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Arek Religa: Warrior: promo from the new album

Arek Religa "Warrior" (official music video)
This song is dedicated to Paul Watson and "Sea Shepherd Conservation Society".
Thank you for what you're doing.

Produced by Great Icon Multimedia

To buy entire album go to:

Buy the album

Arek Religa "Warrior"

Vinnie Moore: Rain at the Expomusic 2010

Vinnie Moore Rain playing in Expomusic 2010 (Sunday - 26/09) - little video made by me, sorry I q q record with a configuration intermediate because the memory was already almost full! ^ ^

Rain - Vinnie Moore - Expomusic 2010

Jan Laurenz: Gipsy jazz on ukulele

Gipsy jazz on ukulele by Jan Laurenz
Gipsy jazz on ukulele by Jan Laurenz
just practicing my new song outside.......
hope you enjoy:)

Jan Laurenz: Ukulele

David Bond: Jamming With Triads

Free Guitar Lesson - Jamming With Triads - David Bond
Hi again everyone!
This weeks free guitar lesson is dealing with improvising and jamming using triads. To jam over the free backing track head to:

Also like my Facebook page for regular tips and licks at:

Happy jammin' :)

David Ovejero: Waves of Shred Entry

My entry to this amazing contest. Great backing track. Hope you like it! I'm not shredder, but I have a lot of fun making the video. Some jazzy licks inside haha :)

Subscribe to my channel ;) thanks!

Waves of Shred Entry - David Ovejero

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Dani Ben Shmuel: Waves Of Shred Entry

it was a great fun to play on this playback, good luck to you all :)

Waves Of Shred Entry - Dani Ben Shmuel

Bazz: Waves of Shred Entry

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Waves of Shred Entry - Bazz

Aris Skouroliakos: Waves of Shred competition

This is my entry for this great guitar contest!
Thanks all those who are responsible for it!

Waves of Shred Entry - Aris Skouroliakos

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shepherd: The Rides new album and world tour coming soon.

The Rides extended trailer [Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Barry Golberg]

by mascotlabelgroup

The Rides - A Blues-Rock Summit formed by Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shepherd And Barry Goldberg. Debut Album "Can't Get Enough" set for release on August 26 on Provogue Records.

Album is Produced By Jerry Harrison

Some background info:
No stranger to top flight musical partnerships, legendary singer-songwriter and Buffalo Springfield/CSN/CSN&Y principal Stephen Stills unites with fellow guitar slinger Kenny Wayne Shepherd and venerable Electric Flag keyboardist Barry Goldberg to form the new all-star blues-rock group The Rides. The multi-generational outfit's debut album, Can't Get Enough, is set for Ltd Edition CD, Standard CD, digital, and vinyl release August 26 on Provogue Records.

Featuring four co-written originals, a handful of covers, and a vintage, previously unrecorded Stills gem, Can't Get Enough was inspired by—and is an homage to—the now-classic 1968 album Super Session, which featured Stills on guitar on one side, and the late Mike Bloomfield on the other (Bloomfield had founded Electric Flag with Goldberg, who also played on Super Session, as did Blood, Sweat & Tears keyboardist Al Kooper ). As The Rides bring a historic and distinctively American musical form into the 21st century, Stills calls them "the blues band of my dreams."

The Rides will embark on a world tour beginning in September. Dates TBD.

The Rides extended trailer [Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Barry Golberg]

Trevor Bolder: bassist with Uriah Heep and David Bowie dead at 62

Trevor Bolder, bassist in David Bowie's 1970s backing band Spiders From Mars, has died from cancer at the age of 62.

In a statement, Bowie remembered him as "a wonderful musician" who had been "a major inspiration for whichever band he was working with".

His death was announced by rock band Uriah Heep, who called him "a world-class bass player".

Andy James: 'Synergy' Lick Lesson With TAB - LickLibrary

In this short lesson, Andy James demonstrates a scorching run from his track 'Synergy' taken from the 'Psychic Transfusion' EP.

This video is taken from our Facebook page as part of our weekly FREE Facebook Quick Licks Series - If you'd like the TAB for this lick you can download it from our Facebook page here

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Kenny Serane: Lâg Roxane Racing RR1500-BLK

Kenny Serane is playing on a Roxane Racing RR1500-BLK, the new Lâg Guitars Collection 2013
This is a total improvisation.
Amp used: Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five with Marshall 1960 cab
Find More on
Thanx to my friend Florent Elter
And Nelly Tadjer for video editing + VFX

Backing Track: copyright

Lâg Roxane Racing RR1500 - Jazz Fusion demo by Kenny Serane

Lâg Roxane Racing RR1500 - Blues Rock demo by Kenny Serane

George Marios: Zivory powered Rocky Jam

Hey guys,

Hope you are well,

Here is another jam with a brand new Zivory guitar that i received in order to try out.


George Marios

Rocky Jam over a Track I wrote

Jason Becker: Heart of a Hero - tribute CD for Jason Becker

The Guitar players playing their guitar in honor of Jason Becker.

01. Kiko Loureiro - Headstrong
02. Rafael Bianzeno - Ok, 13!!!
03. Rafael Nery - Inside my dying soul
04. Bittencourt Project - The Underworld
05. Edu Ardanuy - Alien Voice
06. Lucas Fagundes - Viagem
07. Rodrigo Rodrigues - Searching for new vibes
08. Bruno Machado - In a Hurry to get there
09. Marcelo Barbosa - Who's the next
10. Passamani - The Sword of the samurai
11. Two Towers - Broken Stone
12. Remove Silence - Fade
13. Wanderson Bersani - Chromatology
14. André Martins - Moccha
15. André Hernandes - Parece o Sol
16. André Sampaio - Going to Downtown
17. Michel Leme - Servant of the Light
18. Márcio Okayama - Hope 7 (Febre Esperanza)
19. André Viegas - Gypsy fairy tale

The Guitar players

You can find out more, and donate and download

Chamada Heart of a Hero - - VIDEO OFICIAL

Ben Badenhorst: welcome to Random Blues #1

Late afternoon improv....

Ben Bad - Random Blues #1

Ernie Ball: Oklahoma, Music Man Custom Armada Guitar auction fundraiser!

Ernie Ball Guitar Strings

In light of beyond tragic natural disaster that occurred yesterday in Oklahoma, we are auctioning off a Custom Music Man Armada Guitar. All proceeds will be donated to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, which will provide meals directly for those without shelter or food. Ernie Ball Music Man will match every dollar the instrument goes for. Lets raise some money for a cause that needs our help.

Paul Gilbert: Great Guitar Camp 2013

July 8th - 12th 2013 - Full Moon Resort, Big Indian NY
Players of all ages, levels, and styles are welcome at the Great Guitar Escape. Whether you've been ripping up the fretboard for years, or you just know a couple of chords, there are plenty of new musical ideas waiting for you here.
From rock to blues to metal to jazz and more, Paul’s handpicked team of guitarists will give you insight into the techniques, styles, and life of the modern, working musician. The artistic and the practical will come together before your eyes and ears.
This is the second year of The Great Guitar Escape, and Paul plans to make it even better than before. "I listened to the feedback from the students from last year, and this year I plan to focus the camp even more on guitar and the individual player. There will be amazing seminars from every instructor, but I want to hear the students too. Our guitars need to have some conversations with each other!"
Every evening you will witness all the instructors come together for intimate, once-in-a-lifetime jam sessions. Gear will be available for students to jam late into the night as well. Just bring your guitar, get ready learn, jam, make friends, and rock!
Paul Gilbert - Great Guitar Camp 2013

Guthrie Govan,Steven Wilson: Premier Guitar Rig Rundown - for the Steven Wilson tour

Rig Rundown - Steven Wilson & Guthrie Govan

News: 7 Deadly Sins Musicians Are Committing on Facebook & Twitter

7 Deadly Sins Musicians Are Committing on Facebook & Twitter
Promoting your band or brand on social networks is a must, but doing it effectively is a lot harder than it seems. If you're new to using Facebook or Twitter as a promo channel, this list will give you some great insight into common mistakes others have made so you don't have to. If you consider yourself an old pro, you better hope none of your go-to moves are on this list! Take a look and find out.

Divaldi Addina: The Warrior Within - World Vision

Divaldi Addina: The Warrior Within
This is our third song from our Band. World Vision.
Yes.. the story about the struggles, survive and fought for our own battle..
a battle to make music on our term, and to make a beautiful music for universe..
although we all separate by time and long distance. we will not step back..!
because we have a "Warrior Within" Our self ..that made us strong and always have a faith within our self.

so.. i would like to thank.. to my team.. my uncle, my best friend, also my teacher.. who already help
for all these time.. thank you very very much .. dear uncle charles.. without you i can not go far like this..
thank you for your hard work,, dedication.. and love and care to me and to my family.. thank you so much you are.. Amazing..!!
and to dear uncle Frank.. from canada... thank you very very much for helping me again in this project video.. you're Rock..!!
and thank you very much to uncle charlie .. already help me with his awesome playing in the piano keyboard...
you are all my amazing team..

and.. i would like to thanks to ..
to My uncle Terry ... he help me a lots during my project .. you are wonderful person thank you very much dear uncle.
and to my uncle Laurie monk.. thanks for the secret weapon. that you already gave me.. improve my skill in very high..
and thank you for promoting all my videos for all these time.. at
and also to my uncle Larry weseman .. thank you for promoting my videos to all over websites.
and also thanks to my guitar sposor.. Uncle Mike Caparelli.
thank you for the Awesome Arco F1.

and the last ..
i would like to say to may family in the FB.. to all my dearest brothers, sister, uncles, aunties and friends..
Thank you very very very much.. for all your support to me.. for all these time..
i'm here because of your love... and without all your love, care and support to me .. .i can not be here right now..
again.. thank you very very much.. i love you all...with all my heart
so everyone.. enjoy the song from our band...
The Warrior within

please Share.. share.. and share video link.
help me to find a biggest sponsor For my music career.

Divaldi Addina

The Warrior Within (Original) By World Vision (HD)

Geddy Lee: Sweden festival show might be the key to more festival shows!

Asked about more festival shows...

Geddy Lee:  "We'll see how this one," he said. "This one in Sweden is kind of a test case for the European festivals, and if we like the end result, then I think we might start doing more of those, because we can play to more people and shorten the show a little bit and just hit more countries that way. That's kind of what's at the back of our minds — if this goes well, maybe we can go to some countries we haven't visited yet."

Sir Christopher Lee,Hedras Ramos: Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death due at the end of May!

Legendary actor Christopher Lee, who has appeared in such cinematic milestones as "Lord Of The Rings", "Star Wars", "The Man With The Golden Gun" and "Dracula", will release his second heavy meetal album,"Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death", on May 27 on audio CD, a two-disc gatefold vinyl and MP3 downloads.

"Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death" signifies Christopher Lee's move into "full-on" heavy metal.

The music in "Charlemagne: The Omens of Death" was arranged by Richie Faulkner. He completed the work shortly before he was called to join JUDAS PRIEST as lead guitarist.

Richie said: "Most of the songs were already there, but they needed riffs, drum parts and musical parts that reflected what the guys wanted — which was a metal record with an aim to be played live by a band. Some of the tracks didn't have any music at all and were just Sir Christopher singing his melodies. I remember how surreal it was sitting in my place at the time with Saruman blasting out over the speakers! I've no idea what the neighbours thought!"

Guitar idol champion Hedras Ramos Jr., is given the guitar duties in the album. Something of a daunting task, but he managed to pull it off.

Hedras said: "It was a lot of fun for me. I just had to listen a lot to IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and all those guys — the old-school heavy metal, to absorb the sound and the flavour of this music. Composing the music for 'The Devil's Advocate' and 'The Ultimate Sacrifice' was quite a trip and tons of fun, because I was given total freedom to add my personal guitar approach to the album. This is a great album for all metal, fantasy and Christopher Lee fans!"

"Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death" track listing:

01. The Portent (4:29)
02. Charles The Great (6:23)
03. The Siege (7:09)
04. Massacre Of The Saxons (5:41)
05. Dawning Of A New Age (4:40)
06. Let Legend Mark Me As The King (5:45)
07. The Betrayal (5:02)
08. The Devil's Advocate (4:54)
09. The Ultimate Sacrifice (5:09)
10. Judgement Day (3:41)


* Christopher Lee as Charlemagne (Ghost)
* Vincent Ricciardi as Young Charlemagne
* Phil S.P as Pippin The Short
* Mauro Conti as Pope Hadrian
* Lydia Salnikova as Hildegard
* Gorgon Tittsworth as Roland
* Aaron Cloutier as Duke Lop
* Daniel Vasconcelos as Oliver


Electric Guitar: Hedras Ramos Jr.
Bass Guitar: Hedras Ramos Sr.
Drums: Ollie Usiskin

Charlemagne The Omens of Death (Album Preview). Christopher Lee

Hussein Haddad: Do It For Love (Original Song)

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First of all, i want to say, thanks Leandro for the beautiful bass line, you're amazing!
In this video i used my Dreamer Guitar, my Santo Angelo Cable, my TClean Amp, and 2 pedals, Eruption and Scream X3 by TMiranda.
I hope you Enjoy it

Hussein Haddad - Do It For Love (Original Song)

Andrew Jay: One small phone screen, with one big player!

Andrew Jay continues to impress me with his compositional skills and classy guitar playing... may have only a small camera on his phone, but he's captured some big playing!



New idea

Artur Tadevosyan: Funky Strumming Wah Wah Pattern Masterclass

Strumming Masterclass Lesson 4
Funky wah wah pattern

Strumming Masterclass Lesson 4 (Funky Strumming Wah Wah Pattern)

Guthrie Govan: in a kilt! - it can only be the Aristocrats new album and tour dates!

The Aristocrats

Well, as you can see, we updated our cover photo and profile pic to reflect the artwork for our new album CULTURE CLASH, which drops July 16. Here's a pic of the actual front cover...and yes, we're fighting a pig, a chicken, and a spaceman, in front of a biblically-referenced structure.

More breaking news: the official track listing is right below:

1. Dance Of The Aristocrats
2. Culture Clash
3. Louisville Stomp
4. Ohhhh Noooo
5. Gaping Head Wound
6. Desert Tornado
7. Cocktail Umbrellas
8. Living The Dream
9. And Finally

The Deluxe Edition will contain a Bonus DVD called "Accept The Mystery: The Making Of The Aristocrats' 'Culture Clash'" with studio footage and behind the scenes interviews. It's cute.

Also, there's been one change of tour dates - Roakoke is out on 7/26, and Raleigh is in. (Sorry Roanoke, but your venue closed!) Here are the official final tour dates:

CULTURE CLASH - Summer 2013 U.S. Tour

7/17 - Nashville, TN - Douglas Corner
7/19 - Tampa, FL - Brass Mug
7/20 - Orlando, FL - West End Trading Company
7/21 - Jacksonville, FL - 1904 Music Hall
7/23 - Atlanta, GA - Atlanta Institute of Music (clinic/performance)
7/24 - Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade (Purgatory)
7/25 - Charlotte, NC - Tremont Music Hall (Casbah)
7/26 - Raleigh, NC - Pour House Music Hall
7/27 - Vienna, VA - Jammin Java
7/29 - Boston, MA - Berklee College of Music (clinic)
7/30 - Boston, MA - Berklee Performance Center (concert)
7/31 - Wilkes-Barre, PA - River St. Jazz Cafe
8/1 - New York City, NY - Highline Ballroom
8/2 - Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar
8/3 - Dunellen, NJ - New Jersey Proghouse
8/6 - Pittsburgh, PA - Hard Rock Cafe
8/7 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Tavern
8/8 - Columbus, OH - Rumba Café
8/9 - Cincinnati, OH - Southgate House Revival
8/10 - Charleston, WV - Empty Glass
8/12 - Detroit MI - Token Lounge
8/13 - Indianapolis, IN - Birdy's
8/14 - Chicago, IL - Reggie's
8/15 - Madison, WI - Brink Lounge
8/16 - St. Paul, MN - Station 4
8/17 - Omaha, NE - Shamrock's
8/19 - St. Louis, MO - 2720 Cherokee
8/20 - Kansas City, MO - The Record Bar
8/21 - Tulsa, OK - The Vanguard
8/23 - Denton, TX - Dan's Silverleaf
8/24 - Houston, TX - Rudyard's Pub
8/25 - Austin, TX - Saxon Pub

Stay tuned for preview audio and video and presale details...coming soon!

Jani J Szentkiralyi,Atma Anur: Triumph March - demo from upcoming CD.

The second song from the upcoming SZENTKIRALYI EP. Written by Hungarian guitarist/composer Jani J. Szentkiralyi and produced and mixed by Jani, Atma Anur and well known sound engineer Janos Rohanszky. Here Jani and Atma perform wonderfully technical music, filled with groove, passion and excitement... watch out for the full EP coming soon, 2013!

Atma Anur - Triumph's March/Jani J. Szenkiralyi

Nemanja Stankovic: Canon in D Arr Muris Varajic

Hello my friends this is my cover of the lesson that Muris Varajic has done for GMC... :)

Canon in D Arr Muris Varajic Cover by Nemanja Stankovic

News: Members of X pay tribute to Ray Manzarek

(Los Angeles) It is with sad and heavy hearts that the members of the seminal punk rock band, X, pay tribute to their friend and mentor, Ray Manzarek.

Ray Manzarek is an integral part of X’s history. The band’s debut album, Los Angeles was released on April 26, 1980 and produced by Ray.  The album includes a cover of the 1967 Doors song "Soul Kitchen" and was the bands most successful release.  It ranked # 16 for the year in The Village Voice Pazz & Jop Critics Poll.  Subsequently in 1989, it was ranked number 24 on Rolling Stone's list of 100 best albums of the 80s and Pitchfork ranked it 91st on their top 100 albums of the 1980s. The title track is included in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll  and again in 2003, the album was ranked number 286 on the Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.  Ray went on to produce the next three studio albums for the band, Wild Gift in 1981 (also on the Rolling Stone list of the 500 greatest albums of all time at #334), Under the Big Black Sun in 1982 and 1983’s More Fun in the New World.

In late 2010, X celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Los Angeles by playing the entire album, start to finish.  Ray joined the band during their two shows in San Francisco, just after Christmas.   In August of 2012, Ray again joined the band for the entire show at the famed Roxy Theatre during the Sunset Strip Music Festival, playing Los Angeles in its entirety.  In 2013, Rhino released The Doors/X Side by Side: Soul Kitchen, a split white vinyl 7".

Ray led by example, from the doors to carmine burana and beyond. He is and will always be a spirit being, adept at expanding perception. And once those doors of perception are opened, they never close. He taught me that we are the keys, that we can unlock all doors, everywhere, to create magic, to transform ourselves and power the world, through joy and love and imagination and art and, above all through music.                                                                    - Exene

Ray was a mentor to X in our early days and a something of a father figure to Exene & me. He was brilliant & soulful. If Bob Dylan brought poetry & folk to popular music; Ray & the Doors brought the blues & poetry to rock music. The Doors are rock royalty. It has been a privilege & honor to call Ray a friend and share the stage w/ him.                  -John Doe
Ray always believed in us.  We’ll miss him.  My heart goes out to Dorothy and Pablo.    
                                                                                                                   -Billy Zoom

I am so sorry to hear about Ray’s passing. Not only was he an integral part of X’s history, he was a smart, funny, and kind friend. I will miss him.                                                  - DJ Bonebrake

Mika Tyyskä: Mr Fastfinger - Guitar Practice turned into online gaming

Guitar Practice turned into online gaming
Played with your Real Guitar
Evaluates how you play, in real time
Over 300 levels for beginners and advanced players

GuitarBots - Mr. Fastfinger challenge - Online Guitar Game for Real Guitar

GuitarBots - Mr. Fastfinger challenge - Practice Heart - Lead Playthrough

Yngwie Malmsteen, Johnny Winter, Leslie West, Robben Ford: Campalooza Rock Camp

Ever daydreamed at work about shredding next to guitar legends Yngwie Malmsteen and Johnny Winter? Maybe bangin' on the drums with original KISS drummer Peter Criss? Or how about getting funky with American blues, jazz and rock guitarist Robben Ford? Or do you want to jam with Leslie West of Mountain?

Campers will get the opportunity to jam and perform next to Grammy winners and epic guitar legends, as well as record with one of the most significant producers to work with the unforgettable John Lennon. You will take the stage at the legendary BB King's in Times Square, in front of screaming fans and your family! You will perform your original songs on the stage that Yardbirds, and BB King himself have performed on!

  • Jam with Superstars like; Yngwie Malmsteen, Johnny Winter, Peter Criss, Leslie West, Robben Ford and MANY more!
  • Get Recording advice from Record Producer: Jack Douglas *
  • Play in a band led by a Rock Star counselor
  • Rehearse at the legendary Gibson Studios
  • Perform Live at BB Kings and The Cutting Room in NYC!
  • Write and record an original song
  • Attend master classes with world renowned musicians
  • Have an experience of a lifetime
  • All instruments and backline provided. Use ours or bring your own
  • Daily Lunches with celebrity musicians and opening night party
  • All experience levels welcome
  • Signup now before we're SOLD OUT!

Alejandra Mesliuk: One String Guitar Lick with Legato Technique

Click on the link above to get the tabs for this video! GO!

In this guitar lesson, Alejandra will teach you a cool legato lick on a single string. The lick is in C major and it´s great for building up speed, also try it in every string and keys. When we say legato we are talking about hammers on and pulls off, and in this particular guitar exercise we are going to play only one picking stroke at the beginning of the pattern on each string. So try it very slow and increase the speed gradually with a metronome. The idea is to play this guitar exercise very slow at first and then start to gain speed gradually. I also recommend you to check out great legato players like Allan Holdsworth, Brett Garsed, Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, among others.
Ok, hope this helps and don´t forget to come up with your own ideas, which is the best advice for starting to find `your´ unique sound and style. That is all for today... Also I suggest that you keep enjoying and learning from Alejandra and all the staff of! Where? In our free guitar lessons at

Lead Guitar Lesson - One String Guitar Lick with Legato Technique by Alejandra Mesliuk

Paul Gilbert: Win an Ibanez AR325 Guitar

Win a Free Ibanez AR325 Guitar!The ArtistWorks Rock Guitar School with Paul Gilbert is the perfect place to get one-on-one guitar lessons online. This prize pack features a free Ibanez AR325 Electric Guitar ($700 value!) - it's a great way to take your playing to the next level...

So enter to win by filling out the form and then visit for free guitar lessons and for more info about ArtistWorks’ revolutionary Video Exchange™ Online Learning. Getting personalized feedback from Paul Gilbert is the most effective way to take your guitar playing to the next level!

Must be 18 or over. You may only enter once and only one entry will be logged.

Kiko Loureiro: Guitar Player lesson with tab

Kiko Loureiro was first profiled in GP back in the 11/07 issue, where we described him as a player with uncommon facility not just in rock and shred, which he was known for at the time, but also jazz, fusion, and traditional Brazilian and Bossa Nova music. At this year’s NAMM show, Loureiro sat for a private lesson and discussed some of his monster techniques, including the clever application of arpeggios in his tunes.

David Valdes: Warming up your hands before shredding

Hello and welcome to my exercise section SHRED GUITAR EXERCISES!

I present my new guitar exercises section on youtube. I hope you can get the most out and you learn a lot with this technique of guitar. Each week publishes a new exercise so that you are practicing and learning slowly. In each video post also tabs GP5 and a brief description of the exercise.

In this first video I present an introduction and a simple warming of hands and fingers to be doing before you start working on exercises.



Yngwie Malmsteen: takes Spin for a lesson on speed

Yngwie Malmsteen recounts his maniacal drive to play faster, more precisely, better than any of his axe-wielding metal brethren. The young Swede put in insane hours of practice, playing his fingers raw, and training with the drive of an Olympic athlete.

David Brent: Learn Guitar from the master

David Brent kicks off his new series of guitar tutorials with the song 'Life On The Road'.

SUBSCRIBE for more Brent tutorials! ►

This show launches as a part of YouTube Comedy Week ►

Follow Ricky on Twitter @

The official Ricky Gervais website @

Life On The Road | Learn Guitar With David Brent

News: Guitar Wars - Band camp prepares you for battle.. of the bands.

Boot camp prepares you for war. Band camp prepares you for battle.. of the bands.
Download 'Guitar Warfare' on iTunes

Created by TomSka:
Starring FreddieW:

Visual Effects by Andrew McMurry:
Cinematography by Ciaran O'Brien:
Sound Design by Dan Pugsley:
Music by Todd Bryanton:
Guitar Composition by Rob Scallon:
Writing Assistance by Eddie Bowley:
Thanks to Yoav Landau ( for his initial work on the composition to this track.
and a huge thanks to the folks over at ChannelFlip and HaChaCha for making the shoot possible.

Mika Tyyskä: Mr Fastfingers Stringweaver!

Mika Tyyskä: Mr Fastfingers Stringweaver
Mr Fastfingers Stringweaver! EP

Mr. Fastfinger’s third release “Stringweaver” is a mini album with four musical scenes. The neck bends, the notes fly, the pick is sharper than an arrow. The 6 strings are vibrating with all emotions, passion, joy, excitement, surprising elements and positive energy. Music is drawing images and scenes in your ear. Have sense of adventure, open your mind for this vivid ear traveling experience.
He’s got that flow, he’s back on the beach.

Album Credits
Produced, written and arranged by MIKA TYYSKÄ

MIKA TYYSKÄ – Guitar & Programming
THOMAS TÖRNROOS – Drums & Percussions

Recorded and Mixed at Elektrik Kitarland by MIKA TYYSKÄ. Drums engineered by MAURO GARGANO at IVK -studio. Mastered at Chartmakers by HENKKA NIEMISTÖ

NEW* Mr.Fastfinger Stringweaver Preview at

George Harrison,John Lennon: guitar sells for $408,000 :O

A custom-made electric guitar played by Beatles John Lennon and George Harrison sold for $408,000 at auction over the weekend. The customized VOX guitar – which sold for double the expected amount – was part of the annual Music Icons auctions held on May 18th at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square, Billboard reports.

Read more: