet,” and “Lobster Legs.” Additionally, the cover of ‘Live Meat and Potatoes’ pays tribute to Kiss’ ‘Love Gun’ album cover. Also, Smith pays homage to one of his top influences, the legendary John Bonham, with a slow and funky cover of “Moby Dick” in a way it’s never been heard before.

The group’s latest figures to match up to the success of their earlier releases, which debuted in the top-20 of iTunes’ jazz chart. Additionally, the group’s earlier single, “Shag,” was one of the most added songs in jazz radio during 2011, and was featured in the USA Network television series, ‘Covert Affairs.’

And the lucky fans that have caught the Bombastic Meatbats live can attest that the group offers consistent on-the-edge performances – resulting in the material never being played the same way twice.

As Chown explains, “It’s been interesting watching and experiencing the band evolve. Our challenge was always capturing what we came up with spontaneously in our writing and jam sessions. That’s hard to do in a studio environment. In front of an audience, we let it all hang out and have a good time with it. It really captures the band the way WE hear it. Live and on the edge.”

Bring a healthy appetite for the latest serving of Bombastic Meatbats, ‘Live Meat and Potatoes’!




Chad Smith's - Bombastic Meatbats - Oops, I Spilled My Beer - Performance Sabian Live Namm 2011

Dmitriy Zhirnov: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest

Guitaronsky Shredding Contest - Dmitriy Zhirnov


T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Dmitriy Zhirnov

Brian Scanlon: Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic competition

Here is my entry into the "Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge", Sorry for the poor recording quality. I still havnt recieved my Beringer interface, for direct recording. So all I could use was the mic from my webcam and the quality does leave something to be desired. I had alot of fun working with this track, as its alot differant, to the type of music I normaly play with.

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge Entry Byond(aka Brian Scanlon)

Usman Riaz: child prodigy set for Debut London Performance

Guitarist Usman Riaz Debut London Performance at the Institute

Fresh from his appearance at the TED Global Conference 2012 in Edinburgh, the Institute is pleased to welcome Usman Riaz, the musical prodigy from Pakistan, for his first London performance at its facilities in Kilburn on Thursday 5th July.

Usman burst onto the music scene in Pakistan when his guitar composition Firefly blended a percussive guitar technique with South Asian rhythms and melodic forms. He was aged 20 at the time and had been playing guitar for only 4 years, though he had been trained in classical piano from an early age.

Usman cites musical influences ranging from Jimmy Page, Kaki King, Michael Hedges and Don Ross to his grandmother, a musician trained in classical north Indian music.

For his performance at the Institute, Usman will be accompanied by percussionist Hassan Ameen Moheyuddin, playing pieces he has composed for guitar, piano and percussion. He will also be exhibiting “Ruckus” a short music video he has conceived and directed. Copies of his latest CD will be available free to all attendees.

The performance is free and there are a limited number of spaces available for the public as well as Institute students. This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the precocious virtuoso talent of this exciting young artist with a passion for crossing the frontiers between East and West, classical and contemporary, music and cinema, art and dance.

Usman Riaz performance:
Thursday 5th July 2012, 7:00pm
The Institute, 1A Dyne Road, Kilburn, London NW6 7XG
To book a place please email with ‘Usman Riaz’ in the subject line.

For more information about the Institute’s courses and events please contact the school directly:

Usman Riaz - FIRE FLY

Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: vote for us!!

Vote for  Courtney Cox and Nita Strauss  to be in Revolver Magazine's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock & Metal. Just head over to their Facebook page and e-mail

Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss,

Mike Orlando: Adrenaline Mob kick ass at Glasgow's King Tut's

Adrenaline Mob/Voodoo Six at Glasgow's King Tut's - 29th

We all know that one-time Dream Theater fulcrum Mike Portnoy is a drummer par excellence and that Symphony X frontman Russell Allen possesses one of the strongest, most authoritative voices in music. However it has to be said that the real Adrenaline Mob revelation is the pairing of blurring guitarist Mike Orlando (whose two solo albums I now need to hear) and Disturbed bassist John Moyer, who is as much a second guitarist in this band as he is standard bass player. In fact during one of Orlando's many dazzling guitar showcases, singer Allen could, unaware that while off-stage he was still in full view of many in the room, be seen simply staring and smiling at what he was witnessing. Remember this is from a man who, in Symphony X, usually fronts one of the most musically dextrous bands out there! Airing every one of the eleven tracks from Omerta, the dense riffs came thick and fast with the simmering stomp of "Freight Train", the don't fuck with me attitude of "Indifferent" and the fist of fury that makes for "Hit The Wall" hammering home with even more terror than they do on record. Much talk pre-gig had been as to whether Portnoy would bring his entire gargantuan drum-kit to the compact King Tut's stage, but not a man, or indeed a band to compromise, every roto-tom and splash cymbal was in place and thrashed to within an inch of its life, although his classy backing vocals were equally, if somewhat more surprisingly effective contributions.

Full review

Roberta Raschellà: Project tour dates

July 11, 2012 - KING OF POP @ GRASSOBBIO (BG)
July 13, 2012 - SHOOTING STARS @ revolver GARDA
July 14, 2012 - KING OF POP @ NEW COURT (BG)
July 15, 2012 - with TONY DE Gruttola @ UNITED FOR EMILIA - COLOGNE SOUND - COLLEGNO (TO) ..

The "Roberta Raschella Project" in the rehearsal room .. .. PURPLE RAIN -
Roberta Raschella: lead guitar - 
Alessia Castles: rhythm guitar - 
Daniela Marelli: bass - 
Flame Cardani: drum


Kiko Loureiro: Conflicted from Sounds Of Innocence.

Single from the Album Sounds Of Innocence.
Kiko Loureiro Guitars
Virgil Donati Drums
Felipe Andreoli Bass
Alex Milesi :-: Video Productions


Lewis Cannon: Frank Gambale 'blues solo'

Lewis Cannon:
Playing one of my favourite solos by my all time favourite fusion guitarist! He is highly respected, yet I believe still underrated due to his incredible technique he is often dismissed as merely a shred technique guy. His playing is truly beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration Frank.

Lewis Cannon - Frank Gambale 'blues solo'

Irene Ketikidi: new website - latest news, tons of media, gig schedule and guitar lessons!

Irene Ketikidi: new website - latest news, tons of media, gig schedule and guitar lessons!
Irene Ketikidi

Irene TheNerd Ketikidi
It's live!! Brand new website - latest news, tons of media, gig schedule and guitar lessons! Check it out peeps, I'd love some feedback ;)

Please vote for me if you like this video, rock!!
Irene Ketikidi - Rambler - Next BendNote Talent

News: The Unlimited Electric Guitar- created by Unplugged Instruments

a new electric experience: Stephen Henderson on guitar
recorded live in a car in SF
directed, shot and edited by Charlie Glick
production assistance by Ari Atkins and Andrew Penrose
copyright 2012 Unplugged Instruments Inc.

all rights reserved

Electric Everywhere - Unplugged Instruments Inc.

Richard Roncarolo: Heroes - Next BendNote Talent competition
This is my entry for this awesome contest.
This a tune from my upcoming album, available before the end of the years.
Please suscribe to my channel for updated news, tunes, videos etc ....
You can join me on Facebook

Richard Roncarolo - Heroes - Next BendNote Talent

Thorsten Praest: wins Guitar Fight Club 2012 - fusion fans take note!

"BRUNETTI-Endorser Thorsten Praest (GUT, Hühnerfriedhof, Coldseed)is one of winners of this year's GUITAR FIGHT CLUB in Bischofwerda/Germany! He shares the 1. place with Berlin based guitar player Sveinbjörn Klütsch. Both musicians already won the competition in the past - Praest 2008 and Klütsch 2009.
After a breathtaking final the jury, consisting of Axel Ritt (Grave Digger, Domain), Jen Majura (Black Thunder Ladies), Prof. Christian Röver and Adrian Maruszczyk (Maruszczyk Instruments, Solo Artist), wasn't able to decide who's the best!
The GUITAR FIGHT CLUB took place for the 5th time."

Ulf Stricker and Gut - Revenge

GUT - live @ Metropolis Hamburg 04.12.2009

Benjamin Lechuga: Lick Lesson Series

Benjamin Lechuga: Lick Lesson Series

News: Live Teach Guitar

Create custom websites for guitar teachers
"Live and Teach Guitar have just announced a new feature to allow guitar teachers to create their own website in minutes to attract new students. These custom sites allow teachers to promote their lessons and find new students without having to worry about the time and effort needed to set up a site from scratch.
No programming experience is needed and the site can be up and running within minutes. The staff are also available to help teachers promote the site and help implement marketing strategies to attract new students.

Live and Teach Guitar also provide guitar teachers with lesson materials teachers can print off and give to students, guides to help teachers improve their teaching business and additional teaching guides."

Freddy DeMarco,Mitch Perry : Erik Norlander - The Galactive Collective

El Dorado Hills, CA - The official release date for the DVD/CD sets, Erik Norlander - The Galactive Collective "Definitive Edition" and "Live in Gettysburg," is August 6th, 2012 when the titles will be available at retailers worldwide, but you can get them NOW from Gonzo Multimedia in the UK and on June 21st from Think Tank Media in the USA.

In 2009, master keyboardist, Erik Norlander, went into the studio with a new set of virtuoso musicians to record re-imaginings of his favorite instrumental compositions as a project called "The Galactic Collective." In 2010, Erik released a preview of the project on CD-R through Chian Productions in Ohio. In 2011, Erik took the project on the road and recorded the results. Now in 2012, we finally have the complete document of Erik's massive undertaking in two remarkable releases, one in studio, the other on stage. Each title includes a video DVD and two audio CDs released by Erik's company, Think Tank Media, in partnership with UK prog giant, Gonzo Multimedia. All discs are replicated -- not CD-R or DVD-R -- and each contains deluxe, full-color 5x7" booklets with extensive liner notes written by those directly involved with the project.


The long-awaited DVD/2CD studio release from symphonic rock keyboard master, Erik Norlander, is now here. THE GALACTIC COLLECTIVE is a brand new take on the best of Erik’s vast instrumental compositions written for Rocket Scientists, Lana Lane and his own solo albums over the years. Recorded on an amazing arsenal of classic analog synthesizers (including 6 Moog instruments), Hammond organ and an incredible Steinway model B grand piano at Cleveland Ohio’s prestigious Magnetic North Studio with engineer Chris Keffer and executive producer Dena Henry along with bassist Mark Matthews, drummer Nick LePar and choral vocal sections by Lana Lane and John Payne along with a suite of guest guitarists including John Payne, Mitch Perry, Mark McCrite, Ron Redfield and Freddy DeMarco, THE GALACTIC COLLECTIVE is a must have for all fans of keyboard - oriented instrumental progressive rock. The DVD and 2CD set includes the complete album, ERIK NORLANDER - THE GALACTIC COLLECTIVE, both on CD and DVD with the complete in-studio video shot during the actual sessions (as seen on YouTube). The DVD includes extensive interview footage of Erik discussing each song, its conception and new interpretation for this project. A second disc of well-crafted (not filler!) unreleased alternate versions and a new recording of Erik’s classic arrangement of “Space: 1999” makes up the second CD as Echoes from the Collective. Full color, detailed booklet with liner notes by Michelle Moog, Executive Director of The Bob Moog Foundation and daughter of maverick synthesizer pioneer and inventor, Robert Moog.

Featuring Erik Norlander (keyboards), Freddy DeMarco (guitars),
Mark Matthews (bass) and Nick LePar (drums) with special guests:
John Payne (guitars, choral vocals), Lana Lane (choral vocals), Mitch
Perry (guitars), Ron Redfield (guitars) and Mark McCrite (guitars)


First came the studio version, now here is the live version! The DVD and 2CD set includes the complete album, ERIK NORLANDER - THE GALACTIC COLLECTIVE, performed LIVE at The Rites of Spring Festival 2011 along with the “Into the Sunset Suite” and the Norlander-penned Lana Lane songs, “Capture the Sun” and “Secrets of Astrology” creatively woven into medleys to complete the celestial sojourn with guest vocals by none other than Lana Lane herself! Erik’s Modular Moog synthesizer, “The Wall of Doom,” was used extensively at this concert, and band is introduced with an excellent and informative monologue from Michelle Moog, Executive Director of The Bob Moog Foundation and daughter of the late maverick synthesizer pioneer and inventor, Robert Moog. Full color, detailed booklet includes not only beautiful photos from the concert but also liner notes by Erik's synth tech, former Moog Music designer and ELP keyboard tech, August Worley, along with an additional article written by Erik himself especially for this release. LIVE IN GETTYSBURG is the inevitable companion to its partner release, THE GALACTIC COLLECTIVE - DEFINITIVE EDITION, that contains the complete studio recordings along with extensive video interviews.

Featuring Erik Norlander (keyboards), Freddy DeMarco (guitars),
Mark Matthews (bass) and Nick LePar (drums)
with special guest vocalists Lana Lane and Debrissa McKinney

For more information:

Order NOW from Gonzo Multimedia:

The Galactic Collective - Definitive Edition (UK/Europe)

The Galactic Collective - Definitive Edition (US)

The Galactic Collective - Live in Gettysburg (UK/Europe)

The Galactic Collective - Live in Gettysburg (US)

( LINK for cover art: )

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

Steve Hillage: Live in Amsterdam 2006 at the Gong Family Unconvention' CD & DVD

London, UK – The Gong Family Unconvention at the Melkweg club in Amsterdam in November 2006 was a unique 3 day event in which all the original members of the legendary psychedelic band Gong came together and performed their own individual sets. Guitar legend Steve Hillage, who was a prominent part of the “classic” Gong line-up of 1973-75 felt it was a great opportunity perform again some of the songs from his 1970s solo albums. Steve Hillage is widely considered a guitar innovator, and is associated with the Canterbury scene, working in experimental domains since the late 1960s. Besides his critically acclaimed solo recordings, along with Gong, Steve has been a member of the ensembles Khan and System 7.

Steve’s live set at the Gong Family Unconvention in 2006 provoked a rush of excitement and emotion at the event, and this was beautifully captured on film and recording – and is now available on this DVD and CD.

Performing with Steve were his long-time musical partner Miquette Giraudy on synthesisers, Gong bass player Mike Howlett who played on Steve’s 'Fish Rising' album from 1975, and Gong drummer Chris Taylor who started playing with the band in the 1990s. Also guesting was Basil Brooks on synthesiser, who played in Steve’s band in the '70s.

Tracks played were as follows:

1. Hello Dawn (from the album 'Motivation Radio')
2. It’s All Too Much (the Beatles cover – from the album 'L')
3. Aftaglid (from the album 'Fish Rising')
4. Solar Musick Suite (from 'Fish Rising')
5. The Salmon Song (from 'Fish Rising')
6. These Uncharted Lands (from the album 'For To Next' and never before played live)

In addition the audio CD has 4 exclusive bonus tracks from Steve’s 1970’s archive.

Tracks recorded live at Amsterdam’s Sonesta Koepelkerk on Dec 14th 1979 just a few days before the the 1970’s Steve Hillage Band stopped touring are:

7. Palm Trees
8. Unzipping the Zype
9. Healing Feeling

And finally an interesting early version of one of Steve’s 'Fish Rising' classics performed before it was recorded with the band Gong:

10. Solar Music Suite (early version)

The DVD has bonus material in the form of a substantial interview with Steve and Miquette, and background clips from around the Gong Melkweg event.

The audio for the CD and DVD was mixed by Steve in his A-Wave Studio and has a rich, warm sound. The video DVD was edited and authored by long time friend and Gong family member Harry Williamson in his Spring Studio in Melbourne Australia.

The artwork was put together by Z3 who do the artwork for Steve and Miquette’s dance music project System 7.

If indeed Steve does create some more music in the psychedelic rock sphere this powerful and unique live recording can be seen as a launch pad. Steve currently sees his System 7, Mirror System, and Steve Hillage Band entities as operating in parallel and has been writing some new rock-based material for a possible Steve Hillage Band album for release in 2013/14.

For more information:

To pre-order Steve Hillage - 'Live in Amsterdam 2006 at the Gong Family Unconvention' CD & DVD:

Steve Hillage Band - Aftaglid Live in Amsterdam 2006

Reeves Gabrels: Sonic Mining Company

Sonic Mining Company is the latest collaboration from legendary guitarist Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, The Cure, Public Enemy), prolific bassist Frank Swart (Norah Jones, Patty Griffin, Morphine), and naughty drummer Adam Abrashoff (Funkwrench, SIMO). Their name is a declaration of purpose based on their sincere desire to explore new sounds and “mine sonics” that have never been heard before.
Having entered Rob Stennett’s Subterranea Studio with the expectation of experimentation, the outcome being a total mystery...the end result speaks for itself. Their self titled debut, Sonic Mining Company, brings you seven tracks of complete improvisation exploring the outer boundaries of electric music.
Inspired by the improvisational workings of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, Glenn Branca, Stockhausen, Hendrix, Coltrane and “anyone that blurs the line between sound and composition”, Sonic Mining Company value their music as not only improvised riffs and rhythm but as a conversation between three highly evolved musician friends. Press play now.
released 01 May 2012
Reeves Gabrels - Guitar
Frank Swart - Bass
Adam Abrashoff - Drums

Produced By Rob Stennett
Mixed by Rob Stennett & Frank Swart
Recorded by Rob Stennett in Nashville TN, March 2011

All songs written by Gabrels, Swart, Abrashoff



Russ Parrish: Steel Panther House Of Blues 2012 series

4 videos 14:17 duration

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther House Of Blues 2012

News: Guitar Connoisseur emagazine now live

Guitar Connoisseur is finally live!!! I'm so excited to share this with you all.

Guitar Connoisseur has been a very fun new venture for me. paved the way for this and as a result, I decided to embark on a new journey to share with the rest of the world.
It is a free to all online quarterly magazine. My vision, to give everyone the kind of content I want to be reading free of charge, and to offer luthiers a chance to advertise in a medium suitable to what they sell.
So please enjoy it, share it as I am very proud of it and hope to hear from all of you.

Bryan Aspey: passion grace and fire - amazing

practicing al di meola's awesome solo on the song "sichia" from "passion grace and fire" with mclaughlin & de lucia - guitar = epiphone casino elitist - acoustic sound only. i recorded mclaughlin's solo here:

al di meola sichia solo passion grace and fire

News: TIS news done broke!

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