Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ty Asoudegan: Olympic Anthem + Electric Guitar + A tribute to Team USA

AKA "Bugler's Dream (Slight Return)"

A tribute to Team USA by 23-year-old Ty Asoudegan, lead guitarist for MACH22 (

Olympic Anthem + Electric Guitar

Mirko Quaglio: Fusion Guitar Practice - top notch

Mirko Quaglio: Fusion guitar practice

Fusion Guitar Practice Dean Soltero Standard + Roland Cube 80x

plus some great great legato from panopticonification:

rock fusion improvisation Schecter Blackjack C-7 + Roland Cube 80x

Paulo Grua: Zoe Trio

Zoe is a power trio that seamlessly mixes the raw rock'n'roll energy, a jazz approach to improvisation and Brazilian inspired rhythms and harmonies.
Facebook"Zoe Trio, from brazilian guitar player Paulo Grua, bass ace Abraao Souza e drummer Diego Marins, just released a video to promote their first album - which can be purchased at for any amount you want to pay. the song chosen was the jazz-meets-post-rock ballad, Mourning Skies.
Zoe Trio - Mourning Skies

Eugene Lee: Neung Vinai Alive Backing Track Jam

My take on the Neung Vinai Competition Backing Track.Was done in one take and even though I'm not exactly happy about it, I wanted to stay true to my first interpretation of this backing track and just wing it. I hope you like it. Audio was provided by my Axe Fx II direct into audacity. Again, using the trusty Suhr Modern.
Concept & Guitar: Eugene Lee (
Director of Photography & Post-Production: Kurt Lin (

Audio Engineering: Kurt Lin (

Neung Vinai Alive Backing Track Jam

Claudio Pietronik: Soloing on Rob Mancini's Rock n' Roll Circus

Hello guys, I'm here to announce that I joined Rob Mancini's band and to celebrate I made this video where I play three solos rearranged by me.
hope you like it!

Check out the site and follow us on tour, from november 2012!

Claudio Pietronik - Soloing on Rob Mancini's Rock n' Roll Circus

Hi everyone! with this video i would like to make a tribute to this incredible band and its new album "Nine". these are the guitar solo sections, hope you enjoy it!

Claudio Pietronik plays "Last Goodbye" guitar solos - Circus Maximus

Chris Brasil,Marco De Cave: jam funky

Marco's Channel

Chris Brasil's Page

JAM with my friend Marco De Cave, I hope u enjoy.

JAM com meu amigo Marco De Cave, espero que vocês gostem.

JAM Funky Minor Modes - Chris Brasil & Marco De Cave

News: Jackson SLATTXMG3-7 Soloist Demo

Jackson SLATTXMG3-7 Soloist Demo

News: Virgin Media - time to think again?

This is supposed to be the fastest service in the UK!  What a joke!... less money on adverts and more on fixing the network please

Yiannis Papadopoulos: Smooth Jazz

Hello guys!I found this great great backing track and after a couple of drinks I recorded an improvisation with my Taylor 314 (by far the best acoustic guitar I've ever played).Apart from a few demanding lines the most of it is just melodies and is meant just for, soft and slow lines this time..not fast and technical stuff. I hope you like it and enjoy it with your drink during the summer :-).Thanks for watching.Don't forget to rate and subscribe!! Cheers!!

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Yiannis Papadopoulos - Smooth Jazz Improvisation

Jason Becker: four reasons to remember Daniele Gottardo competition, just one year on

Four classy videos from the final list from this incredible competition including the special judge Jason Becker!

Jesiel Candeia - The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Martin Miller - 1st place: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

2ND PLACE: Daniele Gottardo Competition by Leonardo Guzman *WITH TABS!*

3rd Place Winner - Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition - David Locke

You can help Jason Becker... purchase the new live CD, one special show!

MP3 album download and CD to follow, get your copy to help Jason Becker.

Joe Stump: Revenge of the Shredlord pre releases track

Fans of maniacal guitar driven releases and amazing displays of power and jaw dropping technical command buckle yourself for the Shredlord shall wreak his revenge on 17 August 2012!

Guitar legend Joe Stump returns with the best album of a career spanning almost 20 years. His new record “Revenge of the Shredlord” is home to new 12 tracks full of the guitar abuse Joe’s worldwide legion of fans know and love all delivered in his inimitable style.

Dark, brooding and oozing with major attitude, “Revenge of the Shredlord” delivers Joe’s incredible playing, showcased nicely inside very listenable musical songs that use influences from various schools of metal. It’ll appeal to both guitar enthusiasts as well as fans of guitar driven metal.

Now streaming at YouTube is the promo video for the track “Pistoleros” which gives the listener a strong feel for some of the facets heard on the new album.


Alberto Rigoni: Dingwall Z3 5 string bass solo

Melodic bass guitar solo from the song "Believe" of Alberto Rigoni's upcoming album (to be released in October 2012).
On this video Alberto used a Dingwall Z3 5 string bass

Melodic Bass Solo

Jakub Żytecki: Euroblast interview

We talked to Jakub Żytecki, Rafał Biernacki, Marcin Kicyk and Przemek Nycz from Disperse at Euroblast festival vol. 7 in Cologne, Germany in October last year.

In their first ever video interview, we talked about their album 'Journey Through The Hidden Gardens' and their upcoming sophomore effort, gear, playing live, and more.

Check out 'Unbroken Shiver', which will be featured on their next album:

Subtitles in English are available - enable them by clicking the 'CC' icon at the bottom right of the video.

DispersE was formed in December 2007 in Przeworsk, Poland. The initiatiors of the band's birth were Marcin Kicyk, Rafał Biernacki and Jakub Żytecki. A year before that, Rafał and Jakub had met at music school and decided to try and play together. During one of their concerts they were noticed by Marcin Kicyk (a bass player, who at that time was studying in Przeworsk) who suggested a meet...See more
Descriptiontours concerts promotion sponsorship support offers
- contact our manager Justyna Kesler
00 48 506 839 185 Euroblast vol. 7 interviews - Disperse

Rafał Biernacki - vocal, keyboards
Jakub Żytecki - gitars, voices
Marcin Kicyk - bass
Przemek Nycz - drums, percussions

If you enjoyed this please visit these pages.


Unbroken Shiver by Disperse