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David Valdes: Shred Picking Exercise Example 6

Very good and welcome to my section SHRED GUITAR EXERCISES exercise. This example is to practice picking, no sense nor is anything melodic, simply you can do on the frets that you are more comfortable and help you improve your picking technique and synchronization right and left hand. You can find more exercises like this, in my dvd's teaching: -Introduction to Lead Guitar. , Exercises 1. Improvisation-Jam Tracks 1 All and more in WWW.DAVIDVALDES.NET tabs & and welcome to my SHRED GUITAR EXERCISES section. This example is to practice picking, it makes no sense at all melodic, simply you can do on the frets That you are more comfortable and help you Improve your picking technique and synchronization of left and right hand . You can find more exercises like this, in my dvd's teaching: -Introduction to Lead Guitar. , Exercises 1. Improvisation-Jam Tracks 1 All and more in WWW.DAVIDVALDES.NET tabs & info: http://www.mediafire .com/download/9bp ...


Chris Brooks: From the woodshed #3: Hybrid picking Etude and How to practice effectively

Tab at my facebook fan page now (

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From the woodshed #3: Hybrid picking Etude - Chris Brooks guitar

From the Woodshed #4: How to practice effectively - Chris Brooks Guitar

Niels Vejlyt: Sweep Picking Tapping In Improvising with tab

The Secret Of Improvising With Advanced Licks:

Sweep Picking Tapping In Improvising

Enver Izmailov: live in Moscow and Blue Bay

Moscow, Alexei Kozlov Club

Enver Izmailov 15.12.12.

Live in Blue Bay, Enver Izmailov, track02, 08-09-12

Beto Huerta: T E N & guitar friends contest

Beto Huerta:Thank you so much for inviting me to the contest.Anouck. Greetings from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

T E N & guitar friends contest Beto Huerta

Ten and Friends competition

Igor Leandro: East City Central Lights - Guthrie Govan

Music "East Central City Lights" - Guthrie Govan
Performed by Igor

Igor Leandro | "East City Central Lights" Guthrie Govan

Jakub Żytecki: Smashing Pumpkins - re-envisioned - smashing!

If you want to get the mp3 of that song, just click here:
Hope you dig guys, if yes, just share it with your friends!
Much love!

Smashing Pumpkins - Pug ( Jakub Żytecki Cover )

Jakub Żytecki playing some riffs from upcoming Disperse album

buy the latest album

Jakub Żytecki: Disperse - Living Mirrors

Mistheria: One Day In Heaven - a super tribute to the late Shawn Lane

Mistheria - ONE DAY IN HEAVEN - Keytar live version
I have written and recorded this song for the "Shawn Lane remembered - v.2" tribute album, released by Lion Music on 2004. This is a re-arranged version as played live on Keytar.

To learn play Keytar, visit:

Video created, edited and produced by HIT PRODUKCIJA Music Production Studio ( using SONY Vegas PRO - video/audio creation (

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Shawn Lane 10 Year Memorial Concert at Newby's in Memphis
Facebook web site:

Daniele Gottardo: (@ㅅ@)Plas7ik3oobies

SEVN + GOTTYBOY Pop / Punk / Glamcore Experiment

More Content and Music Soon... U Guyz Stay Tuned!!!!!
More than 30 songs in 2 weeks... while cooking, cleaning home, chatting on facebook, staring at the sun, at the supermarket... while sleeping sometimes... and while composing other serious albums... from Pop to Classical and Electro of course!;) ...we selected the best for you! Every single song is a hit single... so redundant but true!LOL ...this is what we did, this is all what we can offer... guess what we could do if we had time... LMAO;-P

SEVN: Lorenzo Sevn Altieri. Italian Audio-Visual Artist, Sound Designer and Drummer (PAiSTe Endorsee), Composer, Beatmaker, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Musician, Music Researcher and Producer, DJ, Singer... His main influences: the Silence?LOL ...many anyway but Prince comes first!;)

GOTTYBOY: Daniele Gottardo is a young Italian very talented guitarist and composer, well known for his own personal 8 fingers tapping technique. His main musical influences are Igor Stravinksy, Arnold Schoenberg, Anatoly Liadov, Rimksy Korsakov and guitarists such as Charlie Christian and Yngwie Malmsteen. All easy stuff as you can see... Hey wait! He loves Kiss of course!

Fashion Designer & Stylist: Elisa Rossoni
Conceptual Photography: Emiliano Dalle Mole
Website: Alex Terezzan
Multi Language Translator: Michela Sopranzi
Legal Representation: Costantino Paolo Altieri - Giulia Chiarato
Executive Producer: Lorenzo Sevn Altieri

Yuri Isobe: Practice on Pau-de-Arara Kiko Loureiro

Yuri Isobe
Yuri Isobe Practice on Pau-de-Arara Kiko Loureiro

When I was practicing at the bar in the neighborhood. If you close to me to take (laughs)

Yuri Isobe: Re: First Of All
5. Cafeteria [bonus track]

Angelo Comincini: Steinberger + Rocktron - seeking Holdsworthian tones

Angelo Comincini: Steinberger + Rocktron

Steinberger + Rocktron

Alejandra Mesliuk: How to Play the Tapping Guitar Lick from Sea of Lies by Symphony X

Lead Guitar Lesson - How to Play the Tapping Guitar Lick from Sea of Lies by Symphony X

Click on the link above to get the tabs for this video! GO!

In this guitar lesson, our female teacher Alejandra, will teach you a great tapping lick from the song Sea of lies by Symphony X.

Symphony X is a progressive metal band from Middletown, New Jersey, U.S which as founded in 1994 by guitarist Michael Romeo. Some of Their albums had great success, such as The Divine Wings of Tragedy and V: The New Mythology Suite, at the point that they are like the gods of progressive metal music. They had good sells with the album Paradise Lost and Iconoclast.

So, this solo is the part of the tapping which is a pretty hard lick since it is a tapping guitar lick with string skipping... So, try it very slow at first and start adding speed gradually with a metronome.

Ok, hope this helps and don´t forget to come up with your own ideas, which is the best advice for starting to find `your´ unique sound and style.  That is all for today... Also I suggest that you keep enjoying and learning from Alejandra and all the staff at! Where? In our free guitar lessons at

Rob Scallon: Anchor 8 strings, tapping and harmonics in this classy original

Download this song for free from my Patreon page!


Got the 8 string not too long ago after a viewer messaged me suggesting that I get one. I've since been playing it constantly. Here's the first song I've released with it :)
Hope you enjoy it!

We were planning to shoot a video in a store, but the lighting didn't work out. While bringing my equipment back in my house I noticed that the laundry room was the same off-white as the guitar...
Much thanks to my good friend Louis for all his help during filming.

This video was made possible because of generous contributions from Toby Warfel, Michael Christie, Rob Harper & many other awesome people on my patreon page 
Thank you so much!

keep in touch...

Romain Roo Chapus: This gonna break your wrist!

Looks like nothing but indeed a great finger challenge. Don´t attempt this exercise unless you have warmed up. This definitely can cause you injury!

This gonna break your wrist!

Andy James,Mattias IA Eklundh: Ready to burn it up at Freak Guitar camp

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Guitar Camp 2013

Andy James
So anyone attending the Freak Guitar camp this year? I'll be doing a master class on the 1st of August at the camp \m/

Andy James with guitar modelled on a part of his anatomy :)

Jeff Kollman: releases Brother To Brother dedicated to the memory of his brother, Tommy Kollman

JEFF KOLLMAN (BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, COSMOSQUAD, GLENN HUGHES) has announced the release of his latest digital single, "Brother To Brother", dedicated to the memory of his brother and former EDWIN DARE band mate, Tommy Kollman, which is now available via iTunes and other outlets.

States Kollman: "I just started playing a song on the acoustic guitar. I realized as I was playing, I was writing it for brother Tommy. I was wondering when and if it would ever come.  I woke up and there it was."
Tommy Kollman was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy in his hometown of Ft. Myers, Florida in the early morning hours of December 15, 2012.  Kollman was allegedly pulled over in his car by the deputy and was then shot multiple times in the driver's seat of his Jeep.  Kollman never fired any shots but allegedly had an AK-47 rifle in his vehicle.  The incident is still under investigation.  Meanwhile, a Facebook page titled "Justice For Tommy Kollman" has been set up and several rallies have been held in Ft. Myers Beach seeking more facts about the case.

Justice For Tommy Kollman"
Family, friends and former band mates took part in a special memorial concert honoring Tommy Kollman at the Rocket Bar in South Toledo, Ohio on May 24th and 25th, headlined by Jeff Kollman's instrumental trio COSMOSQUAD.  Special guests included local guitar hero Chuck Stohl and bassist Kevin Kekes from Toledo metal band DAMIEN. Video footage of the event can be seen at Jeff Kollman's YouTube channel at .

For more info visit:

'Brother to Brother' links:
CD Baby:

Rob Garland: M.M. Swing (Instrumental demo)

Rob Garland Los Angeles, United States

M.M. Swing (Instrumental demo)

Steve Lukather,Peter Frampton: Lukather to join Frampton on Guitar Circus Tour

Steve Lukather will stay on the road following Toto's European run of headline arena dates and festival appearances. He'll join the Frampton Guitar Circus Tour for seven dates, four of which feature his ensemble opening the show.

7/13 Durant, OK Choctaw Casino & Resort Luke Ensemble Opens
7/14 San Antonio, TX Majestic Theater Guitar Circus Sit-In
7/16 Corpus Christi, TX Selena Auditorium At American Luke Ensemble Opens
7/17 Dallas, TX House of Blues - Cambridge Room Luke Headline Show
7/19 Quapaw, OK Downstream Casino Resort Luke Ensemble Opens
7/20 Dubuque, IA Diamond Jo Casino Luke Ensemble Opens
7/21 Minneapolis, MN Majestic Theater Guitar Circus Sit-In
7/23 Beaver Creek, CO Vilar Performing Arts Center Guitar Circus Sit-In

Keep up with Steve Lukather's tour dates:

Bogner Amps - Steve Lukather Ecstasy 101b

Laura Klinkert: Columbian Shredder adds Facebook page

Laura Jaramillo
Laura Klinkerthas a new Facebook page:


Laura Klinkert: this is my entry for this awesome competition! and my first time entering a youtube contest :) hope you enjoy it!!

Parker PDF100
Behringer Vamp2
Fretwrap by Gruv Gear

French Guitar Contest II - Laura Klinkert

Horizons - Andy James - Cover by Laura Jaramillo

News: DistroKid come up with a new way for musicians to sell their music more cheaply.

What is DistroKid?

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How much will it cost me?

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How much of my sales does DistroKid keep?

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Who made DistroKid?

DistroKid is from the same people behind Fandalism, which is the world's largest online community of musicians.

Your music will be in stores today.
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Dave Bunker: shows everyone his duo-lectar... the Hannibal?

Dave Bunker on Ozark Jubilee Circa 1960

Dave Bunker on Ozark Jubilee Circa 1960

Rob Chappers: 100,000 YouTube Subscribers party announced


To celebrate reaching 100,000 subscribers, I am holding a party/gathering at The Master Mariner in Brighton.

I will be there from about 2pm through until closing with lots of friends, and you are invited to come and share a beverage with me so that I can offer you my deepest thanks for your incredible support

People under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and I'm afraid I cannot be that adult. You need your own supervisor/person over the age of 18 to be with you! Any childish behaviour will not be accepted, and anybody causing problems will be asked to leave the premises.

Entry is FREE - you just pay for your own drinks/food.

I cannot offer lodging/beds for anybody attending. You need to make your own travel & sleeping arrangements.

I look forward to seeing you all there and sharing a fermented grain beverage with you ;-)

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Niko Tsonev: Pro Series: In Search of the Musical God-Particle

Niko Tsonev: Pro Series: In Search of the Musical God-Particle

Pro Series: In Search of the Musical God-Particle.  By Niko Tsonev

The sometimes elusive element that I call "Rich Music Content" is a bit like the Higgs Boson or "God's particle" which is supposed to be present in Nature, hardly detectable but indeed a measurable unit.
So, just how do you become creative?!
And I think all of us are affected on a deeper level by music with real "substance". Depending on the music played this could be in the raw emotion emanating from the performance, or in the case of more complex forms of music-creation this effect could be the "touch" of the player, the finesse and fluidity or may be just the depth of writing itself (you know how certain chords strung together in a certain way affect us inexplicably). The sound perhaps! Or hopefully all of the above.

Just like many of you, I have always admired masterful musicians, and I don't only and necessarily mean technically gifted (this term is sometimes reserved for the very young players with an abundance of technique well beyond their actual experience).

What separates the Great ones from the equally technically accomplished majority?
I cannot answer in a way to satisfy all of of you. It is a subjective thing but there are music making individuals who definitely have that awe-inducing effect on large groups of people. And that is the indication of a constant, e.g. not of imaginary or subjective quality.

For me some of the enigma lies in the experience of speaking the musical language, a result of continuous growth, long hours spent not only practicing but being thrown in various demanding situations (which are in fact lessons). During the process there is a hefty advancement in the chosen art form-Dexterity, Harmonic vocabulary, Rhythmic vocabulary, crystallisation of ideas-musical and business ones if you like, clearer sense of musical direction and when real inspiration hits we have a completion of one's Musical Personality. And these are our favourite artists - the ones with identifiable sound.

So how do we get there and become one of the Greats? Surely long hours with the guitar (or your chosen instrument) will make the bond between man and instrument tighter. Ultimately the guitar becomes more an extension of yourself than a tool. When we are close to this state (and mind you long before!), it turns out that the big ideas, vision and writing are the real game-changer. The music you come up with, rather than what you do or can do on the guitar will make the biggest difference to your existing and future fans. And to me the shortest cut is just to intend to put your music skills into making New music.
Exaggerating your talents, diminishing or bypassing altogether the shortcomings, while working on them, remembering childhood influences also help! Healthy competition with those who are better is a powerful lever- as long as it's kept healthy. It applies to anyone- there's always someone better out there...

The fact is...even if they are better it doesn't always mean that they will make better music than you! As long as you have goals and spend your hours practicing music (not only guitar) wisely!

So in a way this is a reminder of sorts to all readers of Truth In Shredding to expand your "Practice Regime" in all directions and areas.
NOISE REACTOR (Niko Tsonev 2013)

I would start with how you approach writing-there are many different ways and forms of inspiration-a riff, a groove, a rhythmic phrase, a lyric, even the guitar sound itself may present you with an Eureka moment.
But from then on it's Craft. The old saying “If you can get a tune out of an acoustic guitar...” or a Piano even... really applies well here.
I don't mean to do an unplugged thing but that "deep" writing can be sketched on a simple instrument-the harmony progression and the structure of the composition for example.

Learn more about chord progressions, song structure, writing techniques-modulation of keys, pedal note progressions, swapping majors with minors (e.g. getting out of the diatonic progressions of the main 7 chords). Structuring your compositions well is of utmost importance-regardless of style and genre. Be adventurous-use that element of a well-educated guess (analyse your favourite records, while giving it your own twist). Work on that a lot more-once you have it (a song with a structure), it is so easy and so much fun painting it over with an amazing lead guitar or vocal performance.

I love re-reading “Making Music For Hit Songs” by Jai Josefs! It is aimed at contemporary genres but the writing chops are applicable to any style-from Jazz Fusion to extreme Metal.

It is available to buy online (used from less than £2) and it is worth it!

Or here you can find a similar selection of free Songwriting PDF Books as downloads:

If you are inclined to delve into jazz territories playing over chord changes would ultimately be the beginning of the real understanding of the guitar neck and the deeper matter of music.

Many of the classic selection of Abersold books (to name just one of many lines which are accompanied by a CD with backing tracks) are now available as a Play-A-Long:

Record yourself! This will help you hear your own playing in a different way. Record your songs. It will suck at first. Do more of it and don't get discouraged-your ear and decision making will get better until one day-not far away you'd be able to produce your own songs to a good standard!  And to any musician that walked the Earth this is the key to artistic freedom!

Sound on Sound Magazine has free access to over 1000 articles aimed at music production and recording techniques aimed at users ranging from beginner to advanced.

Not only you would get the best advice on where to start (or improve) in terms of gear but I would particularly recommend their DAW-specific tutorials aimed for users of all the popular recording packages (ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Cakewalk Sonar, Cockos Reaper, etc).

Venetian Poison ( Niko Tsonev 2011)

So if you have that recording program sitting on the hard drive but don’t know where to start, well this is the best place other than a college course.

Very often the missing link for a band-less musician would be the groove under the "song". If you are lucky to share a flat with a great drummer (I have been) then it is a plus, but if not, nowadays you have many virtual drummers in a software or hardware form. I'd advise you to invest in one. Even a light (budget) version will change the way you write, how you hear song structures and will also help you finalise your ideas!

Here are but just a few:

The biggest secret to a great sounding modern guitar music are the Drums! Their sound sculpts and affects the production of any (contemporary format) record more than anything else-strip them away and you have very little left of the impact-sonic or emotional! Even more  importantly-think like a drummer-analyse drum grooves-what would suit that song better? Try to hear it in your head before browsing the hundreds of presets and before your brain goes numb and you lose perspective. And if your music doesn't require drums-practice your inner groove!!

When speaking to one of my favourite drummers-Marco Minnemann he told me that many of the supposed "techy" players or bands have real problems when faced with phrases of odd-groupings.

So practice your "speech rhythms"  switching from even note groupings to odd numbers
like 5, 7 or even 9 per measure:

(Ex.1 click to enlarge))
Players like Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Wayne Krantz and Oz Noy (among many others) are known for such rhythmic excursions. Steve Vai in particular openly admits his fascination with Bulgarian Wedding Folk Music, famous for its tricky permutation of rhythmic figures. The idea behind the somewhat daunting complexity (especially when played at very fast tempos) of such use of odd note groupings and meters is quite simple really- it all comes down to the “extended to 3” part of the group which is played quite like a triplet would be. So a count of 5 could be viewed as 12-123 or 123-12. A count of 7 would be something like 12-12-123 or 12-123-12 or perhaps like 123-12-12.

Some of the parts within a Steven Wilson song that we played (on the GFD 2012 Tour) called “No Twilight Within the Courts of the Sun” are in 21/8.

And that could be counted as 9 “Pairs of 16th notes” and another Pair of 16th notes extended to “3” as in 12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-123.

It also could be played like 7 groups of three’s as in 123-123-123-123-123-123-123.
Both are 21/8. The difference between the two approaches would be in their perceived flow and accenting if you like. Similarly if you take a common 8/8 time signature and play it as 123-123-12 that would sound a lot closer to a Waltz while still being a common meter. I took that approach on a song of mine called “Banshees and Harpsichords” treating the 11/8 time as 123-123-123-12. It has a somewhat of a 6/8 feel but is still an odd meter albeit a very flowing one.

Niko Tsonev: Banshees and Harpsichords
And back to pure phrasing for guitar practice-here is a good example of approaching 5’s (Quintuplets) while mixing up the note groupings within:

(Ex.2 click to enlarge))
And similarly with 7’s (Septuplets):
(Ex.3 - click to enlarge)
Of course when practising, jamming or just playing music (whatever you do to get better), do try “converting” a regular phrase to a triplet variation (or any of the above mentioned odd group denominations)-performed to the same click value as in Ex.1.

It is a most rewarding and musical subject matter (also directly connected to the use of odd time signatures). And to me the above is the rhythmic equivalent of Jazz harmony.

Practice the art of dynamics-quiet and loud! Both in your guitar performances and in your song structures. All of us know the importance of it but many forget to employ it. 

Here’ a good analysis :

These are some of the amazing things I see executed so naturally by the real great players and musicians.

I am convinced that everyone can achieve great results - it would be good enough to explore these expansion tools and approaches at least once - they are but a few of the elements that open up Universes of phrasal treasures as well as fresh writing ideas. Afterwards you just remind yourself that they exist - that would be enough for them to resurface by their own accord in your performances. Perhaps the final result will still vary but that will hopefully be because of your Personality!

Remember who you are-you have a voice and it is true that the World wants and needs to hear Original Ideas!

Niko Tsonev

About Niko Tsonev:
Niko Tsonev is a guitarist's guitarist and a gifted songwriter and producer who really stands apart from the pack of new similar artists with a unique personal style, and a sassy edge. His guitar work is a melting pot of progressive rock, djent, jazz fusion and classical impressionism reminiscent of a dark, modern and edgy Treznor-esque film soundtrack.

Niko has performed and recorded with artists and producers from very diverse stylistic backgrounds: Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), JJ Grey (Mofro), Youth (Paul McCartney, Joy Division), Die So Fluid, Digitonal, Aquilina and Fabrice Quentin, encompassing genres from Progressive Rock, Jazz, Blues, Urban through to World music. His stylistic flexibility is showcased in his solo work as well as his work as a film and TV composer.

The debut solo album Black Feather was released in 2008 resulting in collaborations with fellow guitar heros such as Mr Fastfinger (aka Mika Tyyskä), Christophe Godin (Mörglbl) and Mathias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen). 2011 saw the release of "Nix Hydra" which lead to Tsonev being invited to join the Steven Wilson Band as a lead guitarist for his 2012 Grace for Drowning World Tour.

The band consisting of Steven Wilson, Adam Holzman, Marco Minnemann, Theo Travis, Nick Beggs and Niko Tsonev filmed the live concert "Get All You Deserve" DVD/BluRay in Mexico City which was released in late 2012. Niko also contributed guitar solos and additional guitars to Steven Wilson's 2013 album "The Raven That Refused to Sing (and other stories)".

Tsonev's guitar and production approach on his 2013 solo album "Banshees and Harpsichords" depicts sonic broken landscapes of desolate crystalline beauty, incarnating  heavy, glitchy, distorted and intentionally "ugly" guitar sounds as well as the lyrical and near-vocal expression found in Niko's guitar melodies.

Acid Tears features the amazingly talented Grog from the British alternative band Die So Fluid on vocals (also known for her work with Ozzy Osbourne, Kylie, Goldfrapp among numerous others). On the title track Banshees and Harpsichords the call of Niko's guitar is answered by the soaring jazz violin work of Samy Bishai ( Natacha Atlas, Tom Jones, Basement Jaxx and Shakira).

With elements of progressive rock, djent, jazz fusion and classical impressionism brought forward from Tsonev's previous works, this record breaks new grounds in terms of sonics and pure guitar creativity.

Niko's Social sites: 

Niko Tsonev's music can be purchased here:
Niko's Store (Deluxe Digipak CDs and 16bit 44.1kHz Downloads:

Stunted Records (Digipak CDs):