Friday, 31 May 2013

Alex Lifeson: the crushed finger of 1979, let's kiss it better with La Villa Strangiato!

workingman: I was 19 at that time and saw that performance, it was my first Rush concert.

This was the last performance of the European tour in 1979.
Alex Lifeson hurt his finger because he had a very wild night with his wife,
his finger came between the mattress and the bed.

Info came from: Tjerk Lammers, he was there press manager from WEA record company at that time.

Rush - La Villa Strangiato at Pinkpop 1979

Scott Mishoe: ***** - original track

By Scott Mishoe *****

Yngwie Malmsteen: playing the US National Anthem

Yngwie J. Malmsteen playing the National Anthem for the Miami Marlins!

Nick Ioannou: intage Thomas Blug Signature Series Demo

Vintage Thomas Blug Signature Series Demo - Nick Ioannou
Demo/review of the Thomas Blug V6 ICON guitar by Vintage.

Website & Blog:

Liam Molloy: Waves of Shred entry

Liam Molloy: forgot all about the closing date!! had a good learning experience off this! :D could've kept tweaking and tweaking!! :P

Waves of Shred entry - Liam Molloy

Adam Kelly: Waves of Shred Entry -

Just my submission to the Waves of Shred Competition. I've seen a lot of great entries and decided I'd give it a shot.

Adam Kelly: Waves of Shred Entry

Karlo Žampera: Waves of shred entry

Waves of shred entry - Karlo Žampera

Jess Lewis: I Cant Help It - super excited to hear Jess comping like this!

Hi, here's a quick attempt to play this, haven't played guitar for a while so please forgive my sloppy playing.. this version's by Isaiah Shakey.

Jess Lewis - I Cant Help It

Anouck André,Martin Miller, Rick Graham,David Wallimann,David Maxim Micic,Laurie Monk: T.E.N & Guitar Friends Contest

Ten and Friends competition
Hi Guys! Hi Girls !

Welcome to the T.E.N & Guitar Friends Contest!
3 cool prizes to win !

Please take a look at the rules :-)

#1 :Record a video of yourself playing over the BT. You'll find the BT by following this link:

Complete upper body (face & both hands) must be clearly visible.

#2 Post it as a video response to this video.
Tag the vid with T.E.N & Friends Contest and your name.

#3 Subscribe to Anouck André's youtube channel

Become a friend of T.E.N on facebook

The judges are good people, awesome musicians and highly involved in guitar and music environment :

Martin Miller, Rick Graham, Laurie Monk, David Maxim Micic and David Wallimann.

The Prizes

First prize
TEN Neanderthal Fuzz
TEN Barracuda Flanger
A set of Four Seasons Humbucker
A Wide Rides Guitar strap
50 £ to use on Jamtrackcentral
A pack of GruvGear Fretwraps
Martin Miller's album
Jam Origin Midi Guitar license
Guitar Pro 6 License
Riffstation License

Second prize
TEN Texas flood Overdrive
Wide Rides Guitar strap
Guitar Pro 6 License
Riffstation License

Third prize
TEN PipeLine Harmonic Vibrato/Tremelo
Wide Rides Guitar strap
Guitar Pro 6 License
Riffstation License

Andrew E Nikk: Waves of shred with some tasty tapping!

This is my entry for Waves Of Shred Guitar Competition. Enjoy! Subscribe my channel :)

Waves Of Shred Andrew E. Nikk

Thepparit Pornkamonpop: Waves Of Shred Entry - (Boy Survival)

170th solo entry!

'Waves Of Shred Entry - (Boy Survival)

Dave Willard: Waves Of Shred Entry

visit me at

Hey All! This is my entry for the Wampler Pedals Waves Of Shred Guitar Solo Contest. This take was mostly improvisational, with some premeditated ideas, so it's very raw. There are a ton of fantastic entries, so it's kind of hard to compete, but I thought it would be just fun to put in an entry of my own. Hope you enjoy!

Waves Of Shred Entry - Dave Willard

Andy James: Bombay Bottom strikes the king of metal tapping

Andy James
I'd just like to say I apologise for performance earlier at the palm show in Mumbai. It was less than my usual standard due to a bout of food poisoning I was dealing with from a previous dinner. I have been seen by a doc and all being well, I should be back to a good standard by tomorrow's last performance at the palm show.

Krisztian Lovrek: Dream Theater - Scarred


To buy CD:

All instruments recorded, mixed and played by Lovrek Krisztián (original performer is Dream Theater)
Learned and practiced with Jammit.

Used Gear:
Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Signature (EBMM JP6) 2005 Limited Edition
Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Signature (EBMM JP6) Carbon Blue Pearl
Elixir Strings
Yamaha RBX JM2
Roland TD-3 with Pearl P122 TW

Vox JamVox
Lovrek Krisztián - Dream Theater - Scarred (cover series)

Kris Claerhout: Dedicated to the guitar mastermind - Rush - Caravan

Kris Claerhout:
I can't stop thinking big
I can't stop thinking big
I can't stop thinking big
I can't stop thinking big
Laurie Monk: "Have a good gig bro!"

Rush- Caravan w/ lyrics

Dennis Kayzer: Claas 7 String Baritone Guitar - Death Metal Djent

Claas Guitars - Moby Dick - Leviathan - Custom 27" Baritone 7 String Guitar
Lundgren M7 Bridge Pickup
Recorded with the Axe FX2 (Recto and FAS Modern)

Claas Guitars - Leviathan - Custom 27" Baritone 7 String - AxeFX2 Death Metal Djent

Brad Carter: Patient plays guitar during brain surgery

A patient undergoing brain surgery at University of California is filmed playing guitar during the procedure. Brad Carter, a 39-year-old actor and musician in Los Angeles, was undergoing a procedure to implant a brain pacemaker to help treat essential tremors.

The procedure was conducted on May 23 and with Carter's help was turned into a public event.

The medical team posted live updates on Twitter during surgery as well as videos of Carter, who was awake during the procedure, testing his motor skills including playing guitar. Report by Andrea Lilly.

Patient plays guitar during brain surgery in Los Angeles

Tymon Kruidenier: Exivious - Liminal - first track demo coming soon, pre order still available for this amazing progressive metal band

Update: Goal reached!

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who supported us, we never expected to reach our goal within the week!

Like any crowdfunding campaign, 100% is not the limit though. This campaign will keep going up until the release of Liminal.

So please keep your pre-orders coming!

Exivious - Liminal / PRE-ORDER NOW!

Dim Kountouras: Waves Of Shred

Here is my entry for the "Waves of Shred" guitar competition. Thank you for watching. :)

Waves Of Shred Entry - Dim Kountouras

Vincenzo Cavallo: Waves of Shred Entry

Hi , this is my entry for this amazing guitar contest , this time i'm playing with my Ibanez RG Premium 920 MQMZ , hope you like it . A big Thanks to all the people involved in this fantastic contest and for this really cool backing track plus in the jury there's 1 of my favorite fusion players , the incredible Tom Quayle and i'm really excited and happy he can listen and judge my playing !!!
Cheers from my enchanting italian island Sardegna .

Waves of Shred Entry - Vinci Bluesky ( Vincenzo Cavallo )