Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Luca Di Nisio: Mayones/Seymour Duncan contest

here's my entry for this awesome contest !

Luca Di Nisio - Mayones/Seymour Duncan contest entry #MayonesDuncan

Raphaël Medde,Mickaël Medde:Protonova is a Jazz Metal Progressive Band

Raphaël Medde,Mickaël Medde:Protonova

Protonova is a Jazz Metal Progressive Band created by two guitarsists Raphaël Medde,Mickaël Medde in 2010. A first album will coming out in 2013 with national and talented musicians. Piwee Desfray on drums and Pascal Mulot on the bass guitar (guest)

Raphaël Medde: A little part of a known Piece of Frederic Chopin "Fantaisie Impromptu" in C sharp minor played by Raphaël Medde whole played in picking

Chopin Fréderic - fantaisie Impromptu

Nenad Kukic: Another Winter (2013) - rock original

+Nenad Kukic  
Produced by Nenad Kukic

Nenad Kukic - Another Winter (2013)

Pannawit Wichai: rock fusion ballad

Get together for fun ^ _ ^.

โซโล่กีต้าสายเดี่ยว by Rock Service (สาย2)Pannawit

Scott Mishoe: Ripping!

By Scott Mishoe 4.AVI
Scott Mishoe 4.AVI

News: Metal Wani - announces Top Ten instrumental albums

1) The Pitts Minnemann Project – 2 L 8 2 B Normal :

Spastick Ink meets Funk meets Jazz meets cartoon shred meets a truckload of quality musicians. This album is beyond flawless! Jimmy Pitts and Marco Minnemann’s project features top notch music, fresh techniques, amazing abilities, everything that would amaze a musician and listeners alike. 

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Fran Alonso: #MayonesDuncan Entry - cool AOR

Video I present to contest # MayonesDuncan ... Good luck to all participants!

#MayonesDuncan Entry - Fran Alonso!. Mpg

Ron Thal: NME shoot themselves in the foot!

Dennis Gatz Photography
Preview of the photo-shoot with Bumblefoot Make-up artist: Alison Leigh — with Bumblefoot.

Dennis Gatz Photography
Some 'info' sites will twist anything into an attack on Axl, lol (only way to get more readers and hike up rates on advertisers I guess...) NME is *not* a legit source of music info by any stretch. Not only do they make up quotes that aren't true (I've NEVER used the term "massive goobers" in my life, lol), I also didn't speak to Metal Hammer. NME is using a piece of an interview I did with Ryze-Up magazine, (starts at If NME is going to point fingers, they should have more integrity and class in what *they* do, yes?

I'm at the venue early, I'll have dinner with crew, watch opening acts, get warmed up, I'm at every meet-n-greet, and I'm ready to get on stage at show time. That's me. My advice was for musicians starting out, hopefully it served its positive purpose :)

(And on top of it all, NME showed someone else in the accompanying photo about my interview, lol....)

Happy New Year everyone, have a great 2013 :)

Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal has said that his one piece of advice for new bands is "be on time".

Niko Tsonev: Nambucca Club, London. Oct 2012

Niko Tsonev @ Nambucca Club, London. Oct 2012
Mobile phone footage of Niko's club gig @ Nambucca Club, London.

Fountainhead: Fear Is The Enemy EP announced

Fountainhead is the alter ego of multiinstrumentalist / composer / producer Tom Geldschläger, born 06.03.1984 in Greifswald, Germany. An acclaimed guitar virtuoso, teen-prodigy (Fountainhead wrote, recorded and produced his solo-debut "Nostalgia" at the age of 18) and in-demand producer, Tom has worked with hundreds of different  artists in nearly every genre imaginable. From his humble coverband beginnings to performing fretless guitar at minimal-electro events to working with a growing number of bands from progressive rock/metal (Purpose Effect, The Living) to death metal (Cerebric Turmoil, Requital, Orphan Hate ) to ambient-pop (Behave we are in public darling) to jazz (...und Hans, Peter Geltat Trio) to modern classical or fusion (The Fractured Dimension, Xell) and back, musical boundaries don't seem to exist for Fountainhead. He is currently living in Berlin, Germany and is available as a studio- and/or touring musician (6- and 7-string electric and acoustic guitar, fretless guitar, banjo, keyboards & piano, fretted & fretless bass...) and freelance producer/mixing-engineer/arranger. "Fear Is The Enemy", the first of a 4-part series of new EPs will be available through bandcamp 04.01.2013, the official video for the title track can already be watched on the official FH youtube-channel.
Fountainhead: Fear Is The Enemy
Fear Is The Enemy
by Fountainhead
1.  Hithérto
2. I Do And I Will
3. Fear Is The Enemy
4. Electric Lullaby
5. Fear Is The Enemy (Extended Version)

about: The first in a 4-part series of EPs by acclaimed guitarist/composer/producer Fountainhead.
credits released 04 January 2013

Fountainhead - Fear Is The Enemy OFFICIAL VIDEO

Jennifer Batten: guitar returned -YEAH!

Local Portland TV ran a story on my stolen and then retrieved main guitar of 15 years (1-1-13). It was stolen by some bastard (on his way to hell), who later ditched it in some bushes. The guitar has survived years of riding in the cold belly of airplanes and the last few days freezing Portland temperatures. Good Samaritans Randy and Cathy Hiles found it and took the trouble to research to find its rightful owner and contact me. We celebrated at the same Mexican restaurant it was stolen at with some primo margaritas.

Jennifer Batten's stolen guitar returned on New Years Day 2013

Tom Quayle: Wampler Faux Tape Echo

The Faux Tape Echo delay has become a staple in Nashville and beyond, from masterful session guitarists to studio "house sound" collections and of course seen on stages worldwide! Based around very carefully selected and very rigorously tested PT2399 delay chips, the Faux AnalogEcho and Faux Tape Echo circuits allowed Brian to combine the note clarity of a sophisticated digital delay with an all-analog dry path (unaffected signal) and magnificent all-analog tone-shaping and modulation circuitry.

What does that actually mean for musicians? The answer to that is "everything!" With our hybrid design approach, you get the best of both worlds. You get note clarity, lower noise, and longer delay times from digital delays. You get the lovely warmth and little, exquisite touches that are usually reserved for analog delays. Nearly every part of the pedal, all of its major functions, are analog. The "delay line" is the only digital part of the signal path. It alone being digital brings clarity and focus to the task in a way that analog delay line chips can't really match.

But everything else, all the absolutely vital filtering to carefully finish the sound is pure analog. Every aspect of the modulation that gives the Faux Tape Echo pedal a unique function and tone and makes it desirable for people who want their delay tone to sound as good as tape delay units but without all the maintenance, supplies, and hassle? Totally analog. Your all-important fundamental dry tone is 100% analog, too.

So when we say it's the best of both worlds, we absolutely mean it. From country slap-back to ambient washes to straight-ahead rock and metal delay, the hybrid approach lets Brian make one pedal that can do it all.

Still, we wouldn't be Wampler Pedals if we didn't listen to our users, artists, and dealers, and take into account feature requests... In this case, we'd have to plug our fingers in our ears if we were to ignore all the people shouting for TAP TEMPO! And let's face it, Brian Wampler wouldn't be who he is if he weren't always thinking of a better way to accomplish something cool, in this case a great sounding and more adjustable new modulation that will put the Faux Tape Echo's "Faux Tape Reel" into our most authentic territory yet.

This new version of the Faux Tape Echo takes everything great about the original, and adds to it that much-requested tap tempo functionality that users have asking for, as well as Brian's new idea in emulating the elusive and beautiful character that people look for in classic tape echo units. The time has come to unveil the Faux Tape Echo that everyone has been waiting for -- and we've all worked hard to make sure you're going to love it!

Cameron Allen: Next BendNote 2012 Winning performance

Next BendNote Talent 2012 Winner : Cameron Allen - Jackknife on a Hairpin

Video Live from Next BendNote Talent in Paris at Divan du monde.
Cameron Allen, winner for this year, plays Jackknife on a Hairpain

Daniele Gottardo,Stéphan Forté,Franck Hermanny: rehearse for Jason Becker NOT DEAD YET in Netherlands

Jason Becker's NOT DEAD YET! - rehearsals Daniele Gottardo, Stéphan Forté , Franck Hermanny

The next concert!

Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet Concert

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

333 11th Street, San Francisco, California 94103

Not Dead Yet Concert...
Steve Morse
Richie Kotzen
Uli Jon Roth
Gus G
Michael Lee Firkins
Rudy Parris
Benjamin Woods
Jude Gold
Gretchen Menn
and others


Don Lappin: Tapped In - Kickstarter line up for new album!

"Tapped In" Don Lappin's New ALBUM!
I am proud to finally bring you my new album, "Tapped In".
Launched: Jan 1, 2013
Funding ends: Jan 30, 2013

Hi everyone. I am really excited to finally bring you my CD "Tapped In". This long awaited record features myself on Guitar, Steve Hunt on Keys, Joe Santerre on Bass, and Chad Wackerman on Drums.

Everything is now finished and I am just waiting on the replication and the final shipment of CDs. The release date for my record is February 1st.

I have set this kickstarter page up as a preorder page. I can really use your help with preorders to insure I have the funds nessesary to cover the mixing, mastering and replication fees. Although this project is being completed either way, your support with preordering my CD will help me immensely in insuring that this project is completed on schedule.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Sincerely, Don Lappin

Kiko Loureiro: Escaping - XII Guitar Player IG&T Festival

As a big fan of Kiko that I am, I see firsthand his presentation on AT & T - 7/12/2010!
Because all your presentations, this was another PERFECT!

Kiko Loureiro - Escaping - XII Guitar Player IG&T Festival

Wonderful!! AT & T - 7/12/2010!
Because all your presentations, this was another PERFECT!

Kiko Loureiro - XII Guitar Player IG&T Festival

David Bond: WIN an AMT E2 Pedal

David Bond: WIN an AMT E2 Pedal 31 Jan
Hey guys
So it's nearly Christmas, and I've decided to promote my new website and facebook page with a Christmas competition and virtual tuition giveaway!

The prizes are:
1st prize - An AMT E2 preamp pedal - Engl Powerball in a pedal!
2nd prize - Any item from the shop
EVERYONE who enters - 2 months of FREE virtual guitar lessons at

To enter: Simple LIKE the Bond Tuition facebook page and SHARE it on your own facebook wall. The address is:

Competition ends: 31/01/2013

Thanks for checking this out, and Merry Christmas everyone!

Intro backing track was made by the fantastic Rick Graham.

WIN an AMT E2 Pedal and FREE guitar lessons!

Jamie Humphries: Ernie Ball Musicman Reflex Game Changer

ttp:// Jamie Humphries demos the Ernie Ball Game Changer Reflex Guitar in Issue 10 of Guitar Interactive available for FREE here

Watch the full Game Changer review here

Sterling Ball has called the Game Changer one of the biggest developments in the electric guitar since Leo Fender created the five-way selector switch on a Strat! The Game Changer could certainly change the way we look at guitar electronics. Our resident Musicman expert, Jamie Humphries, is well placed to explain the system as he is a regular demonstrator. As Jamie is a Musicman endorser, we are awarding no rating on this unique Guitar Interactive demonstration.

Guitar Interactive is the Free online magazine for guitarists - Subscribe for free today here

Ernie Ball Musicman Reflex Game Changer Guitar Demo Review - Guitar Interactive Magazine

Jeff Kollman: announces a Baked Potato date

Jeff Kollman announces a Baked Potato date

Vinz Cent: Jazz Fusion Rock improvisation on a guitar

Simple but effective from Vinz Cent

Vinz Cent: My simple Jazz Fusion Rock improvisation on a guitar. A good way to kick off the new year.

"Sahara" Women of the Sands

Joe Bonamassa: January Sale - full albums are half price

Joe Bonamassa

JB Webmaster: All full albums are half price – Now through the weekend.
Download them now:

Lorenzo Venza: Hopes in the sun (TQ105) - liquid fusion!

My kind of fusion... not 2H + 3H ----> 4He + n just liquid fusion from Lorenzo Venza

+Lorenzo Venza From Tom Quayle's Fusion essential, improvised first take over this super tasty fusion groove.

Lorenzo Venza - Hopes in the sun (tom Quayle )

Max Gorelick: Kenny G's son - Mayones/Seymour Duncan Solo Contest

Keith Merrow
I lost count at over 450 video submissions for the Mayones Guitars Basses/ Seymour Duncan guitar contest. That's AWESOME participation. Better odds than the lottery :) So many great entries! I stumbled across this one... come to find out, it's Kenny G's son, he rips on guitar, and has been given props byChris Broderick, Dave Mustaine, Alex Skolnic, etc. for his submission. His video has more views than the original backing track video. Crazy! Great job Max! Also, to those who have entered, double check and make sure your video is properly tagged with #MayonesDuncan. I saw a bunch that aren't! You HAVE to do that. Check it out-

Mayones/Seymour Duncan Solo Contest - Max Gorelick #MayonesDuncan

Jason Wang: This kid has the juice!

Thanks to Andrew Gerard for spotting Jason Wang

Jason Wang:
Fender 010-1000
Kemper Profiling Amp
Canon EOS60D+18-135mm

KPA Play - Future Destination

Guitar rig soundcheck

Neoclassical shred

Tom Fusion

Joe Bonamassa: set to record new album with Beth Hart

Beth Hart
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Make it a great one!

I gotta say I am looking forward to the year 2013. This month I'll be recording a new album with Joe Bonamassa and we'll be doing a couple shows together this summer, which I'm very excited about.

Also it looks like the band and I will be going back to tour in various European countries and it looks like we will finally be doing some dates in the States as well! How cool is that?!

Last but not least, the new album, which was recently released in Europe, will finally be released in the USA on April 2nd!!! Hell yeah! I'm so very happy to finally be releasing a new album in my home country again. Hope you will like it! Here's a song off that album, the title track: Bang Bang Boom Boom!

Hope to see you all somewhere on the road,

Ignazio Di Salvo: funk modal pedal

+Ignazio Di Salvo Hi guys this is me improvising over a simple funk modal pedal. I'm trying new technical solutions to improve my legato-tapping technique and some interesting stuffs for the alternate picking. I've recorded with my travel webcam and a very old Marshall valve state with a crunchy sound. I wish I'll have time enough to make a lesson over these topics.

Ignazio Di Salvo - Webcam noodling exercises