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We talked to Jakub Żytecki, Rafał Biernacki, Marcin Kicyk and Przemek Nycz from Disperse at Euroblast festival vol. 7 in Cologne, Germany in October last year.

In their first ever video interview, we talked about their album 'Journey Through The Hidden Gardens' and their upcoming sophomore effort, gear, playing live, and more.

Check out 'Unbroken Shiver', which will be featured on their next album:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siQuPEMRgFs

Subtitles in English are available - enable them by clicking the 'CC' icon at the bottom right of the video.


DispersE was formed in December 2007 in Przeworsk, Poland. The initiatiors of the band's birth were Marcin Kicyk, Rafał Biernacki and Jakub Żytecki. A year before that, Rafał and Jakub had met at music school and decided to try and play together. During one of their concerts they were noticed by Marcin Kicyk (a bass player, who at that time was studying in Przeworsk) who suggested a meet...See more
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got-djent.com: Euroblast vol. 7 interviews - Disperse

Rafał Biernacki - vocal, keyboards
Jakub Żytecki - gitars, voices
Marcin Kicyk - bass
Przemek Nycz - drums, percussions

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Unbroken Shiver by Disperse