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Aurélien Perreira,Igor Omodei,Jérôme Colombelli: Uneven Structure - 8 Full EP Stream


Re-worked, re-recorded, re-packaged and presented as one 24 minute long track, in eight movements.

"8, as a collective piece is something we love to play live but the way we do now is quite different from the 2009 EP. So we decided to release this altered version by going back to the drawing board, reworking it, taking advantage of the lineup consolidation and technical progress we've been through since the original was out. This is a thank you to our fans for being so supportive and believing in us, and we really hope they will enjoy what we've done with it. Whilst they enjoy this, we're busy in our batcave, working on our second album. We want to get that exactly right as it's a concept album, the technical aspect is more engaging than on Februus and we're leaving more room for experimentation which means our writing spectrum is broad as hell." - Iggy

UNEVEN STRUCTURE - 8 Full EP Stream (Official HD Audio - Basick Records)

Tom Quayle: Fibenare TQ Signature Basic Jazz Guitar

Fibenare TQ Signature Basic Jazz Guitar
For HD video lessons with me go to

Jamming with my amazing Fibenare TQ Signature Basic Jazz guitar. I truly think that the chaps at Fibenare make some of the best sounding, playing and looking guitars in the world. This is my signature basic jazz, single cut guitar with chambered mahogany body, flame maple top, rosewood neck and fretboard with flame maple binding and TQ inlay. The pickups are hand wound by Fibenare and are a signature set they designed for me with a coil tap in all three positions and independant tone controls.

I urge you to check them out at

Fred Brum: X Machina the secret of Polish Power

Fred Brum - Polish Power - Machina
My album Atonement is available (along with a free downloadable track at - please give it a listen. :)

Official Website -
Facebook -
As promised, here's the all Polish gear video, featuring my track Machina (it'll be released with my new album Transcendence in October). Drums by the absolutely fantastic Kevin Talley - thanks for everything, bro!

I've used my 2 Blackats Doublekats (Feral and Leon) and my Skervesen Swan, straight into the PuffMejster Screaminator, which goes straight into the Taurus Amps Stomp Head 4 High Gain amp and from there to the interface via the speaker sim. I can't thank the brands involved enough for working with me and helping me take this project forward! :)

The Screaminator was used as a boost for the rhythm and main lead parts, whereas the melodies and clean tones were recorded without a boost. Gain was set low on the SH4 for the rhythm / tapping parts (around 4) as it does have a LOT of gain on tap, and the bridge section has stacked clean and mild crunch dialed on the clean channel.

Full specs for the guitars are available if you want them, but they ended up taking up SO MUCH space here I couldn't post them without turning this into a damn testament!

Links for the gear:
- Blackat Guitars: (official site is being redone);
- Skervesen Guitars:
- HESU cables:
- Taurus Amps:
- PuffMejster is a small pedal builder, but you can reach him on his Facebook page:

Gabriel Marin: Consider the Source - excerpt jam

Consider the Source - excerpt jam (multi cam)
Consider the source, little excerpt from the first jam of the night...
CTS is an excellent instrumental fusion power trio from NYC featuring the talents of Gabriel Marin (guitar) John Ferrara (bass) and Jeff Mann (drums)
Video and audio editing by Bene Torres. Filmed by Douglas Caskey and Dawn Mullen Live @ Neitzsche's in Buffalo, NY. (03-29-13)
(PanzerBallett opened the show) check the panzer set out here:
and for more CTS here's a great playlist to search through, some of the best CTS jams on Youtube!
A JamGarden Studio Production 2013

Jan Laurenz: Clocks cover on ukulele

my cover of Coldplay's Clocks on risa electric ukulele
hope you enjoy:)

Jan Laurenz: Ukulele

Nico Schliemann: Hans Guitars Strat

Hans Guitars Strat #1

Hans Guitars Strat #2

Hans Guitars Strat #3

Tom Quayle: Sequenced Diminished

Sequenced Diminished Lick
For HD video lessons with me go to Here's a lick based around an F# Half Whole Diminished scale using a tricky fingering that works it's way down the neck. TAB at the end of the video. Hope you enjoy it!

Filippo De Vecchi: Melodic solo ideas

Two take form an improvisation
Sorry for the audio is from the cam I have lost the recording.

Melodic solo ideas

Rémi Nicouleau: Dorian, altered, lydian b7

Gm11 , Eb7 ... D7b9 (b13)

Dorian, altered, lydian b7 workout - Rémi NICOULEAU -

Joe Nurre: Shaded Enmity - Sadness in Summer Rain - djently does it!

Shaded Enmity - Sadness in Summer Rain (NEW SONG!!)
This is a new song from the upcoming album "Forsaken and Forgotten." If you like this please support us! We are a self funded band and your contribution greatly helps! Lyrics are available in the video. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Aaron Smith. All music written by Joe Nurre and Simon Dorfman. Pre Order information coming soon!
Shaded Enmity is
Joe Nurre- Guitar/Vocals
Spenser Hodge- Lead Guitar
Simon Dorfman- Drums
Jesse Heidner- Bass

Nelson Coelho,Jorge Pescara: Dialeto international debut from MoonJune!

Dear Friends in Music, MoonJune is announcing its new cd release.

DIALETO (pronounce DEE-AH-LEH-TO) comes from São Paulo, Brazil. The Last Tribe is a "take no prisoners" progressive rock steamroller. From the opening chords, guitarist Nelson Coelho gives clear evidence that the band is ready to tread over new ground – and fully prepared to take it by force!

DIALETO's long-overdue international debut (and their third studio album, following Will Exist Forever from 1991, and Chromatic Freedom from 2010 - both albums feature the former bass player Andrei Ivanovic), shatters the power trio template, visiting styles and textures that could have been just as at home forty years ago as they are today, while remaining undeniably contemporary and accessible. Quirky, unpredictable and overflowing with power and energy, the trio rips through an original set of barn-burners that defy categorization, but are fresh, compelling and masterfully delivered.

The band is as tight as it is explosive – never allowing the listener to get comfortable in one spot for too long, before catapulting them into their next frenzied foray. They deliver the sonic goods in an enthralling, cohesive package. Coelho's grandiose guitar work is always firmly at the forefront: the music guided confidently by a seasoned player possessed of intrinsic melodic sensibilities, but unafraid to follow those senses along paths previously untread. His tones are monstrous; his playing is flawless, instinctive and full of passion and fire.

The Last Tribe conjures images of what some of progressive rock's most vaunted acts might have achieved, had they been as daring and self-assured. Moments of sheer creative brilliance abound on this fantastic outing, DIALETO's first offering for MoonJune Records.

This is a scorching effort that will win over fans with its rare combination of power, grace, ambition and spontaneity, and showcases the brilliant Nelson Coelho as one of progressive music's most vital new voices on guitar coming from Latin America. Crank up this album and prepare to be blown away!!

The Last Tribe's DIALETO is musically spoken by: NELSON COELHO guitars; JORGE PESCARA touch guitars; MIGUEL ÁNGEL drums.

Nicole Papastavrou: Eye Ra Haze - 8 string grunt!

New York City Alt-Rockers EYE RA HAZE: New Full Track ‘Quiet Storm’ and Second Video Blog Available Now at  New Guitar Cover Video by Guitarist Nicole Papastavrou of Korn’s ‘Here to Stay’ Also Available Now at
Download the First Single ‘New Beginning’ Now via iTunes Music video out this week on !

Eye Ra Haze: Here is me covering Korn! Thanks for everyones support for me making these videos. Big shoutout to Estevan Oriol for hooking up the classic LA "fingers" tee, check out his store at

Extra special thanks to Matty Pasta (guitars in Skarhead/Crown of Thornz/Subzero) for being my audio engineer and helping with guitar tones.

Korn "Here To Stay" Guitar Cover

News: Backbeat Books Publishes The Ibanez Electric Guitar Book

Backbeat Books Publishes The Ibanez Electric Guitar Book

A Complete History of Ibanez Electric Guitars

Montclair, NJ (May 28, 2013)
 – Ibanez is arguably the most important Japanese guitar brand, and this new book tells the story of its electric guitars, tracking the fortunes of this impressive brand from its origins to today. The reader is hooked after first paragraph: “How on earth were they going to sell all these mad-looking guitars? Would they prompt Ibanez’s final plunge into guitar-making oblivion?” We all know the story has a different ending, and Tony Bacon tells it in a fascinating and captivating fashion.

The Ibanez Electric Guitar Book
 leads us from the early years, through the decades and on to today, from the first cheap and basic models, to the copies of leading Gibson instruments, such as the Les Pauls, SGs, and Explorers, to Steve Vai’s impressive and spectacular JEM signature models in the late ‘80s, and on to the international success of Ibanez original designs. Exclusive interviews with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, George Benson, Mick Thomson, and others illustrate Ibanez’s leading role among guitarists of many styles, from metal to pop to jazz and alternative rock.  The book hinges on the game-changing development of Vai’s JEM model and its important related design, the RG, and explains the intriguing ups and downs in the history of this great modern guitar brand. 

The Ibanez Electric Guitar Book 
is a veritable treasure: a thoroughly researched story, exclusive interviews with some of the best guitar players of our time, and a useful reference section detailing production years and specifications of all Ibanez’s electric models. The amazing gallery showing virtually every Ibanez model ever made, as well as vintage posters and pictures of famous players makes this book a must-have for any guitar enthusiast.

About the Author

Tony Bacon (Bristol, England) writes about music, musicians, and musical instruments. He is a cofounder of Backbeat UK and Jawbone Press. His many best-selling books include Million Dollar Les Paul, Totally Guitar, London Live, and The Ultimate Guitar Book.
The Ibanez Electric Guitar Book
$24.99 (US) Inventory #HL 00333185
ISBN: 9781617134531
Width: 8.5", length: 11.0" Paperback with color and black/white photos throughout

John Huldt: listen to my new album for free!

Sunday, 30 June 2013 -

John Huldt: Hey all. Since I've made so many new cool friends on Facebook that haven't heard my new album, I've made available so you can hear it in it's entirety from a single link.

Please share this with anyone who you think will enjoy it and invite your friends too :)

Enjoy and thank you for listening!

Check out the awesome firepower from the fingers of John Huldt.

Waves of shred competition - John Huldt + TAB

Guitar Messenger Solo Contest - John Huldt + TAB!

Daniele Gottardo: Laurie Monk... I'm super excited about this landmark release... and you should be too!

Daniele Gottardo
To Christopher Garcia, Laurie Monk, Mike Blackburn, Lorenzo Gusinu
A very special "thank you" my friends for contributing to my Indiegogo campaign with the "Special CD Credit Package". 

You will be mentioned on my CD-booklet and receive a handwritten note from me!
Thanks again, so grateful for your support guys!!!

+Laurie Monk : : Having heard the demos from the upcoming release on my journey to see Jason Becker, I can only say I'm super excited about this landmark release... and you should be too! So let's make this CD happen:

Paul McCartney: leaves a guitar pick on Elvis Presley's grave

Paul McCartney paid his respects by leaving a personalized guitar pick on Elvis Presley's grave over the weekend during the former Beatle's first visit to Graceland.

Read more:

Cameron Allen: added to roster

We are excited to have the extremely talented Cameron Allen Breakdown an original Guitar Solo here on

In this 3 part Series of Lessons Cameron will show you a bunch of Licks and Phrases that make up the Guitar Solo to his original song "The Loft" from his album "Between The Lines". Here he will Breakdown the complete Guitar Solo note for note and give you some playing tips on how he pulls off some of the crazy Arpeggio and Tapping Licks.

Cameron is an Honors graduate from the Atlanta Institute of Music (AIM) and mixes everything he Learned from his time studying with some of the best teachers at AIM in every Solo that he plays. He mixes the Rock feel with some great Jazz influenced Lines to come up with a great Fusion sound.

Cameron is an up and coming Artist who is getting praise and recognition from some influential people in the music industry. He has caught the attention of companies like Vigier Guitars and Fractal Audio Systems ... both of which he proudly endorses.

So strap on your Guitar and get ready to Learn some really cool Arpeggio sequences ... a bunch of crazy multi finger Tapping Licks ... a few Chromatic ideas ... and a ton of other Licks and Phrases in this Rock / Fusion extravaganza.

You can check out more of Cameron Allen's stuff at ...

Where you'll find links to all his faceBook ... twitter ... and youTube offerings

Also check out his CD's at ...

We hope you get a lot out of this Lesson and let us know if you want to see more of these Guest Artists giving Lessons on

Guitar Lesson Taught by Cameron Allen

... we are starting to get it up and running. We are currently organizing the "Free Lessons" section which consists of all the Lessons here on youTube ... but will also have some lessons that are not on youTube. We are also going to have a section where you can get a lot of the Tab for these youTube Lessons.

And we want to thank all that have helped us out with Donations ... it is your Donations that is helping us get this website up and running.

If you have not Donated ... and you Appreciate all the time and effort we have put into these Free Lessons on youTube over the last year ... Please help us out with a Donation ... your support is what will keep this machine going ... and allow us to continue to bring you Free stuff. Just head over to and click the Donate Button.

Also ... help us out by letting us know you guys are digging this stuff by clicking "like" on this video (if you like it) and/or comment to let us know how we're doing and if you are interested in us continuing to bring you free lessons.

Also Subscribing helps us know you guys really like this stuff enough to return and check out more.

that's the end of the "Also's" ... :)

Thanks for the support !

Cameron Allen - Rock Fusion Guitar Lesson - Part 1 of 3 - How To Play - Free Guitar Lesson

Michael Schenker: adds Tank to his London date!

photo: Lee Millward
Michael Schenker plays London’s o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Friday May 31st.  Very special guest is TANK.

The concert will showcase new material from Schenker’s forthcoming studio album Bridge The Gap (released in November), plus songs spanning his career.
Tickets are available from, 0844 478 0898

Andy James: LickLibrary Release Learn to Play Van Halen Vol.3

LickLibrary Release Learn to Play Van Halen Vol.3

LickLibrary has just launched Learn To Play Van Halen, Vol. 3 (RRP £24.99) following the demand for it’s successful Van Halen volumes 1 and 2. With over three hours of guitar lessons, this double DVD set contains a new selection of tracks giving step-by-step lessons on how to play like Eddie Van Halen, voted the greatest guitarist of all time in 2012 by a Guitar World poll.

Andy James, the highly focused and uncompromising guitarist with Scared Mother Tongue, takes you through Amsterdam with a drop D tuning, the intense Judgement Day opening with Eddie’s solo and huge whammy bar dive bomb, the melodic chorus and powerful solo of The Trouble With Never and the infamous Poundcake, with its cool power drill riffs. Then, making a guest appearance is Brian May’s sideman, Jamie Humphries. He walks you through She’s The Woman from their 2012 album A Different Kind of Truth, with its rich seventies feel.

With these two highly skilled guitar teachers, guitarists can learn trademark Eddie Van Halen solos techniques and killer riffs. This DVD offers an in-depth look at bending and tapping harmonics plus how to use a drill in the middle of a solo. The DVD is full of amazing licks, groundbreaking soloing techniques and jaw dropping riffs that defined Eddie Van Halen as one of the greatest guitarists of all time!

Learn To Play Van Halen, Vol.3 is available to purchase from along with all the other Van Halen guitar tuition resources including Learn To Play Vol.1 & 2 and Quick Licks Vol. 1 & 2.

Daniele Gottardo: thanks Max Wike for his contribution to the production of his new album!

Daniele Gottardo
A very special "thank you" to Max Wike for contributing to my Indiegogo campaign with my "signature guitar MAMA pickups".
You will get the newest version of it Max, together with my new signed CD!
Thanks again, so grateful for your support!!!

Daniele Gottardo I am so grateful for all the support and your contributions coming in through my Indiegogo campaign to fund my second CD.Anyone who supports will help me to realize my recording project and get their copy way before it hits the rest of the world.
Here's another little DEMO of my new song called RIMSKY BEARD for you!
Please check the link below to make your contribution and pre-order your copy. Thank you!

Ciao amici,
vi ringrazio tutti per il supporto ed per il contributo economico che sto ricevendo attraverso la mia campagna di raccolta fondi Indiegogo.
Chi partecipa al progetto aiuterà a finanziare e produrre il mio nuovo disco e potrà così ricevere il CD in anteprima mondiale.
Ecco per voi un altro piccolo DEMO del mio nuovo brano RIMSKY BEARD!
Cliccate qui sotto per contribuire e pre-ordinare la vostra copia, grazie mille!

Steve Hillage: Rovo and System 7 - UK Live shows announced

Original member of Gong and prog rock icon, Steve Hillage, has confirmed a new collaborative album and UK tour with Japan’s leading progressive rock band ROVO, and his band SYSTEM 7.
The new album, produced by Steve Hillage and Tatsuki Masuko, is entitled PHOENIX RISING and will be released on Monday 23 September, followed by two UK concerts in March 2014.

UK dates include Manchester Ritz (Friday 7 March) and London o2 Shepherd's Bush Empire (Saturday 8 March).  Tickets are available Wednesday 29 May via Music Glue. Fans will receive a free mp3 download of the 5-track Hinotori EP when they order tickets.

The Hinotori EP will also be available as a digital download on Monday 3 June from from iTunes and Bandcamp.  A limited edition collectors’ CD of the EP is available from

ROVO are a Japanese progressive rock/jam band featuring two drummers, bass and keyboards, led by guitarist Seichi Yamamoto and electric violinist Yuji Katsui. SYSTEM 7 is the dance music project of Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy, presenting a unique combination of tech-house beats and live playing, who have had a strong influence on the development of psychedelic ambient and electronica.

Rovo and System 7 - UK Live shows March 2014

The PHOENIX RISING concert will highlight a sophisticated blend of electronic beats and live instrumentation, made possible by the skilled musicianship of eight players, including two live drummers. Hillage fans can be assured that, in the format of PHOENIX RISING, his masterful electric guitar style will be fully unleashed, with extensive soloing and duets with the electric violin ofRovo's Yuji Katsui.

Mika Tyyskä,Tom Gardiner: Mr. Fastfinger featured on Markus Pajakkala's Utopianisti

Mr. Fastfinger
Just had some great fun guest soloing for the Markus Pajakkala's next Utopianisti album. The song I landed is a weird bigband piece. Never did anything quite like this before. Some of the guitar solo will be arranged for real horns.  You must check out the first Utopianisti album. Finnish madness. Dig in!

1.Alkusoitto 00:25
2.Plutonium fist 04:17
3.Grain de l'âme 05:33
4.Avaruuden shamaanit 04:47
5.Waltz for FZ 06:13
6.Castro brothers 02:14
7.Kärry 06:54
8.Markus-sedän letkeämpi klezmer 04:59
9.Bordeaux 04:22
10.Hopeinen kyy 04:08
11.Sull'on mies joka planeetalla 03:56
12.Tuonelan lautturi 04:55
Markus Pajakkala's first "solo" album.
If you like it, please support the artist!

CD available for 10€+postage, contact markus.pajakkala(at)
Available also at
Swamp Music, FM Music (Tampere)
Keltainen Jäänsärkijä (Helsinki)

REVIEWS: (in Finnish) (in Finnish) (in Finnish) (in Polish) (in French)
released 01 January 2011
Markus Pajakkala - drums, percussion, keyboards, flute,
soprano-, tenor- and baritone saxophones, vocals

Ville Rauhala - double bass
Timi-Artturi Mäkelä - bass, synthesizer
Jukkis Virtanen - bass
Ville Kyttälä - bass
Anssi Salminen - guitar
Tom Gardiner - guitar
Antero Mentu - guitar, sitar
J-P Jääskeläinen - xylophone, marimba, vibraphone
Masa Orpana - clarinet, alto saxophone
Olli Helin - trumpet
Juho Viljanen - trombone
Ilkka Puputti - french horn
Markus Luomala - accordion
Tero Hyväluoma - fiddle

String quartet:
Annica Brännkärr - 1. violin
Juho Puronaho - 2. violin
Tero Hyväluoma - viola
Veera Perkola - cello

Composed, written, recorded, mixed & produced by Markus Pajakkala
Recorded during May-November 2010 at Kuorevesi, Tampere and Helsinki, Finland, except Tom Gardiner's parts recorded by Jori Haukio at Ansa-studio, Ulvila, Finland
Assistant producer: Anssi Tikanmäki
Mastered by Vesa Norilo & Markus Pajakkala

Richie Kotzen: Purple Haze guitar lesson from Dangerous Guitar!

For more Richie Kotzen videos visit

Richie Kotzen tells you a little about when he was learning guitar, and walks you through how to play purple haze.

Richie Kotzen "Purple Haze" Guitar Lesson | Free Online Guitar Lesson

Marian Gradinarski: Extreme Sick 10 and 8 String

25,000+ views already, but first time on Truth In Shredding. Marian Gradinarski recording some guitars in the studio

DEFECT NOISES - Extreme Sick 10 String Shred
Marian Gradinarski recording some guitars in the studio

Marian from Defect Noises from the upcoming EP with his second band LOATHING (without vocals, only drums and guitar)

Loathing Plays on a Teuffel Tesla Custom 8 String

From Musikmesse 2013 Guitars

Loathing 8 String Chapter (Recording The new EP) Compilation

LOATHING Ibanez RG2228 8 String guitar promotion (Brutal Djent)