Sunday, 13 January 2013

Laura Klinkert: Bill Evans Style

Laura Klinkert
Laura Klinkert playing some Bill Evans Style jazz licks.

Bill Evans Style (Compin' & Solo)

David Bond: Jam on Dorian with Kemper amp

Just been doing some more jamming with my Kemper Profiling Amp, amazing tones. Here's a quick jam I did yesterday on a dorian kinda groove. Apologies for the slightly naff video quality, the camera is next on my list of upgrades!   For lessons with me, head to:

Kemper Jam on Dorian -

Dave Kilminster: Rock Guitar Daily interview

Kilminster: (chuckling) "I was pretty scared, actually! When I first read on the website that it was going to be broadcast to over a billion people, I just sat there in a state of shock for a little while. 

"As we got closer and we rehearsed, it was sounding really good - especially after we sound checked that afternoon. Everything just felt really nice, really comfortable, and it wasn't as cold as I'd remembered it being previously, because it is a hockey arena, and sometimes it gets a bit chilly in there, which is not great for the hands. But we did soundcheck, and I thought, 'This is going to be alright!' The thing to do, obviously, is to just focus on what you're going to do, and you can't think about other things." 

"I was happy, relieved, whatever - there were a couple of little moments....I'm a perfectionist, so there's a couple of moments where there were slightly sharp bends, and that was just way too much adrenalin! I was just happy to be involved - for such a great cause, too! To be on the same stage with all those amazing musicians, and bands, and such. Yeah, it was a perfect way to end the year, really!"

Dallton Santos: No-Metric - super Brazilian Rock Fusion announce upcoming CD

Dallton Santos by Bruno Salles 
No-Metric is a Rock Fusion Group from Brazil that makes Instrumental music in a rock fusion style.
These are some solo parts I've recorded for the upcoming CD.

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Rock Fusion Group No-Metric Guitar Solos Record Sessions

Fred Brum: JamUp Pro playthrough - Eclipse

Official Website -
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The kind folks at Positive Grid got me Jam Up Pro and the JamUp plug to try out and I'll be honest - if someone told me a couple years ago that I'd be capable of having a damn phone or pad device capable of proper guitar tones, I'd most probably have laughed my arse of. As it turns out, it quickly became an invaluable travel companion and, to be honest, I see this app being perfectly usable in gigs. Check them out at

All guitar tracks are my trusty Jaden Rose Spaltiverse going into the JamUp Pro app straight into the Presonus FireStudio interface, without fancy post-eq'ing. 

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Fred Brum - JamUp Pro playthrough - Eclipse

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen - Teargas Jazz Frankfurt 2012

Freak Kitchen
Freak Kitchen is a heavy metal/hard rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 1992. Because of the high technical level of their compositions people sometimes refer to their style as progressive metal or progressive rock.Wikipedia
Porno Daddy2003Move
Speak When Spoken To
Chest Pain Waltz
Teargas Jazz2009Land of the Freaks
God Save the Spleen2009Land of the Freaks
Taste My Fist1996Spanking Hour
Hateful Little People2003Move
Silence!2001Dead Soul Men
Murder Groupie2009Land of the Freaks
Jerk1996Spanking Hour
Nobody's Laughing2003Move
Sob Story
Haw, Haw, Haw1996Spanking Hour
The Smell of Time2009Land of the Freaks

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen - Teargas Jazz Frankfurt 2012

Registration February 1st!

The Freak Guitar Camp Crew and IA are happy to announce the dates ofFreak Guitar Camp 2013:

Week 1: 29th of July - 3rd of August
Week2 2: 6th - 11th of August

Registration begins February 1st at

Nicolò Vedele: Mayones & Seymour Duncan Regius Competition

Entries still coming in for this competition!

Here's my entry for The Mayones & Seymour Duncan Regius Competition / Keith Merrow, hope you like it!!!! #MayonesDuncan

Nicolò Vedele - #MayonesDuncan (The Mayones & Seymour Duncan Regius Competition)

Richard Hallebeek,Tom Geldschläger,Jason Sadites: Album of the month January 2013

Richard Hallebeek, Lalle Larsson: RHP II

Album of the month January 2013 
I would be very happy to recommend these releases to those who are looking for that extra something in their electric guitar collections.  Tom Geldschläger aka Fountainhead with his incredible fretless playing and musical landscapes. Jason Sadites, excellent fusion featuring the talents of Adam Nitti, Tony Levin, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann,Martin Motnik and Kenny Aronoff! Plus fanally, Richard Hallebeek's RHP II. I had the god fortune to see Richard Hallebeek and Lalle Larsson before the Aristocrats gig. The guy has sublime fusion chops, but modest too boot! Richard's album might likely go on to be Album of the year! The band is just magnificent and chock full of special guest musicians: Alex Machacek, Greg Howe, Andy Timmons, Kiko Loureiro, Eric Gales, Guthrie Govan,José De Castro and  Lalle Larsson.

Fountainhead: Fear Is The Enemy

Jason Sadites: Broken

Richard Hallebeek, Lalle Larsson: RHP II

Also looks like I am not alone!

Yes! RHPII is album of the month on the Radio Xymphonica website! It received a great review
With RHP (2004) Richard Hallebeek put himself solidly on the jazz-rock map. Firmly located between the borders of the syncopated rhythms of Tribal Tech and the virtuoso melodic nature of Allan Holdsworth he made his status, partly obtained through CDs including Antti Kotikoski and René Engel. On RHP there were world-class musicians onboard like Shawn Lane and Brett Garsed, but for the successor 'Pain In The Jazz' the guitarist wanted to make it even bigger. Up to seven string artists steal the show, and besides that, regularly duel with Hallebeek and his band: Greg Howe, Alex Machacek, Guthrie Govan, Andy Timmons, Jose de Castro, Eric Gales and Kiko Loureiro. An impressive list, although it is mainly the base which ensures that these guys can shine. The compositions were written partly with the distinctive playing style of the soloists in mind to emphasize and sometimes to excite and push them. Furthermore, the steady band is in top form. Bassist Frans Vollink shows us a nice aggressive variation of the dexterous work of Jeff Berlin. His own Scott Henderson-like composition 'Wristkiller' and the superfunky Jaco Pastorius cover 'Amelia', with trumpeter Randy Brecker and saxspeler Ada Rovatti, are good examples of this. Drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen also produces a powerful drive, in where he quickly touches various parts of his kit while yet playing with a sense of understatement. His bluesy ballad 'Think Of Something' is surprisingly one of the more quiet moments on the album. Lalle Larsson, whose Weaveworld trilogy featured Hallebeek prominently, also contributes significantly to the coloring of the arrangements, but is also one of the designers of the catchy themes. Of course he has his flashy solo moments, like in the complex 'Speed City Blues' that was written by himself and the progressive 'Bring It On'. Finally, it is particularly Rich himself who is at the center of it all with deceptively accessible melodies, a versatile sound palette including guitar synthesizer sounds and beautiful chordal work. With 'Pain In The Jazz' he has therefore strengthened his position on the aforementioned jazz-rock map in a stunning fashion.The album can be ordered through his own website

Mark Hawkins: Soul Cycle III plan are reaching fruition

Soul Cycle III
Okay, so...guys and gals...we THINK we've finally figured out the mix for Soul Cycle III. 14 test tracks were scrutinized in the process and we finally settled on this last little ditty. We're gonna go have a beer or twelve now to celebrate, but when we get begins. And by "it", I mean the total dismantling of that virtual kit we slaved over for days so that we can replace all the hits with cat sounds. Cat drums, ASSEMBLE!

Soul Cycle II

Mark Hawkins Most awesome screenshot EVER. — with Chris Catharsis.

Digital Album
Immediate download of 11-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
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1. Instar / Soul: Reborn 05:00
2. Against The Iron 04:48
3. Reject Humanity 05:39
4. Ethereal 06:26
5. Trancendence 05:25
6. Unphased 05:16
7. Cast Down 04:39
8. One Fleeting Moment 04:45
9. Distant Skies 04:00
10. Evolutia 08:25
11. Break The Cycle 06:17

released 24 April 2012
1) Instar / Soul: Reborn (feat. David Maxim Micic and Sacha Laskow)
2) Against the Iron (feat. George Richman and Roma Ivakov)
3) Reject Humanity (feat. Kevin Suter and Paul Wardingham)
4) Ethereal (feat. Alan Nagelberg and Mr. Fastfinger)
5) Transcendence (feat. Vishal J. Singh and Keshav Dhar)
6) Unphased (feat. JT Bruce and Martin Buus)
7) Cast Down (feat. Adam Nolly Getgood and Ben Robson)
8) One Fleeting Moment (feat. Breeze and Bryant Crawford)
9) Distant Skies (feat. Jordan Miles and Reece Fullwood)
10) Evolutia (feat. Jake Linder, Francesco Filigoi and Jakub Zytecki)
11) Break the Cycle (feat. Nate Vennarucci, Keith Merrow and Mathieu Marcotte)
Chris Catharsis-Songwriting, Production, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Lead Guitar, Drum Programming

Mark Hawkins-Lead Guitar, Additional layers

Max Karon-Mastering

Mike C. Bauer-Artwork

Greg Howe: Maragold have an Official Maragold Mailing List!

Sign up for the Official Maragold Mailing List!

Wagner Ribeiro: #MayonesDuncan Competition Entry

Hi! This is my entry in the Mayones/Seymour Duncan Mayones Regius 7 Custom.
I hope you like!!! Sub my channel. Watching in HD. Thanks.

#MayonesDuncan Competition Entry - Wagner Ribeiro

Rodrigo J Gozalbez,Roger Paul: Pole Shift - Cosmic Wheel - Energy Of Sound

Pole Shift [Live Version] - Cosmic Wheel - Energy Of Sound

Collaborative artists Rodrigo J. Gozalbez (Lead Guitar) and Roger Paul (Bass, Keys, Chapman Stick) double team at their grooviest and get down with the sound to produce a dynamic blend of styles. Now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.

Cosmic Wheel is a rock instrumental album. From start to finish, this album is supercharged with booming bass lines, sultry keys, and melodic guitar passages sure to hook you in heart and soul.





Pole Shift [Live Version] - Cosmic Wheel - Rodrigo J. Gozalbez

plus a great cover of Allen Hinds - Falling Up

Falling Up (Allen Hinds) - Rodrigo J. Gozalbez

News: Hamer Guitars to cease production

Hamer Guitars will end production according to a statement issued yesterday by the brand's owner, Fender Musical Instrument Corporation. As the press release states, "Fender Musical Instruments Corp/KMCMusicorp is suspending production of Hamer instruments to focus our efforts on other brands within the company’s portfolio, and to continue to address musicians’ needs by designing and building the highest quality, most sought-after instruments in the world."

Thomas Finlayson: Jakarta Guitar Festival Video Contest 2013

Turned down the distortion, put away my trusty weapon of mass destruction aka a Jackson Rhoads and instead picked up a Gibson and decided to have a go at jamming over a fusion track.

Jakarta Guitar Festival Video Contest 2013 - Thomas Finlayson

Karlo Li: Ascent Of Aquarius - Dark Crayola

Karlo Li is the second guitarist with Fidel de Jesus and the band Dark Crayola.

1/2 of Dark Crayola's axemen playing his guitar solo for Ascent Of Aquarius.

Ascent Of Aquarius - Karlo's Guitar Solo playthrough

Anouck André: Sunny Jazz version

First practice session of 2013, attempting some Pat Martino lines !

Practice Session : Sunny Jazz version

Les Claypool: tribute to Rush

Les Claypool speaks about his appreciation of Rush and performs his own unique version of The Spirit of Radio at Rush's induction into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame on March 28, 2010.

One of my favorite musicians honoring my other favorite musicians

Les Claypool performs at Rush's Hall of Fame ceremony

Mike Keneally: tour dates UK 2013

Mike Keneally will bring his band to Europe for a tour  that starts in London’s Borderline Club on March 20. The lineup features bassist Brian Beller, drummer Joe Travers  and guitarist Rick Musallam.

Keneally will perform tracks from acclaimed 2012 album Wing Beat Fantastic, plus a selection of material from his extensive catalogue.

Mike Keneally Band UK tour with Godsticks
Mar 20: London Borderlin
Mar 21: Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
Mar 22: Manchester Night n’Day Cafe
Mar 23: Newcastle The Cluny
Mar 24: Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms

Don Lappin: talks about the recording process for his new album

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Don explains the recording process in detail

A guitarist since age seven, Don began playing professionally at age 11. Don has been a faculty member at Berklee since 1997 and now teaches guitar for the guitar department year round.

Performances with Michael Sweet, Jon Finn, Steve Hunt (Allan Holdsworth, Billy Cobham), Joe Santerre, Jonathan Mover, Chad Wackerman, John Petrucci, Guthrie Govan, and many others.

Don’s releases include: Fine Lines (EP) 1998, Foundations of Rock-Melbay (2007), and Don Lappin’s Two-hand Technique- DVD (2009).

Don endorses Music Man Guitars, Ernie Ball Strings, Dimarzio Pickups, and Engl Amplification.